Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast

BOOK: Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast
Dominated By His Inner Beast
Natalie Thorns
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Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast
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and contains graphic language and sexually explicit content. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of
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This is a work of fiction. Names,
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to real people, places, events, living or dead, are all coincidental.

Chapter One

“Goddess. What the fuck did I get myself

“It’s not that bad,” Seth said, the
underlying dreariness in his tone doing nothing to convince either of

“It’s pink. The entire fucking building
is pink.” Alexa couldn’t contain her disbelief, the
slender blond staring up at the hotel with wide, silver eyes. “Seth,
it’s like they painted it with Pepto. Or, more likely, vomited
it with Pepto.”

Seth kept his mouth shut, staring warily at the Honey
Lotus Spa, knowing Alexa wouldn’t be done until she got it all
out of her system. Hopefully, she’d keep it to the parking lot
and not in front of the employees of the hotel.

To be fair, it was a disturbing color of pink and was
also in very large quantities.

“I don’t think I can go in there,”
Alexa said, her petite features set in a deathly serious expression
when the tall brunette looked her way. “I’m dizzy and
that’s with us all the way over here. If it’s the same
color on the inside, I’m totally going to be adding to the
vomit decor.”

Again Seth questioned the wiseness of having asked
Alexa along. Sure, they’d been best friends since the fifth
grade when he had helped her find and beat up the asshole that had
trashed the girl’s brand new wand—Alexa had done most of
the fighting. The girl was a fucking spitfire back then and hadn’t
changed now that they were out of school. She’d take on a
raving werewolf and probably win. He knew she had his back. Just,
sometimes being friends with a girl—especially one that didn’t
have the decency to act like one—got awkward.

That had been the point, though. He didn’t want
to go with anyone that would get the wrong impression and there was
no way in fuck one of his guy friends would have agreed to this.
Given that Alexa was already talking about vomit, he had little to
worry about.

“You’re so lucky Chloe dumped your ass,”
Alexa said brightly, smacking Seth on his muscular shoulder. “Think
of this as an omen of what your honeymoon would have looked like.
Vomit inducing.”

Seth forced a smile but it didn’t reach his
eyes. Chloe had hated Alexa from the very beginning. He hadn’t
realized just how big of a problem it had been until Alexa had
stopped by after being out of state with her parents on a trip and
Chloe had immediately accused him of cheating. It had been the most
ridiculous argument Seth had ever been involved in, seeing as Alexa
had literally just gotten into town and popped over to say hello—She
hadn’t even unpacked yet. How he was supposed to have fucked
her in a matter of seconds, he still couldn’t figure out, but
that had been Chloe’s space-time distortion fantasy to figure
out. Given that Chloe insisted she could read the future—even
though everyone knew the psychic arts only pertained to the past—it
only proved how skilled the girl was at fabricating fantasies and
making money while doing it.

He should have broken it off with her then. If his
girlfriend was that insecure, there was probably a damn good reason.
Instead, he had let it drag on for another two months until Chloe had
finally had enough of her fantasy of him cheating and she had gone
off and actually fucked her way out of the relationship. She’d
even had the gall to tell him it made them even. Seth still couldn’t
get his mind around it and it had been over a month ago.

He hadn’t told Alexa about Chloe’s
jealous ravings and didn’t think he was ever going to. He had
lost his last two girlfriends because they all thought he was just a
little too close to his gorgeous but absolutely oblivious best
friend. Alexa had pulled away each time, coming around less, afraid
she was fucking up his life. And fuck, even if she was, Seth would
rather have her around talking trash than deal with some insecure
chick that couldn’t stand the idea of him being friends with a
girl. Alexa was like a sister to him—a very bratty, loud mouth

“Come on, Lexa, you promised,” Seth
reminded, reaching into the trunk to heave his duffle bag full of
clothes over his shoulder and then grab hers.

“Yeah, but that was before I saw the place.
Pink—What are you trying to do to me? I thought you loved me,

Seth rolled his eyes, a smile breaking free despite
himself at Alexa’s exaggerated pout. The girl was ridiculously
adorable. With a deliberate sigh, he put the bags down on the
driveway. Her eyes widening, Alexa took a step back but he was
faster. He grabbed her around the waist, lifting and spinning the
blond while she shrieked, her array of bracelets chiming and
clattering as Alexa smacked him wherever she could reach in

“You promised,” Seth said, grabbing the
squirming girl by the leg so that he could tip her upside down.

“Fucker! Let me down this second, Seth Stevens
or I’m going to kick your over-grown ass!” Alexa
hollered, her platinum blond hair dyed with purple streaks falling
over her face as she clutched at his legs. “You’re
supposed to be nice to me! I’m doing you a favor!”

“It doesn’t sound like you’re doing
anything but complaining,” Seth said with a chuckle, dodging
her booted foot before she could land a kick on his head. He grabbed
the offending ankle, flipping her over his shoulders until she was
laying astride his back.

Scowling down, her pale face flushed pink with
exertion, Alexa grabbed Seth’s ear and gave it a mean twist.
“Hey, I’m not the idiot that let my girlfriend use my
fucking credit card to buy a weekend at a pink palace of horror. I’m
doing the best I can under the circumstances.”

“The circumstances?” Seth repeated,
trying to swat her hand away while keeping her from falling.

“Yeah, the circumstances of having a big oaf
like you for a best friend.” She gave a determined wiggle, Seth
grunting as he felt her hips slip free, the blond cackling in triumph
as she began to slide down his back. He quickly grabbed her arms,
Alexa growling when she was stuck hanging off his shoulders, her face
flat against his back while her body stretched to the ground her toes
couldn’t quite reach. “Damn it—You’re fucking
up my hair.”

“You’re such a girl,” Seth taunted,
reaching his hands up and back so that he could gently lower his
friend to the ground. Alexa didn’t complain about her hair
unless she was actually pissed off. He had learned the hard way and
had a scar on his forearm to prove it.

Huffing, Alexa pushed her bright blond locks off of
her face, combing to the ends where her hair dye hadn’t yet
faded completely. She glared up at him while she worked,
straightening her tight tank that had ridden up on her front, her
stomach red from being scraped too hard. Seth raised an eyebrow at
her, waiting patiently for the girl to get herself back together.

“This is why your girlfriends keep leaving
you,” she muttered, adjusting her bra until her perky breasts
sat even again.

“I don’t wrestle my girlfriends.”
Seth kept his tone flat, trying to ignore the way she was now pulling
her clinging black shorts out of her ass crack. She had an amazing
ass and he had been caught on more than one occasion staring at it.

“Maybe you should,” she shot back,
grinning wickedly up at him. “Probably a lot better than all
that drooling you do over them.” She made an exaggerated kissy
noise, slurping at her arm. “Oh baby, you like that? Want me
to—Hey!” She yelped, twisting away before Seth could
smack her on the ass again. “That hurt, dipshit!”

Seth might not have ever intentionally shown an
interest sexually in Alexa, but he couldn’t fully blame people
for thinking that he could want her. The girl was built. She was thin
but not scrawny; she had a beautifully rounded ass connected to long,
toned legs, a tight waist, and the most gorgeous tits he had ever had
the privilege of seeing without a bra on more than a few occasions.
She also had the face of an angel—a demonically possessed one
that was always looking for ways to get you in trouble. With her
large silver eyes lined in black liner, sharp brows, multiple
piercings, and perfect bow mouth, she had people staring.

Unfortunately, Alexa hated being stared at. She hated
being noticed in general, which only made her loud-assed retorts all
the more entertaining when she’d clam up once she realized
other people could hear. For all her bark and bite, the girl was
painfully shy at times. So shy, if a guy ever got up the nerve to ask
her out, it was usually immediately followed with her threatening to
hex him for fucking around. The girl was a damn mess when it came to
her heart and letting people near it. Her father had left when she
was a kid and she hadn’t been able to trust anything with a
dick since.

That Alexa was still a complete virgin only made
Chloe’s accusations all the more preposterous and mean
spirited. As stupid as it was, Seth felt the need to defend the
girl’s honor a lot more than he ever did his own. She might
seem tough as nails but his best friend was still a vulnerable, if
not stabby, girl under all her angry bravado.

Her breathing back under control and clothing in
place, Alexa straightened and shut the trunk to his beat-up Ford.
“Alright, now that you’ve made it nearly impossible for
me not to throw up all those chips I ate on the ride here.”

“And the Red Bulls,” Seth added helpfully
while picking up their bags.

“Plus all the gummy worms and Cheez-Its,”
Alexa listed. “Let’s go check in and see how bad it is on
the inside. My guess is that’s it’s actually worse. With
all this pink, I’m expecting at least one cupid fountain and
something carved into the shape of a heart. Or a vagina,” she
added suspiciously, glaring at the nearest window full of
old-fashioned white lace.

“It’s just the weekend,” Seth
reminded, hoping to pacify the girl.

Blinking, Alexa turned back, beaming up at her
friend. “Hey, we’re totally going to have a shit ton of
fun. You can go get covered in mud and stuff and I’ll order a
ton of shit to room service on other people’s rooms. It’s
going to be a blast, Seth. Promise.” She grabbed him by the
arm—the one holding her lighter bag—and with a laugh,
pulled him along towards the double doors so they could check into
their rooms.


“Mr. Stevens,
yes, we have you right here. I’m glad you were able to find the
place. Some guests have a difficult time because we’re so

Seth nodded distractedly at the clerk, throwing
worried sideglances at Alexa who looked like she was going to burst
into laughter at any moment. It wasn’t her fault; the clerk was
dressed in a pink suit. Not a pink shirt with a suit, or even a pink
tie—No, his jacket and slacks were a pale rose. Combined with
his white shirt and floral patterned bow tie, Alexa was doing
everything in her power not to react. Seth had to give his friend
credit; he knew how hard it was for her to hold back.

They had yet to find a cupid fountain but there were
plenty of hearts. Some of the windows were actually cut into heart
shapes, like love demented portholes on a ship. Alexa had pointed
when she’d seen the first one, clearly feeling cut glass
counted as carved. He was pretty sure they’d find something
actually carved in a heart as well before the weekend was over.

“Ms. White, I have a keycard just for you and a
complimentary gift basket is waiting for the two of you right when
you walk into your room.”

Seth held his breath, Alexa’s grin breaking
free for an instant before she shut it down.

“Actually, I’m Ms. Brooks. Alexa Brooks.”
She held her hand out, surprising the clerk by shaking his. “I’m
afraid Ms. White couldn’t make it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope
she’s well—”

“Dead, actually. Very tragic.” Alexa
clucked sympathetically while Seth bit his lip to keep from laughing.
“Werecats mauled the poor thing to death.”

“Oh, my… That so unusual for werecats,”
the man said, scratching the back of his head while making a note in
his binder. “Werewolves, sure, but cats? They’re usually
so affectionate.”

“They were half starved,” Seth chimed in
once he could be certain he wasn’t going to crack. “All
they left behind was her purse and one shoe.”

Alexa nodded solemnly in agreement at the dumbfounded
clerk, her expression set to sympathetic. “They ended up
cremating both for the funeral. We have her ashes in my bag. We’re
actually here just to spread what’s left of Chloe all over her
favorite vacation spot. She spoke so highly of the Honey Lotus Spa
and your beautiful decor.”

Seth ducked down, grabbing their bags before he broke
down laughing. Alexa continued to stand there, talking ever so kindly
to the clerk about their planned arrangement to dump the ashes of
Chloe’s purse and shoe on the top of the highest mountain—which
was really a hill—on the hiking trail found at the back of the

“You’re insane,” he whispered once
she finally broke away, the girl beaming smugly as they stepped into
the elevator.

“Hey, that’s what she gets for dumping
you with some stupid ass, nonrefundable $1000 trip. If she ever dares
to step foot in here, I can only pray she’ll get that clerk and
he’ll ask if she’s a zombie.”

Snorting, Seth covered his hand with his mouth,
catching her eye through her reflection in the brass interior.
“You’re a monster.”

“You’re welcome.”

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