Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series) (10 page)

BOOK: Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series)

“You’re going to have to give me the number of that redhead because, clearly, she didn’t fuck you good enough.”

Once again, Kace ignored me and continued. I found it rather enjoyable to see how far I could push him.

“A Jett Girl cleaning is when you go to get tested, waxed from head to toe, hair and nails done and refill your birth control. Although, at first you will have to get waxed more often, but we will put you on a schedule.”

I held up my hand, “Wait, tested? Birth Control?”

“We want to make sure that you don’t have any STD’s and getting pregnant is not an option.”

“I understand that, but every month?”

“It’s non-negotiable.”

“Fine, but you can tell Jett I’m on my own birth control.”

“Not anymore. You will be on the same birth control as the other girls, where you don’t get your period for three months.”

“Well, isn’t that nice,” I said sarcastically.

Kace flipped the page. “Like I said before, at the café, no other man is allowed to touch you, ever. This is for your protection and for Jett. He doesn’t like to share.”

“But we all have to share him?” I asked with a quizzical eyebrow.

“Yes,” Kace said matter-of-factly, as if the whole set up wasn’t weird at all. “The club members are allowed to look at you all they want, but never touch. They are allowed to request a lap dance, but their hands are tied or pushed to the side for your protection. Any lap dance you get, you get paid for and the money is put into your personal account. Any show or night you work, you get all the money that is earned, split amongst the girls. Jett doesn’t take any cut. You are the ones working; you are the ones earning the money.”

“Okay….” I drawled out. “So how does Jett make any money? How does he afford all of this?” I asked while waving my arms about the room.

A smirk crossed Kace’s, face but quickly vanished. “He doesn’t need the money, Goldie; he owns half of New Orleans. The club is for the girls, to get you off the streets and on the track to a new start.”


Okay, so even though this Jett guy seemed like a total control freak, he was actually kind of a good guy in a weird kind of way. No matter what I thought about him, I would be giving him whatever he wanted because, after two of the most delicious croissants my tongue has ever tasted and a night of pure blissful sleep, I was ready to sign away my life so I never returned to the old me.

“Do you have any tattoos?”

“No,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Good, we like to keep any telltale signs of who you are hidden.”

“Hence the mask and wigs.”

He ignored my comment.

“If you want to leave the house, you must clear it through me first. The Jett Girl schedule is hectic a lot of the time, so spontaneous trips out of the house are not welcomed. You have workout sessions in the morning, trainings and choreography throughout the day and presentations at night.”

“Is that what you call them? Presentations?”

“Yes, you are presenting your body for the club members and that is it. Jett also watches, but you will never see him, which brings me to my next point.”


“If you please Jett that night with your presentation, he will call you up to the Bourbon Room.”

“The Bourbon Room? What the hell is that, do we go get drunk there?”

“No, all the rooms in the house are named after streets in the French Quarter. Jett was born and raised in New Orleans and loves to represent his hometown in any way possible, hence the masks, the purple touches, the décor and then of course the room names.”

“What does purple have to do with anything?”

Kace ran his hand through his hair. “I thought you were from here? Jesus, purple is one of the Mardi Gras colors. It means justice.”

“What does justice have to do with anything?”

“Can we stick to the contract, please?” Kace asked, while looking to my side. I realized my robe had fallen, showing off a good amount of my shoulder. I fixed my robe and he continued.

“The Bourbon Room is where Jett pleases his girls.”

“Also known as fucks their brains out?”

Kace shrugged. “Honestly, I have no clue. I’ve never been in there and one of the number one rules about the Bourbon Room is whatever happens in there, never leaves the walls. You are not to talk about your experience in the Bourbon Room with the other Jett Girls because Jett doesn’t want to create jealousy amongst the girls. The relationship he has with each girl is different.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Fair enough.”

“I will tell you this, Jett will never touch you unless you give him consent. If he calls you up and you are not ready or not in the mood, you wait for him and tell him ‘I’m not ready to submit tonight.’”

“Just like that? And he won’t touch me.”

“Yes, he is a man of his word. He believes in consensual sex and nothing else. Also, if he does call you up, there will always be directions on a card waiting for you. The card will tell you exactly what to do and how to prepare for him.”

“Sooo, if I’m catching your drift here, he has a kinky side.”


I nodded my head. “Good to know. I do enjoy a good spanking.”

Kace smirked again and turned back to the pages. “As discussed before, you are to get an education while you are here. We have tutors come in to teach the girls and help them earn a degree that will carry them through life after they are no longer a Jett Girl. These tutors will show up in between presentations and workouts. Some of the girls also take online courses. Education won’t be available until you are an official Jett Girl, but it is something to think about while you are in training. Once you’re ready…meaning you have finished your degree or accomplished your goals and Jett thinks you’re ready, then you are able to leave and move on. You will leave with a plentiful bank account that will help you through any endeavor you please and Jett will always be there in case you need help. The only time he will turn away from you is if he senses you are using him. He doesn’t take kindly to manipulators and users.”

“I think I can handle that. Anything else?” I asked, while eyeing another croissant, but I knew it would not look good on my part if Kace was talking about working out and I was shoving my face full of buttery croissants.

“You are on probation right now. You will learn all the choreography, but until you are flawless, you will be serving drinks to all the club members. As a server, the members know you are not allowed to give lap dances, so don’t try to entice them. Lap dances are taken very seriously in the club because it is the one connection the members have with the girls. Until you know the fine art of a lap dance and how to get a man to come in his pants just from you straddling him, you are not permitted to give any. Got it?” Kace said with a rough voice.

“Yeah, Jesus. You don’t have to get all crazy on me. No lap dances until you think I’m ready. Although, I can tell you right now, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to teach me anything I don’t already know.”

“We’ll see about that. You have a lot to learn.”

“Funny, because I worked in a strip club for nine years.”

“As a waitress. You haven’t performed; it’s completely different.”

I looked Kace up and down and felt a pang of hurt run through my body. He was very negative when it came to my abilities and frankly, I didn’t like it. I loved sex, I ached for sex and I thrived in moments where I could turn a powerful man into a puddle just from my body. I knew my thoughts went against every feminist in the world but, to me, there was something so powerful about being able to use my body to control a man; it was enthralling.

“Whatever. Is that it?”

“For now, yes.”

“Great. Where do I sign?”

“There is also a privacy clause. You are not to speak about what happens in the club or who you see at any point in time. If you break this clause, then you are subject to a lawsuit and we both know you can’t afford that.”

I sarcastically smirked at him as he looked all high and mighty.

“So, you’re okay with everything? Even not being able to be with any other men?”

I looked Kace in the eyes and said, “I know you think of me as some cheap whore Jett found on Bourbon Street, but I do have some morals and, if I sign a contract that says no other men and keeping my mouth shut, then I honor that.”

Kace just looked at me and handed me a pen, not taking his eyes off of mine. I didn’t get this guy at all. There were times where I swore he wanted to eat me alive with his eyes, but there were other times where he acted like he was too good to even be in the same room as me. He was a puzzle that I was a little interested in solving.

I took the pen and signed my pussy away to Jett. I just prayed as I signed that he had a giant cock and was an animal in bed because after being used to getting fucked raw by Rex Titan, there were going to be big shoes to fill.

Kace grabbed the papers, put them back in the folder and then got up from his chair.

“You are under my watch now. I am the manager of the Jett Girls, so if I tell you to be somewhere, make sure your ass is on time. You got it?”

“That will be pleasant,” I said sarcastically.

Kace reached into his pocket and handed me a brand new iPhone. “This your new phone, your schedule is automatically updated in it. I took the liberty of transferring all your contacts, pictures and apps to your new phone, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

I grabbed the phone hastily as I stood up. “That is an invasion of privacy!”

“I didn’t look at anything, so relax.” Kace looked through the folder one last time and then swore. “Shit, I almost forgot. Every girl in the house has a Jett Girl name that they go by once they sign the contract. This is to fully protect you. Jett assigns the name for each girl. Your Jett Girl name is Lo.”

“Lo?” I asked, almost disgusted. “He couldn’t think of anything better?”

“He has his reasons. Get your ass in the shower and meet me in the main entryway for your tour in thirty minutes. Don’t forget your mask and attire.”

“I know!” I said, like a petulant child.

Kace was about to exit the door when he turned in the doorway and looked at me. “Oh and by the way, Lo, you have zero privacy here.”

With that, Kace walked out the room, leaving me to think, what did I just get myself into?

Chapter Twelve



Surprisingly, the mask that was required wasn’t annoying to wear. I really thought I was going to want to take it off in the first five minutes, but the inner lining of the mask was silk, so it made the feel of it incredibly comfortable to wear. The dress shirt fit me like a damn glove and, if I were to be honest, I felt incredibly sexy in it. I popped the buttons open so they rode dangerously undone around my breasts and enjoyed the feel of the three inch heels that made my legs look long and lanky, which was a miracle, since I was five foot nothing.

I met Kace down in the elaborate entryway that I was able to take in yesterday and he showed me all around the house. Every inch of the house was extravagant, from the floor-to-ceiling curtains to the ornate furniture and art that graced the walls.

Two things stuck in my brain as I took the tour. One was that the third floor was completely off limits unless I was invited up there and two, Jett was richer than fucking King Midas himself. I didn’t even know there were houses as big as the Lafayette Club in the Garden District, let alone New Orleans, and I lived in one. I kept joking with Kace that I was going to need a map of the place. He just kept saying don’t go to the third floor and huffed as he walked me around. Talk about moody. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought the guy had a man-gina and was currently getting a visit from Aunt Flo.

We were back on the first floor and headed toward the back of the house where the music was coming from last night. The only room I had yet to see was where the actual club took place, the Toulouse Room.

The doors to the room were pure black with shiny chrome handles. Just looking at the doors you could tell the room was only reserved for the finest, but sinful, affairs. I was beyond intrigued and a little excited to see what my life was going to be like.

“The girls are about to start practice, so when the music starts, we are just going to sit and observe, okay?”

I nodded as we headed in.

Kace opened the doors and allowed me to walk in first. The first thing I noticed was that the room was round, which surprised me because the structure on the outside indicated a square room. The carpet was pristine black and the walls were a deep purple. There was lighting that lined the walls, giving off a purple glow. In the middle of the room, there was a giant table that looked like it had a step up. The whole table connected to a wall that was straight back from where I was standing. I conjured it up to be the stage for the girls because it also lined the far wall a little and had floor-to-ceiling length curtains that were the same color as the walls. The stage was chrome, but the top of it had some kind of black slip guard, which was good to know because heels could be slippery at times.

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