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Oh my Gosh! I feel ill. My emotions and thoughts are going wild, and to top it off, I'm blooming hormonal. I have just gushed my heart out to Marc Sanders and I was shaking like a leaf throughout, wondering whether this would be too much for him to take. I mean come on, a ditzy single mother with a psycho ex-husband in prison. Between us both, you could write a novel about our lives and then turn it into a true life film! Drama, drama, drama! I can feel a pounding headache coming on, but looking into Marc's eyes I see they hold the healing remedy and I melt into them. How can I deny a man like Marc Sanders? Yes he has a history and a past that is marked, but jeez! We both do and so we can take each other for the good and the bad. Why am I even thinking about this? Over thinking things again Chambers, just say bloody yes for goodness sake.


“Yes, yes, yes!” I blurt out the words over and over again before I throw my arms around his neck and plant several rather wet kisses all over his cheek.


His shoulders loosen up as I do and I suspect he has felt as tight as a solid buttock. Is this what was on his mind in the pub earlier? Maybe, I don't know.


I finally break away from him so I can talk.


“You looked like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders earlier, is this what you have been worrying about?”


He shrugs his shoulders, “I didn't want you thinking I was going way too fast for us.”


“Marc, my dad proposed to my mum after a month, married within 6 months and they spent over 37 years together. Time doesn't matter. If it feels right, well then it feels right...Come on Mr Sanders, let's get back to the hotel and check out what property you've been looking at. I suspect the houses up in Staffordshire aren't as elegant as the property around here, but it's made out of sturdy stuff, just like me.”


I throw him one of my cheekiest smiles, flex my arm muscles and give him a wink, which does the business.


“You Ms Chambers certainly have a way with words, ever likely you make for a great teacher. I'll show you what I've seen so far and you might be pleasantly surprised.”


Turning back into our seats and buckling ourselves up, Marc reverses the car out on to the main road and we continue on back to the hotel. All of the ache I felt from spilling my heart out to him disappears. Gone. It travels down its own road to a place called 'history'.


It doesn't take us long to get back, but as we carry on chatting about architecture and furnishings, neither of notice the car that has been trailing us since we left Bury. The silver Citroen C5 with tinted windows, moves stealth like along the winding roads, keeping a safe enough distance so as not to make a nuisance of itself. The driver wearing black leather gloves and his silent companion have been given strict instructions and so know exactly what to do and when to do it.




“I have just realised. I've never actually asked you out on a date!”


As I sit quietly reading with my feet resting under Marc's lap, I look up and study his face. I am how can I say it? A little bemused by this sudden revelation of his. More by the fact it has come out of no where if I'm completely honest with you. For the past hour or so I have been engrossed in the rather sexy book I am reading by a young male author called Cameron Lincoln. I would thoroughly recommend him to you. My wiggling of toes under Marc's thigh earlier, alerted him that I was enjoying it a bit too much, so he demanded that he should have a read of it himself later. Anyway, sorry! Yes back to Marc's rather odd statement. As I look at him he is still fully focused on the screen of his laptop, typing the paper he has currently been working on. Please don't ask me what it is on, as I haven't got the foggiest, it's sciencey that's all I understand about it.


Looking casual and relaxed in his blue jeans and a white open necked shirt; which does everything for the imagination believe me, I feel the sides of my mouth tighten as I try my best to stop the stupidly smitten grin appearing on my face. This must get his attention as he turns to me, looking over the top of the sexiest black rimmed glasses I have ever laid eyes on. Jeez, I am becoming as obsessed with them, as much as I am about the man who so deliciously wears them.


“What?” This simple one word question is asked in a totally innocent way, as if he hasn't just said the most randomist statement. Is randomist even a word? If not, I reckon it should be.


I coolly lay the book down on my legs and cock my head to one side.


“You know I am an...how we say, inquisitive woman, so amuse me here Mr Sanders. What on earth made you say that?”


“Inquisitive eh?” Marc's reply is said in a deep and breathy way.


He gently sets his laptop to one side and turns his body towards me. I flinch and bite down on my lip as he provocatively slides a large, smooth hand up my trouser leg. My eyes glaze over with a seductive desire. Trying to snap myself out of it and epically failing, I allow him to continue.


“I didn't mean to amuse me in that way Professor, but I'd hate to stop you now, so you may carry on.”


His fingers creep ever higher, pushing the denim up and then he stops as he reaches my thigh. He still has his glasses glasses on, which make for a dangerous shield between me, his soul and his mind. I feel defenceless against him, as he holds all of the smouldering heat within them. Leaning in further, he lightly caresses my skin.


“I was just thinking to myself that I have not taken you out for a drink or for dinner, like a gentleman should when asking a lady out on a first date.”


I lay my book on to the floor now, so that I am giving him my full attention, as his fingers are working their magic on me also.


A lady he says! “Wouldn't you say that the beautiful picnic or the University dinner were classed as dates?”


His hand restarts its sensual journey along my thigh, moving up the inside, edging closer to the junction at them. I am sure you will understand that through the combination of Marc's touch and well, just about everything, my underwear is now ever so slightly damp. So when his fingertips touch the soft material, there is no surprise on his face, but his look does tell me that he likes what he feels.


“Well, well Ms Chambers. What gives me the idea you are enjoying this, a lot?”


The way he asks, is teasing everything within me and so I feel my vaginal wall muscles clench, to avoid any more juices flowing out of me. I'm sorry, but that's how it is...


Hmm! I see what Mr Distraction Technique is up to.


“Don't change the subject Mr Sanders.”


My voice breaks as Marc finds my clit, flicks and teases it. I am desperately trying to control what is happening now, as I am all together in his hands. I don't know what it is that they say about animal magnetism, but I come over feeling all brave. I want to take over, I want him to be the prey and me the hunter. Looking up thorough my eyelashes, as my eyes are heavy with desire for him, I decide to go for it.


“You know how you said to me earlier, that I have come through the crap life has thrown at me, making me a better and stronger woman?”


Marc looks intrigued by where I am going with this, it is however, as though he knows exactly what I am going to say next. Which he quite possibly does, as we all know of his mind reading skills....don't we?


“Uh huh!” Not once does Marc halt what his fingers are doing and so my hips start to move in an involuntary motion.


“Well how about I show you how strong I can really be when I put my mind to it, because Marc right now, I want to control you. I want to dictate from the start, I want you to hand over all of your control to me and then I want to lose it with you!”


His eyes widen at my words. I am not sure if he is shocked or surprised to hear me say such things. One thing I'm 100% sure of, I am shocked at myself,  but heck I want this. I want to be the one that brings sexual and sensual pleasure to him and then to the both of us, on my terms. I want to control what heights we reach, how long we stay there for and then how hard we come slamming down from a crescendo of sexual gratification.


He stops what he is doing and I take that as an invitation to do what I would like to do. He glides his hand out from inside my trouser leg and sits up straight.
“Okay Isabel. I am all yours.”


We never take our eyes off of each other, all the time I move to a kneeling position on the sofa and remove his glasses. I haven't really done anything yet and already my breathing has become shallow in anticipation of what I know is coming. Come on Chambers, you can do this. It'll be a first for me, but I want and have to do this.

“Marc, I don't want you to touch me yet because I know I will lose it if you do. So promise me please, that you won't touch me.”


“Isabel, right now I will do anything you ask of me. If you don't want me to touch you I won't, but you are going to have to tell me when you do want me to. Okay?”


All I can do is nod in reply to him as I can't quite find my voice, it ran for it's life when it realised what I was about to do. My stomach is starting to knot its self up with nerves. What I am nervous about though, I really don't know. Maybe it's that I don't want to let him down or myself down for that matter. Now that I have started this, I have to finish it and hopefully in style. I am trying my utmost not to over think this, just to let it happen naturally.


I step from off the sofa and stand taking a hold of Marc's hand, leading him into the bedroom I begin to feel a little more relaxed. Marc is so much more taller than me, but for what I have in mind he is the perfect height.


“Stand there for me please.” I position him at the foot of the bed, so that the backs of his knees are touching the duvet. Slowly I start to undo each and every button on his crisp white shirt. After each individual one is open I place soft, delicate kisses on his chest, which I see rise and fall more acutely. The first few buttons reveal his light smattering of chest hair, that I love to feel against my cheeks when I lie with him, wrapped in his arms. It tickles my lips as I kiss him and inhaling the delectable musky scent of him at the same time, it forces my eyes to close and senses to tingle. The lower I go, the smoother his skin becomes. It is taut over his stomach muscles and I can't help but want to lick him, to taste him. The first touch of my tongue causes him to sharply inhale and curse, as I am just a few inches away from where I really want to be. As the last button is opened, I pull the material from out of his trousers and push it over his broad shoulders. He goes to undo the cuffs on the sleeves. Looking directly into his eyes I stop him,


“No! I will do those.”


He gradually lowers his arms again as I take each hand, tentatively taking one and then the other monogrammed cuff link, I put them to one side. Doing so makes light work of totally removing his shirt and disposing it on to the floor. Running my fingertips over his tight abdomen, I outline every contour and line of him. His muscles twitch in a reflex action to the touch and I smile knowingly, as I am guessing the same must be happening further down. Glancing lower, the erection within his trousers isn't difficult to miss and my hunger for him grows. I want to savour every inch of this man's body and take my time over devouring him. I turn my attention to his now pert nipples, lightly touching the tip of them with my tongue, I feel Marc jerk as he rapidly sucks in air. If 'his' are anything like mine, then I know that as I take one into my mouth he'll have a surge of electricity jolt right down to the core of him. I suck on the first one, slowly while my fingers work on the other, toying it with my thumb and forefinger. Marc's reaction is shown by him clenching his fists and I sense that he is using every bit of will power not to touch me. I spend a good few, delicious minutes licking and tasting him, shutting my eyes to enhance the sensation it is causing. I really did not think I would get as much pleasure out of pleasing him as I do because when he does the same to me, it is totally and utterly unbelievable. However, the pulsating I have going on down below, inside my underwear is telling me different. My breathing is starting to get shallow again and my heart, dear Lord my heart. As each minute draws on, I feel the need to touch myself down there, but I want this to be all about Marc. Releasing him from my mouth, I glance up at him and see he is staring down at me. The first thing I note is how wide eyes are smiling at me, they are filled with so much passion and I don't know if I am reading them wrong, but I sense they are filled with love as well. My chest tightens as I don't think I am reading this wrong at all. Does Marc love me as much as I love him? Our eyes never break contact as I drop to my knees and my head is now level with the part of him I am longing to taste. Through the material of his blue denim trousers, I spread my hand and fingers to touch him. He is already hard from the foreplay and eager for release from within. So undoing his belt and zip, his firm erection springs free into my palm. The head of him glistens from the wetness that has seeped out, the cream of his essence. And so taking him into my warm mouth is a welcoming taste. Working my tongue around him, I can feel the veins pulsate against me and the minutes all roll into one as I revel in this experience. Taking him in as far as I can, I am brought back to the now when Marc's voice breaks the silence.

BOOK: A Constant Attraction (Attraction #2)
7.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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