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BOOK: Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series)

Flashy, garish, ornate…lavish were all words that crossed my mind as I took in my new dwellings. Even though I was as nervous as a virgin at prom, I couldn’t help but think this might just very well be the best day of my life.

The driver came around to my door and held it open for me. I took a deep breath and grabbed the man’s hand that he offered out to me. Standing against a tree, with the same hoodie and tight jeans, looking sexy as hell, was the man I met at the café, but instead of the stern look, he was wearing a bit of a smirk that said, “Told you so.” My stubborn bones wanted to punch him in the face and stalk off, but I know that wasn’t an option.

Looking at him and then up at the house again, I made a silent promise to myself. This was it, this was the chance I was looking for and, even though I had no clue what it entailed, I was going to give it my best shot because to hell if I was going to go back to my old life. I was never looking back on that life; I was only moving forward from here and I was moving forward with the help of the infamous Lafayette Club.


“You going to just keep staring at my crotch or do you want to move on inside?”

I was startled by the man’s voice. Was I really staring at his crotch? I know I was staring at something while thinking about my new life, but I didn’t think it was his crotch…was it?

I shrugged my shoulders and played it off. “Not much to stare at.”

He snorted and opened the gate that sat in the middle of the front yard. “Got your things?”

I held up my pillowcase and nodded. He shook his head and walked toward the front door. As I got closer to the house, I noticed just how enormous and intimidating the place was. I could do this, no matter how much I wanted to go cry in a corner and possibly pee my pants from nerves; I could do this.

The man held the door open to the house and I walked in, taking in the surroundings.

Rich…that was the only way to describe the house, it was made for the rich and privileged.

The walls were a deep grey and were magnificently outlined by thick white trim. A giant chandelier hung in the entryway that was circled by a curved black staircase. The décor was minimal, but also classically modern. I looked like a whore in church; I didn’t belong at all. I was a contradiction, with my ratty shoes and pillowcase luggage, to the extravagance of the house.

“Seriously?” I asked, as I looked around. “This place is so beautiful.”

“I can give you a tour in the morning. Let’s get you settled upstairs in your room.”

I didn’t follow him as he started to walk up the stairs.

“Are you coming?” He was rather moody, but it only played to his sex appeal, which was an annoying and kind of disturbing revelation on my end.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me your name.”

The man got off the stairs and came to me with his hand extended. “I’m Kace Haywood.”

I took his hand in mine and said, “It’s nice to meet you Kace. Now, was that so hard?”


He didn’t let go of my hand and pulled me toward the stairs as the beat of a song filtered through the air. It was coming from the back of the house, which I couldn’t see, but intrigued me.

“Wait, what’s that?” I asked, as I tried to catch a glimpse of where the music was coming from, but he continued to drag me up the stairs.

“The girls are practicing.”

“The Jett Girls?” I asked, while leaning over the banister and trying to see anything that would clue me into what I got myself into.

“Will you cut it out? Jesus, I don’t need you cracking your head open from being a dumbass.” He grabbed my waist and lifted me over his shoulder as he continued up the stairs.

“Hey! What the fuck? Put me down. Are you mental?” I beat against his back, his hard, muscular back, to put me down.

When we got to the top of landing, he set me down. I flailed my legs as he put me down, causing me to fall on my ass. I quickly got up, grabbed my pillowcase and brushed my jeans off, as if I didn’t just completely embarrass myself. Always had to keep one ounce of pride intact.

“Are you insane? You can’t just go around manhandling me.”

“I can do whatever I want, sweetheart. I’m in charge of you and if I tell you to keep moving, you keep moving. There are rules in this house and you are not going to like the outcome if you don’t follow them.”

I put a hand on my hip as I looked him up and down. “Is that right? What are you going to do? Spank me?”

A smirk ran across his face, but then it disappeared as quickly as it came. “I won’t.”

He continued to walk down a long hallway and I obediently followed him, not because he said so, but because it was a little dark in the hallway and I was in a strange house; I was a little nervous.

“What does that mean, you won’t?”

“It means, I won’t.”

“But someone else will? Is this some kind of creepy sexual boarding school?”

He spun around on his heels and got inches from my face. I could feel the heat pouring off of him as he spoke in a stern voice. “You’re asking an awful lot of nosy questions for someone who should shut their trap and be grateful for the lucky-ass hand they just drew. Now, come on, I don’t have time for you to fuck around. I have a hot redhead waiting in my room with her legs spread.”

I was a blunt person, but the way he spoke to me with an edge of malice made me cringe at his words. Apparently, he hadn’t been fucked lately, because he was a bit testy.

We walked down a long hallway that curved to the left. At the end of the hallway was an oversized door. Kace walked up to it, opened the door, and let me walk in first.

“This is your room.”

“Holy shit,” I barely whispered as I took in my new sanctuary.

The walls were a beautiful creamy yellow with white furniture, green curtains, and orange accents. It was light and airy and beyond anything I had ever seen or imagined. The bed looked like a cloud floating in the room; there was a window seat that had a giant window giving me a view that I couldn’t quite see because it was dark, but I knew it had to be good. I turned to the right and almost fell to my knees. In the corner there was an easel, paper, and multiple art supplies.

My hand was over my mouth as I approached the expensive charcoal and paints that I never would have been able to afford myself.

“Oh my God. Is this for real?”

“Yeah…Jett designed everything specifically for you.”

“But, how did he…?”

“He knows everything, Goldie. He’s a very powerful man.”

Not really caring that there was a massive invasion of privacy going on, I continued to look around the room. It was so comforting, charming…it felt like home.

There were two white French doors with curtains covering the windows. I pulled them open together and was caught off-guard; what I was looking at was not what I expected.

I felt my brow crinkle as I turned to look at Kace.

“What’s with all the men’s shirts? Am I rooming with someone?”

The closet was filled with men’s dress shirts in an excessive amount of colors. Underneath them were matching high heels in a variety of styles and heights.

“I don’t get it,” I said, while looking at Kace.

“What don’t you get? That’s your closet and those are your clothes.”

“There are only shirts in here.” I went inside the closet and pulled a shirt down and held it up to my body. It reached mid-thigh, but was tailored for a woman’s figure. “Where are all the pants?”

“No pants.”

“No pants?”

“Nope.” He shook his head. “Your clothes of choice in the house are a dress shirt and lingerie, which if you open those drawers, you’ll see all the lingerie you will need. Jett Girls wear the dress shirts because sometimes the men conducting business will be in and out of the house and we want to make sure we stay in character, there is an expectation for you girls to stick to.”

I nodded my head, not really caring, opened the drawers and was hit with black. Black satin, black lace, even some black cotton, but all black.

“Little obsessed with black?”

“That is what a Jett Girl in training wears, black.”

I fingered the fine delicates and marveled at the softness. My body was so used to plain polyester panties scratching my asshole that my body wasn’t going to know what to do with itself when I caressed it with these silk delicacies

“What does a Jett Girl wear?”

“They wear deep purple with black lace overlay.”

“Just like the business card.”

Kace nodded and continued. “You will have some costumes though, depending on what the occasion is and what the meeting agenda calls for. Each meeting, the members get to pick what they would like to see performed and, depending on what they want, it determines what you girls wear. But classically, you will all wear deep purple with black lace…well, that’s if you make it.”

“What do you mean if I make it?”

“You’re in training. We have to make sure you are Jett Girl material before we put you center stage.”

“Well, I am,” I said, while standing tall, which was not very tall…especially compared to the Adonis standing in front of me.

“We’ll see about that.” He went further into the closet and pulled on some drawers. “There are some regular clothes in here like jeans and yoga pants, but those are for running errands. Whenever you are in the house, you are to wear a dress shirt and heels.”

Kace walked out of the closet and toward the bed where some black pieces of fabric were laid out.

“Jett specifically gets a signature set of lingerie designed for each Jett Girl. These are worn for classic Jet Girl presentations, aka, business meetings, but you will learn more about that later. Notice yours is black for now, once Jett accepts you as Jett Girl, you will be gifted a new set, but with the same design.”

I picked up the lace and was taken aback by the intricate design. The cups of the bra were low so they would barely cover my nipples, yay. There were suspender-like straps that crossed over where my stomach would be and connected with the panties, kind of like a garter belt. The panties were boy shorts that were cut high in the back so my ass cheeks would hang out just enough. Just looking at the lingerie I was turned on.

“These are beautiful.”

“Yeah, let’s move on.”

He wasn’t much of a sentimental or talkative guy…that was for damn sure.

He opened another door and revealed a marble-tiled bathroom with a giant tub, walk in shower and vanity that was fully stocked with makeup. I was in absolute fucking heaven.

He opened a closet door and said, “This is where you will find your masks and wigs. Masks are required when walking around the main hallways where you might be seen by members, which is in the main house. Wigs are only required during presentations. Like I explained earlier, we don’t allow for you girls to be known or seen, this is for your safety so you need to make sure you are always wearing a mask in the main house. Got it?”

I nodded absentmindedly as I looked at the black masks that were lined in the closet. Some had feathers, some were encrusted in jewels, but each one was extravagant in its own making and stunning beyond belief.

Kace walked out of the room and walked toward the door that led to the hallway.

“Tomorrow morning, breakfast will be brought to you at nine. We have some things to go over before you get a full tour of the main house. You are not to leave this room tonight, since you have not signed your contract yet. Once you sign, then you will meet all the girls and start your training. Dinner will be sent up shortly. Until then, enjoy the bed and get a good night’s rest. You’re going to need it.”

I just nodded as I played with the corner of the comforter on the bed.

“Have fun banging your redhead. I hope she sucks you real good,” I said with a smile.

That brought a smile to his face, finally.

“I’ll let her know you said that. Good night, Goldie.”

“Good night, Kace.”

Once he left, I flopped myself on the giant bed and reveled in the way it sucked me all the way in to the mattress. I was one lucky motherfucker. After seeing everything that was offered to me, there was no way in hell I was going back to my old life. I would do whatever it took to be a part of this crazy Jett Girl experience because, right now, for the first time in my life since Hurricane Katrina, I felt safe, cherished and protected. I didn’t know who Jett was, but what he had done for me in the past hour was more than I could ever imagine.

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