Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series) (12 page)

My family was never the happy go lucky kind of family you see on TV. It was a fucked up web full of lies and deceit. My father used my mom to have his own kin and the minute she gave birth to me, he divorced her and left her on the streets to fend for herself, claiming she was a drug addict and he wanted her nowhere near his son.

I grew up with the bastard, learning all his business skills and dealings, while my mom spent her days just like Goldie, serving up horny men while trying to make it day by day with no end in sight. I found out about her from my nanny, who was good friends with my mom. She would help me sneak out and see my mom when my dad was gone on business trips. My mom was so kind and caring, the exact opposite of my cold-hearted father; I decided that I would take after her, but use the skills my dad gave me for good. Which I have.

On my eighteenth birthday, I gave my dad the old fuck you and walked out on him. By then, I had my trust fund and already owned five buildings. I took those buildings and turned around the profit quickly, while making business connections throughout the city, giving me the upper hand on my father.

I bought the Lafayette Club and moved my mom in right away, she stayed in Goldie’s room because she loved the light that poured through the windows. By the time I was able to move her in, it was too late, she was dying from AIDS and there was no way to save her. I made her as comfortable as possible for the rest of her days. On her death bed, I promised her I would find a way to help out women just like her and I did.

That was when the Lafayette Club came into being. I knew who had money in the city and it was the same men my dad hung out with. What better way to gain a little revenge for my mom than by torturing wealthy men with sexy women who were near their grasp, but they were unable to touch or abuse them? The price to be a member is astronomical and the price to have a Jett Girl Lap dance could pay someone’s mortgage for a month, but these men had money to burn and they burned it in sin at my club.

I heard the creak of the stairs and knew it was Pepper entering the Bourbon Room. I was too worked up to go in there just yet; I didn’t want to take out my anger on Pepper, even though it wouldn’t be the first time. I sometimes lost control after dealing with my father and Pepper was the only one who knew how to handle it.

I tore off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my skin to the cool air conditioned room. It felt good; it felt like my body was finally cooling off. I downed some more alcohol and turned on my TVs that showed different parts of the house. The other girls were in the Toulouse room, teaching Goldie how to use the bar. She looked good in her dress shirt and heels. Like I want to fuck her in the mouth good. I looked her up and down on the monitor and felt the stirrings of my arousal. I couldn’t wait to take her in the Bourbon Room; she was so damn sexy.

Feeling like I’d cooled off enough, I finally poured some bourbon in a glass and walked over to find Pepper completely ready for me. Her clothes were off and she was leaning over the padded table with her legs spread and her ass in the air. She was such a good listener.

I approached her and gently ran my hand up the back of her right leg.

“You look good, really good.”

“Thank you.”

“What do you need to say to me, Pepper?”

“I am here to submit to you.”

“Mmm, music to my ears,” I said, as I took a swig from my glass.

I walked over to the side of the table so she could see me. Her hair was fanned around her face and her hands rested on her lower back, it was one of my all-time favorite positions to walk in on. I loved seeing the expanse of a woman’s backside as she completely surrendered to me.

“I haven’t had a very good day today. I’m in a bad mood and most likely will be rough with you. I doubt you will be able to walk tomorrow after my dick is done beating down your pussy, so I ask you, what is your safe word?”


My mouth twitched to the side at the safe word I chose. I always had an obsession with alligators while growing up, so when I had to come up with a safe word, alligator was the first word that came to mind.

“Good girl. Turn your head and look at me.”

Pepper slowly turned her head and blew her hair out of her eyes, but was unsuccessful, so I reached down and gently pushed her hair behind her ear. She looked up at me and smiled. She was gorgeous, but at that moment, the same feeling passed over me as when I looked at Babs a little while back; Pepper was different. I was seeing her in a different light and I wondered if it was because my mind was on a little caramel-haired girl currently trying to learn drink orders, or if Pepper and I had reached that friend zone.

“How’s Lo?” I asked, knowing I was breaking all of my rules by bringing another person into the Bourbon Room. I could tell I was wrong too when Pepper looked at me with a hurt expression on her face, but I just waited for her answer because I wanted to know.

Pepper stalled for a second, but realized I wasn’t going to speak until she did so she answered, “Uh, she’s good. She seems really nice. I think she will make a great fit.”

“That’s not what Kace thinks. Are you just trying to bullshit me so I feel pleased?”

“No,” Pepper said with confidence. “I never bullshit you and you know that. I truly think she will be great. She is sexy and beautiful. I noticed Kace eyeing her quite often while we were doing introductions. I think there might be something going on there.”

Interesting. That could explain Kace’s reluctance in accepting Goldie as a Jett Girl because, if she signed on, he wouldn’t have an opportunity to have her for himself. Very interesting.

“I appreciate your honesty.”

“You can always count on it.”

I set my bourbon down on the same table Pepper was leaning over and started to unbuckle my belt as I moved behind Pepper.

Her ass was nice and round and her pussy was completely ready for me. It was good to know that I was still able to turn the girl on, even though she had been with me for so many years.

“I’m not going to be gentle with you.”

“I don’t want you to.”


I dropped my pants, turned on some Kelli Schaefer so we could hear her raspy voice blare through the speakers, gripped Pepper’s sides and fully inserted myself in one quick motion, not even giving her a chance to adjust. I needed to pound out my tension…the tension my dad caused me and the tension that had been building up in my body ever since Goldie had walked into this house.

Flashes of Goldie’s body in that appalling polyester bra and panties at Kitten’s Castle ran through my mind as I sunk myself deeper into Pepper’s warm heat. I knew it was wrong to think about another woman, but I couldn’t help it. Goldie consumed my thoughts and there was no blocking her out.

She wrapped herself in my brain and I didn’t even know she had until visions of her body started consuming all my thoughts. It was scary to think that she so easily slipped herself in my life and I hadn’t even formally met her yet. I couldn’t imagine how it would be if she actually submitted to me and let me take her in the Bourbon Room. I would lose my fucking mind trying to control my raging dick as it sought her warm heat.

Pepper’s moan helped me escape my thoughts of the brazen girl and brought me back to the present. Her inner walls constricted around my cock, sending me into a crazed frenzy as I pounded into her, releasing every last drop I had.

“Fuck…” I breathed out, as I lay on top of Pepper’s back.

I thought how much bigger I would seem if it was Goldie under me; she was tiny. Which then led me to think about what her tiny body would feel like straddling my six foot three frame. I knew it was going to be fucking good with her, I could tell by the way she maneuvered her body, the way her eyes sparked when she spoke, and the smart mouth she carried around.

Patience, I told myself. I needed to create anticipation within her before I invited her to play. Without anticipation, she would be less likely to join and submit. I just needed a little bit of patience and then I would be rewarded, just like I told my girls.


After Pepper left to go back to her room, I tuned back in to see what the girls were up to and to make sure they were welcoming Goldie with open arms. Sometimes when you put women together who didn’t know each other, they could get catty and be total bitches to each other, especially when they were all supposed to share a man; that was why I was checking in.

They were all gathered around the bar, laughing, drinking and lounging in their lingerie. Any man, especially a horny one would get off from the sight. It was a great scene to watch, but I was nervous because it seemed like they were starting to get a little too loose. The alcohol was starting to go to their heads and Lord knew what the fuck would happen once they got too loose. There had been nights where I had found all of them wandering out back, completely naked and singing some Beyoncé song. Watching Kace trying to wrangle them all inside was one of my brighter moments. The man hated me that night, but I loved every second of it. I sent a text down to Kace.

Jett: It’s getting late; send the girls to bed.

Kace: Got it.

Kace was a man of few words and he suffered from demons just like I did, every damn day of our lives. We had different demons haunting us day in and day out, but demons nonetheless. I believe that was why we stayed friends all these years. I met him when I was in high school, he was the jock and I was the smart ass always coming up with ideas to get us in trouble. Seventeen years later, we are both thirty three and still suffering from our past decisions.

I watched as Goldie walked back to her room with assistance from Kace.

“Why are you so moody all the time?” Goldie asked, while flinging her arms about, giving Kace a serious run for his money. I chuckled to myself at the fiery spirit of my little one.

“And where is Jett? I mean, is the man so ugly that he can’t show his face just to say hello and see how I’m fitting in? Does his face look like an asshole?” she slurred, as she bounced against the walls.

“You know he can hear you, right?” Kace let her know.

“What do you mean?” She stopped in her tracks.

“There are cameras all around the house, except the rooms of the Jett Girls; that’s the only privacy you get around here.”

“Are you shitting me?”

I laughed to myself at her very Bourbon Street-like response. She was definitely a hellion.

“No, now come on. I don’t want to be babysitting your ass anymore.” Kace grabbed her by the arms and pulled her toward the end of the hallway.

She pulled her arm away and said, “I don’t need a babysitter, especially one who so desperately needs to be sucked off. God damn man. You are such a bastard, you know that?”

Kace threw his hands up in the air, giving up, and then looked straight at the camera in the corner. “I give up. She’s close enough; deal with it yourself if you’re not happy.”

I just laughed and let Kace walk off, leaving Goldie in the hallway with her mask hanging off one of her ears and her shirt buttoned up all askew. She was a sight…that was for sure, but a sight I wanted to so desperately bury myself deep down in.

She walked closer to the camera and looked up at it. If she had a ladder, she most likely would have tapped the damn thing.

“I see you in there,” Goldie said, as she waved with her right index finger. She leaned up against the wall and stared at the camera. “I’m sorry you’re so ugly that your face looks like a cow’s vagina. I can understand why you don’t want to be seen, because of vagina face and all. God, that must be hard to deal with, and the smell…fuck, no wonder you pay ladies to be near you. You have a juicy cow vagina smell coming off your face.” She shivered and sighed, “Fucking cow pussy.”

A huge smile was plastered across my face as I watched her in her drunken state. God she was adorable, even though she was insulting the hell out of me and calling me vagina face.

“Makes me wonder, if you have a vagina face, does that mean you have to go to your ‘monthly cleaning’ like every other girl in this house?” she said with air quotes. “I sure hope so; you don’t want an infection.” She shuddered. “Gross, could you imagine your vagina face with an infection? Fuck…that is some stank shit you got going on.”

She looked around the hallway and grabbed the mask that was hanging off her face and started waving it in front of her.

“God, it’s hot in here. Are you hot? I am.” She grabbed her shirt and tore it over her head, exposing her beautiful curvy body. “It’s hot,” she repeated. “Is that a ringing noise? Are you calling me? She looked down and then bent over and grabbed one of her heels and held it up to her ear as she slid down the wall of the hallway.

“Hi, you have reached Goldie, sorry I couldn’t take your call, vagina face, but I’m sure you would have made me cream my pants with that gorgeous voice of yours. It’s just such a shame that you’re a pussy head.” She exhaled and dropped her shoe-phone on the floor and slid further to the ground so her head was lying down.

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