Billionaire Romance: Darque Control (A Darque Billionaire Romance Book 2) (2 page)

BOOK: Billionaire Romance: Darque Control (A Darque Billionaire Romance Book 2)
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Chapter 3


It didn’t take long for Bastien to put the moves on Bella, and as he made it clear all night, he was dying to tear those clothes off and make mad love to her.  Especially to take her out of that “dishonest dress”, the black one that would dare to hide the curves that made her so uniquely beautiful.  He lusted after her body.  He adored her innocent mind.  Most of all, her youthful experimentation excited him.

It didn’t even take one drink.  He welcomed her over to the couch, innocently at first, but within minutes he was already laying his hand on her knee.  Bella couldn’t help but blush, powerless to resist his restless hands.  She felt a little shy, but as he communicated through hand language alone just how much he loved her body—by putting hands all over her tummy and hips—she started to feel truly desired.  Craved. 

And yes, more than a little objectified.  He didn’t “date her”, the way all the enlightened college frat boys were told to do by their feminist mentors.  He wanted a subservient woman.  That’s all he ever seemed to want.  And as he liked to brag, they never complained.  But still…something didn’t feel right.

All the rational was pointless by this point.  He had already begun necking her shoulders, pressing his hot, moist lips to her skin.  She cooed as he caressed her thigh, never failing to let her know how much he desired her natural body—perfection. 

He put his hand on her cheek, leaned in, and kissed her.  It felt good…sexy.  And yet not dangerous.  His kiss was relaxing, gentle and of course, all-consuming, as Bastien was a man who indulged his senses thoroughly.  But it didn’t hurt, did it?

She began moaning softly when he put his hand under her black skirt and caressed the crevice where her two thighs touched. 

“Mmmm…”  Bella enjoyed the thrill of having bad-idea sex with her boss as any silly girl would.  But somehow, this kind of heavy petting and fondling didn’t feel like womanly sex.  It felt cute.  Harmless.  Maybe even a little too “good” coming from a guy like Bastien.

She groaned louder.  She whispered his name in heat, as he found her clitoris quickly and began stroking it just the way she liked it.  A steady rhythm, a smooth soft touch that sent waves of pleasure; first in her loins, then her head then all over her body.  He placed steamy little kisses across her neck, continuing the pulsating strokes.  Every time she exhaled in weakness, he would go one note faster. 

He dipped his other fingers into her wet lips, loving the sensation of making a good girl drip for him.  She sighed and breathed hard all over his face.  Just as he sensed her hands were aching to touch him he pressed them down, letting her know she wasn’t allowed to touch him.  Instead, he grabbed her hair with his free hand, making sure she stayed put while he increased the intensity of his clit-massaging.

She looked up at the ceiling, her mouth quivering and falling open, unleashing a series of huffing cries.  “Mmmmm…Bastien…” 

“Call me Mister Darque.”

“Mmmm Mister Darque…” she said with a dizzy smile. 

She groaned load as he stroked harder and faster, forcing her to come right there on the sofa, in his arms, and maybe even against her will.  “Ooohhhh!  That feels so good…gonna…come…ohhh!”

She convulsed on the couch and sighed deeply, feeling that intoxicating rush to the head after a good orgasm. 

Even so, she felt miffed when Bastien begin cleaning her fluids off on her dress.  And didn’t feel too great after his less-than-romantic afterglow talk. 

“Clean this up before you go.”


“What do you mean what?”

“You’re not going to…?”

“Why?  You got what you came for, didn’t you?”

She tightened her brow and scoffed.  “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Plenty.  But why are you so upset?  I just asked one request.”

“Maybe this is your problem, ‘Mister Darque,’” she said mockingly.  You have no concept of romance.  You barely have any respect for women.”

“Is that a problem?  I’m not a romantic.  Never claimed to be.”

“Sometimes you’re just a full-blown asshole.”

“And yet here we are.”

“You know what bothers me?” she said, pulling her skirt down as she stood up.  “I think everything is just talk with you.  You talk about being a dangerous man.  About doing this or that to me, but all you ever do is just screw me and start gloating.  This isn’t normal, Bastien.  This isn’t what I want.”

He met her angry face and smiled gleefully.  “No.  It’s not what you want.”

“Glad you sense that!” she said with angry glance.

“But you’re afraid to ask what you really want.”

“Excuse me?”

“We talked all night about me punishing you.  And yet, you never asked for it.  So I just fingered you and the night ended.  And now you’re feeling angry and disappointed.  Mainly at yourself.  Because you’re still too afraid to ask.”

“I do NOT want to be punished by the likes of you.”

“Yes you do.  You’re not a romantic either, Arabella.  Maybe you and I are alike in that way.  I hate romance.  I only know how to punish.  And all you seem to know is that you want punishment.  You’ve just never met the right man.”

“And you’re the right man for me?”

“You tell me.  You grow a spine and tell me what you want.”

“I don’t want or need anything from you.”

“Which only means you both want and need what I am offering.”

“Which is what?!” she screamed in frustration.

“I want to spank you.  You want me to spank you.  But you’re afraid to ask.”

“I’m not afraid,” she said in uncertainty.

“I told you before.  I won’t do a thing until you ask.  I never ask.  Because I don’t need it.”

“I don’t need it either,” she said turning around and walking away.

Bastien suddenly lunged at her and took her in his arms, shoving her against a wall.  His stomach to her back, he held her tight.

“What are you-?”

              He reached under her skirt and moved her panties to the side, putting his hand on her clitoris a second time. 

              “I want you to come again,” he said stroking her sensitive spot all over again.  His arms surrounded her and kept her restrained.  To escape this, she would have to really fight.  But with that throbbing pleasure wheel rolling on and her mind fizzing with ecstasy, all she could do was pant and moan. 

              “You’re a bastard,” she said, trying to stop from groaning too loud and letting him know he was winning this game. 

              “I am.  Don’t you love the feeling of coming in the hands of someone you hate?”

              “Uhhhh!” she moaned loudly, her clit aching in his fingers but ready for more.  “I don’t hate you…”

              “You should,” he said, reaching up with his other hand and sticking it inside her blouse.  She shoved his fingers inside her bra eager to feel her nipples.  As he thought, they were stiff with excitement.  He held her tighter, increasing the stroking below and squeezing her nipple to the same rhythm.

              “You don’t trust me.  You don’t know what to think of me.  You’re not even sure you like me.  But you love surrendering to me.  It makes you wet.”

              “Uhhh huh…” she admitted, feeling the pressure build to a new peak.  “Oh God…Oh God…Unnghhh!”

              She screamed hard and tried to wiggle her way out of his arms, but Darque held her tight, making sure she felt every last stroke he commanded her to take.  Her clit engorged and her whole body shaking, all she could do was wet herself on command—just the way he would have it.

              “Now look what you’ve done,” he said, letting go of her and leaving her panting against the wall.  “You’ve wet the floor.”

              She inhaled and exhaled deeply, recovering from the dizzy spell.  “Asshole.”

              “Some say.”

              She took a breather and then met his eyes, knowing that was he said was true.  She didn’t trust him.  Maybe she didn’t even like him.  But his sexual spell was growing stronger.  “All right.  I want you to spank me.”

              “Hmmm,” he said with a self-satisfied little smooch.  “Interesting.”

              “Spank me.  Do it.”

              “I don’t follow orders, Arabella.  Not even for a beautiful woman.”

              She sighed.  But every time he made her ask, she felt that much more determined to experience the new taboo.  “Will you spank me?”



              “Because.  I want you to beg me.”

              “I’m not going to beg you,” Bella said with a sneer.

              “Then I have no desire to do it.”

              She sighed.  He always it had to play it difficult, didn’t he?

              “Fine.  Please, will you spank me?”

              “That’s not begging,” he said, folding his arms.”

“Please…please!” she laughed.

              “No laughing.  Get on your knees.”


              “Do it.  That’s begging.”

              She turned a sideways glance and second-guessed the whole thing.  But there was something sexy about Bastien, standing still, firm to his commitment and making demands.  The very idea of getting on her knees and begging seemed wrong, but oddly sexual.  Like it had nothing to do with ego and everything to do with ritual.

              Without a word, she slowly bent down to her knees, carefully placing each one on the hardwood floors below.  It hurt, but only a little bit.  She tried not to laugh, to take it seriously.  She pretended for a moment that she needed him.  That his will was more important to her than anything else.  She looked up at him and put on her begging eyes.  A little sexy, a little needy.

              It wasn’t too hard, to pretend as if she needed him.  She did need him.  He was her superior at work.  She needed the internship.  She needed the account.  She needed to please him or else he could uproot her life. 

              “Please…” she whispered.  “Please…punish me.”

“What?” he said in a louder voice.

“Please, punish me,” she said one notch louder.

“Stay on your knees.  Unzip me.”

Bella’s eyes lit up.  It was what she anticipated doing, but not like this.  Not begging for his approval.  It was supposed to be a gift she gave him.  Now it was a requirement.  Something she had to do, to win his favor. 

She was doing this for herself, not for him.  Strange erotic thoughts invaded her mind as she felt herself surrendering to temptation.  She wanted to let go of her accountability.  To let him take over and do what he wanted with her.  She reached out and unzipped him slowly, looking to see what was inside.

“Look at me,” he said, making sure her delicate eyes were on him at all times.  “Beg me.”

“Please…” she whispered.  “I want you to…spank me,” she said, feeling a rush of passion.  The word seemed dirty, not to mention her intellectual surrender to him.  It felt good to do something irrational, just purely physical.  And that’s the way Darque always preferred, wasn’t it?

“Now take it out.  And put your lips on it.  Do it.”

She sighed softly, the nervous feeling rising and settling in her abdomen.  Her heart raced as she reached inside his pants, moved his boxers to the side and found his erect member.

“Mmmm,” she groaned placing her fingers around its shaft and squeezing.

“Beg me.”

“Please…please…” she said, lightly kissing the underside of the bulging head.

“Please what?”

“Spank me.”

“You want it to hurt?”

“Yes…” she said, closing her eyes.  Maybe a little of that was shame, but every time shame hit she reached a new level of arousal.  Her skin tingled as she gave him head, lightly at first, not really satisfying him completely—but making her offer of punishment extra sweet.

“Mmmmm-hmm,” he said, groaning as she sucked his penis in deeper.  He had to be ten inches, as he almost looked too big to swallow.  But just licking his side shaft and prepuce was enough to feel dirty.  Every time she muttered another begging word, she got a little wetter. 


She took more of him in, sucking his entire head, this time a little firmer, making sure to bring him out before sticking him back in—giving him the full feel of her pouty lips. 

“Ahhh…” he said, tensing up and getting harder.

“Please.  Spank me.  I’ll do anything.  Anything you want…”

Her eyes met his and begged him silently, looking at him in admiration, loyalty…maybe even a little fear.  And none of that was fake.

“Okay,” he said.  “I’ll do it.”


“Get off your knees.”

She smiled and rose to her feet, awaiting orders.

“I’ll draw up the contract in the morning.  I’ll give it to you to sign tomorrow.”

BOOK: Billionaire Romance: Darque Control (A Darque Billionaire Romance Book 2)
10.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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