Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together (7 page)

Piper states, "Aiden. That'll be all for now. Go have lunch or something."

He storms off.

Ginger grins and says, "You have him well trained like a puddle."

Piper actually smiles and laughs.

Ginger asks, "Someone stole Jensen. Delia Kern is some huge threat and broke a ripple in the universes to break something out."

Piper smirks and announces, "Delia is some fairy, hardily a threat."

Aiden comes running in and says, "We have a breech in security."

Piper rolls her eyes and claims, "Deal with it."


Half of the ceiling came tumbling down around them. Ginger automatically through herself at Piper, knocking them out of the way of a high beam that crashes seconds after them moved. A hysterical laugh comes from a blond in a light blue dress who strolls over to them.

This must be Delia Kern.

She thinks, "OMG. She isn't a fairy. She is a God. I didn't know how I know but."

Delia states, "Prepare to die."

She makes a fireball and launches it at Piper who is still half covered by me.

Ginger thinks, "Not good."

To be continued....

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