A Billionaire's Connection: Marceline's Kiss (Molding Clay Book 2)

BOOK: A Billionaire's Connection: Marceline's Kiss (Molding Clay Book 2)
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What is taking her so long? Cathy should have been here by now, the interview was meant to be over almost 30 minutes ago
. Knowing Cathy she was probably still probing this Victor Fischer guy with more questions than what she went in with.
She is going to make an amazing journalist. She just doesn't give up until she gets everything she is after. In her stories and in her personal life
. Marceline admired this about Cathy. She knows what she wants and goes out and gets it.
Why can't I be more like that?
She thinks to herself. Next thing she knows Cathy is pushing through the door of this busy café and is searching for Marceline. She waves her friend down and she sits looking pleased with herself.

              "So the interview went well then by the look on your face?" Inquired Marceline.

              "As a matter of fact yes, it went really well. I asked everything I wanted to and more. He was a little cryptic with some of his answers but I know I'll get a great story out of it. I just know this is going to be the best interview and story I've done for the magazine to date. Pity it's going to be the last."
Cathy was always so confident about what she did.
"I just wish I'd thought to take Hernandez along with me to get some original shots of him for the article. That would have made it go from being amazing to out of this world!"

              "Can't you just get some good shots of him from the Internet? If he's as famous and successful as you say he is then surely there are loads of pictures of him from interviews he's done in the past?" Marceline said.

              "Are you crazy? He pretty much never does interviews. I was really lucky to get one with him. I've chased this interview with him for over 9 months. And as for pictures, there are only ones of him attending functions and they are all rubbish paparazzi snaps. Plus even if there were pictures from earlier interviews I wouldn't want to use them. The whole point in being a journalist is to be original and get the new story. Not something that's been done or used before."

              She was right. What was Marceline thinking. Cathy grabbed her smart phone and searched for a picture to show Marceline the man she interviewed.

Oh my, he is gorgeous!
Thought Marceline.
Those eyes are mesmerizing. How on earth could she concentrate while interviewing him?

              "He's hot isn't he?" Cathy smirked as she saw Marceline's reaction to the picture.

              "Wow!" is all she could reply.
"Why don't you call his office and see if he is willing to do a shoot? That way you can get the original shots you're after to make the article "out of this world" like you said." Cathy looks at her like she's off her head.
"It can't hurt to at least try." Marceline adds.

              Cathy nods "OK but first we need to go. Our viewing of the flat is in 15 minutes and we don't want to be late. I can't wait for you to see it, it's the perfect New Orleans pad for us after we graduate and jump head first into the 'Real World' as you keep saying."

              They both get up and grab their things to leave.

Thank god that interview is over. I didn't ever think she was going to shut up. She is one hell of a journalist though. I just wish her questions were a bit more original. I'm fed up with the same questions every damn time. That is why I refuse to do interviews. However, the asking if I'm gay was new, that really amused me. If only she knew what it was I get up to in private. Now that would be a story.
Victor thought to himself while he was in the back of his SUV.

              He was going to interview for a new submissive as it had been a while since he had ventured into his playroom and felt like the dominant that he loves. He was starting to get frustrated and needed to take out these frustrations the only way he knew how. His BDSM lifestyle was kept so private that even his family weren't aware of what he did. He knew they all secretly thought he was gay. The traffic was getting on his nerves. He looked out of the window and to his surprise he saw Miss Katherine Harper, the young woman who interviewed him earlier that morning.

I thought she would be heading back to WSU to write-up her article by now. What is she still doing in New Orleans?
He thought to himself. She looked like she was with a friend.

Shit! She is fucking hot! Brunette, petite, by the looks of it a sexy body under those not so flattering clothes. Porcelain skin that looks delicious. She's exactly what I'm looking for. How do I find out who she is? I have to meet her somehow. I should tell Max to stop the car now and...
His phone started to ring startling him.

              He saw that it is his assistant. "What?" he snapped at her

              "I'm so sorry to disturb you Mr Fischer but I have a Miss Harper on the phone wishing to speak with you. She is very persistent."

I fucking bet she is. What does she want?
"Just put her through" he practically shouted down the phone.

              The line clicks and he speaks a little more calmly "Miss Harper, I thought you got everything you wanted during our interview? What can I help you with now?"
That's right be nice to her, that way you might just get the opportunity to meet her gorgeous friend.

              "Sorry to bother you Mr Fischer, I know you're a very busy man. You're right I didn't get everything I was after today. I really would have liked to get some original pictures of you for the article. I was hoping to arrange a time to do this. I am still in New Orleans until tomorrow afternoon so if you can make..."

              He cut her off "I can be free in exactly one hour Miss Harper. If you can arrange the photographer I can book a suite at the Four Seasons for the shoot. It is the only time I am free today. If this is too soon then I'm afraid I won't be free until after you have the article published."
That's right Fischer take control, back her into a corner so she will have to do what you want and bring her friend along with you. God I hope she brings her friend with her.

              "I will have a photographer there Mr Fischer. If you could make the arrangements we will be there in 45 minutes to get everything set up."

Great now all you need is for her friend to tag along so I can meet her.
"I will make the arrangements Miss Harper. One hour at the Four Seasons. I will meet you there."

              He had hung up the phone before she could reply.
Even if she doesn't bring her friend along they were walking out of an apartment block. They must be looking at getting a place in the city after graduation. I can act interested in her life and question her about it at the shoot.

              Cathy immediately called Hernandez to see if he was finished the interview he was at with an art gallery owner in the city. He'd been trying to get his photography in some shows and they all had a really good feeling about this one for him.

              "Hi Hernandez it's Cathy. Are you finished with the interview? You are? That's great, now I need you to meet us at the Four seasons in 20 minutes I have a job for you and you can't say no. I did give you a ride to New Orleans for your interview after all." There was no way Hernandez was getting the chance to say no to Cathy. She never takes no for an answer.

I'm glad he said yes because I know she would ask me to do it and I'm useless with cameras. Plus I don't think I would be able to concentrate. Those eyes!

              Hernandez worked on the WSU magazine with Cathy. He was her go to Photographer. That's how they all first met. Hernandez and Marceline were really close, in fact they had even dated for a few months 2 years ago. He was the first guy Marceline had ever felt any sort of connection with, especially with what happened to her when she was just a girl. She didn't feel an instant spark between them like she thought she would. All the classics that she read had built up her expectations but life wasn't like that. She knew this but didn't know if it was due to what she'd gone through at a young age, or if it was just something that would develope over time. She wanted to find out either way. It was great, Hernandez was so sweet, kind and didn't pressure her into anything. He was a perfect gentleman. She opened up to him about her past but didn't tell him the full story. That might just scare him off. He was so warm and she could tell he cared for her deeply. She trusted him and they eventually slept together. She thought she would finally feel her spark but it just never came. They decided it would be better if they parted ways but remained friends. That suited Marceline and they grew closer and became great friends. He was like a big brother to her.

              They all got to the hotel 15 minutes before Victor Fischer was due to arrive. Cathy had convinced Marceline to tag along and meet him. She saw the way she looked at his picture and couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she saw him in person. Plus she might not look so awestruck when he hands over her diploma at graduation. They both hugged Hernandez when they saw him waiting in the lobby. They were quickly ushered up to the suite Mr Fischer had booked for the shoot by one of the hotels bus boys. It is the most beautiful room they have ever seen. It was very modern and crisp looking, yet it still had a warm feel about it. Must have been the fire that was burning away in the lounge area.

Flashy git
Marceline thinks to herself as they went to work setting up in the lounge for the shoot.

              Ten minutes later they finish setting up. They only have a few minutes until Victor Fischer was due to arrive. Marceline decided to make a quick trip to the bathroom. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Cathy goes to answer it, he stands there and says a warm hello to Cathy. She showed him into the lounge noting that he was trying to have a look around the suite.

He's obviously scanning to room to make sure that it's what he wants
thought Cathy. He suddenly stopped and stared straight ahead...


              Marceline had just come out of the bathroom and was walking back towards the lounge. She looked up she saw a set of smokey gray eyes staring straight at her.

Wow he's even more beautiful in person.

              She could feel the muscles in her lower abdomen clench and she had this warm yearning feeling come over her. Time seemed to slow down but in reality it all happened in just a few short seconds.

              Cathy quickly took the opportunity to introduce him to Marceline "Sorry I really should introduce you..."

              Victor cut her off walking towards Marceline with his right hand extending "Hi, I'm Victor Fischer and you are?"

Wow he even has a sexy voice. Well don't just stand there gaping at him shake his hand and say something!
Her subconscious yelled at her.

              "I... emm... I'm Marceline Greene. I'm a friend of Cathy's." She shook his hand and instantly she felt a tingling sensation. Like a sudden rush of electricity running from the tips of her fingers right to her very core. It made her feel weak at the knees.

Those eyes! I could stand here and look into those eyes all day. Oh and that mouth! He has a very sexy mouth, especially when he gives you that crooked smile. Compose yourself Greene this man is way out of your league. He wouldn't even look twice at you. He's only being polite because you are here with Cathy.

She's not here
. He thought to himself after only spotting who he assumed was the photographer.

              Cathy introduced him as Hernandez and he was indeed the photographer. They all made their way into the lounge when Victor could hear a door open and close down the hall. He looked up and he couldn't believe his eyes.

It's her! She is here after all. She's even more beautiful close up. Now look up baby let me get a real good look at you.

              She looked up and froze on the spot. Her big, beautiful baby blue eyes pierced right through him. It's like she was looking right into his soul, even into the dark depths of his pain. She captivated him and all he could think about is how much he wanted to throw out everyone else in this room, take her to the bedroom and fuck her brains out. His cock twitched at the thoughts going through his head.

Calm down Fischer or you're going to get a hard on in front of everyone. You don't want to scare the poor girl away now do you?

              Cathy jumped in "Sorry I really should introduce you..."

Fuck this I'm going in
"Hi, I'm Victor Fischer and you are?"
Come on baby take my hand and tell me your name.
He thinks willing her to shake his hand.

              She finally spoke "I... emm... I'm Marceline Greene. I'm a friend of Cathy's."

BOOK: A Billionaire's Connection: Marceline's Kiss (Molding Clay Book 2)
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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