Brown, Berengaria - Possess Me [Possessive Passions 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (2 page)

BOOK: Brown, Berengaria - Possess Me [Possessive Passions 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Stan licked along the inside of her thigh. Oh my, that felt wondrous. Who knew the skin there was an erogenous zone? He licked again, a wandering line across the inside of her thigh, then up and down. Next, he blew warm puffs of air on the wetness. “Oh,” she murmured as more honey dripped from her core. “That feels so good.”

The men took their time, endlessly patient as they licked and nipped, touched and sucked their way over every inch of her body. Every nerve ending was on fire, and a ball of need coiled tightly in her belly, demanding release. The more she tried to touch them, to pull them closer to her, to bring this erotic torture to a climax, the more they slid from her grasp, whispering that she must wait, that she should be fully aroused.

Finally, they moved over her together, one mouth on each of her breasts. At last she could hold their heads, faces pressed to her skin, and run her fingers through their thick, dark hair. Stan’s was a little longer than Goa’s and finer, softer. Goa’s hair, as well as having thicker strands, was more blue-black where Songstan’s was brown-black.

Their lips felt different on her, too. Stan’s were softer, lighter, warmer. Goa’s action was more nibbling and dominant, demanding her body respond to him, while Stan was teasing her body into compliance. She realized this meshed with their characters, Goa the older brother, a more take-charge personality, Stan a lighter, more cooperative, more accessible person. But right now her body was far too aroused for her to think about anything other than an orgasm. With a hand on each head, she tugged at their hair. “Please, I need to come so bad.”

At her words, she felt two cocks press damply against her legs.
Ha! They need to come as much as I do.

Stan sat up beside her shoulders, lifted her head onto his thigh, and held his cock near her mouth. Mmm, this close up, it looked more than yummy. Stan’s cock was long and thick, standing straight out from his groin and its nest of black curls, the stalk red and the head a deep reddish-purple with need. His balls looked hard and tight, drawn up close to his body. Oh yes, Stan was in agony with desire, she could tell.

Delicately, she flicked her tongue out and swiped it over the head. Stan groaned. Shiloah smiled to herself and licked him again and again. His taste was delicious—spicy and salty with just the slightest hint of tartness. She wrapped her tongue right over the head then sucked him deep into her mouth. He was broad and filled her, but she sucked again and enjoyed the fullness and his rich, spicy scent.

Shiloah lifted a hand up to control Stan’s cock herself, feeding him into her mouth a bit at a time, enjoying every inch of him, sliding her tongue up and down his erection, tasting every bit of him, pressing her tongue into his long vein and feeling his pulse throb with a need she shared.

Then she slipped the tip of her tongue under the ridge where the cap joined the head. The skin felt a little different there, the texture slightly softer, spongier. Shiloah let him slide out a fraction before sucking him deep again, and Stan gave a long moan. “Shiloah, you feel so good. You’re killing me here.”

She sucked gently on Stan as she concentrated on enjoying the weight of Goa sliding between her legs. His hard-muscled legs nudged hers even farther apart. His broad shoulders were just in her line of sight, the corded muscles of his arms braced beside her body.

The wide, flat head of Goa’s cock pressed between her pussy lips, then slid inside. Automatically, her tissues spread, opening a pathway for him. Oh my, he felt good, filling her, stretching her to the limit. Goa pushed in farther and farther until his balls were snugged up firmly against her skin. Then he picked up her ass, tilted her hips upward, placed her legs on his shoulders, and pressed in another fraction of an inch. He filled her totally, her walls clasped tightly around him. He felt so good.

And Stan’s cock in her mouth felt good, too. The slight curve made him a delight to suck as her tongue wrapped around his head or slid up and down his shaft.

Goa pulled out of her pussy slowly, gradually, until just his cap was still inside, then pushed back in, a little faster, a little harder. Then he withdrew once more, moving with more speed now, and thrusting harder and deeper.

With her mouth on Stan’s cock, Shiloah mimicked Goa’s actions. She did her best to match his speed and direction, sucking Stan in as far as she could, running her teeth gently along his rod as she released him, only to suck him right inside again.

Goa gripped her hips in his big, strong hands, thrusting harder and faster now, pounding into her, rocking her body on the big bed. Shiloah kept one hand on Stan’s cock to control his depth into her mouth. With the other, she cupped his balls, rolling them in their sac, noticing how hard and tight they were.

Her orgasm was close now, the ball of desire in her core coiled up hard and tight like Stan’s balls. She tilted her head right back, opening her throat to slide Stan’s cockhead as far down as it would go. As flames of need roared inside her belly she swallowed Stan, then released him an inch or two, hollowed her cheeks, and sucked hard. Stan groaned and a burst of hot cum hit the back of her throat. Quickly, she let him out a little more so she could swallow properly, then lost the ability to think at all as Goa slammed into her, and an explosive orgasm powered through her, spreading from her cunt up through her body and almost blowing the top off her head. Her legs shook, her toes curled back to the soles of her feet, and her entire body was racked with wave after wave of release, tingling through every nerve ending.

For long moments, her body spasmed in release, and it took her a little while to realize that Goa had come, too, his cock pumping seed into her channel. First Stan, then Goa leaned over to kiss her mouth tenderly, then Stan held her while Goa went to clean up, and when Goa returned, Stan went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wet cloth to wipe her pussy and inner thighs clean.

They cuddled on the bed for a little while then Stan rummaged in the nightstand drawer and brought out a tub of Shiloah’s own rose ointment. “Let us massage you. We don’t want your muscles to be tense,” Stan said.

They began at her feet as before, each man taking a foot and smoothing the cream into her toes, heels, arches, and soles. Gradually, they worked their way up her body, massaging all her muscles, paying attention to her calves, her knees, behind her knees, and up to her thighs.

By the time they reached her upper thighs, Shiloah was aroused once more. But instead of continuing up her body, each man took an arm and began massaging her fingers, wrists, forearms, starting the sexual tension all over again.

“You two are torturing me. I want you both again already,” Shiloah wailed.

“That was our evil plan all along.” Stan laughed as he and Goa rolled her over. Goa began massaging her shoulders, and Stan spread her butt cheeks and began rubbing the ointment in the crack.

Little chills ran through Shiloah. They’d said they intended to possess her totally, in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass, and the mouth and pussy had already happened. So this time would be her ass. The dark naughtiness of it excited her far more than she could have believed. In their tradition, with all the brothers in a family always sharing one woman, ass-fucking was as normal as cunt-fucking. Although some brothers took turns with their wife—she’d even heard of a family where each man had his scheduled day with their wife—most families liked to all have sex together, which meant multiple penetration and extra-strong orgasms for the lucky woman.

Shiloah loved their culture and traditions. She’d never understood why people where they had lived back then had tormented her fathers and sent them to prison for crimes they’d never committed, just because they shared her mother. A woman with several husbands was treasured and protected. There were always enough wage earners to provide for the family. Children were cherished and cared for by several parents, giving them far more attention and help than could be found in the world outside their community.

But now was not the time for thinking. Already Stan’s fingers were probing her ass, and she could feel drops of oil being massaged into the tight ring of muscles there.

Goa had finished massaging her shoulders and was stroking her lower back and her ass cheeks, holding her mounds up so Stan’s finger could enter and probe her dark channel. Stan’s slippery finger was teasing along the walls of her passage now, softening and stretching the tissues there. His thumb was still massaging the sphincter muscles, loosening the opening so more fingers could penetrate her.

Shiloah shivered with erotic chills of anticipation. The men’s hands, rough from their physical daily work, were so gentle with her tender skin, their every touch bordering on worship of her. What woman wouldn’t melt at such loving devotion? And these two men were devoted to her. Had chosen her. Had truly abducted her even if they hadn’t tied her up and stolen her away in the middle of the night. It was a heady thought, more intoxicating than the most expensive wine, and she desperately wanted to please them in return.

Stan had two well-oiled fingers deep in her ass now, scissoring the passage open, preparing the way for his cock.

Goa lay beside her on the bed, turned her face toward him, and kissed her softly, sweetly, gently, yet still passionately. His lips teased hers, running along the seam, before his tongue flicked out to press between them and into her mouth.

Willingly, Shiloah opened for him, sucking on his tongue in return, enjoying the sensations as he thrust deep into her mouth, then sent his tongue exploring the insides of her cheeks and behind her teeth. She responded in kind, sliding her tongue into his mouth, learning its shape and pattern, tasting the roof of his mouth.

Shiloah was intensely aroused. Stan’s wicked fingers were tantalizing her ass while Goa’s equally wicked tongue tormented her mouth. When Goa slid his hand under her body and began pinching her nipple, she pulled her mouth from his. “Fuck me now. I need you both so much. I want to come so bad!”

“On your hands and knees then,” ordered Goa, helping pull her into position.

Shiloah braced herself, and Goa continued playing with her breast as Stan pressed his cock at her ass.

“Breathe out, push out now,” said Goa, and Shiloah tried to obey his instructions.

Stan’s cock popped through her ring of tight muscles, then pressed inside. He filled her completely, and utterly, just as Goa had filled her pussy. Stan held her hips firmly and kept pressing until his balls were hard against her upper thighs.

“Rest on your forearms so you can suck my cock,” was Goa’s next instruction. She lowered her body onto her forearms, and there was his cock, level with her mouth. She couldn’t touch him in this position, but he held his shaft up and pressed the head to her lips. Shiloah opened and sucked him in. Oh yum, he tasted good. Quite different from Stan. Where Stan’s flavor was spicy and salty with just the slightest hint of tartness, Goa was hardly salty at all and a lot tarter with just a hint of spice. Delicious.

The broad, flat head of his cock felt very different in her mouth, too, stretching it wide to take him in, giving her lots to play with as she ran her tongue up and under the ridge where the head sat on his shaft. He moaned as she thrust the tip of her tongue into the eye of his slit, so she did it again, drawing a tiny bead of his essence out to enjoy his flavor some more.

Stan was sliding in and out of her ass, very slowly, but strongly, his strokes even and paced and totally different from the way Goa had fucked her. These men were brothers and quite similar in looks, but each was so different when she studied them closely. Their personalities, she’d already known, were different, but now she was learning their intimate details, and she loved the way these men were opening up to her.

Stan’s pace in her ass was still very even and measured, but, in tiny increments, it was becoming faster and harder. Stan powered into her ass for several strokes, then twisted his hips a little so his cock dragged along her channel, lighting up all the sensitive nerve endings there. The slight curve in his cock made this truly erotic. Her pussy was dripping cream, she was so incredibly aroused, and her brain was frying as she tried to assimilate each exciting sensation as well as to suck Goa’s cock. She really wished she could hold him in her hand the way she had with Stan.

Then she realized she could suck his balls from where he held his cock to her lips. Shiloah let him slide all the way out, then licked down Goa’s shaft to his balls, and ran her tongue over them, first one then the other. Goa moaned and moved fractionally closer to her. She sucked one ball into her mouth, rolling it around and rubbing her tongue over the surface. Then she let it out and gave the other one the same attention.
Hmmm yummy.

But there was no time to savor the taste of him, no time to plan other things to do to arouse him further. Stan was pistoning into her ass in a steady, relentless rhythm that was driving her inexorably over the edge into release.

Stan reached around her hip and pinched her clit as Goa leaned up and pinched her nipple. Shiloah opened her mouth and screamed as an intense orgasm raced through her body from her ass, her breasts, her clit, her mouth. She shook from head to toe, every part of her rattling until she thought she’d break. Her cunt and ass clenched hard, and she felt Stan spurt his hot release into her ass. Quickly, she sucked Goa as hard and deep as she could, and almost immediately, his cock was pumping a flood of cum into her mouth, and she had to swallow fast. When he finished spurting, she sucked him one last time then let him slide out.

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