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Alpha Love (California Bears #4)

Alpha Love

(California Bears Series)


By Rachel Real

© 2015 by Rachel Real. All rights reserved.

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Explicit and graphic love scenes are ahead. If you are uncomfortable with VERY GRAPHIC sex, turn back now. This book is intended for readers 18+

California Bears Series

Heat Wave (1)

Bear Mates (2)

Bear Bound (3)

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Chapter One

, I hope I’m not late!” Aubrey panicked rushing onto the set. She nibbled on a gooey cinnamon bun and sipped coffee before scrambling off to wardrobe. After weeks of a dry spell, she finally got a walk on role in one of the biggest most anticipated action movies in Hollywood. Although she hated the early hours, she loved being an extra on film sets.

Easy money?


Oodles of


Working with hunky actor Tatum Strong?

Check! Check!

Truth be told, she was especially giddy about getting this part because she had the slightest chance of hobnobbing with A-list actor and
bad boy Tatum Strong.

“Where the
is the extra for the scene? She was supposed to be here over an hour ago!” The director, Logan Lochlan, hollered across the set.

Aubrey gulped, knowing that the director meant her.

“Hi, sorry I’m late. I had
bad cramps this morning... Or, traffic... Or, something...” Aubrey muttered as she failed to think up a believable excuse.

Aubrey glanced over briefly, and Tatum Strong stood tall and stout just across the way.

Oh my God! He’s right friggin’ there!
Aubrey squealed in her head like a giddy schoolgirl.

He was dressed in his costume, a ripped white tank with fake blood splatter all over his glistening rock hard abs. In his big hands, he clutched onto a ginormous plastic prop gun. The director was filming a zombie popcorn movie, and Aubrey played one of the victims who had gotten badly bitten on the neck. She fought tooth and nail for this part, because Tatum Strong
talks to her in the scene.

The director glowered at her. “Just go stand over there please...”

Aubrey stepped lightly onto the set. Her heart started racing when Tatum spotted her with his dangerous dark red eyes. She only had one line and didn’t want to panic and muck it up. Her heart thrummed like a bird when Tatum winked at her.

“You nervous?” He asked in a rough brutish voice.

Aubrey grinned like an idiot just overwhelmed with his savage and sexy presence. Her eyes fixed upon Tatum’s lean and taut body.

Tatum raised a brow, not a hundred percent sure that Aubrey was even breathing...

, you’re gonna do fine. Listen, for what it’s worth, I’m kinda on edge too,” he reassured her, caressing Aubrey’s lower back.

Eek! Tatum Strong is actually touching me!

The director reclined back in his chair. “ACTION!”

And then everyone on the set waited for Aubrey to speak. Aubrey’s whole body stiffened and her palms started to sweat. She swallowed hard trying to think of what to say.

Ooooh! What was my line...
She pondered, biting her lower lip.

Aubrey could hear the sound of Logan Lochlan drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair. Tatum grunted out of the corner of his mouth.

“So, uh, did you forget your line?” He growled in a low whisper.

Aubrey only nodded. She didn’t know what felt worse, her mind going blank or looking like a total bumbling airhead in front of one of the sexiest actors alive...

The director did not want to waste a moment longer.

“Get Angela on the phone. Call her right now. Tell her to stop hiring these brain-dead amateurs... Oh, by the way, honey—
you’re fired,
” Logan snapped.


Aubrey’s face blanched. There was no way she could get fired, she needed this gig more than ever to pay for her gas and rent. She was terrified about being evicted with no place to go.

“Okay, yeah, I flubbed my lines... But please give me another chance. I promise I will get it right next time,” Aubrey begged almost groveling on her knees.

Logan shot her a look. “This is show business, sweet cheeks. It’s one strike and you’re out,” he sneered.

You have to understand
...” Aubrey pleaded.

“Look, man. If you cut her loose, I’ll walk off this set right now. I don’t give a

who’s watching...Without me, you got nothing,” Tatum growled, folding his arms and glaring at the director with his striking red eyes.

Aubrey circled her body around.

Did Tatum Strong just stick up for me?

Logan fell silent, knowing that Tatum Strong had him by the balls. Tatum commanded the biggest salary in all of Hollywood and broke box office records with in a blink of an eye. Nobody could push him around.


Logan Lochlan hissed, launching up from his chair.

“Even though she’s a total disaster, she can stay...” he said begrudgingly, he had no choice but to give into Tatum’s demands.

Aubrey smiled, so grateful that she didn’t lose her job. She flung her arms around Tatum and hugged tightly against his abs. He had a strong body unlike any other man she’s ever known. And Tatum outsized her by several feet. He just had this presence that both terrified and intrigued her. Besides, those fierce eyes of his could melt her into a swooning puddle.

“It’s like I said, you’re gonna be fine...” Tatum growled, sending a fever through Aubrey’s curvy body.

“Hey Bae, I’ve been looking for you
,” a voice purred...

A blonde bombshell came strutting in. She had gorgeous hair. Gorgeous legs. Gorgeous
. She drove herself between Aubrey and Tatum and then kissed Tatum long and deeply on his lips.

Aubrey stepped back, helpless as she watched Tatum make out with his girlfriend.

Chapter Two

ven though Aubrey had never met Tatum’s girlfriend in person, she’d seen her a million times before on magazine covers, in commercials and plastered on billboards.

Delaney Divine

Delaney Divine was the highest-paid actress in all of Hollywood. It only made sense that she and Tatum were a thing. Many people found it odd that Tatum and Delaney mostly hung out around SoCal in the dead of night, especially when there was a full moon. Delaney had perfect porcelain skin and these silver white eyes.

How can I compete with that?
Aubrey feared.

She’s so thin... And I’m so... not.

Tatum pulled Delaney aside when he saw the awkward look on Aubrey’s face.

“Hey, the director invited us to this sort of party later tonight, you interested?” He asked in his low gruff voice.

Hell yes!

“I guess I can clear my schedule for tonight...y’know, because I just have
many plans...” Aubrey sighed, pretending to be blasé about Tatum’s exclusive invitation.

The only
plans Aubrey had tonight was to heat up her left over frozen burrito, veg-out on the couch with her cat Heathcliff and watch reruns of
Dance Moms

Delaney interrupted, sizing up whether Aubrey might be a threat. Aubrey was still so startled by her haunting eyes.

“I mean, Tatum. Are you sure they’ll even let her
? Isn’t she just like... One of the
extras?” Delaney asked, pretending to be oh-so-concerned.

“I’ll get her in,” Tatum shrugged and said.

Delaney tilted her head. “That’s doubtful.”

“It’s me were talking about here, Dee,” Tatum growled. No doubt, Tatum knew his worth and he
sure was going to take total advantage of it.

Aubrey was still unsure whether or not she was going to the party, given Delaney’s obvious attempts to stop her. “So... That means I’m still invited then?”

A smile stretched across Tatum’s strong jaw. “Yeah, what’s your number? I’ll text the address...”

Delaney scowled, watching the two of them exchanging numbers. Tatum leaned back and pocketed his cell phone in his blazer’s breast pocket.

“Catch ya later...” Tatum growled with such an air of cool.

Aubrey couldn’t believe it.
I’m going to an exclusive A-list party!
She tried to contain the burst of unbridled

“Oh crap,” Aubrey whispered to herself. “What the
am I going to wear?”


ubrey fidgeted with the hem of her tightfitting dress as she teetered on her heels down towards the driveway of Logan Lochlan’s Beverly Hills mansion. The who’s who of Hollywood all came out to get drunk and party at his house. Seeing all the strikingly handsome men and enchantingly beautiful women walking past her made Aubrey start to feel a little self-conscious.

She didn’t hate her body. But she didn’t love it either.

Seeing all the skinny, small waisted women made her feel odd for having full hips and plump thighs. She had texted Tatum but she didn’t hear anything back yet.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Aubrey declared to herself as she wobbled through the open front door. In the corner of her eye, she caught a hallway mirror. She stopped right in front of it, gazing at her reflection.

I feel so stupid getting all dressed up for a guy that already has a girlfriend— a gorgeous one at that.

Aubrey pushed her way through the throng of wall-to-wall people, dancing and chitchatting with mixed cocktails in their hands. She spotted a doorway to the garden up ahead and thought some fresh air might do her some good. As she stepped outside, Aubrey chugged down a glass of champagne someone had handed her.

“You might want to take it a little easy on that...” A dark voice asserted.

Aubrey swung her attention over her right shoulder and gasped, recognizing the man who stood at her side.

“Logan Lachlan?” She gushed, almost spitting up her champagne. She didn’t know whether or not he’d still be angry about her forgetting her lines.

Logan Lachlan was known for being a cruel and vicious tyrant behind the camera.

“So, are you trying to hide out too?” Logan asked her, looking upon Aubrey’s ample curves with hungry eyes.

Aubrey shook her head. “No, it’s just that I got ditched by the person who invited me...” Aubrey said, looking down into her empty glass.

Logan Lachlan had these piercing crimson colored eyes, and he wore a crisp refined suit. He glanced off into the night.

“Why don’t you and I take a walk...Forget about what happened earlier today. I promise...I’m all bark and no bite,” he spoke with a low growl.

Aubrey took a step back not so sure.

“You know what, it’s fine. I need to be going, but thanks for the drink,” she said, turning to walk back into the house. She studied Logan closely, staring at his dark rakish hair, his perfect posture and his toothy smile.

Despite her reluctance, Logan grabbed Aubrey by the wrist and led her forward.

“If you really wanna make it in showbiz, Aubrey. The first thing you gotta learn is you can’t get anywhere without offering a few...

“Favors?” Aubrey muttered, feeling

Logan approached closer, craving to taste upon Aubrey’s parted lips and wanting to feast upon Aubrey’s perfectly luscious breasts. He forced her against him and their lips met. Aubrey gasped, feeling nothing but pain as he invaded her mouth with his tongue.

She struggled “
, Logan. Stop, it! It’s not like that...”

A dreadful smile stretched across Logan’s cheek and sharp fangs protruded from his mouth, as he spoke hot against Aubrey’s neck.

“Don’t you want to be a star?” he growled, hugging Aubrey against himself and sliding his hands up over her breasts. Aubrey was trembling, feeling Logan’s arm wrapped around her neck. Terrified, Aubrey noticed fur sprouting from his forearms.

She whimpered when Logan pressed her up against his crotch.

“Let me go!” Aubrey shrieked.

But Logan wouldn’t and a more sinister gaze burned in his eyes. A noise rustled through the trees and a black shadow loomed over them both. When Logan turned, a snarling bear bared its teeth before trouncing Logan onto the ground. Aubrey squirmed helplessly as she tripped backwards in the grass. Suddenly, under the light of the moon, the bear’s body shrank smaller and smaller right before her eyes.

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