3013: MATED (3013: The Series)





3013: MATED





Laurie Roma



3013: MATED


Alexis Donovan is a woman whose dream of falling in
love with the perfect men has been dashed because of her infertile status.
Still recovering from a war that almost destroyed the world, humans have fought
to rebuild and have once again opened their shields to outside visitors. A
s a liaison officer for alien races that are visiting
Earth, Alexis does her best to ignore what she can never have, but when she is
put in charge of four visiting alien warriors, her entire world changes...


Dragons Warriors from Arcadia, Xavier and Galan Tesera and their best friends Thorn and Brydan Volis, have been curious
about Earth ever since they helped the humans defeat their enemy years ago. As commanders
of their own space vessel they travel the galaxies searching out the unknown,
but in their hearts they know they will never truly be satisfied without a mate
by their side.


When the four Dragon
Warriors land on Earth they are instantly enamored with the sharp-tongued
liaison who ignites a burning passion in their hearts, and know that she is the
mate they have been searching for who will complete their souls. Will Alexis
take a chance on four alien warriors or will the fear of leaving everything she
has ever known destroy her chance of finding true love?


An Erotic Romance Novel.


3013: MATED by Laurie Roma

Copyright © 2013 Laurie Roma

Kindle Edition


First E-book
Publication: December 2013


Cover design by
Sloan Winters

Editing by S.L.



RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form
or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or
in part, without express written permission.


All characters
and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons
living or dead is strictly coincidental. It is fiction so facts and events may
not be accurate except to the current world the book takes place in.







To my ladies of 3013…


Thank you for sharing this world and for joining me on this
journey into the future.






The year is 3013.

Earth barely survived the Alien
Wars that have ravaged the planet, and an unknown virus had nearly wiped out
the entire population. On the brink of extinction, humans struggle to rebuild
their civilization, although nothing would ever bring back what once was.

Enforcing martial law, a new age
of mankind is born, where warriors rule and women are the ultimate prize.
Only the elite earn breeding rights and are granted
leave to claim a woman in pairs.
Men dream of the day that they will be
able to claim a woman to love, but for those chosen being claimed
means the end of their freedom and a beginning to a
lifelong bond with two strangers.
The warriors may have the choice, but
the battle for their woman's heart has only begun…










Chapter One


“You want me to what?”

Alexis Donovan stared at her
commanding officer with wide eyes, not believing what she had just heard. She
was one of the only top-level liaison officers in the Northwest Quadrant that
was currently available, but asking her to act as the host to four visiting
male warriors alone was like sending her to the badlands stripped naked and

It was a new world in 3013.

For centuries Earth had prospered
as an advanced society, coming together after the need for civil unrest had
been pushed aside. Part of the healing between nations had been because of the
space program. It allowed all humans to work towards a common goal, to reach
for the stars and explore new possibilities. New technology such as spaceships
and jump drives had changed Earth, and the advancements had enabled contact
with alien races far beyond anything once imagined.

But those changes came with a

In the year 2960 a new alien race
came to Earth called the Zyphir, and they certainly did not come in peace. The
Zyphir were a colony race of insect-like creatures that stood on two feet,
looking like something right out of a nightmare or horror vid. What they came
for was total annihilation of the human race, after which they would take over
Earth and deplete the world of all resources until moving on to the next planet
that suited their needs. A three year war ensued, during which large portions
of Earth were destroyed. Not just by battle, but by an unknown virus the Zyphir
carried that nearly wiped out the entire population.

Only with the help of other
allied alien races was Earth finally able to defeat the Zyphir. After the war,
humans struggled to survive. Martial law was declared, and the world was left
under the rule of the United Federation Command Alliance, or as it was more
commonly called, the Alliance.

Although the war was over, the
battle had just begun to rebuild Earth to its former glory. And that wasn’t so
easy after the virus swept through the world, altering the genetics of the
survivors. More accurately, the virus seemed to attack the female reproductive
systems, leaving most women on Earth infertile. No matter how advanced medical
technology had become, the cause for the infertility remained untreatable.

And so, a fertile female became the ultimate prize.

Over the last fifty years it had
become mandatory for all females to be tested for fertility at the age of ten. Those
that were determined fertile were tattooed with specialized scroll markings on
the right side of their faces near their eye, showing the world that they were
special. Those tattoos would become darker with age, turning a mercurial black
when the female became of claimable age. Fertile females were also implanted
with nanotechnology that made it impossible for them to get pregnant until the
birth control was deactivated after their eighteenth birthdays or later when
they were claimed by a pair of elite soldiers.

Infertile females were given a
simple star as proof they were tested…and found lacking.

The Alliance created the harshest
of punishments to ensure the safety and welfare of breedable females. The
stylized markings on a fertile female’s face meant that it was every soldier’s
duty to protect them, and all men longed for the day when they would be able to
claim a woman as their own.

When a woman was chosen, the two
elite soldiers that claimed her would have their initials tattooed on the left
side of her face, marking her as theirs for the world to see. In return, the
men would have a similar tattoo placed on their left neck, shoulder and arm as
a sign of pride to have claimed a woman. These markings took the place of
archaic symbols such as wedding bands to declare them a bonded unit.

At the age of ten, boys were also
tested in order to determine if they would be taken for military service. Only
the strongest and brightest males were chosen for the biological enhancements
to become elite soldiers. The elites were bigger and stronger than normal
humans, with increased reflexes and heightened senses. These enhancements were
encoded into their genes, and would be passed onto their children.

Their enhanced genetics were the
future of the human race.

The advantages that came with
being one of the elite had caused resentment against the military that now
ruled Earth, creating a new separation of classes. Although most fertile
females were given genetic enhancements, some non-fertile females who pass the
rigorous testing also received military enhancements to make them more
productive and useful to society. As one of those females who had undergone the
enhancement process, Alexis had thought that she would finally have a place
where she belonged, but soon after joining the service of the Alliance, it was
made clear to her that she would never be the same class as the elite male

Alexis had worked the last six
years to become a top-level liaison officer, but she knew that her male
colleagues still looked down on all the female officers, her included,
regardless of how well they did the job. It didn’t matter thought. Being an
officer of the Alliance gave her life purpose. As an infertile female she would
never have the dream of having two men who loved her more than life itself. She
would never hold a baby in her arms or watch it grow.

Those dreams had been taken from
her the moment she was tested when she was ten.

“You heard me, Officer Donovan,”
Director Farris barked out as he sat back in his chair behind his desk. Alexis
thought his office suited his personality perfectly. It was dull, dreary and
slightly uncomfortable to be in amid its stark gray on gray tones with nothing
to break up the monotonous décor. The man himself wasn’t any better. Reginald
Farris was a tall man, with dirty blond hair worn in a standard buzz cut. Some
might have called him a decent looking man, but it was his perpetual wandering
eyes that made Alexis dread being around him.

“Listen, I don’t have time to
argue with you about this. These four visitors are last minute arrivals, and
they’re special. I mean VIP to the max. You know the Arcadians were essential
in helping us defeat the Zyphir. If they hadn’t come to our aid along with the
Krytos and D’Aire we’d be bug food right now.”

Damn, Alexis had to force herself
not to twitch at that.

She hated bugs and just the mere
mention of the Zyphir made her skin crawl, even if the Alien Wars were over
before she was born. She looked at Director Reginald Farris and narrowed her
eyes even as she remained standing at attention. The older man was up to
something. He wouldn’t have called her into his office and thrown this at her
if there wasn’t more to this…request.

“I understand that these are
important visitors, Director Farris. What I don’t understand is why I am being
designated their liaison officer while they’re visiting, considering there are
four males.” Alexis struggled to keep her voice steady, when what she really
wanted to do was yell and bitch-slap the son of a bitch glaring back at her. 

Since they opened their shields
back up and started allowing visitors back on Earth, the Alliance had set
strict guidelines on how visitations should be run. It was important that the
liaison officers were well versed with the cultures that were allowed as guests
on Earth’s surface. Since it was standard for the liaisons to stay with
visitors for the duration of their stay in a spare room at one of the
spectacular guest housing locations, it was even more important that they were
protected as they performed their duties.

Which was why a single female
liaison officer had never been asked to host
males at once.

“Are you questioning my orders?”
Director Farris demanded.

Well, duh…yeah.
right, she was.

“You will do what I tell you,
Officer. The Arcadians will be—”

“Dragon Warriors, sir.”


“Arcadians who explore worlds and
don’t live on their home planet prefer to be called Dragon Warriors. Sir.”

He waved a hand in the air, as if
to brush her clarification aside. “Whatever. They will be arriving at the end
of the week and you will be the officer in charge of their visit, unless…” His
eyes took on a sly gleam. “I have a meeting on Delta Station in two days. I
could always arrange for someone else to take on the liaison duty…if you were
to accompany me on my trip.”

Alexis’ body went rigid and her
jaw nearly drop open at the insulting insinuation. Holy hell, did the man have
a few circuits loose, because clearly he had lost his damn mind. She wouldn’t
touch him if he were the last damn man in the entire freaking universe!

Unfortunately, this was not the
first time something like this had happened to her.

She had recently been transferred
from Light City here to the Capital. To outsiders it looked like a promotion,
but the truth was it was nothing so simple. Alexis had actually been part of an
operation that focused on identifying high ranking men that were abusing their
power within the Liaison Division and removing them from office. So far, no one
knew she had been part of the team working undercover, but she thought she had
put all of this bullshit behind her when she transferred to the Capital.

Alexis wanted to gag as Director
Farris’ beady eyes glazed over with lust as his gaze roamed over her body. Even
dressed in the standard uniform of a steel-gray jacket with off-center zipper,
black sleeves and regulation black pants and boots, she felt dirty just from
the way he was looking at her. Most people saw her pretty appearance as an
asset given her chosen profession, but to Alexis, her looks were more like a

Born with almost white-blonde
hair and violet eyes, Alexis stood out in any crowd. When she was on duty, she
usually pulled her long hair back in a ponytail, if she wasn’t wearing a more
formal style when she was officially on assignment with visitors. One of the
perks of her position was she wasn’t held to the more regimented standards of
the other elite soldiers, since part of her job was looking and being

Unlike a true albino, Alexis had
been blessed with the ability to tan, which made her even more unusual since
she usually had light-golden skin that was striking against her other features.
Adding to that, once she had gone through the genetic enhancements, her body
had begun to blossom just like all the females who had undergone the change.

Where males developed more muscle
mass, making them look like gods among men, women who were given the
enhancements developed bodies that were more suited to sex droids. At five
eight, Alexis had large breasts, a narrow waist and long legs, but she was stronger
than she looked. She was trained in combat like all of the soldiers of the
Alliance were, and was often underestimated.

That still didn’t help her
against assholes like Farris who used their positions of power to get what they

Alexis’ jaw tightened, and she
had to force the words out between clenched teeth when she spoke. “Sir, I will
have to decline your offer and will accept the liaison position as ordered.”
She activated her wrist unit and waved it over the console on his desk,
instantly downloading the information needed for her new assignment.

“You may want to rethink your
attitude if you plan to rise in the ranks, Officer Donovan. I can be a great
ally for you…or a terrible enemy if you chose to cross me.”

Vile little fucker.

“I am confident in my skills as a
liaison officer, sir.”

Scowling at her, Director Farris
narrowed his eyes. “So be it. You will do everything in your power to make sure
they are well taken care of, is that understood? I don’t want to hear any
complaints about this assignment, no matter what happens.”


Wanting to get the hell out of
there, Alexis stood at attention and placed her right fist over her heart in
salute then turned and left before he could say anything more.

Alexis let out a hiss of
annoyance as she left his office and pressed a button on her wrist unit. She
was glad she had gotten the entire conversation on her recorder and the fucker
hadn’t even noticed….the dumb ass. She took a deep breath and tried to rein in
her temper as she made her way out of the Liaison Division out into the fresh

Putting on her sunshades, she
looked out over the Capital and admired the view. She always felt a sense of
pride at seeing the towering steel and glass structures that made up the city,
and her mind was at ease knowing that an invisible shield protected Earth from
anyone approaching uninvited.

It had once been her dream to
travel the skies to other worlds far beyond what she had seen, but because of
her pale eyes it was very hard due to the glaring lights that accompanied space
travel. Alexis had made a few trips to nearby space stations, however she’d
never be able to obtain status to be stationed anywhere but Earth because of
her overly sensitive eyes.

Whatever enhancements she’d been
given allowed her to see even better in the dark so she wore sunshades most of
the time, except when she was talking to a higher-ranking officer. She could
have asked for an assignment on one of the dark planets, but those tended to be
used for prison sites and other depressing facilities that she wouldn’t want to
spend too much time at.

No, she was meant to stay on
Earth, where she could live doing what she was good at and perhaps one day she
could find a man or two to love her, despite her flaws. She watched with no
small bit of envy as trios walked along the tiered walkways that connected the
large buildings out in the open air. She could see the protective way the men
all but surrounded the women between them, and felt an ache in her heart.

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