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BFF's Brother Makes Nice

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BFF’s Brother Makes Nice

BY Summer Sanchez

Colleen pinched herself; she couldn’t believe the phone call she had just received.  Her best-friend Susan was going to be let at work and she was told to just make herself at home.  Susan had proceeded to inform her that her brother Chad would be there, but he promised not to get in the way.  Colleen was going to be spending the night at Susan’s house, due to her parents being away on a business trip.  Chad wasn’t anticipated to be home from college until a week later.  To Colleen’s excitement he surprised them and she couldn’t wait to see him again.  She always had a crush on him, but it had been nearly 4 years since she saw him.  She was only 14 and he was the older guy that made her heart pitter patter, and her nipples immediately go to attention.  As she stood outside their house, the key in her hand she anticipated what their first encounter would be like.  He surely wouldn’t be expecting her to be so grown up and she was even more turned on by the chance that he would want to rock her world.  When she got in the house she listened and all she heard was quiet.  “Chad, are you?”  She called, but no sound came.  She was disappointed, figuring he had decided to go out with some friends.  When she got up the stairs and put her suitcase down, she heard the faint sound of running water.  She perked up as she walked down the hallway and saw that the bathroom door was open.  She peeked inside; she hoped to get a glimpse of him.  She wasn’t disappointed; through the steamed shower door she could see his prominent erection and she smiled to herself.  She wondered how he would feel about being spied on, or better yet what he would think if she would try to make her move.

Her mind raced as she
kicked off her shoes, removed her jeans, t-shirt, bra, and panties and walked to the door.  She opened the door slowly and his back was facing her.  Without considering anything else, she climbed in the shower placed her arms draped over his shoulders.  “What in the world?”  He turned around and when he saw her, his eyes got big.  “Colleen?”  She nodded as she ran her hand down his shaft and clutched onto his cock.  “Hm,” he moaned as she teased the tip.

“Chad, I wanted to give you a proper homecoming.  Is that alright?” 

His eyes roamed down her breasts and he smiled.  “Oh yeah.”  He covered her mouth with his lips as he pushed her up against the shower.  She screamed with delight as he trailed kisses down her neck and she arched her back to his touch.  “Baby, I’ve wanted this for so long.”  He cried as he lowered his mouth to her left breast and took her nipple fully into.  He sighed with satisfaction as his tongue brushed the nipple and then he gave equal time to her right.  “You taste so good,” he eagerly replied.  Her hands ran down his back and once they reached his ass she squeezed.  “Harder he moaned.”  She smiled to see he liked it rough and so she obeyed.  “That’s it,” he replied with a sigh.  His hands trailed down her stomach and rested on her mound.  She screeched with delight when he ran his fingers in and out.  “It’s so tight.  Have you ever?”

She slowly shook her head and he continued to
massage her cunt.  “I want you so bad,” she moaned.

“In due time,” he replied with a whisper.  He lowered his head to her mound and slowly licked her clean of her wetness.  “Yeah, God Yeah!”  He replied as his tongue did laps around her pubic hair.  “Touch me some more.”  He whined and so she massaged his growing cock as if she was milking a cow.  He shivered with excitement when she lowered her head to the purple tip and licked it.  Then she sucked on it as if she was thirsty for the last drop.  “Yes Yes!”  He cried.  “God Yes!”  His cum oozed out of him and dripped into her mouth and she took every last drop.  “That’s right honey; just like that.”  His hands massaged her ass as he pushed her head to take him deeper.  She thought she was going to gag, but she couldn’t stop pumping his cock into her.  It tasted so good.
  He handed her the washcloth and she finished wiping him off.  He then did hers, careful to run the cloth in her cunt and wipe the wetness done.  She groaned as his finger quickly slid in and out.  “You’re amazing; especially for being a virgin.”  He excitedly replied as he ran his hands through her hair and then claimed her mouth again.  She let out a sigh when their lips parted.  “You want to take it to the bed?”  He asked and he nodded with enthusiasm.

He turned the shower off and grabbed her hand, helping her out of the tub they ran into his bedroom. He pushed her down on the bed and then climbed on top of her.  She moaned deeply as he entered her swiftly with his cock.  “Yes!” she cried out as he held onto her breasts and pumped emphatically into her.  “God Yes!  Ugh!  Ugh!”  She felt an orgasm take over her body so she held onto the bed as he quickened his thrusts.  “Oh my God yes!”  She couldn’t imagine it would get any better than that moment.  His mouth lowered to her cleavage and he licked her chest; his tongue sent circles around her nipples and then he teased each one with his teeth.  She laughed as his hands ran over her sides.  “I’m ticklish,” she replied with a smile.  He slowly pulled out of her and she reached out to grab his large cock into her hands.  “Come to Momma.”  She replied with a grin as he moved closer to her mouth, so that she could taste him once more.  “Hm, hm.” She added with enthusiasm.  “I can’t imagine being with any guy after you.”  She kissed him passionately and then dug her nails into his back.  He screamed, but by the look on his face was enjoying her foreplay. 

“You don’t have to be with any other guy.”  He whispered into her ear.  “I’m going to expect to have you every night if you keep this up.”

She smiled, “Good thing you say that.”
  She looked over at the clock on the wall and scowled.  “Susan could be home any minute.  I should get dressed.”

He groaned and she felt the same way.  “Will you come back tonight?  Susan is a very sound sleeper.”

She thought about it for a moment and then smiled.  “Then, I’ll be back as soon as she falls asleep.  She looked down at his large erection and she laughed.  “Can you wait that long.”

He quickly shook his head.  “I better relieve it soon.”

“I can help you with that.”  He arched his back and groaned as she lowered her head to cover his cock.  He bounced up and down as she manually pumped him dry.  She licked her lips and then kissed him tenderly.  “That will have to do until I can come back.”  As she left the bed she ran her hand over his shaft and squeezed it gently.  “Don’t miss me too badly.”  She was overjoyed that the evening was going better than planned.  She just hoped that Susan would be tired from work and not want to stay up all night.


She didn’t think Susan would ever fall to sleep.  She couldn’t stop thinking about Chad and his cock being in her mouth and her cunt.  She waited until she heard the soft snore coming from Susan and then she sneaked back to Chad’s room.  His light was out and she worried that he had fallen asleep.  “Chad?”  She whispered.

“Come in.” 

She was ecstatic to see that he was still awake.  She closed the door and then turned on the light.  When she looked at the bed her eyes got big.  He was lying there wearing nothing but a smile.  His erection pointed upward, ready for her to take him.  She walked over to him and first planted a kiss on his lips and then her lips went back to his erection and he pumped with even a bigger force than before as he released his cum.  “Hm, hm, you would think it’s been ages since I had your cum inside of me.  Do you want to help me get undressed?”

His wide-eyed look of hunger was her answer.  He reached her and pulled her tank top over her head, her breasts danced freely as he sucked one and then the other. 
“Oh baby!  I just get hard thinking about you.”  He flicked his tongue against her nipples and then his hands went to her pants and he lowered it.  She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so he had easy access to lap at her wet mound.  “God!  You are so hot!”

“As hot as those college girls?”

He shook his head and her eyes got wide.  “So much hotter.”  He pulled her down on top of him and his hands ran down her ass, smacking it soft, but with force.  “Yes!”  He cried as she directed his cock into her and started to ride him.  “Yeah!  Yeah!  Ugh!  Ugh.”  He cried out, his body was moving in rhythmic forces and his hands were grapping her breasts.  “Ride me cowgirl.”  He moaned as she continued to ride his cock. 

“You are so…amazing.”  She whispered as his body slowly began to grow limp.

“Not nearly as amazing as you.”  His head rested in her cleavage and she sighed.  His hands caressed her ass holding her tight against him.  “I have never been able to go for as many times as I have today.”

“You want to set a new world record?”  She asked teasingly as she kissed his chest.

“I so would want to do that with you.”

“Okay, let’s see how often we can have sex tonight.  If we have to continue it over a period of time…I would be okay with that.”

“You would would you?”

She laughed.  “If it meant having you do me like that every night.  I would so be willing to do that.”

“Okay, let’s see how often I can make you orgasm.  That would be a good start.”

“Let the games begin.”  She dropped herself over his hard cock, surprised it could withhold so much.  Her body shook as he pumped into her.  She was sure to orgasm quick and often when it was his cock inside of her.  She felt nothing was better than having her Best-Friend’s brother having his way with her.  She wanted it all the time and every night and at this rate…she was sure it was going to happen.

BOOK: BFF's Brother Makes Nice
10.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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