Cougar Wants [Cougarlicious] (Siren Publishing Classic)


Cougar Wants

During a weekend with her two lifelong friends, Kimber Jordan decides she wants to become a cougar. When financial difficulties arise, she chooses to rent a room rather than ask friends or family for help. When the pizza delivery guy asks to rent the room, Kimber is intrigued. He’s younger, gorgeous, and makes her dream of things she’d forgotten.

Tate Pierce, a cougar shape-shifter, has worked multiple jobs for so long he doesn’t remember what free time is. When he delivers Kimber’s pizza, he realizes she is his lifemate. He doesn’t care that she is an older woman. She is sexy and beautiful and everything he wants in his mate.

When work comes between them, Kimber takes drastic measures to show him there is more to life than work.

Can Kimber help Tate change his life goals to include her? Will this cub be able to tame his cougar?

May-December, Paranormal, Shape-shifter

25,614 words









Cooper McKenzie










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“What’s wrong with men?” Kimber Jordan asked as a gray-haired man older than they were two-stepped by with a woman maybe half his age.

“What do you mean?” Stacy Covey asked. She sounded lost at the strange change of subject while Gwen Ford waved at the passing waiter without success.

It was the first night of their semi-annual Girls Only Weekend, this time in Houston. Gwen had been filling them in on her son, Grant, and his latest loves and adventures. But Kimber was tired.

Tired of being alone every night.

Tired of these twice
year weekends of girl talk and problem solving.

Tired of trying to figure out how they had reached the week of their fortieth birthdays without men who loved them by their sides.

“Why is it men our age and older feel the overwhelming urge to chase after sweet
young things half their ages? What’s wrong with us? None of us looks like we just turned forty. We’re not dried up
old crones
and we’re all successful women. Why don’t we have men lining up to dance with us? I mean, if they can do it, why can’t we?”

Kimber knew she sounded bitchy, but dammit
she was tired of sleeping in her queen-size bed with only Max, her loveable but spoiled mixed
breed dog, filling the other half of the bed. Her friends stared across the table at her as if she had stepped over the edge of sanity.

“What are you saying, Kimber? You want to start dating boys my son’s age?” Gwen asked after taking a long draw on her strawberry

“Maybe not quite that young, but I’m saying I’m tired of being a good girl, of being proper. I’m tired of waiting for an age
appropriate man to walk up to me and propose or fall at my feet and declare undying lust. And if dating younger men makes me a bad girl, then I’m going to embrace it. I’m going to become a bad girl and a cougar.”

Stacy smiled as if she was beginning to understand where Kimber was headed with her rant. “And younger men have stamina and the ability to get it up more than once a week, too,” she added with a giggle.

“Stacy!” Gwen admonished before turning to Kimber. “So, how young are we talking?”

She sounded hesitant and skeptical
but that was Gwen’s way. While Kimber, the creative one, was the ringleader of the trio, Gwen was the voice of reason and sanity that had kept them out of jail on more than one occasion. Stacy was the practical one who followed wherever Kimber led, but carried a GPS and a bag of cookies with her, just in case.

Before Kimber could reply, Stacy pulled out her smartphone and started typing. “Cougars are older, usually successful wom
n who date younger men,” she
as she read from the tiny screen.

“Yeah, we got that part already. Isn’t there some formula or rule about how young a man is too young?” Kimber asked, wishing she had brought her computer tablet with her. That, at least, had a screen big enough they could all read

“Hang on,” Stacy
said as she
brought up another screen. “Okay, here it is. The rule is to date no younger than half your age plus seven years. In our case
we’re talking twenty-seven-year-olds.”

“Twenty-seven?” Gwen squeaked as she gave a distasteful shiver. “That’s only a few years older than Grant. There’s no way I can look at anyone that young no matter how sexy he might be.”

“So, how young do you think you can go?” Stacy asked patiently as she slipped the phone back into the pocket of her blue jeans.

“Um, well, I’ve never thought about going younger. I’ve always dated older men. And Patrick was twelve years older than me.”

“Well, think about it,” Kimber encouraged, trying but failing to sound gentle and encouraging. “Just remember
a younger man will be better able to handle your power surges and keep up with you in bed.”

“Yeah, then maybe you won’t blow through vibrators as fast as you do,” Stacy teased, referring to Gwen’s killing three vibrating sex toys in the last year.

Gwen blushed. “Why did I ever tell you about that?” Then she
began to giggle.

Kimber joined in
and the trio laughed until they were wiping tears. Then she said, “Because we have been best friends since the second day of seventh grade
and you tell us everything.”

They had seen each other through boyfriends and breakups. They had stood up at each other’s weddings.

When Stacy showed up one weekend ten years before with a black eye, split lip, and three broken ribs
thanks to her ex-husband, Gwen and Kimber convinced her to get out, divorce the rat bastard, and start over.

When Gwen’s husband dropped dead from an aneurysm, she called them before calling her family.

And when Kimber had left the advertising world to follow her lifelong dream of being an artist, th
two were the only ones who applauded her decision. They also helped her through the divorce from her husband shortly afterward because he did not like the fact that she was making herself happy
and still bringing home the same money
He wanted her as miserable at her job as he was at his.

She was closer to these two women than she was to her own family, even if she only saw them twice a year.

Glancing back to the dance floor as they waited for Gwen’s decision, she watched a bald man who was probably ten years older than they were waltz by with a much younger woman in his arms.

“Thirty,” Gwen finally said. “I don’t think I can go any younger than thirty.”

Kimber nodded. “Sounds good. Stacy? What about you? How young are you willing to go?”

Stacy smiled
though her mossy
green eyes looked sad. “I don’t care how young or old he is as long as he treats me right and makes me laugh. How about you?”

Kimber hesitated. This philosophical discussion was all well and good
but could she go through with it? Would she be able to look at younger men as anything other than someone to take care of? Would she be able to find someone who wouldn’t mind dating a woman entering her fortieth year who some days felt closer to eighty than forty?”

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