A Little Taste of Naughty (A Shattered Lives Short)

BOOK: A Little Taste of Naughty (A Shattered Lives Short)
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A Little Taste of Naughty

Shattered Lives
Short Story

Kindle Edition

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Rissa Blakeley
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A Little Taste of Naughty
Chapter 1

-November 2012-


The alarm…the fucking alarm! I slapped Henry’s arm repeatedly. “Turn it off,” I mumbled, face in my pillow. He shut it off and snuggled into me.

After placing several kisses on my neck and shoulders, he murmured in his morning rasp, “Good morning, my love.” He pressed his naked hips into my ass. He was hard… No surprise there. “Give me a little before I have to go to work.”

I rolled over in his arms and faced him. “Seriously?”

He yanked the blankets back. “Does this look I’m joking?”

I didn’t even look down. I had seen his manhood a hundred times. “How many times did you have me this weekend?”

He counted quietly, “Hmm… Once Friday morning, twice Friday night, Saturday morning, then before lunch, after dinner, Sunday morning… Oh, and again last night.” A grin covered his face the entire time.

“Okay then. So how could you possibly be horny?”

“Being in the same
as you makes me horny.”

I laughed. “Maybe tonight.” He stuck his bottom lip out, pouting. “Are you really going to go there?”

“Thought I’d try,” he chuckled, scooting out of bed. I fell back to sleep minutes later, listening to him get ready to go to work.

Chapter 2


As he back in his office chair, Henry tipped his head toward the ceiling, relishing in the electric feel running through his body. The wonderment of fresh blood and what it did for his stiff muscles and achy joints… Luckily for him, he managed a blood bank, so there was a constant supply of the temporary relief.

Feeling adrift, he probably should’ve waited to have his dose until after the Monday morning staff meeting, but the virus wreaked havoc on him. It had been two days since his last ingestion, and that was two days too long. There was no choice for him.

Drink blood or turn undead.

The hatred he felt for his secret life, the lies he told, and the deception he created began to overwhelm him. Henry despised who he was.

Elaina believed him to be American because she never heard him speak in his true accent. He had created a web of lies and at times, was exhausted keeping up with them all. All Henry wanted was a normal life. If he could make things work with Elaina, it was a real possibility.

His thoughts drifted to his past, as more worries peppered Henry’s mind.

Sixteen years young, Henry lived at the facility back in the East End of London, where the American and English governments had set up a program to infect and decimate populations with the undead virus. The memory of the painful injection that was supposed to make him immune to the virus and all the beatings, the abuse he endured came at him without pause.

Roger and Gunther hovered above Henry. Strapped down to a gurney, he fought against the brute strength of the fabric holding him hostage.

Gunther sliced open Henry’s forearm, and blood dribbled to the floor. No numbing injection, no sedatives, no pain killers…not even a leather belt to bite. Roger’s laughter filled his ears when he cried out in pain.

“Tracker activated,” Gunther said.

“Very well then. Place the tracker and close the wound, then we will inject him.” Roger clapped his hands, rubbing them together. “Great fun!”

A hiss pushed from Henry’s lips as Gunther placed the small, metal tube-like device into his arm. Another round of laughter made his insides knot up. As the needle pierced his flesh, he growled.

“You sick fucks!” Henry yelled.

Roger backhanded him across the face. “Shut it.”

Henry panted, feeling the tugging and pulling from the stitching. “All set, boss,” Gunther said.

“Injection. This one may hurt more. Be ready,” Roger taunted with a slick smile.

Henry watched Gunther retrieve the syringe from the small table next to the gurney. After uncapping, the needle was viciously stabbed into his bicep. He cried out once more before the lights dimmed. Pain unleashed throughout his entire body, leaving him struggling against the restraints again.

The last thing Henry heard before passing out was another round of laughter from Roger.

Henry gasped and lunged forward in his chair, elbows hitting the desktop. “Shit,” he muttered, wiping away the sweat beading up on his forehead. He pushed up his sleeve and ran his fingers over the heavy scar on the underside of his forearm.

When he glanced down, the drawer that held his Sig and bottle of Johnnie Walker called for him. He yanked it open, his fingers dancing over the piece which would end the reign over him. Swallowing hard, he grabbed the bottle instead.

His hands shook as he uncapped the bottle and raised it to his lips. After a quick look at the clock, it was only 9:15 am. Unable to shake the craving, he took a few swigs, recapped it, and returned it to its usual resting place.

Henry knew he had to think of something else before falling into a self-loathing downward spiral. “Think, think…,” he whispered, then sighed.


Even though they hadn’t been together for more than a month, he was completely in love with her. He had taken Elaina to Reede’s, a hotel down in the city, for a weekend of basic needs…drinks, hardcore fucking, and eating in bed. The desire to forget his horrid past was strong, and the only way he could numb himself was through alcohol and a sex marathon with the only lover who validated him.

The phone vibrated on the blotter. Rolling his neck, the tension ebbed. He reached for it and a smile lifted his lips.

After sliding the ANSWER button, he murmured, “Hello, my love.”

His eyes tracked to small hearts drawn around the past weekend’s date. While on hold with the front desk at the hotel to make reservations, he doodled them, feeling so excited for the time he would have Elaina all to himself.

“Hey, sexy.”

Just the sound of her voice made his cock painfully hard. Shuffling everything around, he said, “So soon? I just left you.”

“In bed… naked.”

“Christ, I know. Wish I was there now so I could worship you.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“I tried.”

“I was too sleepy. It does sound wonderful now, but…”

“I don’t like buts, Elaina, unless it’s yours. Then I want–”

“Stop! You cannot get enough, can you?” she giggled.

“Hell no, love. Have you seen what you do to me? Anyway, what’s going on? I have to hold a staff meeting in a few.”

“I forgot to mention to you over the weekend, maybe because someone had me a little busy…” Henry let out a low chuckle, thinking about the feel of her lips wrapped around him. “My cousin Julian’s wedding is this coming weekend. I RSVP’d before we met. I assume you’ll be my plus one?”

“If someone else stands up to be your plus one, I will personally see he never walks again.”

“You’re so bad.”

“Not bad, maybe a little naughty…”

She laughed. “I do need to ask a favor.”

He knew exactly where the conversation was heading and dug down into his pocket, looking for his wallet. “Apparently, I left my wallet in the overnight bag. The card is in there. Use what you need. My only request is to make it sexy. I want every pair of eyes to see how lucky I am to have you on my arm…and cock.”

“Okay, now

“Don’t forget the heels…”

“Add demanding to the list.”

Henry chuckled again. “I’ve got to run before my staff throws a fit. Have fun shopping. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

After she hung up, Henry felt a little relief. Only Elaina could make him calm and confident. He decided to have a few more sips with his old friend, Mr. Walker, and wait a couple minutes for things to settle before heading off to the meeting.

BOOK: A Little Taste of Naughty (A Shattered Lives Short)
2.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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