ALPHA SHIFTER: Protected By The Alphas (Alpha Werewolf Shifter Menage Romance) (Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance Short Stories Book 1)

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Protected By The Alphas


Alpha Werewolf Shifter Menage Romance






By: Sofia Senna


Protected By The Alphas

Chapter One – Wolves Below the Window


              Molly was alone again. She stared out the window and into the grey sheet of rain as she thought about her life as a housewife.

              She was twenty-two and married to a man that was supposed to be her dream-come-true. Jared was her high school crush, a millionaire, and was so hot the ladies called him a walking sex machine. The only problem was that he never around. He only slept with her once and that was during their honeymoon. After that, it was like she was never married at all.

              She knew it couldn’t be her looks. Molly was five-feet-four with long legs, long blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She could have been a model or an actress but all she did these days was mope in Jared’s mansion.

              Well, she used to mope around until she noticed the two workers that would come in every evening. There was Gavin, Jared’s secretary and all-around butler, and there was the gardener, Tom. She only saw them once or twice a day but there was something a little off about each one of them.

              One thing was for sure: they were hot. Gavin was the taller of the two, standing nearly six-feet-five while Tom was an inch or two shorter. Both had jet black hair and dark brown eyes but where Gavin was fair and built like a well-oiled muscle machine Tom was more laid-back, like a surfer. Tom’s hair was long and loose while Gavin kept his brushed up.

              Both men were handsome, steaming hot, and desirable. There were times when Molly pondered if Jared placed them there for a reason. After all, the mansion was thirty miles away from the nearest city and was isolated near a forest. There were times when Molly could hear the distant roars of a river and waterfall accompanied by the lonesome howls of wolves.

              If it weren’t for Tom and Gavin she’d be frightened out of her wits staying in this big house mostly by herself.

              With that thought in mind she felt a little less lonely, a little less forlorn. She smiled to herself and crept up to the bed and snuggled herself underneath the satin sheets. Before long she fell asleep to the rhythmic drops of the evening rain.


              She woke in the middle of the night to the sound of growling and thrashing. Molly jumped out of the bed and flung the windows open. Down below, in the open yard underneath her wing of the mansion, she saw two large grey wolves battling a bear.

              The rain slammed down heavy and the wind howled in tandem with the cries of the wolves. One wolf was slightly larger but they both seemed formidable and strong.

              But then the bear rushed in and swung its claws with murderous intent. It hit one of the wolves on the shoulder, sending the animal crashing to the bushes. The larger wolf howled and within seconds a small pack of four wolves burst from the tree line.

              The alpha wolf led the charge. He remained in front of the bear, keeping its attention as the smaller wolves leaped in and nipped at the bear’s legs, back, and neck. They never attacked for long, simply dodging in for small bites.

              All of a sudden the other lead wolf reappeared from the bushes, the blood from his wound dripping and mixing in with the puddle of rain underneath his paws.

              The pack split in two, two wolves per alpha. They worked together, dancing around the bear until it grew exhausted and dizzy. Small bites might not hurt it instantly but as time drew on Molly noticed it was losing a lot of blood. Strength and will sapped out of the bear until it finally crashed down.

              Both alphas howled in triumph. The pack dragged the carcass away from the house and back into the darkness of the forest.

              Molly stood there by the window, amazed but not afraid. Even when the wind and rain died she felt a strange sense of awe overcome her and she felt warm inside, like she was drawn to the sight of two strong wolves overcoming an even larger foe.

              With mixed emotions she shut the windows tight and crawled back into bed, only this time she fell asleep with a warm feeling stirring inside her.


              In her dreams, Molly saw the wolves enter her room. She saw them jump on her bed as she lie naked and exposed. She felt them snuggle closer to her and their warmth flooded over her, drowning her with a strong sensation of lust.

              But then one gazed straight into her eyes. Mesmerized, she didn’t even notice that the wolves had transformed into the shapes of men. She could not make out their faces but they were on her, around her, and over her.

              She felt their arms and hands roam across her body like an open field. She felt them cup her breasts and she cooed when she felt their warm lips press against her neck and back. Molly squirmed as they began to squeeze her in between each other, each one taking turns to dominate her loins with their lavish tongues.

              A fire exploded inside her and soon the world swirled as if it had gone mad. The two males kissed each other but their eyes were on her, their hands were on her, and soon she joined them as their lips all interlocked.

              When one was kissing the other she would bend down and take his manhood in her mouth. She switched between the two as they continue to passionately fondle each other.

              But then the taller man-wolf decided to take her at last. She felt him push her to her knees and then to all fours and he took her from behind. Molly moaned aloud as she felt his member break through the lips of her vulva and penetrate through her walls. Her loins burned with pain and passion merging into one.

              The other man-wolf took this advantage and remained in front of her. She opened her mouth and he drove his manhood into her mouth, which she lavishly took like a hungry animal. Molly was now a queen between two alpha wolves.

              Suddenly, the one in front blew his seed deep inside her throat and as he withdrew the remaining drops dripped from her lips. The man-wolf smiled and she saw his fangs glisten, as if the sight of his seed on her made him lust for her even more.

              Almost immediately this was followed by the alpha behind her. She felt him explode from within and the rich warmth of his seed overflowed deep inside the crevice of her pussy.

              Yet they weren’t done… not until she too had reached her own climax. The two man-wolves laid her down on her bed and each laid down beside her. As she spread her legs, submitting herself to the two shadowy figures, they reached down and began fondling her with their fingertips.

              At first it was mellow but soon they began to go faster and add more pressure to their touch. Before long she could no longer contain the knot that had built up inside her and she exploded. With her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open in ecstasy, her juices squirted down her legs and onto the bed.

              When Molly opened her eyes, she was awake in her bedroom, alone. When she turned to the side, she realized the window was open.

Chapter Two – Living with Two Alphas


              “Gavin,” Molly asked her butler when she went downstairs for breakfast. “What happened outside last night?”

              The butler smiled back at her but she could see a devilish flair in his eyes as he replied, “Some large animals were fighting. Tom and I handled it, nothing to worry about Miss.”

Tom and I?
Molly pondered over his statements. She was there, watching everything from her bedroom window. She knew Gavin and Tom were nowhere near the fight.
Or were they?

              Molly nodded him off and began to eat her food. Luckily, Gavin was an excellent cook. He prepared sunny side-up eggs, crispy bacon, croissants, and a freshly made mango shake. She flipped out her phone as she ate and swiped through the text messages from friends and family. None of them were of importance. When she checked her Facebook account, she found nothing of interest and turned it off.

              All she could think of were the two wolves.

              “Miss Molly,” a rough voice called from behind. Molly turned from her seat and saw Tom hauling a few hoses, perhaps to water the roses from the other side of the mansion.

she thought,
why is he carrying the hoses on his left shoulder? I’m pretty sure he’s right-handed.

              “Yes, Tom?” she asked with a cheerful tone.

              “I’d like to fix your windows later,” Tom told her. “The weather was pretty bad last night. We wouldn’t want them to burst open during a storm.”

              Molly’s jaws dropped open. It took her a moment to remember she was still talking to someone. “Ah, y-yes, sure,” she told him. “How did you know my window was open last night?”

              Tom shrugged, but when he did she noticed he winced a little bit, as if it hurt. “I passed underneath this morning when I was washing off the blood off the cobblestones and I noticed your window was open. It would’ve been a disaster if the rain got inside your room.”

Convenient excuse.
She nodded and he left off to continue his work.

              When she was alone, Molly finished her meal and went back upstairs.


              Back in her room she took a moment to bathe and dress herself in a soft, silk nightgown. It was light red with laces at the back. It wasn’t really meant to cover her and she didn’t mind exposing her breasts and pussy to the world; in her room she was alone and free.

              Refreshed, Molly decided to spend some time watching TV. She got into bed and slid underneath the sheets before she took the remote control and flipped through the channels. She had already wasted many hours watching through “The Big Bang Theory” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” This time she wanted something simple.

              After a few seconds she stumbled upon “WWE.” She shrugged and decided to watch hot, muscular men beat the crap out of each other. Except as she watched on, she started to imagine the men in the ring were the two hot man-wolves from her dreams. She could see them slamming their fists into each other, grappling, clinching… hugging.

              She imagined the two man-wolves naked in the ring as they embraced and licked each other’s bodies. She could see them inviting her as their tongues latched and danced. Molly felt a passionate fire burn inside her gut as she watched the two man-wolves passionately make love to each other.

              When she closed her eyes she no longer heard the sound of the television. The roars of the crowd and the crunch of fist slamming into a person’s skull faded as she could only think of their warm bodies pressing against hers.

              “Fuck,” she whispered in a soft, near-unconscious state of mind. “F-fuck me.”

              First she felt a warm touch on her lip. Then she felt a hand swirl down to her neck and to her breasts. A man’s fingertips circled around her areola, teasing her with very light taps to her nipple. She uttered a soft whisper of a moan when she finally felt the fingers squeeze at her flesh and pull on her breast.

              In an instant she felt the fingers underdo the laces of her night gown. The fabrics ripped away, as if the being taking her could wait no further to devour her flesh.

              Then she felt warm breath on her neck as a man leaned down to suck on her skin. She felt a playful tongue lavish her up and down before it found its way to her ears. Molly wriggled in ecstasy but she soon lost control when she realized there were four hands and two pairs of mouths roaming across her body. Euphoria flooded her mind and she began to moan out loud.

              “Hush,” said a deep voice.

              Molly opened her eyes and to her surprise she found Gavin and Tom on her bed. Both men were naked and both had their hands to her body. For a very brief moment she felt the urge to scream and run away but that feeling quickly dissipated when Gavin bent down between her legs and flicked his tongue between the soft lips of her moist vulva.

              “Oh my G-god,” Molly muttered between her gasps.

              When she looked at them, she realized that Tom had wounds on his right shoulder and chest. The wounds looked like they came from sharp claws, stretching from the chest to his shoulder and to his back.

              Tom noticed she was staring and he crept to her side with a wide smile on his face. When he got up close to her face she noticed that he had four large fangs and that his eyes pulsed with a tantalizing yellow glow.

              “I-it was you,” Molly whispered. She found it hard to speak while Gavin was busy pushing his tongue deeper into her pussy. “It was you and Gavin that I saw last night fighting off that bear.”

              Tom licked his lips with a long, salivating tongue before he responded, “Yes, it was us. Lord Jared tasked us to be stay here and protect you at all costs. He may be our human master but he understands that Gavin and I… are different.”

              “Werewolves,” Molly said. This time her hands shot down, forcing Gavin to dig his way deeper between her legs.

              “Yes,” Tom confirmed. “But no ordinary man-wolves. We are the alphas and this land is the home of our pack. We will protect you, we promise you that.”

              Molly leaned in to give Tom a soft and gentle kiss, “And this… what is this?”

              “Our service to you,” he answered. Before Molly could ponder on the depth of his words, Tom knelt up and she could see the dangling hunk of meat between his legs. It was hard and throbbing as Tom took it in his hands. He stroked, slowly, from base to tip and then back down, his eyes never lingering away from Molly’s.

              Willingly, she opened her mouth. Tom straddled over her face as he plunged his manhood into her. Molly felt the length and width of his member as it went past her lips and to the very back of her throat. It was warm and strange to the taste but she loved it. She loved it so much she lathered his length with her tongue.

              Tom held her head, keeping her indulged with his cock as Gavin moved his face away from her pussy. He felt a tinge of jealousy now that Molly was serving Tom’s member with her warm and juicy mouth so he whipped out his own cock.

              As Molly focused all her attention to Tom, she did not notice that Gavin was spreading her legs and raising them over his waist as he began to position himself to plunge deep into her. She only realized his plans when she felt the angry tip of his cock as it pressed against the very lips of her flesh.

              Tom suddenly turned around. With his cock still inside Molly he turned in order to face Gavin. In an instant they shared a kiss just as Gavin plunged in deep, tearing through her walls. Molly’s gasp was sealed by Tom’s hard rod. Both men began plowing into her holes as their kisses became more passionate and rough.

              Molly lost all sense of time and place. All she could feel was the thick flesh in her mouth and the other in her pussy. They began to penetrate in and out of her in a violent yet somehow passionate rhythm and her body rocked with every passing moment.

              But then Tom pulled out. He knelt by her side and she opened her mouth, longing for one more taste of his flesh. He furiously stroked his member and she realized he was about to explode.


              Hot squirts of his seed spilled into her open mouth, over her face, and over her chest. Tom gave her one last tease as he dipped the very tip of his cock closer to her lips and she flicked out her tongue to catch the last drops.

              As Tom emptied, Gavin started to pound even harder and faster. His hands began to roam across the fields of her flesh. She felt warm pressure over her tummy and over the mounds of her breasts. She felt firm grasps over her shoulders and finally on her hips just as Gavin began thrusting violently faster.

              Molly felt a pulse inside of her but it sounded more like a pop inside her head. The rhythmic drumming became louder and louder and it wasn’t until later did she realize it was the sound of Gavin fucking her with her legs hoisted over his shoulders.

              “Oh my,” she frantically muttered as she felt her own climax build inside her. “F-fuck… I’m going to cum, I’m going t-to… oh my God I’m cumming!”

              Gavin pulled out just as Molly let loose her fluids. She felt the warmth of her juices as they raced out of her body, dripped out of her vulva, and down to the soft sheets of her bed. She then felt a different kind of warmth when Gavin too began to empty himself all over her body.

              She took a moment to catch her breath. She took a moment to rest. When she opened her eyes she found Tom and Gavin resting on each side of her.

              “All this time,” she whispered as she looked at them back and forth. “All this time that I’ve been bored and alone, I’ve been living with two alphas.”

              “You do not fear us?” Gavin asked.

              Molly shook her head and planted a kiss on his cheek, “No. You have proven your loyalty to me last night. Tom even bled for me. Now you have pleased me in ways I have never knew were possible.”

              Tom laughed, heartily and deeply, before he caressed her figure with the tip of his finger as he spoke, “We will protect you. We will keep you safe at the cost of our own lives and the lives of our pack. That is our duty.”

              “It is also your duty to keep me happy,” Molly reminded them. “My husband would not his wife to be bored.”

              Gavin inched closer and nipped at her ear as he whispered, “Worry not, my lady. You will never long for anything anymore.”

              Satisfied, Molly snuggled in between them and with her legs open and their seed all over her, she comfortably drifted off to sleep. Tom and Gavin took the moment to relish each other and began to share a kiss. The last sound Molly heard before sleep overtook her was the soft slush of their lips grinding against each other.

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