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BOOK: Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together

Chapter Ten:

It was pitch dark down here but luckily my demon senses took over and allowed me a sixth sense of what my surrounding were. All I can say going down in some creepy lair is definitely not only my repeat list.

All I see are orchards which are unusual considering this psycho put her favorite flowers all over the place. I know it was purely psychological to get Stacey to feel welcome but it just gave me the shivers and a total sense of violation.

This person or people had been watching Stacey, knew her every move. Total stalker vibe here and I was getting gooseflesh all over. I turned from the stairs to a long corridor to finally three doors before me.

The one in the center seemed too obvious and the one on the side probably would have a trigger. To warn this creep or at least that is how I would have set this up. Maybe I am too creative, but better prepared then make a mistake.

How to decide which door to choose?

She closed her eyes to give herself a moment to think. I better hurry up time isn't on my side.

Clearing my mind I picked the door toe the right. When I opened it I swear I saw a pink rabbit hop over toward the right and knew I made the right choice.

Before I could go in I turned to the left and I was shocked to see the symbol of a turtle. I blinked to double check and it was gone along with the invisible rabbit. That was strange. Was that meant for me to see? I would have to store that for later.

Chapter Eleven:

As I turned the handle and stepped in. My imagination had a dozen horrible scenarios, but all of them weren't even close. It was Stacey which was a huge relieve. She was strapped down to a chair with the TV on playing One Tree Hill. One of our favorite shows.

Oh how I love James Lafferty.

Focus Ginger. I saw the two medical bags attached to her arms on one each side. One to keep her dazed so her powers and out bond was damaged. The other only did God knows what. I needed to get her out of her fast, but how?

Oh, God!

I felt his mind. It was Jair Weatherly, the man that worked for Yvette. His blue eyes looked wild and his dark Mediterranean and half Italian features took on an omniscient presence.

Without hesitation I built up a surge and pushed with my mind. The psionic energy hit Jair and he collapsed to the ground. I didn't kill him, he was just I don't know. His breathing was labored but I wasn't concerned. All I wanted was my sister safe.

I cast a spell to free these drugs from her system and a confused Stacey looked up at me in tears. I felt her hug but our bond still wasn't back to normal. I could only hope with time her strength would come back.

Soon Aaron, Guadalupe and Leo arrived. Leo apprehended Jair and I explained everything to Lupio, as Aaron took Stacey home. Thankfully everything would go back to normal. Or, at least as normal for us as possible.

Chapter Twelve:

Two weeks and still Stacey didn't seem like her usually self. She ate, slept and went to school but something was off. Like a piece of her was missing. I wasn't the only one to notice a change but she was healthy, alive and her powers were working. My niece/god-baby was fine so why wouldn't this nagging voice go away. I needed advice.

I went outside to a park close by the airport and summoned Hannah Bryton, my guardian angel. I hoped she would come sooner but with Shalice freeing Daniel, and permentily ending her marriage with Aaron. He was too preoccupied with having Stacey home and trying to make sure she was okay.

Yvette was back to normal and surprisingly allowing Shalice to train her with magic. Yvette was a natural just like her mom and that helped bridge that gap in their relationship. A distraught Peter had pulled it together. He adjusted like Stacey but still hovered as if Stacey was fragile glass.

I knew better then them. Stacey was healing in her own way, just in solitary and with training. She may be pregnant but her thin frame started to put on some muscle. Seconds trickled back and Hannah was suddenly at my side with sundaes.

She handed me one, it was heavenly divines of yummy chocolate coating sweetness. I ate it and she ate hers' in silence as planes flew by infront of us. In and Out Burgers stood behind us. The smell of warm grilled burgers and onions made me want to BBQ.

Hannah says, "A part of Stacey's soul is missing."

At all the possible things she could have said, I was not expecting that.

I asked, "How can I help her?"

Hannah sighs and says, "The Moonlight Burning Forrest. She needs to absorb her power animal to heal."

That was strange.

I said, "Why I didn't. Was I suppose to?"

Hannah snaps, "Absolutely not. It would kill you. You are already too powerful and connected to the psychic knit. This will allow Stacey to connect with the universe which will heal her missing soul that Jair stole in hopes she'll fall in love since he literally owned her soul. She is detached, luckily the only side effect I have observed. The animal, her rabbit will boost her powers and make her back to herself."

I wanted to know would it harm the baby.

Hannah smiles and states, "No. Do it soon. The longer she stays like this, the worst it will be to snap back to herself."

With those words, Hannah got up and left. The hunger Ginger felt dissipated and was not filling with worry.

Chapter Thirteen:

Once back home I waited for Stacey, who only had a few classes so finals had already began to arrive. I couldn't believe how calm she is. It was probably due to her missing a piece of her soul. Just saying it in my head still seemed crazy as I worked on exactly what I was going to tell her. How do you tell someone they are missing a piece of their soul?

Convincing her wasn't as difficult as I thought. A part of Stacey was still in there, rational and able to be objective. I called Haruki and he did the spell he knew and in moments the real Stacey Cleopatra Darkholme was back. She was vibrant and thrilled to see me.

All the emotions racing through her slammed into me. This was the real homecoming I expected and life could go on. We had a wedding to attend in the spring right before my niece came. Oh and she'll be born the same time around Penny's baby.

Crying and hugging while Haruki just stood there speechless so we eventually were teary eyed. I saw him outside and we cooked together. She wanted roasted duck so in a few hours we had the kitchen smelling like life again.

I called Lucas, she called Peter and Yvette told Shalice. It was a full house and by the end of the night I was happily making out with my boyfriend.

We had a bigger issue to deal with in the morning, the fact that MaryAnne Kris was alive. This news would have to be dealt with as well. I needed to ask Jensen to dig into his past and found out how MaryAnne is still alive and what her new ultimate plan was since Feltus was dead.

Shalice had freed Daniel Oris Worthington, the vampire lord. Her soulmate and watching her explain this to Stacey was difficult. Shalice had felt in love with Aaron, raised a family together but her heart will always belong to Daniel. The pair was living it up at his place so Shalice's return didn't disrupt the Darkholme household.

Chapter Fourteen:

With Piper incharge things had calmed down more or less and she wasn't after anything. That is what worried Ginger the most. The waiting and anticipation for the other shoe to drop. MaryAnne was back and working with a cunning mastermind. Life just seemed quite before the real rage broke out.

Everything was different and she craved Hannah and Frost. Her lifelong friends that she trusted with her life. That was impossible. Frost was busy building up his own company in Thailand of all places.

Life had separated them and emailing back and forth was nice but corresponding with your bestie is awful. Hannah is some mega important heaven that assures the universes run smoothly. The fact she visits and watches over me is comforting but not always a guarantee.

After Feltus died, Ginger had been studying magic here and there. Mostly protection spells, she even dabbled with writing her own spells. Now that got the foundation down of how magic works, she has a spellbook she keeps. It was just a three ring binder that was filled with spells.

The basics and a few experimental ones on changing appearances. Transmigrafraction is huge in the magic community and Ginger thrived on challenges. So she has been masking her appearances. Changing her eye color and hair styles also her voice dictation. The walking or trying to imitate Yvette or Stacey was a lot harder then she originally thought.

Aaron was the only one who knew her secret and thought it a great idea to be prepared. Now all her training would come in handy with Stacey. Still recuperating and Penny a few weeks pregnant. All of the weight wasn't on her shoulders, or at least she no longer felt it was.

She could easily call Mark, Guadalupe, Jurnee, Natalie, Gretchen, and recent additions Adorsa are all friends. Oscar managed to free her and still is hiding out at Mark's apartment complex.

He had the room for her to stay and she is always protected in case Piper attacks. Gretchen spends the day in classes but also runs the library her family left her. Adorsa even with her witty, snarkly remarks is a great assistant manager. The pair gets along great, one less concern for Ginger.

The little magic Oscar can do isn't enough to protect himself. He recently met and is currently dating Nikki Spaulding. Nikki is not a woman I would want to cross.

Chapter Fifthteen:

Peter told me he is friends with people. The man has more connections then a phonebook, since Piper has been recruiting an army for MaryAnne. I figured I might as well do the same.

Well anyway Peter is introducing me to an indigo. Some guy who might be an emergency person to add to our team. Team superheroes seem darkly so we are the unofficial protectors of this universe. The outside of my job after my shift at the restaurant. Peter came up with a handsome guy. He didn't have up his shields so I read his mine. His name is Shane Joshua Tombs, and might I add hottie McDrools.

He is 6'2, has a set of Forrest green eyes. His cool, calm demeanor reminds me of Caleb. His sexiness is a match for Mark. His slightly developed muscular frame is similar to Luke's. Right, Lucas Catallano my amazing boyfriend who I have dinner plans with after this quick meeting.

Man was Shane a cutie, making me forget about my guy. He shook my hand as Peter went to get three coffees. He could sense something about me; it was in the gleam of his eyes.

I felt all of a sudden overly heated. The air felt constricting, as if my lungs weren't working properly. My head pounded and I felt as if I was about to pass it.

It ended almost as suddenly as it began. Good thing Peter was back, the only reason I could tell was he put the drinks on the table. The sudden action snapped me back to reality.

I wondered, "What the hell just happened?"

Shane clears his throat and states, "Part of my abilities is to take away energy, so in your case control of oxygen and I can also neutralize abilities. The next time you enter my mind without permission, well that was just a demonstration if you catch my drift."

I nodded. Oh shit! This guy packed a wallop, and that is saying something. I am sure Jurnee and Mark will find him interesting.

Chapter Sixteen:

My night with Luke was amazing as usual and I ended the night filling a notebook with how my day went. I am happy that Peter is helping out. It helps to keep busy after that incident with Stacey's disappearance. Now I just needed to figure out how to deal with MaryAnne Kris and Piper Sharp.

Six months later.

A week to my twenty first birthday and still no leads on MaryAnne's activity. Jensen is missing, said he was going deep undercover to find her. That is working out so well right now. I hesitate to ask Penny to do a locator spell and mine wouldn't be powerful enough to track him wherever he is.

This leaves me entirely uncomfortable, yet I still have hope he'll pop by and everything will be okay. I got an over-priced apartment with Adorsa and Gretchen right after the spring semester ended. I can spend quality time alone with Luke. I mostly sleep over at his place when we want to be alone and have the privacy we both desire. The man is insatiable and I love every moment of our lovemaking.

Someone came knocking at the apartment door, Adorsa just got out the shower so she was getting ready and I had no idea where Gretchen was at. You can image my surprise when I opened the door to Mark, Shane, and some woman I didn't know. I let them in and Adorsa came out in a tank top and yoga pants. We all sat down and the woman introduced herself as August Gold. She was a guardian, a program set up by Oscar and Jensen to help people.

August says, "Jensen has been taken."

Mark asks, "Are you certain?"

August nods and responds, "Oscar tried all his contacts. I even contacted my friend who is a translator for the angels. They can't find him anywhere."

That got me to thinking. The past keeps coming up and this had to be MaryAnne.

Adorsa demands, "Why are you here besides to deliver bad news."

August looks at her and back to me. She clears her throat and states, "The reason why they took Jensen. They must want the elementallers."

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