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Anne Frank and Me

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The sound of gunfire echoed through the exhibition hall. Panic struck. Screaming people ran in every direction and dove for cover. “Doom's shooting!” someone yelled. “Doom's got a gun!'
Nicole found herself running toward an exit sign as a piercing alarm sounded. A wave of students pushed her from behind, slamming her against a wall.
Mimi yanked her arm. “Come on!” She pulled Nicole away from the wall, but they were nearly trampled by a line of security guards, guns drawn, charging toward the sound of the shots
More screams, more crying. The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder. Nicole and Mimi were trapped in a mass of students jamming the emergency exit. “Help me!” a girl screamed, as she fell in the crush. A boy stepped on her arm and ran on.
“Hold on, Nicol”
Nicole grabbed her friend's hand. “Don't let go!” They were being pushed from all sides.
“Nico, I can‘t—”
Nicole felt Mimi's hand slipping from hers. “Don't fall!” she ordered, as if her voice could keep her friend up. Mimi let go. “Mimi! Where are you? Mimi!”
A sudden pain pierced Nicole, red-hot. And then, there was nothing at all.
“Eloquent and poignant. The lesson is clear. The impact is powerful.”
The New York Times, on the play Anne Frank and Me
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Published by Puffin Books, a division of Penguin Putnam
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Copyright © Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld, 2001
Novel adapted from the stage play
Anne Frank and Me
by Cherie Bennett
with Jeff Gottesfeld, the Dramatic Publishing Company, 1997.
Text set in twelve-point Celeste.
eISBN : 978-1-101-07583-8
eISBN : 978-1-101-07583-8

For Joseph Ozur, who lived, and for his family, who died;
for the Mullers and Gottesfelds who did not survive;
and in honor of the Righteous Gentiles.
Above all, thank you to the Jewish community of Nashville, Tennessee; its Jewish Community Center commissioned our play and underwrote the world premiere. And to Professor Jacques Adler
(The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution,
New York: Oxford University Press, 1987), who has fact-checked and consulted on this project for years.
Also to Anne Frank Center USA, Simon Wiesenthal Center, University of Judaism, YIVO Institute, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the many French survivors to whom that institution introduced us. Also to Professors Deborah Lipstadt
(Denying the Holocaust,
New York: Free Press, 1993), Susan Zuccotti
(The Holocaust, the French, and the Jews,
New York: Basic Books, 1993), Joyce Apsel and Holli Levitsky; David and Suzanne Winton, Stanley Brechner, Jeff Church, Moses Goldberg, Rob Goodman, Bryan Cahen, Ed Finkelstein, Bruce Rogers, Rabbis Stephen Fuchs, David Davis, and Zalman Posner, John Lo Schiavo S.J., Revs. Joel Emerson and Ann Bassett, Claude and Mirella Luçon, Jack Pollak, the Windisch and Chanderot families, Kate Emburg, Bill Younglove, Sofya Weitz-Levitsky, Abby Lessem, Karen Pritzker Vlock, the Gottesfelds and Bermans, Josh Kane, Refna Wilkin, our editor Susan Kochan, Nancy Paulsen, Laura Peterson, and Dramatic Publishing Company. Thanks, too, to sister authors Jane Yolen, Lois Lowry, Han Nolan, Carol Matas, Miriam Bat-Ami, Edith Baer, Norma Fox Mazer, and Sonia Levitin, lights to the nations and to us. We are indebted to the scholarship of Adler, Lipstadt, Zuccotti, Jeremy Joseph, Georges Weller, Henri Amouroux, Michael Marrus and Robert Paxton, Melissa Muller, Claude Levy and Paul Tillard, and Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, among many others. References to Anne Frank's diary are from
The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition.
(New York: Doubleday, 1989).
Girl X website design and execution by Lindsay Hurteau, age 15, Granby, Massachusetts.
Day 1, 8:20 p.m.
There are only four possible reasons you are reading this:
1. . You know who Girl X is. But since that applies only to my best friend, M, that rules you out.
2. . You're a perv surfing the Net who thinks the X in Girl X means X-rated. Wrong. Wipe off the drool, get a life, and surf on.
3. . You're actually interested in the secrets of a tenth-grader in the burbs who is none of the following:
a. smartest
b. dumbest
c. prettiest
d. ugliest
e. hippest
f. geekiest
The only thing remotely interesting about me is that I can dance. Other than that, most of the time, I'm just there. Someday, at our twentieth class reunion, with cheesy blown-up yearbook photos on the walls and a low-rent cover band playing Puff Daddy from what you will refer to as “the best years of our lives,” I'll be the one you don't remember.
Some People: Seem to be born knowing exactly who they are and where they're going; with a Day-Glo-highlighted road map to life.
Other People:
Are Under Construction, Detours Ahead, mapless, figuring it out as they go.
I am one of the Other People. And the only reason I can think of for why you might still be reading this is:
4. You're just like me.
Day 2, 9:15 p.m.
Frightening Thought du Jour:
We are teen rodents of civilization, destined to run through a suburban maze at the end of which is the processed cheese: a life just as boring as our parents'.
Random Acts of Blindness:
I am such a cliché. I am in love with J, a boy who does not seem to know I exist.
Confused Much?
Today, a bad rep is a good thing. Everyone wants to be bad, badder, the baddest. Say you've had sex even if you haven't. Live Hip or Die.
Girl in the Middle:
On one side of me, the sanctimonious Join-hands-at-the-flagpole-every-morning-because-True-Love-Waits kinda girls. On the other side of me, the pathetic Got-pregnant-on-purpose-kept-the-baby-who's -in-day-care-down-the-hallway-while-I-go-to-class kinda girls.
None of the Above:
I am still among the (as M calls it) Have-not-yet-succumbed-to-the-Call-of-the-Wild. But why wait? I mean, what's the point, if it's the right guy? When's the “right time,” anyhow?
I fantasize about sex with J all the time; dream it when I'm asleep, daydream it when I'm awake. Makes me feel like I'm in free fall. What would it be like, really?
Girl X Manifesto:
Live, love, feel everything, fear nothing, never settle, never regret, never die.
Day 3, 10:09 p.m.
Girl Over the Top:
Sometimes I am numb. Nothing matters. Other times, when I let myself feel, I feel too much. Bleed for everything.
They Say to Me:
You will “outgrow” this and “grow up.”
I Say to Them:
What does that mean? To stop caring?
The Truth Hurts,
So? There are some people meant for greatness. Then there are the rest of us. I'm not the stars or the sun—I don't radiate heat. Or the moon-I don't shine like a beacon to light the way. I am definitely not a celestial body. I'm an earthbound girl destined to revolve around someone else. And I would gladly revolve around J, who is the sun, the moon, and the stars put together. Loving him is a sickness. A fever.
Frightening Thoughts du Jour:
a. I am obsessed.
b. I hate that I feel this way.
c. I have such disdain for girls like me.
Nicole Burns sat in the fourth row, third seat of Renee B. Zooms' English class, watching the door and at the same time pretending not to. An elderly woman entered, looking around uncertainly. Zooms greeted her warmly. Nicole's eyes slid back to the door. She was on alert for one thing. Him. J. Jack.
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