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Conquering Theana

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Newton and Lillian



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This is a
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resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or
dead, is entirely coincidental.






We would like to dedicate this book, the first of the series, to a very
special woman who passed away right after the making of this piece.


Thank you for you laughter, your critiques, and your swoons over the
male wolves.


Rest in paradise Bernice “Bunny” Franklin.





Conquering Series, 1


and Lillian


Copyright © 2014






it. There's a good boy," Theana groaned, grinding her pussy against...well,
she couldn't remember his name. She thought it started with an “M”, but
couldn't really remember. It didn't matter. He wasn't important. What was
important was the bitch inside of her needing the sweet release only a man
could provide, and Theana was happy to oblige. She rolled her hips, liking a
particular rough nip her partner for the moment gave her. Men always wanted to
please her—and why not? She was alpha bitch material, even in a world where the
relationship between humans and shifters was just about on the edge of war.
Some didn't think it was that bad, but Theana knew different. While some humans
viewed shifters as nothing more than misunderstood pets that they had to
support like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, others saw
them as a mortal threat. Shifters really weren't that bad.

at least, until they were pissed off.

as her body tightened and flexed as the man sank a thick digit deep inside her,
everything in her mind disappeared. She could only see his broad shoulders,
almost too pale for her taste, his sharp nose, a little too pointed, and wide
brown eyes staring at her, in a manner she was sure he thought was sexy. She
could smell his arousal, the heavy musk of his pre-cum leaking from his eager
cock. Wolves had an excellent sense of smell. The hotel room around them was
opulent, decorated in rich gold and white, like a princess's room, but she was
nothing like a pampered lady. She wrapped one long leg around his head, pulling
him tighter to her by hooking her red spike-heeled foot behind the knee of her
other leg. She hadn't even wasted time to disrobe. Her black Chanel mini-dress
was bunched up around her waist, and her black silk garter, sans panties,
provided a frame for the show.
Ebony and ivory
, she thought idly as the
man moaned at her show of dominance, and it was like a bucket of water to her

He just had to mess it up
, she thought with a growl.

up," she sighed
unhooking her leg from
around him and scooting back on the chair she'd been sitting in. She hadn't
even wanted to take him to the bed. He just wasn't...enough. As he stood,
blinking confused eyes at her, she rolled her eyes.
No, not nearly enough
. He was built
all of her kind was, with strong pectoral muscles, rippling abs, and a broad,
long cock that stood out to her attention. But everywhere she looked on him
something was wrong. Her keen eyesight picked up a slight height difference of
his nipples, a patch of tan line at the hip, and his jaw was just a little
weak. Even his cock, which could be pleasurable for many women, just wasn't
what she was looking for.

wrong?" he asked. What
his name? Damn, she had to pay more
attention to stuff like that. He might not be a man she wanted to remember, but
at least she could remember who the hell to tell to get out of her room.

I'm done," she said then, standing to smooth her dress down. She would
have to take the dress to the dry cleaners later. No chance of fixing it now.
She sighed. That would be a bitch. Silk could be impossible in these

the man said, and she snapped at him, irritated that he was still standing
there, that he dared to say her name. He yelped, his gaze shifting to just over
her left shoulder, throat exposed, before he caught himself. She saw him fight
his inherent need to bow to her. Saw it and relished it. She could snap him.
She could break him into little pieces, and nothing, absolutely nothing, could
stop her. His gaze swung back to hers, and, unfortunately for him, she saw
anger there.

no pup to toss aside," he growled, teeth white and sharp as he snarled at
Pretty, but useless.
She stepped
closer to him, knowing her wolf was much stronger than his. She didn't know why
she wasted her time with these losers.
Probably because they can't best you
a little voice in her mind quipped—her wolf of course.
Shut up
, she
tossed back.

that was really the point. Omegas, the low wolves in the wolf shifter
hierarchy, like natural wolves, couldn't hope to challenge her. They couldn't
rule her. She ruled them. With omegas she was safe, away from domineering
alphas that wanted her for what they could have from her and from middle pack
wolves who had no real place and were looking for a way up. She knew she was
exactly that for every wolf shifter she had ever come across, except for
omegas. But something inside of her was changing. She wanted more. She wanted
more than tasteless sex that only inflamed her craving for something stronger.
Soft, teasing, vanilla sex when her body was craving an inferno of lust and
loss of control. She couldn't lose her control with omegas. That was too
beneath her to try, and she knew her wolf wouldn't allow her to, even if she did

to test that theory?" she asked then with a growl, arching her eyebrow.
was his name?
Ah, that's right
Micah, a wolf of the Beowulf clan.
It meant he was all
brains, and no heart, or at least this wolf was.

you couldn't hope to best me, and you know it."

stepped up closer to him, nearly looking him in the eye from her six-foot
height in heels. She tossed her dark mid-back length hair over one shoulder. In
a flash she had him by the neck, and lifted him off his feet. In his shock he
didn't react, and that could kill him. She advanced until his back slammed on
the wall, little flecks of white and gold falling. A growl rumbled through her
throat, fierce and deadly, and her eyes, she knew, were snapping from brown to
golden, the color of the wolf. She exposed her teeth and licked her sharpened
canines. How she must have looked to him, her chocolate skin glowing slightly
from being partially shifted. She was a slender woman, though her hips were flared,
her breasts larger than some designers would like, and a narrow waist. Still,
he had to be at least twice her size, and she held him as if he were a child.

could rip your throat out, feast on the meat, and you'd never be able to utter
a sound. Would you dare challenge me, omega?" she asked.

Micah said around a gulp. She was sure he realized that his chance between her
legs was long gone. He was a wolf at the bottom of the totem pole, and he'd
pushed his aspirations way too high if he thought he could challenge her. She'd
wipe the floor with him. His eyes shifted respectfully over her left shoulder.
A gaze directly into the eyes of a higher ranking wolf could be seen as a
challenge. She tightened her fist around his
momentarily infatuated with the ease she could break it. His pulse thundered
under her palm as she held him. He would let her. He would let her break him if
she wanted to. He couldn't fight, couldn't get away. She barked at him, a
warning, and then let him slide to the floor. He made fire gathering his
clothes and high-tailing it out of there.

she growled, and she didn't just mean Micah.

known better than to take an omega to her bed. Omegas relied on the protection
of their packs to survive. They were like the bullied kid at school, except
they could hide behind some really big linebackers if the time came. But, for
Theana, they were safe. There was no way they could aspire to better positions,
unless they went to another pack where they could beat the omegas there. That
rarely happened, and so they had to deal with their lot. Even as they grew in
strength so did the other wolves in their pack. Theana had known exactly what
she was doing when she'd caught Micah's eye at the club earlier that evening.
She'd seen a fish in a pond of sharks, and she was a shark. He was easy,
simple, and did not want to be her mate.

BOOK: Conquering Theana
4.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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