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Authors: Lila Felix

AnguiSH (32 page)

              "Rachel, who’s that, number ninety-nine?"

“Who is that?"
She looked at me like I was an alien. "That is only the greatest hockey player ever! That, my friend, is Lucas Sharp," she beamed.

"Oh, I was just wondering."
I looked over at him again.
Lucas Sharp. Well, the name fits him
. All I could see was his profile, but he had dark hair peeking out of his helmet, a strong jaw, and he was good looking.
I bet all his teeth are fake.

"Why is he just standing there and not warming up?" I asked.

               "He is the captain, he is watching over his team,” she informed me. I watched as he looked over his team intently and was shouting commands at them.

okay." I watched them for a few more minutes before the team skated off the ice. Rachel waved down an attendant to purchase hot dogs and beers before the game started.

"So, what do you think so far?" Rachel shined with glee as she finished her hot dog.
Where does she put all that food?
Rachel could eat a hundred times a day and never gain an ounce. She would always say that it was because she has a high metabolism. Though, I know the truth, she worked out all the time.

"Nothing has happened
." I stated, taking a sip of my beer.

"Come on, where is fun
Sara? I miss her." She gave me her sad face and I knew that I had to answer the question.

"I haven’t seen her in a year and a half," I said quietly thinking of the good times Rachel and I had before my life changed.

"She needs to come back." Rachel laid her hand on mine. "I know that you are still hurting, but you need to start taking small steps towards coming back to being you. It will be okay. I promise." She gave my hand a squeeze. I looked over at my dearest friend. Her big blue eyes looked sad for me and I knew it wasn't fair to bring her down with my own emotional issues.

took a deep breath and put on my bravest smile. The one I plaster on my face when people asked me how I was doing. "You’re right. Let’s have fun."

Rachel giggled.
"I know you are faking it but it’s a start." I could not help but giggle back at her. She could call me on all my lies.
She is the greatest friend.
Just then the arena went dark and the Jumbotron started introductions and the crowd went wild. I stood up with Rachel and did my best to "have fun.”







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