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Astrid's Wish

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Warriors of the Light 2

Astrid’s Wish

After a hundred years of abuse, Astrid Reznik has finally found a home. Living amongst the Warriors of the Light, he has all he ever dreamed of, a family. Everything changes when the witch sent by the Council of Paranormal Beings to question him ends up being his mate. Suddenly he desires things from another man he never thought possible.

Klaus Marinos is a high council witch whose job is to hunt down evil witches who use their magic for evil. Believing Astrid to be no better, he is shocked to learn besides being mates, the young witch is also half fairy. Astrid’s an anomaly in their world, and Klaus is forced to protect him at all costs.

A kidnapping attempt exposes Astrid’s true purpose for existing, to destroy the Council. An unforeseen evil threatens to take everything Klaus holds dear, and it’s up to him and the warriors to protect Astrid.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary, Fantasy
63,683 words


Warriors of the Light 2

AJ Jarrett



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Warriors of the Light 2


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Creamy, white skin glowed against the black silk sheets. A man
lay stretched out as if on display for all to see, but he was the only one
allowed to look. His mouth began to water as his cock lengthened at
the gorgeous sight before his eyes.

He couldn’t see the beauty’s face, but it didn’t matter. The man
was his and his alone. With everything in him, he wanted to claim the
man. Make him his, forever.

The soft ruffle of the sheets as the man moved had his eyes darting
from one corner of the bed to the next. The lithe body shifted and
twisted with need, silently begging him to come forward.

Like a lion stalking its prey, readying to take it down, he climbed
upon the bed and crawled between the man’s legs. The stranger
pulled his knees up, gifting him with the sight of the prettiest pink
pucker he had ever had the pleasure to see.

He dropped his hands to the man’s quivering thighs and ran his
fingertips up their length. The taut muscles twitched with every
caress. Soft, milky skin felt like satin under his hands. He continued
upward until he reached the man’s nipples, lightly pinching and
tweaking the little rosebuds until they pebbled under the onslaught. A
groan brought his gaze up to the man’s face.

Astrid’s Wish


The fuzziness around the edges faded away to showcase the man’s
features. Blond hair fanned out around the man’s head like an angel’s
halo. The bluest eyes he had ever seen stared back at his, and for a
split second, a smile curved the man’s lips. A sensation of coming
home filled him to the brim. He felt complete. The years of yearning
for something more vanished, replaced by love.

He dropped to his elbows to capture the sweet lips of his mystery
man. Raw need and desire fueled him forward.

“Mr. Marinos, Benedict is needing to speak to you now. He says it’s urgent.” The sound of one of the council’s operator’s voices rang out through his quiet room.

Klaus groaned as he rolled over and smacked the bedside intercom. “I just bet it is.” He yawned and stretched out his arms.

“Tell that prick I’ll be there when I get there.”

“Uh, Mr. Marinos, I don’t think I can say that to him,” the voice responded back to him.

Sending a silent
fuck you
to the Benedict, he hit the button again.

“Of course not. Tell him I’ll be down in ten.”

Getting out of bed, he headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. He dropped his gaze and switched the dial from hot to cold.

The hard-on he sported wouldn’t be going away without any help any time soon, and he had forgone masturbating centuries ago. So that left a nice cold shower to relieve the pressure tightening his balls into tight little stones.

The dream had left him unsettled. He’d never had a dream that realistic before. The man lying on the bed seemed almost too real.

The skin, the eyes, and the lean muscles that twitched when he laid his fingers on him were definitely too real.

Klaus sighed as he stepped into the shower. He wished it were true, that the man was real. Being alone for so long could drive a person crazy, and maybe he had finally succumbed to the insanity of existing without the love of a mate.

10 AJ


Quickly washing up, he pushed aside the illusion of ever finding his mate. For him they didn’t exist, because if they had, why had fate seen it fit to have him live for so long without one?

Fifteen minutes later, he sat before Benedict, getting his next assignment.

“You’re sending me where again?” Klaus glared at Benedict. He must have misheard what the man had said.

“I need you to go and interrogate this witch living with my son.”

Benedict shook his head. “That boy is always taking in strays, but at least this one might have information on Asher’s whereabouts.”

Klaus kicked his feet up onto Benedict’s shiny desk. He saw the man bristle from his boldness. He had to bite back his smile. Let the man get upset. Klaus was older and had the full respect of the council even if, technically, he worked in the same sector as Benedict. Which kind of made the man his boss.

“I must ask again, what’s this hard-on you have for finding Asher?” Klaus cocked an eyebrow at Benedict. “If you ask me, it all seems rather odd to be wasting the council’s time on a vampire who has been missing for centuries. Who may very well be dead.”

“He’s not dead!” Benedict shouted as he slammed his hand down on his desk, splintering the wood surface.

Well, now they were getting somewhere. Klaus always had his suspicions where the two men were concerned, and Benedict’s behavior just kept fueling that particular fire. He dropped his feet to the floor and leaned forward on his elbows. “How do you know? Did you gaze into your crystal ball or some shit?” he taunted the man.

Benedict fidgeted with the papers on his desk, avoiding eye contact with Klaus. “I just know, and let’s leave it at that.” Klaus watched the mask of calm collectiveness slam back into place. “Like I stated earlier, I’m sending you to a town called Branson, Missouri.

That is where my son has currently taken up residency, and you’re the one going because you’re the only witch I trust around my son.”

Astrid’s Wish


“Well jeez, thanks.” He snatched the papers out of Benedict’s outreached hand and thumbed through the report as Benedict carried on.

“It seems my son’s mate has befriended this witch that was being kept prisoner with him. The man was held under Malcolm and Lucian’s care for over a hundred years. We will be lucky if he doesn’t go insane. If it turns out that he is damaged, I don’t want him around my son and his mate.”

Klaus glanced up from his papers. “Does this witch have a name?”

“It’s not in the report?” Benedict clicked away on his keyboard, searching through his computer. “Oh here it is. His name is Astrid.”

“Astrid?” he asked in disbelief. “Are you sure it’s a man?” He chuckled. Who would give a boy such a feminine name? With a moniker like that, the poor guy should be allowed to go a little crazy every now and again.

“From what my son has told me, this man, Astrid, was sold when he was thirteen years of age to Malcolm. He has no knowledge of where he comes from. He only spoke of a mother.” Benedict tapped his fingers on the desktop. “Pretty heartless if you ask me. God only knows what Malcolm did to the poor man. And in my book, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if this Astrid is going to lose it, I’d rather him do it here at council headquarters where we can control the damage.”

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