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18 & “Innocent”

18 & “Innocent”



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18 & “Innocent”

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Mattie resented being
told eighteen was too old to act so innocent, and do things like
sit on Alec’s lap. Unfortunately they were the only two who felt it
was acceptable to be touchy-feely. They overlooked their naughty
behavior, because they both wanted something that wasn’t so
innocent after all.





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At eighteen, Mattie knew she shouldn’t be
sitting on her stepdad’s lap anymore, but she couldn’t help it. She
didn’t want to grow up if that meant no longer being daddy’s little
girl. Thinking about losing their close connection made her want to
cry. It was the worst feeling in the world. Mattie just found Alec
after a lifetime of not having a dad, and now she couldn’t even
love him the way she wanted without strife.

Life was cruel how Mattie felt young and
innocent wanting only what made her happy, but everyone around her
treated her like eighteen-year-olds weren’t harmless anymore.
Wising up to the ways of adulthood sounded unrewarding to Mattie.
Luckily her daddy never told her to grow up. Instead Alec often
said, “Don’t grow up too fast, baby.”

Maybe she took advantage of her daddy’s
blinded love
a little bit
, but not in ways that were cruel
or vindictive. She just liked getting away with stuff, like any
other teen did. Alec let her do as she pleased with hardly any
resistance at all. They got along perfectly, and Mattie loved
having a daddy in her life. Everything was perfect except for
having a pesky, nagging mom who didn’t like her sitting on his

Mattie didn’t think about that as she
laughed, running her moose lathered hands through her daddy’s hair,
making the two inches of black curls spike straight up. “Aw, you’re
adorable looking like a bad ass rocker.”

“I am?” He beamed at her, loving the
attention, but if it wasn’t for Mattie, the poor guy would never
get any. Her parents hardly talk let alone be affectionate. Mattie
knew how hard that was considering she had years experience as an
only child of a single mom who never told her that she loved her.
Hugs were a new thing and she loved them!

“I wish you’d let me dye the tips red or
green.” She wiped the excess on her shirt, and then went back to
playing with his hair.

“You could if you want,” he said happily,
and wrapped his arms around her.

As usual she straddled his lap like it
wasn’t naughty, but it drove her mom nuts. To save Alec and Mattie
from Flora’s temper, Mattie hid their affection as best she could.
However, Alec didn’t try, and if her mom came downstairs while she
was on his lap, nothing could be done. They’d have to endure
another round of she’s-too-old-to-sit-on-your-penis shouts.

Thankfully Alec was on Mattie’s side, and
knew it wasn’t sexual—at least it wasn’t for him. He’d swoop in,
having a logical comeback with something like Mattie was an
impressionable teenager who needed her daddy’s love. Or he reminded
Flora that he would never make Mattie do anything she didn’t want
to do. And if nothing worked, he’d tell her she’s jealous for no
reason, and that ended the arguments before they got heated.

So even though Flora was upstairs on the
phone with her folks, Mattie didn’t worry about Alec pulling her
from his knees to his jean’s zipper. They smiled at each other. She
didn’t know why Alec grinned like he was getting away with
something, but she simpered like a fool because she knew what was
under his zipper. Because she wore a skirt, she had the bonus of
less material blocking her from enjoying the throbbing pressure
from his bulge. He was always rock-hard when she sat on his lap;
she loved it.

Mattie became so distracted by the aching
burn between her legs, she asked, “What were we talking about?”

“You said I’m adorable.” He had the sexiest,
pearl white smile that lit up his eyes as well.

Mattie rubbed the stubble on his face, and
then squeezed his cheeks to give him fish lips, and while mimicking
his mouth, she said in a low voice, “And you are.” She kept his
lips puckered to kiss him. Their mouths sealed together only a
second before a creek upstairs made her suddenly pull away. She
wished her mom would leave the house already and give Alec and her
time to themselves. She was always getting between them, even if
she wasn’t in the same room.

Part of her hesitation was from guilt. Deep
down, she knew she worked her daddy closer and closer to something
resembling a real relationship, but it wasn’t like he was fighting
her about it.

“Don’t do that,” he said, and turned her
eyes from the ceiling onto him with a gentle touch on her chin.

“Do what?”

“Worry about Flora.”

He danced his fingers up and down her neck.
Then he gave her “the smile”. He did this thing with his lips,
subtly drawing one corner up, but then his eyes became soft and
drowsy. When he wanted her undivided attention, he sucked her in
with this alluring gaze. It worked every time. She wanted to kiss
him one hundred times all over his rugged, scruffy, handsome

“She’s getting use to us being affectionate.
She just doesn’t understand it. Love is a mystery to her that she
fights more than gives into. You’re the opposite of cold, which I

He ran his hand down her shirt, and brushed
off the moose foam from her ribs. Her breath caught when his thumb
gazed her nipple. She bit her smile, hoping he wouldn’t notice her
nubs tighten to erect buds within a few light flicks. Then again,
he let her hold onto her innocence and he wouldn’t chide her if she
accidently liked his touch. As far as he was concerned, their
touching had no ulterior motives.

Once he returned to hugging her, he dipped
his hands under her skirt and chose to hold her ass instead.

“You can put your hands under my panties if
you want,” she said, because she craved skin-to-skin contact more
than anything.

“I don’t know,” he replied with a glance to
the ceiling as if he could see through the floorboards to their

“You just said not to worry about her.
Daddy, please?” she begged, and leaned into his chest while
sticking out her bottom lip. The moment her panties lifted off his
jeans, she sat and ground her pussy into his lap until she found
the spot that made her croon. He made a soft sound when she rubbed
him, and the stroke convinced him to dip his fingers under her
panties. She triumphantly smiled, and went back to playing with his
hair. There was no need to brag, and say, “See? Doesn’t that feel

“What do you want to do once she leaves?”
she asked, changing the subject away from Flora. “Want to watch me
run through the sprinkler? It’s supposed to be a super hot

“I’d like to,” he said, and glanced down to
her shirt where the moose made the cotton sheer. “I have to meet
Jim at Lowes at one o’clock, though. I’m helping him make that

“Can I go? They make this really great Blue
Raspberry with a Red Bull at that coffee shop just inside the
doors. It’s so good!”

“Can you be ready by noon?”

“Yeah, I need to start getting ready now,

“No, baby.” He pinned her down on his groin.
She had to hold back a whimper, and her core burned hotter than
ever. When he wanted to, he could add immense pressure that made
her tremble. If she wasn’t swept away with pleasure, she’d be
ecstatic he couldn’t get enough of her. Sometimes they acted like
two needy people, clawing at each other for affection that they
couldn’t seem to get enough of.

She wished she could think of some way to
accidently sit on his lap naked, and his penis somehow penetrate
her without him knowing so she could soothe her pussy without being
obvious they were having sex. No matter how many scenarios she came
up with she couldn’t think of anything plausible. It didn’t seem
realistic to dance on his dick to a song. Alec wouldn’t sit there
and willingly let her stroke his shaft with her virgin walls while
he pretended he didn’t know she was fucking him. She couldn’t play
wrestle, tickle him, or continually bounce up and down on his lap
for no reason either. No excuse seemed good enough.

Sometimes she wondered if she should just
ask Alec if she could put his penis inside her to make herself feel
good, but her daddy would give her
she asked, and
that worried Mattie. She didn’t want to take advantage of him and
make him cum inside her if he didn’t want to. She heard him stress
the important of consent to her mom so often Mattie worried she’d
betray his trust. She never wanted her dad to think she lost her
innocence, planned to sleep with him without him knowing, and him
not want her to sit on his lap anymore. Her poor daddy would live
in constant fear that she’d violate him every day. They wouldn’t
snuggle anymore, and Mattie wouldn’t have that connection with him

Her daddy, as usual, was right; she needed
his consent. Naturally evolving the relationship to a sexual one,
however, sounded like the best idea to Mattie. So she didn’t resist
when her daddy rubbed her ass, and squeezed her cheeks to glide her
clit up and down his groin.

“I’m not done having you sit on my lap,

“But I need to get ready or I can’t go.” She
pouted. “You can come with me though.”

“Like help you take a bath?” he asked,
completely confused.

“Uh,” she murmured softly. She didn’t mean
it like that. Him standing by the shower and chatting with her was
her initial plan, but taking a bath
her daddy sounded
way more special than sitting on his lap in the living room. Now
that he mentioned it, she was determined.

“Yes, exactly—you can take a bath with me.
We can get ready together.”

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