Clipped (The Clipped Saga, 1) by Devon McCormack (4 page)

handcuffs, and a whip were strung about the floor. Eyeing the toys, Kid thought,
This isn't gonna be fun

But he knew he could take it. Under Jerry's control, he'd

had to deal with plenty of violent clients in the past. He just hoped that Double Chin wouldn't be too rough.

“What are you waiting for?” Double Chin asked, snatching

Kid by the arm and slamming his chest against the concrete wal .

He felt something sharp against his neck.

A knife?

“Ah!” kid whimpered as a blade pierced through his skin.


Fuck. Did Jerry put me with a fucking stabber?

Stabbers was the nickname given to Jerry's more sadistic

clients, who commonly left guys out of the pool for months at a

time. Occasional y, they were how boys disappeared.

The blade dug deep into his muscles.

Kid pul ed back.

“Oh, you like to fight?!” Double Chin exclaimed. He pul ed

the knife out of Kid's neck and stabbed it into his tricep.

Kid screamed out. He tried to pul away, but Double Chin

had a good grip on his arm.

Double Chin twisted the blade.

“Stop! Stop!” Kid cried. He drove his free hand between his

chest and the wal and shoved Double Chin's arm, freeing himself from his grip. He leapt back, the blade tearing through his arm.

Blood spewed across the floor.

The door opened. Robb entered with two more men.

Kid scrambled through the doorway, slipping past Robb and

the new guys.

Marzo jumped in front of him. “Kid, get back in there!” he


“Are you fucking shitting me? Let me talk to Jerry!”

“He doesn't want to talk to you. You know what you did.

Get back in there.”

“This is ridiculous!” Kid exclaimed. “I don't deserve this!”

“Chain him down!” Robb shouted at Marzo.

“No!” one of the two new men exclaimed.

33 Devon McCormack
Though he wasn’t nearly as big as Double Chin, he was still

heavy enough to crush Kid if he’d sat on him. He had a ful head of hair and looked to Kid like he was in his mid-thirties. He wore a polo, revealing his flabby arms, with splotches of hair randomly arranged from his bicep to his wrist.

“We want him to be able to fight,” Splotchy Hair said.

These guys could total y kil me.


Marzo's taser was at Kid's chest. He vibrated to the floor.

“Have at,” Robb said. He and Marzo stepped out, shutting

the door behind them.

As Kid regained some control over his nerves and

appendages, he stood tal , blood dripping down his arm.

“Listen,” he said. “I’m not doing this. Now, please just—”

The last of the clients, nearly a foot tal er than Kid—

scrawny, the complete opposite of the first client Kid had met—

leapt at him, punching him across the face.

Kid fel back. His head slammed against the concrete wal .

The shock of the blow was so intense that it stunned him nearly as much as Marzo’s taser. He slid down the wal , to the floor.

“Get him!” Double Chin shouted.

Scrawny Man laid one punch after another into his torso.

Kid tried to block the attacks, but it was useless.

“You like that? You like that, you fuckin’ pussy?” Scrawny

Man asked. He snatched a chain off the floor and twisted it around Kid’s neck.


Kid struggled against him, but even with his impressive

muscles, he was too disoriented to put up a good fight.

Scrawny Man tightened the chain. Kid gagged and

desperately tried to loosen it.

Double Chin and Splotchy Hair snatched him by his wrists.

They flipped him so that his abs pressed against the freezing

concrete wal .

Let me go!
” Kid cried through the chokehold.

“We’re gonna tear you the fuck up, ya little bitch!” Double

Chin said.

No! No!

Kid’s face turned burgundy as his body demanded a chain-

embargoed supply of oxygen.

Double Chin pressed his knife against the edge of Kid's

hole, slipping it in, al owing the tip to navigate inside.

Please just let me pass out, so I don’t have to feel it
, Kid thought, wishing that some deity that he didn’t even believe in

would hear his cry and come to his aid.

A tear formed at the edge of his eye and slid down his cheek.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” Marzo’s voice cal ed from outside.

“You can’t—” Robb added.


Sounds of punches and shouting muffled together as Kid

started to lose consciousness.

He was the only one who seemed to notice.

Scrawny Man and Splotchy Hair were too busy fondling

35 Devon McCormack
him while Double Chin slipped the knife further in.

The door burst open.

Kinzer rushed in, the veins in his neck popping forward, his

face bright red with fury. He nearly had the same tense, desperate expression on his face as Kid.

He was stil butt-naked, and when the men saw him, their

eyes lit up.

“A two-for!” Double Chin exclaimed.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Scrawny Man added.

“You get the fuck off him,” Kinser said, “before I rip your

sick dicks off your scrawny bal s.”

“Oh, yeah?!” Double Chin said. “Make me!” He pul ed his

knife slightly out of Kid's hole, then started to shove it back in.

Kinzer lunged at him like an animal, ferocious, violent,

untamed. Kinzer slugged him in the face. Double Chin shook it off and slipped the blade out of Kid's ass, jabbing at Kinzer. Kinzer jumped back.

A broad smile was fixed on Scrawny Man’s face, as if he was

thrilled that Kinzer had come to play with them. He released the chain around Kid’s neck and leapt on top of Kinzer, throwing a

series of punches in his already battered face. One punch from

Kinzer knocked him against the wal .

Kid uncoiled the chain around his neck. He took a deep,

refreshing breath. As his senses returned, he looked to Kinzer.

Across Kinzer’s back, black marks stretched in vertical

paral el lines between his shoulder blades.


What the fuck?
Kid thought.

Splotchy Hair came up from behind Kinzer and wrapped

the chain around his neck. Kinzer grabbed the chain. Double Chin came up beside him. He slapped a cuff around his wrist and affixed the other to a pipe in the wal .

Oh, shit
, Kid thought.
This guy's in way over his head.

“Hold him!” Scrawny Man said, crawling toward Kinzer.

Kinzer kicked at him.

Grabbing him by the ankles, Scrawny Man forced Kinzer’s

legs apart.

Double Chin slid Scrawny Man’s pants and boxers to his


Scrawny Man’s erect head tapped against Kinzer’s hole.

“Fuck, this is hot!” Scrawny Man exclaimed.

Everyone was distracted, too busy to even notice Kid, who

lunged at Scrawny Man, grabbed him by his ful head of hair, and rammed his skul against the pipe that Kinzer’s hand was cuffed to.

He rammed his head into the pipe again...and again. The

pipe burst open.

Double Chin seized Kid by his ankle and dragged him

across the floor. As Kid released his victim, the now-unconscious Scrawny Man col apsed onto the floor.

“Get over here, you rat!” Double Chin exclaimed, flipping

the knife so that the blade was facing Kid.

Kid did the fastest sit-up of his life and bashed his fist into

Double Chin’s bal s.

37 Devon McCormack

“Fuck!” Double Chin wailed, dropping the knife and

curling into a fetal position.

Kinzer slipped his cuff through the break that Kid had made

in the pipe with Scrawny Man’s head. He pointed his fingers out

and threw them behind his head, rushing them into Splotchy Hair’s eyes. Splotchy Hair screamed out and dropped the chain.

Kinzer loosened the chain and gasped for air.

Kid was impressed with he and Kinzer’s handiwork.

Watching the wounded johns writhe in pain was satisfying.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Marzo stood at the door, his face red, covered in welts that

Kid presumed he’d received when Kinzer’d beaten his way into the room. Marzo zapped a taser in his hand.

Kid’s excitement diminished.

“Kid,” Marzo said, shaking his head. “You’ve been a bad

boy.” He stomped toward him.

Kinzer kicked his heel into Marzo’s ankle.

Marzo fel forward, his elbow hitting the concrete floor.

The taser flew from his hand.

Kid’s eyes lit up as he caught it mid-air.

“Fuck,” Marzo said, nursing his elbow.

Kid knelt down, pressed the taser against the back of his


“This is cal ed karma, asshole,” he said.



Marzo’s body tremored, just as Kid and so many of Jerry’s

other boys had done before.

Kid smirked. Revenge felt good. Very good.

Robb ran into the room, his taser out, ready to go.

Kid ceased his attack on Marzo, who was now nothing more

than a spasm of muscles and nerves. He held his taser out in front of him. “Want a turn?”

Robb looked around at the battered victims. As a bead of

sweat rushed down his forehead, he raced out the door, down the

hal .

Kid sprang toward the door, ready to chase after him and

give him exactly what he deserved.

From his side, Double Chin tackled him.

Kid thought as quick as he could. “Kinzer!” he cal ed.


He tossed the taser across the room.

Kinzer caught it as Double Chin slammed Kid’s body

against the wal .

Double Chin wrapped his sausage fingers around Kid’s

throat. “I’m gonna kill you, you motherfucker!”


Kinzer stood beside him, the taser flashing blue sparks just a

few inches from his face. He had the bloody knife in his other hand.

“Any of you fuckers try something, and I will fry your fucking


39 Devon McCormack


“You fucking dicks,” Jerry fussed.

He lay in the bed Kinzer had woken up in, his wrists cuffed,

his ankles chained.

Kinzer and Kid stood over him.

It’d been an hour since their encounter with Jerry’s perverse

clients. In that time, they’d managed to apprehend al Jerry’s guards and unlock al the doors in the house, al owing his imprisoned boys to come and go as they pleased. They’d also found some nice

clothes, most likely from boys that Jerry had abducted. Kinzer wore a form-fitting polo and jeans that perfectly sculpted around his ass.

Kid’s hard nipples poked out of a too-smal -of-a tee shirt that he’d picked out to show off his impressive muscles.

“Kid, you don’t know how good you had it!” Jerry


Kid slipped a taser out of his pocket, pressed it against Jerry’s neck.


“Fuck!” Jerry cried.

“That’s how good I had it, you asshat.”

“We’l be leaving now,” Kinzer said. “I just wanted you to

know who was responsible for ruining your little operation.”

“Go to fucking Hel !”

“Already done it,” Kinzer said. He and Kid headed for the


door. “I’l get you bastards for this!”

They stopped in the doorframe. Kid turned back around.

“By the way,” he said. “You have a few guys that wanted to

schedule some time with you, so I just went ahead and booked

everyone at the same time. Have fun.”

He skipped out behind Kinzer, as they passed a line of Jerry’s

boys, their faces stern, some with tasers in their hands.

As they started to file their way into the room, Kinzer heard

Jerry groan, “Fuck.”


“Order whatever you want,” Kinzer said.

Kid fidgeted with a laminated menu.

They sat across from each other at a booth in a nearly empty

diner. A cook and a waitress chatted behind the front counter.

After leaving Jerry to suffer with the consequences of his

disgusting actions, Kinzer had stolen a car and driven for a few hours before stopping so that they could grab something to eat.

I have to warn the others
, he thought.

Someone had outed he and Janka to The Raze...someone

that they had trusted. He had to find his al ies and warn them

before they ended up captured or tortured.

But who could he turn to?

“That thing on your back,” Kid said. “What is it?”

41 Devon McCormack
Kinzer picked up his menu, studying it as if it were an

instruction manual. “A scar,” he said dismissively. He didn’t need to get Kid involved in his shit.

“You think I’m an idiot? Scars don’t just magical y appear

out of nowhere. And even if they did, they wouldn’t look like that.

So what’s it real y?”

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