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Savage hadn’t taken his gaze from Seychelle the entire time she weighed his fate. Every second that went by felt like hours, but she needed to work things out her own way. He wanted to kiss her, to use every one of the considerable sexual tools in his arsenal to persuade her, but if she was going to make that commitment to him, it had to be real.

It was there on her face first. Resolve. Terror. She took a deep breath. His heart went crazy. His stomach did a slow somersault. It was his cock that reacted the most, knowing what was coming. It hurt, pulsing and throbbing, even jerking with dark lust and a depraved carnal need that was bone deep in him. She was going to sacrifice her life for him all over again. She was going to give him everything. Life. She was giving him life.

“Yes, then, Savage. I want to belong to you, but I can
only promise to try. I hope you’re as good as you say you are, and my body does what you say it will.”

He leaned into her, framing her face with his hands. That beautiful, innocent face that he knew would always turn men’s heads. She didn’t see it, but he did. He took her mouth. Gentle at first, because she was his everything. He would always cherish her. The moment he tasted that wild strawberry, his heart seemed to melt inside his body. It was such a dichotomy. His heart at war with his cock. His kisses were the same. Gentle, caressing strokes of his tongue. Then his mouth went completely dominant. Hard. Rough. Demanding. Forcing her compliance when he had coaxed before.

His teeth tugged at her lower lip and then bit down. She gasped, and he soothed the bite with his tongue, slipped it into her mouth and stroked caresses, wanting to eat her up, devour her completely. Her taste was wild, exotic and addicting. There was a hint of a smoldering fire that suddenly flared to life and threatened to consume him. He wanted that burn.

He deepened the kiss, added more command, needing rougher. Needing to hear her gasp. Needing her to surrender everything to him. And she did. She kissed him back, melting into him even as he bit down on her lower lip a second time in exactly the same place. This time he slipped two fingers along the lacy edge of her panties, and then farther to test her reaction as he increased the pressure on her lip. She gasped, but her body went hot and liquid. He instantly released her lower lip and swept his tongue into her mouth.

He felt her taste taking him over just as he was taking her over. A coup with her kisses. Those flames rushed straight to his belly, where the monster crouched, swirling with dark threads, waiting to leap out. Orange and red consumed black, taking it all, leaving behind ash. Leaving him with a burning steel cock and a mind filled with images of his woman in graphic positions, waiting for him to put his stripes on her, frightened and exhilarated just as she was now.

He broke the kiss. “I need you to come lay across my
lap, Seychelle. Let’s get the punishment over fast so I can be in you, where I belong.”

Her breath caught in her lungs and her gaze moved over his face, judging how serious he was. Did he mean it? If he did, what would he do to her?

He was so fucking proud of her, that internal struggle warring on her face. Her eyes, two bright sapphires, so filled with trepidation. With surrender. She didn’t know it yet, but she was giving herself to him—inch by slow inch.

Savage kept looking at her, his gaze holding her captive. “It’s only going to get worse if you fight me on this, Seychelle. This is something important. Just get up and stand right there.” He pointed to the spot just beside him. “Remove your panties, hand them to me and lay over my lap.”

He knew her heart was pounding. She looked so frightened, he was torn between pulling her to him to help her make the decision or pulling her into his arms and comforting her. He did neither. She had to do this herself. This first crucial step. There would be so many, and he would enjoy every single one, their journey through life together.

He kept staring at her, slowly asserting his will on her. It was subtle. She was ready to capitulate on her own, but he needed to see how much influence he had on her when it was needed—and it would be in the coming weeks. He would train her as slowly as possible, but he knew himself. The cycle was there, and she had to be prepared for the monster when he escaped. She’d been right about the woman he’d used weeks earlier—she hadn’t been in the least satisfying, and he was already getting edgy.

Seychelle turned on the bed, putting both feet on the floor. His cock grew so thick he wanted to unzip his jeans to give himself a little room. He never took his eyes off of her, and he knew the exact moment when she really became his. She made up her mind, her chin going up, and she stood and walked right over to the side of the bed in front of him, slipped off her panties and tossed them at him. He
had to stifle a grin as he caught them. She was going to get one extra-hard smack on the ass for that, but he kept his mouth shut, still watching her.

He took his time, staring up at her, waiting for her to lay across his lap, pushing her panties into his back pocket. His eyes holding hers captive, he reached out and stroked his fingers up the inside of her thigh—close to all that heat—so hot it felt like a furnace. Her nipples peaked beneath the thin tank she wore. He would have commanded her to take it off, but he wanted to do that himself. She had a narrow waist and a soft belly he was very, very fond of.

He slid his fingers down her left thigh and then brushed the tiny damp curls, his thumb sliding intimately over her clit. She shuddered, but she didn’t back off. She had so much courage. He had known all along she did. She’d need that courage and a lot more.

“I’m going to shave you myself. You’re so beautiful, baby, and I want to see and feel every inch of you. Lay across my lap, Seychelle.”

Her breath hitched. Her blue eyes swam with liquid, and he was forever damned, because seeing that sent his cock into a frenzy of urgent demand.

“Savage.” His name came out a plea.

Her tongue touched her lower lip right over his mark. Her lip was slightly swollen, the small mark dark. Satisfaction slid through him like a dark shadow.

“I’ve read enough about the lifestyle to know you should have gone over limits with me and given me a safe word.” Her hands rubbed up and down her belly nervously. “I’m pretty sure I have like a million limits.”

He resisted smiling. This was all about surrender and demand. She had to be a willing participant. She had to want to give him everything he needed. That had to come from her.

“We’re not living that kind of lifestyle, Seychelle. I laid it out for you. I need control in order to keep from letting
loose a monster that could destroy so many people. People I love. I’ve learned what I need in my life in order to survive intact. My woman, and that’s you, has to live within those rules. I need certain things in the bedroom from you, and I’m going to get them. You’ll get whatever you want or need, but there’s no doubt that at times, it will be frightening for you. You’ll have to trust me enough that you know I’d never harm you and I’ll rock your world every single time I touch you. When we’re doing something with whips, baby, you’ll use your safe word,
. Punishments, like this, you don’t have a safe word. You’ll just have to trust me that I know when to stop.”

She pushed at her hair anxiously. This time he could see her hand shaking. He stroked the pads of his fingers down her belly to her mound, made little circles and then wrote his name across her pussy lips. His. Seychelle belonged to him. Few women would ever be able to live with a fucked-up, broken, damaged-beyond-all-repair man like him, but he knew not only could she live with him, but she would love him with every breath she took.

“I think I’d feel better about everything if you just gave me a safe word and agreed to stop when I say it.”

He suppressed a smile. There it was: that little snippy voice that told him she wasn’t submissive. She would give him every gift of her own free will. She might want to soothe the monster, but she would speak her mind. A lot. His cock leaked with need. She would not only soothe the monster, she’d feed him. Pet him. She’d give him every single one of her tears as a gift of love. She would suffer willingly for him because she loved him. She would give him the thing of his dreams.

“I think you’d feel lots better laying across my lap like you were told so that I don’t add on to the punishment you’ve already earned.”


Savage reached around Seychelle’s hip to touch her left ass cheek softly, fingers kneading and then rubbing in a soothing circle before he slid his thumb between her pussy lips to find moisture. “I love the way you look right now, Seychelle. I’m so proud of you. I know this isn’t easy.” His hands cupped both cheeks, rubbing circles gently.

He’d dreamt of her ass, the perfection of her firm globes. He’d dreamt of this moment when she gave him her body. He wanted everything. He would claim every inch of her, make her irrevocably his. He’d been trained in the art of seduction. He knew more about sex than anything else, other than how to kill or extract information from an unwilling prisoner. He was extremely proficient in all three subjects. He would make certain her body responded only to his command. But that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted her heart and soul.

“Lay across my lap, Seychelle.” He gave the order in a firm voice, all the while rubbing her perfect ass cheeks. “Don’t be afraid, baby. I’ve got you.”

She touched her tongue to his mark on her lip as if that tiny spot gave her courage. And then she leaned toward him and he immediately helped her to lie over his lap. Her beautiful bottom gleamed like two pale globes. He pressed his hand to her back between her shoulder blades.

“Wrap your fingers around the legs of the chair and hold on,” he instructed. “I’m not going to let you fall.” He gentled his voice but kept his tone a velvet command.

Seychelle complied, her fists so tight on the legs of the chair that her knuckles turned white. She was trembling, her body almost vibrating with fear. He rubbed soothingly between her shoulder blades, pressing her to him while he devoured the sight of her. She was beautiful. The pale cheeks of her bottom gleamed with the silvery light shining across them. He’d positioned himself perfectly in front of the window.

He ran his fingers from the backs of her knees up the backs of her thighs, first right and then left, all the way to the seam of her buttocks. So many nerve endings waiting for him to ignite. He used the tips of his fingers, tracing the seam while the back of his knuckles rubbed along the underside of her sweet little ass.

Taking his time and building the anticipation was crucial. He ran his fingers along her bare hip and then under her tank to skim very gently along her spine to her neck. He massaged some of the tension from her before pulling his hand from the racer-back, grasping the back of the flimsy tank and ripping it straight down.

She gasped and started to rise. His hand held her in place. “Shh, baby, you’re fine. Let the material fall to the floor. I love your skin. It’s like porcelain. Silky. It will hold the marks of my possession so beautifully.”

He slid his hand down her back and over her perfect bottom, to glide his fingers across her little pussy. She was damp with anticipation. Hot. He wanted to taste her. He’d been waiting an eternity and he couldn’t resist sliding his
fingers deeper to catch at the slick, hot honey. He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked. She tasted like her skin. Wild strawberries. An exotic mix of honey and strawberries.

The addiction was never going to end for him. He realized, as he smoothed his hand over her bottom, that he was breathing hard, almost as ragged as she was. This woman belonged to him. She’d given herself to him, had the courage to face the monster with him.
was a mild word for the way he was feeling, but it was crucial that he stay in control.

He rubbed her bottom gently and then reached down, caught the long messy knot on top of her head and forced her head around so she was looking at him. His cock ached. Was so painful he knew he was going to have to end this soon, not for her, but for him. He’d never been so hard in his life.

“I’m so proud of you, Seychelle. Your courage astounds me.” He stared into her blue eyes as he rubbed small circles all over her bottom and then kneaded the firm muscles. Her body tensed. “Trust me, baby. Remember? We’re building something special here. A bond that’s so intimate, so close, nothing will ever get between us. I’m not going to chance ruining that. You put yourself in my hands, and you have to know I’ll only take you as far as you’re capable of going. I’ll always have you.”

Her eyes searched his, looking for reassurance, and he gave it to her. If she fucked up again, that wouldn’t be there. The punishment would be real, not a learning experience. “Tell me why you’re laying across my lap.”

“Because you like this.”

“No, baby, I love this. Do you feel what you’re doing to me? My cock is fuckin’ steel because I love this. That’s all yours, but you need to answer me.” He moved one palm across her left cheek and then trailed his fingertips to that seam where her ass cheek met her thigh. He felt her shiver.
Saw the goose bumps rise on her skin. Endorphins already rising. She was highly sensitive there. She was so responsive, so perfect for him. She wanted this, even if she was afraid.

“I got drunk and nearly went home with someone.”

He loved her for that alone. She remembered exactly what the infraction was, which meant she would always remember.

“Exactly. And you were smoking again. Let’s not forget that. Now lie still. Don’t try to cover your bottom, just accept the burn.” Deliberately, he ran his finger along that moist, hot entrance, for both of them. He wanted her body to feel pleasure. To mix the two sensations, so that eventually she would crave the things he needed. He also wanted another taste of her. He needed to prolong this time with her, surveying her perfect offering. More, he needed to savor the fact that she was really giving her body to him for his needs, for his pleasure, as well as surrendering to the possibility of finding her own pleasure in what they would do.

His palm fell lightly on her left cheek. She jumped, but his other hand was firm between her shoulders, preventing movement, and she settled immediately. He smacked her right cheek just as lightly and then set a rhythm. Two smacks and then he rubbed away the sting, spread the heat over her pink cheeks and then slipped his finger into her hot little pussy.

His heart pounded. He felt that rhythm through his entire body as he warmed her up—as he brought that same pounding beat to her sheath. He could feel that silken fist squeezing on his finger when he penetrated her. Abruptly, he smacked her harder on her left cheek, leaving a perfect pink handprint. She nearly jumped out of his lap, but he held her in place.

“Don’t move.” He hissed the command, pouring displeasure into his voice.

She settled instantly while he rubbed the sting away. Again, without warning, he rained fire on her ass, turning both cheeks from a glowing pink to a bright red. This time he didn’t stop when she tried to wiggle off of him. He held her tighter and kept going until she began to cry.

When he heard her sob, he rubbed caresses over her, spreading the heat along the nerve endings, and then he trailed the pads of his fingers through the enticing crack between her cheeks down to her wet pussy. He cupped his hand there and then pushed a finger inside to feel her clamp down on him like a vise.

“You can cry, baby—teardrops are mine, remember? But no sound. You stay quiet for me. You give that to me.”

She took a deep breath and went silent. Immediately, he circled her clit with his thumb, stroking and caressing, flicking occasionally until she was riding his finger. His cock felt like a fucking steel pole, pressing tight against her. The heat radiating from her red ass enveloped him, along with her fragrance of sex and strawberries. He never wanted to stop. He traced that crease between her thighs and buttocks and added handprints to her upper thighs before working her pussy again. She was close to an orgasm. So close. He could tip her over the edge. He took a breath and let it out, knowing this had to be the last round.

Nothing had ever felt like this before. A kind of euphoria settled over him. His woman, her gift to him. She was scared. She had no idea what to expect, but she still gave herself to him. He hadn’t realized how much he needed this. His woman naked, squirming, her sweet ass covered in his handprints, her tears dripping down her face for him. Her pussy saturated, hot and melting. Needing.

All along he’d thought it was only about his physical reaction, his arousal, but it wasn’t true. Every one of his senses was engaged, but even more than that, it was his emotions. He was completely wrapped up in her.
Completely focused on her. Overwhelmed with the need of her, with wanting her. With near adoration for her. He’d never experienced anything like it.

He took his time, making each swat count, placing them carefully so that one or two overlapped, building the intensity. Her sobs turned ragged, but they were silent, all in her body. He rubbed with one hand and slowly pushed his finger deep into that tight, hot, pulsing pussy. He found her sweet spot and stroked. She went over the edge instantly, her body nearly convulsing, the orgasm taking her hard in a series of powerful ripples. He felt each potent wave moving through her stomach and sheath to her thighs because she was lying across his legs.

Savage lifted her and turned with her to put her on the bed. He followed her down, coming on top of her, pinning her under him so he could frame her face with his hands and look into her liquid-filled eyes. Her tears had turned the blue to a vibrant undersea color. The tears on her face resembled diamonds, and he instantly visualized diamonds dripping from clamps on her nipples.

He sipped at the tears on her left cheek, tasting them, removing them one by one. He took his time, savoring the taste. There was a hint of salt, as if she’d been swimming in the sea, his little naked mermaid. He kissed her face after each tear until he got to her eye, and then he removed the tears from her lashes before switching to her right side.

“Baby, put your arms around me,” he coached gently and licked at her tears, removing them as they slipped down her face.

It took a moment before she complied, her arms sliding around his neck.

“Why are you crying?”

“It hurt. I didn’t think it would really hurt like that.”

“Did it really hurt?” He kissed the corner of her mouth and then her throat. He slipped lower down her body so that his mouth was over the temptation of her breasts. His hips
were wedged between her legs, keeping them spread apart for him. He cupped her mound and then dipped his thumb inside her. “Your sweet little pussy is telling me you felt good, not bad, baby. I think you liked what I did to you.”

He nuzzled the side of her breast with the bristles on his jaw and then pulled her nipple into the heat of his mouth. She was perfect. Responsive. Gasping, arching into him, her hips bucking. He sucked and used his tongue to tease and stroke, and then he bit down, just a flash of pain, but his thumb stroked that sweet spot in her pussy, sending more powerful ripples through her body.

He kissed her again, over and over, worshipping her mouth, pouring flames down her throat to spread through her body. All the while his hands were at her luscious tits, feasting greedily the way his mouth was at her lips. He tugged and rolled, pinched and stroked. Gentle, then aggressive, back to gentle, and then harsh, then back up to claim every inch of her face. Her mouth. Her throat. Her neck. His mouth swept down her collarbone, his tongue seeking that elusive wild strawberry taste.

She kissed him, her hands sliding down his back, exploring, so receptive, her soft skin taking his every mark, from his mouth, his teeth, his hands, so beautiful he could barely breathe. Her moans sent those golden notes dancing in the air all around them. Her body just melted under his, radiating heat, surrounding them with the sultry scent of sex and her fragrance.

He kissed his way over her tits again and down her belly, nipping, his teeth leaving marks, his tongue soothing every ache, and then he closed his eyes and forced himself to regain control. He was breathing too deep. He was far too lost in her. He couldn’t make mistakes and trigger any kind of aggression in himself.

For a moment he pressed his forehead against her mound, those gold-and-platinum curls that had to go. They were so sweet. They even looked and felt innocent, like her.
He didn’t want them gone, but they could be a trigger—he had so many—and there was no use in taking chances. He breathed her in, letting her natural scent soothe him. Letting her notes sink into his skin right over the whip marks on his back.

“Baby, give me a minute. I want you to just lay right here, the way you are—don’t move at all. Will you do that for me?”

Her hand found his head, fingers moving on his scalp in that way she had of making him feel like he was worthwhile. Worth everything. “Of course.”

It only took a few minutes to get the things he needed: the hot water, the wet cloth, the razor and foaming shaving cream. He returned to his woman, pushing her legs apart and standing between them.

Seychelle pushed up on her elbows. “What are you doing?”

“I’m shaving you, so hold still. I’ll tell you why I have to do this another time. You’ve heard enough crap about me to last you a lifetime, and this story isn’t much better. Just let me do this, babe.”

She lay back, her hands behind her head, which made her tits jut upward toward the ceiling. He had a lot of fantasies about her tits and those perfect erect nipples he had so many plans for. He smeared shaving cream on those gorgeous golden curls, swirled his name there.

BOOK: Annihilation Road
5.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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