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Crazy Baby

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The Crazy Series, Book 2


A.D. Justice




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There are so many people who help make this journey into writing books enjoyable. I want to personally thank those who specifically helped with this book.


  • First and foremost, I want to thank my Lord and Savior for His continued grace and love.
  • My husband for believing in me and supporting my endeavors, my long nights, and the days I missed time spending with him. I love you with all my heart! 
  • My friends who have helped keep me sane and talked me off the ledge so many times:  A.M. Madden, Michelle Dare, Tabitha Charisse, & Shannon Hunt. I love every one of you!
  • My cover designer, Sommer Stein, owner of Perfect Pear Creative Covers, who created this gorgeous cover.
  • The cover model, Adam Schafer, and the two photographers who brought my character to life, Jared Lawson and Fotos by T.
  • Every member of my Street Team, who tirelessly promotes my books and recommends them to everyone they know. I love my Wicked Devils!
  • My beta readers:  Cheryl F., Cheryl K., Dana G., Jasmine C., Vicki S, Tracey M, Tabitha C., A.M. Madden, and Michelle Dare.
  • Every single blogger who supports authors just for the love of the books. You are all rock stars in my book!
  • Thank you to Lisa Hollett, my wonderful editor.
  • An extra special THANK YOU goes to the very special bloggers who are part of my blogger group. I appreciate your help and support so very much! You are my trusted few who get first dibs at any book I write because I know it’s in good hands. MUAH!!!











She’s killing me and she damn well knows it. She’s doing it on purpos
driving me crazy, making me wait. We’re sitting on the floor in the living room, my back is against the couch, and she’s sitting between my legs. For hours now, we’ve been playing Monopoly with Brandon, Alicia, Greg, Kelly,and my parent
and she’s the shoe. Who actually chooses to be the damn shoe? Andi, my sexy little vixen, that’s who. I willingly bankrupted long ago just so I could enjoy watching her.

She’s carefully studying the board, looking over her properties and deciding which property she wants to acquire next when I lean in close to her. She’s wearing her hair in a ponytail, giving me excellent access to her ear and neck. Two of my favorite body parts I love to lick—when she’s fully clothed.

My lips graze her ear as I whisper to her, “This game is taking too damn long. I have other plans for you tonight.”

The unmistakable reaction she has to my voice is immediately obvious. Her skin pebbles in goose bumps, and I feel her body shudder slightly. No one else notices—they’re all too involved in their board game. Or
bored game
, as I call it.

My tongue lightly licks under her ear, and my lips trail down her neck. I know the instant her breathing changes. She lets out an almost inaudible whimper, but I know the sounds the love of my life makes. I know what she likes, what drives her wild, and I still can’t believe I’ve been so fucking lucky to be the one she loves.

Moving back to her ear, I murmur, “Andi, I’ve been waiting all day for you. It’s time for them to go home.” My breath and the reverberation of my voice in her ear make her flinch and curl her head toward me. I love how much I affect her.

Brandon picks up the dice and shakes them in his hand. “Quit distracting Andi while we’re playing the game, Luke,” he jokingly admonishes me without even looking up.

“You should thank me for distracting her, Brandon. She’s kicking your ass right now. Land on Park Place again, and she
you, man,” I shoot back with a laugh.

Brandon smiles and nods in agreement while Alicia and Greg, my sister and brother-in-law, burst out in laughter. Alicia chimes in, “She’s about to own all of us. She owns over half the board!”

“You can always fold. Save yourself from the utter embarrassment of being beaten down by this beautiful little lady here,” I encourage.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and I love my family with all my heart, but they’ve been here
all day
. They’ve actually been here since early this morning, and it is now already into the night.




The only thing that has kept me from pushing them out the door before now is that this is the first Thanksgiving that Andi has had a real family around. I know how important it is to her. This is actually the first major holiday
at all
that she’s been surrounded by everyone she loves. Mack and Shane were here earlier to eat with us, and they’ve both already left to go visit other people. Her girlfriends came by to eat, and they’ve also already left. My family has apparently just fucking moved in.

Alicia and Greg finally declare bankruptcy and everyone else soon follows suit, except for Brandon. He gives me a devilish grin, like he knows exactly what he’s doing, and I narrow my eyes in a threatening response. Brandon is pretty buff himself, but when it comes to my alone time with Andi, I’ve definitely got more grit and determination. I can take him.

He finally throws his hands up and says, “Fine! You win, Andi!”

She squeals with happiness, does her little happy dance, and collects all the money from the board. Leaning around her side, I can see the grin splitting her gorgeous face in two as she says, “I’ve never won before!”

I fucking love her so much. Everything about her.

As my family is leaving, Kelly stops to hug Andi. Kelly and Andi lived in the same foster home years ago—the house Kelly refers to as
the house of horrors
. After all that time apart, Kelly had never forgotten Andi. But then, how could anyone forget her? We had worried that coming back to this house after the night she shot their foster father here would be too hard for her, but she insisted she’d be fine. She said that what happened inside these walls was nothing compared to what happened when she lived in
the house of horrors

We all watch as Andi squeezes her tightly and whispers something in her ear. Kelly nods at whatever Andi said and then slowly releases her. I haven’t pushed Kelly to be around me too much yet. She’s finally getting used to being in the same room with men and not jumping every time they move. She needs to accept me on her own terms, and we have plenty of time for that.

Imagine my surprise when she steps up to me, lifts up on her tiptoes, and wraps her little arms around my neck. When I bend my head down, she’s able to fully reach me, and I ask softly, “Is it okay if I hug you back?” She nods her head in permission and I wrap my arms around her. “Thank you, Kelly. This means a lot to me, my little sister,” I reassure her.

Her little arms release me as she steps back half a step, which is much better than it was just over a month ago. She wipes a tear from the corner of her eye and smiles shyly at me.

“Little sister, huh?” she asks with a warm smile. A smile that I hope says she likes having an older brother.

“That’s right. You’re my little sister now, so I get to protect you, and escort you on your dates, and chaperone your junior and senior proms,” I reply with a straight face. This earns me a real laugh from her, and it is the best laugh I’ve heard from her in the short time she’s been in my family.

“Get in line, little brother,” Brandon demands while elbowing me out of the way. “I’m the oldest, so I get first dibs on being her big brother.”

Kelly walks to Brandon and hugs him in much the same way she did me. I look around at all of my family as they watch this turn of events unfold. I realize how much we really have to be thankful for—on Thanksgiving Day, no less.

Aren’t I the philosophical one?

After we see my family out, Andi locks up the house and turns toward the stairs, heading up to our bedroom. Smiling, I can’t resist stealing up behind her, snatching her up, and throwing her over my shoulder. She screams playfully, calls me a few choice names that I tell her she’ll pay for, and I run up the stairs and into our bedroom.

“I’ve been waiting all damn day to be alone with you,” I complain to her as I put her down.

“I’m yours all night,” she purrs seductively, looking over her shoulder at me with that come-hither glance. She knows that drives me wild. She knows I can’t resist her.

“Just tonight?” I tease as I turn her to face me. I need to help her remove these clothes that are keeping me from what is rightfully mine.

“Always, my love,” she replies, her love for me dripping from every syllable.

Andi is amazing, and her love for me is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I feel her inside me, coursing through my veins, stronger than the very blood keeping me alive. She has become my

I suddenly turn very serious. The times that I’ve almost lost her have resurfaced in my mind, and I’m damned and determined to never be there again.

“I love you, baby,” I whisper against her lips before kissing her softly. “I never believed people when they said they couldn’t live without someone. Now, I don’t doubt it at all. I know without a doubt that I couldn’t live without you, Andi.”

She kisses me passionately, drawing closer in my arms, pressing her body against me as I wrap my arms around her and hoist her up in the air. Her kiss has meaning. She’s conveying her thoughts and making me feel what she feels with the touch of her lips. She ends the kiss and whispers back to me, “You’ll never have to be without me, Luke. I will always love you—only you.”

It’s amazing how her voice both soothes and excites me at the same time. Carrying her to our bed, I lay her down and cover her body with mine. My weight is resting on both my forearms and on her body. My lips find hers, and our simple kiss suddenly turns into a burning desire. Placing openmouthed kisses against her skin as I move down her body, the little sounds of pleasure she makes urge me on.

Andi is very sensitive to being touched on her neck. She loves when I kiss, bite, and lightly suck her beautiful skin between my teeth. Doing this just below her ear, all the way down to her shoulder, makes her come apart in my arms. Like right now, when her fingers grip my arms and her body bucks up toward me. She opens up to give me more access to run my tongue up and down before sinking my teeth into her skin.

Repositioning my weight, I move to help her remove her clothes. She’s so fucking beautiful; I can’t help but stop and stare at her for a minute. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen her, she still takes my breath away.

“You’re too far away from me, Luke,” she grumbles, reaching her arm out for me.

“You have me in a trance, Andi,” I reply honestly.

Deftly removing my own clothes, I all too eagerly reclaim my spot. Now we are body-to-body, skin-to-skin, with no barriers between us. My arms frame her face and, using my knee to urge her to open her legs farther, I’m exactly where I’ve wanted to be all damn day.

Today has been very special to me. In a way, I feel like I’ve given Andi something no one has been able to in a very long time. A real home, with family and friends—all the people she loves with everything she is, without question and without expectations of anything in return. Tonight needs to be all about Andi—what
wants, what
needs, and what I can give her with no expectations of getting anything in return.

Her beautiful eyes hold mine, and I see nothing but pure and unconditional love in them. My heart swells in my chest with pure pride at being her man. She chose me. She stood by me through all my idiocy. And she will be my wife.

Positioned at her core, I hold back from doing what I really want to do. Her hands run down my body, like silk flowing over hard steel, until she finds the cheeks of my ass. Her fingers grip me and try to pull me to her. My little vixen is so impatient. I almost laugh but I refrain to keep from breaking the tone of our lovemaking. While I love when we’re playful, tonight I want to share all my feelings with her in a different way.

Her eyes close as she arches her neck, pulling on me while I remain unmovable. “Luke, I’m yours,” she purrs, knowing that strikes the caveman chord in me.

“Andi, open your eyes and look at me,” I demand in a low and serious tone.

She complies with somewhat of a confused look, and for a split second, I see vulnerability in her eyes. Using my thumb to stroke her cheek, I continue to stare deeply into her eyes as I slowly sink into her. This is not a time to mask anything I’m feeling or thinking. This time, I need her to see it and feel it with me.

She understands me, and she gets me like no one else does. Her hands lovingly and tenderly move over my body. She maintains our locked eye contact as I push all the way into her, pouring all my love into every movement. Showering her with my every emotion without the first word ever being spoken.

Over and over, I give her every ounce of my love. My dedication. My promise to love, cherish, and protect her is in every movement. She owns my heart and I never want it back. It could never belong to anyone else because it would never be whole again without her. This is what I want her to know—what I
her to know. These are the words I can’t say to this beautiful lady who has shown me what real strength is.

A single tear rolls out of the corner of her eye and down her temple. She knows what I’m saying to her, she understands the meaning behind this, why it’s important to me, and she feels it too. It’s all right here between us and there’s no denying it. She is the other half of me—the better half, without a doubt.

The tension is building inside her, and I know she’s getting close. I don’t want to break the connection with her, and yet I want to kiss her, completely devour her, so badly I can’t stand it. Her inner walls clench around me, grabbing me tightly and holding on as she screams my name. I immediately follow her, pouring myself into her as I lean my mouth down to kiss her deeply.

She searches my eyes for a minute before speaking. “That was incredible…and intense,” she says breathlessly. All I can do is nod and keep my eyes glued to hers.

Why can’t I just tell her exactly how I feel? 

I nestle my face into her neck, and she threads her fingers into my hair.

“Talk to me, Luke. Tell me what you’re thinking,” she urges and consoles at the same time. How does she do that?

I raise my head to look at her, and instinctively I know there’s no point in even trying to play dumb. She knows something’s on my mind, and I know her well enough to know I can’t get out of this.

I roll off her, and she follows my movements and lies facing me. I stroke her cheek, push her hair back off her face, and take a deep breath. Now or never, I guess.

BOOK: Crazy Baby
11.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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