Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series) (27 page)


Standing there, in the most mouthwatering black suit, black shirt and black tie I’d ever seen was Jett Colby. He fastened one of the buttons on the front of his jacket as he stepped forward and observed the room. His dirty blonde hair was combed perfectly back and slightly to the side, and his face was perfectly shaven and begging for my touch. His eyes stood out against the light bronze tan that caressed his skin, something I never noticed in the dim lighting of the Bourbon Room before. He was perfection, fuck me in the ass, all finger huts in the room are weeping, my lady cactus drought is over, panty pudding overload, kind of perfection.

As he walked into the middle of the room, his swagger commanded the attention of every important man that surrounded the room. He adjusted his cufflinks as he sidled up next to the bar and ordered a drink, while shaking hands with the men who stepped up to say hi. He was such a stark contradiction sometimes, domineering and demanding in the Bourbon Room, but approachable and personable with his comrades. He intrigued me.

Easily, he stood out amongst the men in the room, not because of his sensuous appeal that would make any woman weak in the knees, but because of the way he owned the room. He didn’t need money or power or fame, all he needed was the quirk of an eyebrow and the tick of his jaw and he owned every single human in the vicinity.

Trying to slow down my heartbeat, I focused on the task at hand and that was being completely still as men walked around me and observed what I had to offer as a Jett Girl, well Jett Girl in training, but they didn’t have to know that.

The color around the walls changed from a deep purple, to a gold, signaling it was time to walk around the room. I stepped down from my pedestal and started walking the room in a clockwise manner, as I’d been told. The task was rather easier than I thought, given the fact that the men parted like the red sea when I approached them, giving them a better opportunity to take me all in.

I smiled casually as I walked around, feeling a little uncomfortable and maybe a little stupid for not interacting with anyone, but I just did as I was told; I didn’t want to get in trouble. Although, going into tonight, I thought that maybe, since it was a social, we could have a little drink and do a little dancing, but apparently that wasn’t in the plans.

Seeing another light change, I found the closest pedestal and started walking toward it. Right when I was about to step up, a familiar warm hand pressed to the small of my back. I smiled to myself as I turned around, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist me in this dress for too long.

“You are going to have to wait until later to…”

My words were cut short when I made eye contact with a pair of molten brown eyes…not blue.

“I’ve been searching up and down New Orleans for you, kitten. If I knew you were right under my nose the entire time, I would have come sooner for you.”

Rex Titan stood in front of me, looking sexier than ever with fury and lust blazing through his eyes. I thought for a second of denying that it was me, telling him that he was talking to the wrong person, but there was no use; he spotted me easily, but how, was my question?

“How did you know…?”

“Oh, kitten. I know your body like the back of my own damn hand, plus it’s hard not to recognize your heart-shaped birthmark that is so prominently on display tonight,” he said, as he caressed just above my ass where my trademark rested.

Shit…I didn’t think about covering it up.

“I can’t talk to you.”

“I know. That is why you are going to meet me on Sunday at Café du Monde at noon. I will be at the back table to the right next to the hedges.”

“I can’t…”

Rex leaned down and brushed his stubbled jaw across my cheek as he spoke into my ear. His hand was dangerously close to my ass as he spoke softly, “Kitten, please do not say no. I need to see you, talk to you. I have so much to say and I can’t do it with the almighty Jett watching so closely over you.”


“Please, kitten.” His pleading tone cut to my very soul as he pulled away to look at me. His thumb reached up and caressed my bottom lip. “You’re all I think about, all I crave and I can’t stand to be without you anymore. Please say you will come on Sunday.”

“I’ll think about it,” I found myself saying, as a small grin started to appear at the corner of his mouth.

He leaned in one last time as he nipped my earlobe and caressed my bare stomach with his hand, almost sending me to my knees, begging for his touch.

“Until Sunday, think of me, kitten.”

With that, he walked away, making me not only completely and utterly turned on, but nervous as fuck for thinking about what the hell I just possibly agreed to. How come I couldn’t say no?

As I watched his back side retreat, I knew why. Rex Titan owned my body at one point and it was pretty much impossible to say no to him, just like it was impossible to say no to the man who was currently staring daggers at me as I stood up on the podium.

A wave of heat flooded my body as I thought about him seeing the interaction between me and Rex. I just prayed that he didn’t catch anything, or else maybe I would be seeing Rex a lot quicker than I expected.

Determination rang through Jett’s eyes as he slowly walked toward me, shaking hands with men, but never really breaking eye contact with me. Anxiety started to build up in my bones as he came closer and closer. What was he going to say? Was he going to reprimand me in front of everyone?

The way he took in my entire body made me feel self-conscious, exposed. If looks could undress, I would have been stripped naked and shaved completely by Jett’s glare.

The lights turned again signaling for me to change. I turned away from Jett’s death glare and started making my way around the room. It wasn’t until my arms were grabbed from behind and I was pulled up next to a pillar, out of sight, that I realized Jett had caught up to me.

The look of hazy lust took over his deep pools of blue as he breathed heavily. Swallowing hard, I just stood where I was, waiting for Jett to make his first move, because hell if I knew what I was supposed to do.

The look in his eyes not only made me incredibly nervous, but it also excited me; it shot a barrel full of lust down to my core as I anticipated what he was going to say to me, do to me.

He didn’t say anything as he ran his hands up my sides and stared down at my dress. His thumbs brushed against my exposed side boob, sending bolts of desire straight down to my very core and sending my nipples into overdrive. I didn’t think they could get any harder, but boy was I wrong.

“Did Tootse put you in this dress?” he asked, while eyeing me up and down and working his hands so they spanned my back. I could feel the warmth of his hands, sending the thrill of a man’s touch through my body, not just any man, but the touch of Jett Colby.

I nodded and he swallowed…hard.

“You are to go up to the Bourbon Room now and wait for me.”

His words shook me out of the stupor I was in. “Wait, what?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Lo.”

“Hold on a second,” I said, as I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but his hands that were once on my back were now holding my hips against the pillar, making my escape impossible. “I have to be down here with the other girls.”

Jett searched my eyes before he spoke. “Lo, who owns this club?”

“You do,” I said, as I waited for the lecture he was about to bestow upon me.

“Who calls the shots around here?”

“You do.”

“And who do you submit to?” he asked, as he rubbed his thumbs near the juncture of my thighs.

“You, so…” I squeezed out, as I tried to hide how turned on I was.

“That’s correct, so when I tell you to go up to the Bourbon Room to wait for me, you do as I say.”

“What if I don’t want to go?” I ask defiantly.

Staring intently into my eyes, he didn’t break contact when he said, “I don’t play games, Lo. You either want me or you don’t. If you deny me just because of your stubborn personality, then I will be sure not to invite you again. If you deny me because you honestly don’t want to play, because you are no longer attracted to me or because there is something physically wrong with you, then that is okay, but don’t play games with me. I will not take kindly to them.”

“What are you going to do, spank me?”

A spark of lust shot through his eyes as his breathing kicked up a notch. “What if I do? Are you going to cry out in pleasure or pain?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

A deep growl radiated between us as I saw the kind of power I possessed over such an overbearing and dominant man. He was right; I did hold all the cards.

“Are you playing games, little one? Because if you are, there will be consequences.”

“Good or bad ones?” I asked as I ran my hand up the front of his shirt and bumped my hips into his, making contact with his arousal. I smiled to myself and slipped my hand down to his crotch, just to feel the effect I had on him. He surprisingly let me and, as I took him in, he lowered his head to my shoulder as he breathed heavily. The fact that I was able to paralyze a man like Jett Colby, made me wetter than a fucking ocean.

“You are getting yourself into some serious trouble,” he gritted out.

“I like trouble,” I purred against his ear, feeling his length harden in my hand.

“Bourbon Room, now. You are to be sitting on the bed, with your hair down and still in your dress. There is a bathroom to the right of the room, remove all your makeup, I want you clean.”

“Who’s to say…?”

Jett looked up at me and stopped me in my tracks as the heady look of pure, unadulterated lust rang through his eyes.

“Don’t push your luck, little one. You are playing with fire and you won’t like how you get burned.” The southern rasp of his voice sent my nerves into overdrive as his sweet, minty breath tickled along my skin.

Yup, I definitely didn’t want to be burned, unless it was a good burn, a pleasurable burn that set my pussy on fucking fire, but I highly doubt that was the kind of burn he was referring to.

I nodded my head, finally succumbing to his demands, not because he was an overbearing bastard, but because I was way too wet and way too turned on to even think about walking in front of a bunch of men in three inch heels. My legs would be giving out any second.

Jett pulled away, but not before his thumb lightly grazed my nipple.

“Gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking,” he murmured, as he stepped away and nodded toward the back door that led to a pair of hidden stairs. I nodded back in understanding and could feel his stare boring a whole through my back as I walked to the door. Before walking up the stairs, I turned around to see Jett standing next to the pillar I was just pressed up against with both hands in his pant pockets, staring at me with the intent to devour me. I inwardly squealed with excitement as I walked up the stairs, sans shoes, and thought about what was to come.

I pushed all thoughts of Rex and his demands out of my mind as I prepared for a wild night of debauchery with the one and only Jett Colby.

Chapter Twenty Nine



I watched as Goldie sauntered away in a light piece of silk fabric that was barely covering her body. Making a mental note to talk to Tootse about her outfit choice, I turned back to the room full of powerful men to make my rounds before I headed up stairs.

Taking my time as I circled the event, making sure to shake every man’s hand, I knew that I was prolonging the time when I would fully take Goldie as mine, but I did it on purpose. The girl needed to learn a little patience. I needed to teach her a lesson for having such a smart mouth.

As I sauntered around, I thought about how much I despised the men that I breathed the same air with in this grand room. Most of them had families, wives to go home to, yet they chose to spend their money and their nights at my club ogling other women, world class women. I capitalized on their perversions, on the fact that they felt powerful, even though they weren’t. It was the perfect crime, to tease and taunt these men, making them think they’re being fulfilled, but never really giving them what they want.

Spotting Kace talking to a few men, I politely pulled him to the side, out of hearing range, so I could have a private conversation with him. There was something I needed to get off my chest and it couldn’t wait.

“What’s this I hear about you building new stage equipment for the girls? I thought all decisions were supposed to be run through me first.”

Kace ran a hand over his face before he looked at me. “Dude, I can’t run every little thing by you; you are going to have to trust me at some point to make even the smallest decisions.”

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