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BOOK: Blood Vow (Blood Moon Rising)

She grinned, and moved deeper beneath the water. “It isn’t like you haven’t seen me before.”

“Yeah, I get that but it’s not like I see you like this every day.” He threw back his wine, and poured another cup. His eyes caught and held hers. “You have exceptional tits.”

“Thank you.”

Lucien leaned over her, and kissed her. “And luscious lips.”

Her hand snaked around his neck. “Yours aren’t so bad, either.”

When Rafe’s tall form shadowed Lucien’s, the heat in Falon’s veins accelerated. She felt like a fat fluffy bunny being stalked by two big bad wolves. Absolutely thrilling.

“How much longer are you going to be in there?” Rafa impatiently asked.

“Why?” she asked coyly.

His eyes narrowed. “You know damn well why.” Placing his hands on either side of the tub, he lowered his face to hers. “If you don’t get out of there in two minutes, I’m coming in after you.”

She slid deeper under the soapy water. “Like I just told your brother, be my guest.”

Rafe reached in and grabbed her by the wrists and hoisted her dripping-wet body out of the tub and into his arms. Falon shrieked as she tried to squirm her way out of his grip. “Rafael! I wasn’t done.”

He strode across the small space to the bed of pelts she had made and tossed her onto it. “I haven’t started,” he growled, following her onto the luxurious fur. They felt wanton and sensuous against her damp skin.

Rafa dug his fingers into her hair. Lowering his lips to her ear he said softly, “I want you so bad right now it hurts.” She closed her eyes and moaned, as he trailed his nose down her neck to the place where it met her shoulder. He kissed her then, nipping her skin and softening the sting with his tongue. Falon’s body caught fire. She opened her eyes to see Lucien standing behind his brother pulling his T-shirt over his wide shoulders. When their eyes met she could not breathe. His flared like wildfire.

Falon closed her eyes, parted her lips, and then surrendered everything to them both.


“LET YOUR HAIR down slow, baby,” Rafa said as he helped pull the clips she had used to pile her long hair on her head when she took her bath. He spread it out around her like a shroud. Gently raking his fingers through it, he brought it to his nose and inhaled, then rubbed it across his face. “So soft.” He smoothed it away from her face, trailing his nose across the high swell of her breast. “So sweet,” he rasped as he licked a deep swath across her nipple.

Falon moaned, arching into him. When Luca slipped naked into the bed behind her and pulled her up against his hard warmth, the slow fire that had burned inside her since they’d arrived violently exploded.

“Perfect,” Rafa purred as he spread her thighs and crawled between them. His lips trailed down her belly to nibble on the cradle of her hip before kissing a hot trail to her mons. Lucien wrapped her arms around his neck, causing her back to arch and her breasts to thrust into the cool air. Her nipples hardened not from the coolness in the air but because of Lucien’s wanton fingers plucking them. His hot lips kissed behind her right ear, his tongue languidly circling the shell. Lucien’s insistent erection jabbed her in the back, and each time she moved, he groaned in unrequited pleasure. Though they had her pinned to the furry bed, she had never felt more in control. She did this to them. She brought these two powerful men to their knees. There was no gloating, just a surge of empowerment and desire so palpable it filled her to bursting.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought the proud golden leader of Vulkasin, and the dark and deadly leader of Mondragon, would take her to the same bed at the same time and so unselfishly make love to her. Emotion painfully filled her chest, tightening her throat. It bore witness to their profound love for her. And she felt so undeserving in light of what she had learned about her father.

But— She closed her eyes and moaned when Rafa pushed her thighs farther apart and licked her wet seam open. When he gently drew her stiff clitoris into his mouth, she melted like butter in a heat wave. “Ah,” she moaned, straining against Lucien’s expert hands and wanton lips. As Rafa licked deep inside of her, he drove her to the brink of madness. Every thought fled from her mind. All she did was feel.

Rafa stilled her writhing hips with one hand. Splaying his long fingers across her belly with the other hand, he slid a thick finger inside her.

“Oh, Rafa,” she moaned deeply. Her hips rose against his palm and lips. “That feels so good,” she said before Lucien grasped her chin and turned her head toward him and kissed her with a voracity that left her breathless.

His tongue swirled and lapped the inside of her mouth in the same deep cadence that Rafa’s finger slid in and out of her. She was drawn tight to begin with, and didn’t need much to push her over the edge, and what these two men did for her,
her, was beyond any fantasy she could ever imagine.

Rafe caught her clitoris between his teeth and nibbled, flicking it with his tongue as Luca licked her nipple. Hot and wet, her body bucked into them, as that lovely familiar tingle intensified, racing for the finish line and then shattered in waves, each one cresting higher than the one before it.

She strained against Luca’s mouth, crying out as she dug her fingers into his hair, fisting it as Rafa impaled her with his finger and tongue. As she thrashed and strained, Rafa slid a finger into her anus. It startled her, but because she was so wet and so loose it didn’t hurt. Indeed, he moved his fingers together to the same beat and, oh god, that felt good. Her spasming body ratcheted up another level before coming completely undone.

Panting hard, her body twitched and jerked as it absorbed her orgasm, even in the aftermath. She was grateful they slowed and allowed her a moment to catch her breath.

But not for long. Rafe shed his clothes and settled back on the bed, trailing his finger down her thigh as his lips traced a path all the way down her leg to her foot. Slowly, he massaged her feet then, one by one, her toes.

“That feels so good . . .” When Luca dug his strong fingers into her hair and began to massage her scalp, she thought she had died and gone to heaven. If this was the reward for lousy cooking, she was going to burn every meal.

“Have I ever told you how fucking hot you are when you come?” Luca asked, leaning over her, his lips hovering above hers as his laconic eyes caught and held hers.

She licked her dry lips, her eyes rolling back into her head when he dug deeper into her scalp. Warm tingles crackled and flared on her head, neck, and shoulders, spreading all the way down her spine to her womb. Her nipples stiffened painfully, begging for succor.

He nipped at her lips, just as Rafe sucked a toe deep into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it. She was a live conduit of sensation. Her head and her toes were the envy of her middle. Her body wept for more. Falon arched nipping Luca’s chest.

He hissed when her teeth scraped his skin. “No, angel face,” he crooned. “This is all about you tonight.”

“I want to taste you,” she pleaded.

Rafe licked her instep, and followed through with a gentle bite. Shivers zinged crazily through her body. She moaned again, louder, then licked her dry lips.

“I so want to fill those pouty lips of yours,” Luca whispered against her ear.

“Please,” she begged.

Luca smiled the most wicked smile on record. It jarred her to her core. “Please, what?” he softly demanded.

“Please, fill me.”

“When you ask like that, I can deny you nothing.”

Falon turned in his arms. As she faced Luca on all fours, Rafe skimmed his hands up her bottom to her hips. He moved in behind her and spread her cheeks. He kissed the small of her back, taking his good sweet time about it.

Falon slid her hands up Luca’s rigid erection. He groaned, thrusting his hips into her fingers as they circled his width. His cock was glorious and giving. She lowered her lips to the wide dewy head as Rafa slid a finger into her from behind.

Her breath caught in her throat as she sucked Luca deeply into her mouth. He groaned and laid back digging his fingers into her damp hair. “God, angel, that feels so damn good,” he said roughly.

As she slowly set her cadence, Rafa slid his cock into her. She closed her eyes as her pussy fisted his thickness. He didn’t move once he filled her balls deep. Instead, holding her steady by the cradle of her hips, he ground his hips in a slow sensuous circle into her. Falon squeezed her eyes tighter, overcome with sensation.

“Falon,” Rafa breathed. “Don’t move.”

She exhaled around Luca’s granite-hard cock, not knowing if she could obey. Slowly he dragged his length out of her. Her needy body trembled. Luca thrust into her mouth as Rafe withdrew. Rafa slid back into her as Luca withdrew.
Oh, that was amazing.

With supreme control they moved in and out of her, and with even more control, Falon remained corpse still as the firestorm building inside her threatened to burn her alive. Luca’s skin flushed hot with a film of sweat. His hands clasped her face, keeping her head steady. Rafa’s hoarse breathing singed her back.

She wanted them to come with her. She was so close, right there, on the edge. Not being able to move heightened her pleasure. Luca’s cock thrust deeper into her mouth, as Rafa’s tempo picked up rhythm. No longer was it a slow grind. Now they were precision twin pistons, slamming into her, driving her mad with desire.


She snapped.

Her body braced for the impact but nothing prepared her for the intensity of what hit her. Her scream was drowned out as Luca came in her mouth and Rafa exploded inside her. She was impaled at both ends, and her body jerked and shook like a fish fighting a hook.

Wild waves of heat swept through her body and as their climaxes reached a crescendo, power surged through them as if a switch had been thrown. Lit up, Falon grasped Luca’s hip, absorbing the pounding Rafa gave her at the same time she sucked Luca’s pulsating cock deeper into her mouth as he came wildly. And then, after they were spent, she collapsed into them in a crazy, vibrating mass of raw sexual satisfaction.

For long minutes Falon lay gasping for breath. Rafa’s harsh breaths behind her, and Luca’s in front of her, made her smile. Lucien grinned and reached over to smooth her damp hair from her cheeks. He kissed her and said, “I love how much you love sex.” He shook his head, his smile widening. “The look on your face when you come, Falon, is poetic it’s so damn beautiful. It will stay with me always.”

Rafa slid his hand up her back to her neck where he gently massaged her. “That was amazing,” he said, and kissed her backside.

And that was how she fell asleep, sprawled out on luxurious furs nestled between two great alphas. She could not wait to wake up and explore more options.

Later, however, she woke to a cold empty bed. And to a foreboding that sat on her chest like a two-ton weight. Something was going on outside, and instinctively she knew it had everything to do with her. Quickly she jumped from the bed and used the meager bathroom facilities. After she had washed and brushed her teeth, she slipped on black thong panties and matching bra. Then pulled on a pair of black jeans, a pair of doeskin moccasins and a thin, white fleece, long-sleeved T-shirt.

As she exited the tent, she blinked back early morning sunshine. The air was crisp, the smell so clean and unaffected she inhaled it deeply into her lungs, the chill of it invigorating. She pulled her hair back and began to braid it as she followed Lucien’s and Rafe’s scent toward the middle of the growing encampment.

It bustled with activity. More tents had popped up since they had arrived last night. As she strode down the main drag she sensed how each person stopped what they were doing and boldly stared as she walked by.

It would have unnerved her two months ago, but the blood of the two most powerful alphas on the planet ran through her veins and their desire for her infused her with vital empowerment. She was on top of the world and nothing could knock her down this morning.

She smiled as the cool morning breeze caressed her cheeks. Call it earned arrogance, but the bounce in her step came directly from the power of three.

Halfway down the main thoroughfare Falon realized she was being followed. She didn’t play coy; she stopped and turned around to face, Sasha, Anja’s infuriated sire along with his entire pack, who appeared just as angry.

She waited for them to fully approach, and when they came within ten feet of her with no intention of stopping, Falon held up her hand. “Say what you have to say from there.”

Without hesitation, Sasha continued toward her. Fisting her right hand, Falon brought it to her chest, and then as if she were tossing high-powered dice, she flung it at the impassioned alpha.

The velocity of the air she hurled hit him hard in the chest, knocking the wind out of him but not hard enough to force him to the ground. When he stumbled backward, his pack supported him. Falon held her ground as energy whipped around her with such force it unfettered her hair, rising madly around her as if it had a life of its own.

“Take another step, sir, and you’ll end up in the Bering Sea.”

“How dare you speak to me!” he shouted, his crystal-clear eyes so much like his daughter’s. She understood his anger; she would be angry, too, but she begrudged him his indignation given the circumstances.

“As your equal, I dare to speak to you and more,” Falon said, stepping closer to him. “In an unfortunate sequence of events, you have been dealt a terrible blow. For that I am sorry, but your anger and embarrassment will mean nothing if we fall during the rising.” She took another step toward him. “Your daughter is beautiful and intelligent. Worthy of any alpha, including mine, but that will never be.” Only feet from him, Falon finished. “Consider it taking one for team Lycan. I am vital to Rafa in a way your daughter never could be. Rafa is vital to all of our existences. Take your petty hurt feelings away from here before you poison the entire well.”

Falon watched his face go from furious afraid, to angry indignation, to vengeful.

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