Clipped (The Clipped Saga, 1) by Devon McCormack (8 page)

he always had, and if he put himself in that position, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist making a move. “And considering what you've been through, I'd rather not disrespect you like that.”

Kinzer started up the stairs. “Then I guess I’l see you


Dedrus smiled. “ ‘Night, Kinzer.”

Kinzer jogged up the stairs, headed down the hal , and

slipped into his bedroom.

Spreading his limbs across the couch, Dedrus rested his head

on a lace pillow at the end and rol ed so that he was facing the cushions. He closed his eyes.

A few moments passed before something pressed against his



He flipped over and hopped to his feet, ready for a fight.

Kinzer stood before him, holding his hands out. “Whoa,

cowboy. Chill the fuck out.”

“Sorry,” Dedrus said. Every hair on his immortal body stood

on end. “You freaked me the shit out. Did you need something?

Another cover? Pil ows?”

Kinzer wiggled his thumb behind the waistband in Dedrus’s

khakis and pul ed their pelvises together.

“Yeah,” he said. “I need something.”

He kissed Dedrus. It was a soft kiss, but as Kinzer’s hot

breath rushed across his lips, he thought they were about to burst into flames. He grabbed the back of Kinzer’s head and pul ed him closer.

Kinzer opened his mouth wide. Dedrus eagerly reciprocated

as his thoughts were lost in a sea of nerves.

But he couldn’t do this. Not while Kinzer was vulnerable.

Not while he was stil recovering from Janka’s death. He wanted

him. He wanted him so bad. But not like that.

Pressing his hand against Kinzer’s bulbous, jagged pec, he

pried himself free.

“What?” Kinzer asked.

“This wouldn’t be right. I don’t want to disrespect—”

“I know,” Kinzer said. “But I want you to.”

He wrapped both arms around Dedrus and spun him

toward the wal , ramming his shoulder blades against a painting.

73 Devon McCormack
Dedrus couldn’t control himself. His fingers found their way

under Kinzer’s shirt and felt about fervently, savoring the dips in his torso.

The edge of the painting dug into his back, scraping along

the wal , before dislodging from a nail and breaking free of its wooden frame as it hit the floor.

Kinzer gripped the hem of Dedrus’s shirt. As Dedrus threw

his arms over his head, Kinzer pul ed it off and tossed it behind him. His fingers went right for Dedrus’s khakis, unbuttoning and unzipping at lightning-speed before they were at his ankles.

“Ooo. Lookie, lookie,” Kinzer teased.

Dedrus had forgotten he’d been wearing white bikini briefs.

Deep arches in his torso dipped down on either side of the


He blushed. “Shut up. I didn’t think anyone was going to be

looking.”He tucked his thumbs into the waistband and hurried to

pul them down.

Kinzer grabbed his wrists. “No, no,” he said, sliding them

back up. “I like them.”

He knelt down so he was eye-level with the monster bulge

in the briefs.

Dedrus giggled, like a schoolboy, but being that he’d been

alive since before earth’s creation, he knew he wasn’t fooling either of them.

Kinzer pul ed the front of Dedrus’s briefs down. His cock


and sack sprang forward, as if they were reaching out to attack.

“Been a long time since I’ve seen this guy,” Kinzer said.

Been a long time since I’ve gotten any
, Dedrus thought.

It hadn’t been that long. He and Treycore fooled around on

and off, whenever they needed to destress. But Treycore was so big that he never went inside him. Dedrus had desperately wanted

someone who could just slide into his ass and fuck the shit out of him. And he knew that Kinzer would do just that.

Kinzer tucked the waistband behind his bal s. They pushed

his sack forward, as if presenting them to Kinzer.

His tongue swept up the middle of his scrotum, stirring

about, massaging between his bal s.

The cool air conditioning rushed through Dedrus’s pubes,

freezing Kinzer’s saliva, making Dedrus’s bal s contract.

Kinzer’s tongue tickled the base of his cock, barely licking,

just teasing.

As Dedrus’s dick swel ed, Kinzer wrapped his hand around

it and squeezed, his lips rushing just barely halfway down Dedrus’s head. “Please!” Dedrus begged.

Kinzer slid the head out of his mouth. He gripped Dedrus’s

tight hips, twisted him around, and pushed him forward. Dedrus

spread his arms out. His hands pressed into the wal like he was about to do a push-up.

Kinzer slid his briefs down, exposing two tight, c-shaped

cheeks. Dedrus wanted Kinzer’s pelvis to use his cheeks like a hacky

75 Devon McCormack

Kinzer massaged his ass-flesh, his thumbs sliding through

the crack between them, pul ing them apart.

His hands were so warm, so smooth.

Dedrus shifted his pevlis so his ass perked closer to Kinzer’s

face, inviting him to savor it in whatever way he desired.

With his tongue, just as he had done with the base of

Dedrus’s cock, Kinzer tickled his way around Dedrus’s hole.

Dedrus wrapped his fingers around his dick and jerked back

and forth. Kinzer released one of his cheeks and snatched Dedrus’s wrist.

“No!” he ordered.

Dedrus glanced over his shoulder. Had he done something

wrong? “I want you to get off without touching yourself.”

Excitement stirred in Dedrus. He’d forgotten how playful

Kinzer could be. It’d been so long since they’d fucked. It’d been so long since he wasn’t with Janka.

Kinzer’s thumb pul ed Dedrus’s cheek back open, and he

pressed his lips against his hole. He kissed softly at first. Like he was warming it up. His tongue stroked up and down and whirled about

in a frenzy.

An intense rush, like hands caressing up his body, streamed

from Dedrus’s ass to the back of his neck.

Kinzer pul ed away from Dedrus’s hole. Pushing his thumbs

so that they were touching either side of it, he kneaded slowly,


careful y.“I want you in me so bad,” Dedrus said.

With both hands, Kinzer pressed his index and middle

fingers together and pushed them into Dedrus’s hole. Leaning so

that his face was millimeters from his crack, he spit a thick, juicy web of saliva inside and massaged it against the wal s of his ass.

Dedrus contracted the inside of his hole, as if he was thirsty

and the only way he could hydrate was to drink every bit of it

through his ass.

Without warning, Kinzer sprang to his feet and stuck his

stiff, vein-covered erection against Dedrus, slipping it between his cheeks, invading his hole.

“Ah!” Dedrus shouted.

White feathers ripped from the flesh between his shoulder

blades, stretching out, just as Trecyore’s had done earlier.

Kicking his leg out, Dedrus lifted it off the ground,

struggling to position himself so that Kinzer’s assault on his hole would be more comfortable.

It didn’t help. It was like someone had stuck a flaming torch

inside him. If Kinzer hurt this bad, he couldn’t even imagine how painful it would have been to have Treycore up his hole.

Kinzer forced his way in, thrusting back and forth,

seemingly without regard.

“Fuck!” Dedrus cried, his feathers shaking feverishly.

It was so painful, and yet, he wanted more.

“Fuck me, Kinzer,” he pleaded. “Harder!”

77 Devon McCormack
But he didn’t know if he could even handle harder.

He lifted his leg higher and twisted it around Kinzer’s hip,

resting it on his furthest ass cheek—a position he could credit to his current occupation.

Kinzer pul ed his shaft out, glistening with his own spit, and

thrust back in.

It was deep. So deep that it forced Dedrus into convulsions.

His rigid back muscles tensed. His wings fluttered.

As Kinzer continued pul ing in and out, with each thrust he

offered, Dedrus eagerly pushed back, encouraging Kinzer to destroy his hole.

Kinzer slipped his arms through Dedrus’s feathers and

fondled his chest. He flicked his finger over Dedrus’s erect nipple and pinched it with his thumb. He tugged at it and pressed down.

Dedrus thought. He unleashed another cry of pain, as he had when Kinzer had first forced that big dick in him.

“Hurt me!” Dedrus exclaimed. “Please, hurt me!”

Kinzer released his nipple and grabbed his hips, continuing

to pound him. As his pelvis smacked into Dedrus’s muscle-cushions, a sound, like someone being slapped repeatedly, fil ed the room.

Dedrus could feel Kinzer’s cock hardening, elongating even

more. A flurry of delight tickled his temples. It was like a wave of tickles rippling through his brain. His head rol ed back as what felt like jolts of pleasure rushed across his face. Al the while, his ass felt like it was going to split in two.

Kinzer moaned. His pelvis thrust so hard, so fast, that the


slapping sound started to sound more like punching.

For Dedrus, it was as if he’d pressed a button that had

released pain kil ers in his spine. It was so relaxing, so delicious. And he wanted so much more.

“I’m gonna come,” Kinzer said.

“No!” Dedrus cried. He crawled up the wal , but he couldn’t

lift high enough to get Kinzer’s cock out of his hole. “Please don’t!”

“I can’t stop it!”

Dedrus flapped his wings, flying high enough that he was

able to dislodge Kinzer.

His ass throbbed. As tremors overtook his legs, he col apsed

to the floor, beside the fal en painting.

“No, I need it,” Kinzer said. He reached down, grabbed

Dedrus by his hair, yanked him to his feet, and slammed his face into the wal .

Dedrus’s foot scraped across a jagged edge of the painting’s

broken wooden frame. It hurt like fuck, but it was nothing

compared to the sensation of Kinzer forcing himself back in.

“Oh, fuck! No!”

Dedrus tried to run to his side, but Kinzer wrapped his arm

around the base of his wing, holding him in place.

“Ah!” Dedrus shouted.

But Kinzer’s insistence on being inside him was even more

arousing. Pre-cum gushed from Dedrus’s head, like a spider

shooting its web.

“Stop, you’re gonna make me come, too!”

79 Devon McCormack
As much as he wanted Kizner to come inside him and for

Kinzer to make him come, he wanted to savor this delicious

experience. He wanted to make it last. And if they continued like this, it wasn’t going to.

He wrapped his arm around Kinzer’s leg and yanked on it as

hard as he could. Kinzer released Dedrus’s wing and grabbed him by the waist, dragging Dedrus to the floor as he tumbled backward,

landing on his ass.

Dedrus continued his desperate struggle to rip Kinzer’s cock

out of him, but Kinzer grabbed onto his hips and clung as if it was his most important mission.

Dedrus reared back and punched Kinzer in his cleft chin.

Kinzer rocked forward and wrapped his arm around

Dedrus’s neck, pul ing him back so that his back was pressed against his torso.

Dedrus screamed out. This position enabled Kinzer to get so

much deeper, to cause him so much more press that

intoxicating button deep within him so much harder.

Dedrus glanced down at his abs. His pre-cum poured in

strings from his swol en cock, pooling onto into his bel y-button.

His bal s burned, like al they wanted to do was empty. It was nearly unbearable. He imagined this was what Kinzer was going through,

too. But he wasn’t going to give up. Besides, his tug-of-war with Kinzer was partly responsible for how aroused he was.

Dedrus grabbed at the arm around his neck, fighting,

struggling to get free. He lifted his ass into the air, trying to get


Kinzer’s cock out enough so that he’d be free, but Kinzer was so big that he would’ve had to get his hips higher than physical y possible for that to happen.

Between Dedrus’s attempt at freeing his hole and Kinzer’s

insistence on penetrating it as deep as he could, Dedrus’s ass was like a basketbal as it bounced up and down in their fury and


Dedrus twisted his pelvis, managing to pul over half of

Kinzer’s cock out of him.

Kinzer grabbed Dedrus by his side to pul him back on. But

it was too late. Dedrus rol ed just enough that Kinzer’s head fel out, bouncing on his own abs.

Kinzer rol ed with him til Dedrus was on his stomach. He

reached for Dedrus’s wrists.

“No!” Dedrus cried. He thrust his elbow back, smacking

Kinzer in the face. He crawled out from under his attacker. As he managed to achieve his freedom, he darted into the study.

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