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Authors: Poison Pixie Publishing

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Daddy's Girl

Volume 1

Vanessa de Sade

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Poison Pixie
Publishing 2011


After the
break-up Penny shut herself up in her apartment without respite,
sleeping through the daylight hours and pacing restlessly through
her silent rooms to pass the long, soulless nights.

She had vowed
bitterly to give up sex, unable to bear the hurt of being betrayed
again, but after six weeks of nocturnal prowling that old urge
became insistent and she sat in the dark of her bedroom in the
small hours, surfing the net on her laptop, playing with herself
while she mentally fondled the big cocks of the hunky dudes on gay
porn sites, silently cumming three and four times a night.

It eased the
itch, like scratching at a bite, but didn’t solve the problem, and
though looking at the gay guy’s big dicks made her pussy wet and
sticky she despised the men’s smug eyes, their immaculately
barbered moustaches and, most of all, their indifference to who she
was and what she was doing.

Frustrated she
took to roaming the dark backstreets of the net, the pussy
parlours, the confession sites and the jerk-off bars, trying to
find the elusive ingredient that would fix her, make her whole
again. She paid out fifty dollars and joined a mutual masturbation
site, training her webcam squarely on her pussy, feverishly rubbing
at her clit for some fat redneck from god-knows-where while he
crudely jerked his stubby little cock for her in turn, breaking the
connection as soon as the first white dribble of cum spurted out of
his sausage-like dick.

Desperate, she
had searched for someone else to partner with to finish, but it was
well after four in the morning and there seemed to be no willing
dudes available at that deserted graveyard hour. Rubbing
desperately at her engorged clit for relief she finally ventured
into alien territory, and, fearful of what she might find, she let
her cursor lead her into an alley marked Women seeking Women.

These dark
corridors were equally deserted, but a single glowing icon in the
middle distance signalled another human presence, and, her heart
beating in her mouth, Penny took a deep breath and clicked


answered straight away, warm and friendly.

“Hi, just read
your profile. You sound great. You done this before?”

“Not with a

popped-up a smiley-face icon. “Relax, I’m not a dyke, I just like
to talk about stuff while I do this and guys are no good at that.
You OK with telling me intimate things?”

Penny refrained
from saying that she was so horny that she would tell her her
credit card number in return for release.

“Yes, yes, I’ll
tell you stuff,” she replied, desperate, “do we look too, or just


“Just my
tee-shirt. You?” she asked, a strange excitement gripping her as
she realised that she was just about to show her hot wet cunt to
another woman.

want to see?”

“Yes.” The
surety of her own reply surprised her, in fact, truth to tell,
scared the hell out of her.

camera screen popped up and whirred ‘buffering’ as Penny gingerly
turned on her own cam.

“You like?”
Cherry asked, as her picture sprang into life and Penny suddenly
saw her. She was young, maybe only fifteen, round and chubby,
sitting in her princess bed in a little girl’s pink bedroom
plastered with Robert Pattenson posters. She was naked, as
promised, with long strawberry blonde hair cut in a fringe and big
owly glasses. Her round pretty face and plump breasts were freckly
and white, her little pert nipples pink and sugary. She had tiny
hands with bitten nails, a pleasingly rounded white tummy and a
very cute little pussy covered in fine red hair that was so
translucent it showed off the slit below.

Penny felt
disproportionately turned-on by her, on the one hand desperate to
continue this adventure, on the other horrified that she seemed to
be gratifying herself with someone so young.

“How old are
you, Cherry?” she asked cautiously.


“You look

“Everyone says
that. I go to college.”

“Oh,” Penny
said and paused, uncertain where to take this now.

Cherry broke
the ice for her. “Can I see all of you?”


“Can I see you,
it’s just your pussy on the screen, can I see you all?”

Penny pulled
her tee shirt off and typed “OK” as she moved the camera up. She
was a tall thin girl of twenty-nine, with short close-cropped black
hair, full kissable lips, up-turned nose and sad brown eyes. Her
pale body, denied the touch of the sun for nearly two months now,
was long and stringy, like a boy’s, with small pointed tits and a
dark furry pussy. She thought she’d probably look old to

However, her
fears proved to be groundless as Cherry quickly typed in one word.

“You really
like?” Penny asked, still insecure or maybe just fishing for

“Very much,”
Cherrypie replied, giving her fat little tits a squeeze and
bringing the nipples up to attention, “I’m so going to enjoy

Penny’s cunt
was on fire as she licked her fingers and moved a hand down to it,
squeezing softly. Cherry typed, “Nice!”

“Will you touch
your pussy too?” Penny asked, impatient, her fingers running down
her slit and slipping quickly inside to the sticky wetness that she
would use to lubricate her aching clit.

“I’m so hot
watching you just now,” Cherry typed back, “tell me a secret

“OK, I used to
suck my boyfriend’s cock when he was on the phone to his boss.”
Penny said, blushing, “I just didn’t know his boss was a woman and
that he told her that I did it.”

“What a
bastard,” Cherry replied supportively, “but kinda sexy, too. Do you
think she was touching herself on the other end of the line?”

“Fuck knows,”
said Penny, “probably.”

“Well, I think
you deserve a reward for that, anyway,” Cherry purred, her little
hand slipping down and starting stroking, “you’ve got me all nice
and wet.”

Penny made a
gasping noise and spread her legs wide for the other girl to see,
aware that her pussy would open up like a tropical flower all
sticky with moisture, its damp petals red and inflamed with

“I want you to
look my cunt,” she whispered, “while you tell me a secret that’ll
get us both off.”

She saw Cherry
giggle girlishly, her little pink-tipped tits jiggling, as her tiny
fingers worked busily at her clit.

“Your cunt’s so
beautiful. It looks like a sugar-frosting rose on a cake and I just
want to eat you,” she began like Scheherazade, “so here’s my story.
My parents split up when I was sixteen and my Mom took to fucking
anything that moved. I saw her once in the bathroom with this dude
who had come to fix the shower. She was kneeling on the tiled floor
with the door wide open and she had his pants down and his cock in
her mouth.”

Penny felt a
fresh wave of heat pass over her. “OMG, could you see it?”

“Fuck, yeah!
She’d keep sucking him and then stop and take it out and lick all
round the head while she felt his balls and ass. His cock was all
wet and slick and angry looking, and it was sticking out about a
mile in front of him. It looked really huge to me because I’d never
seen an adult one up-stiff before, but it seemed to get bigger
every time she sucked him. It made me so hot I stood on the stairs
and pulled my sweats and panties down and touched myself. I mean,
I’d done it before and I knew how to cum and all, but there I was
standing on the stairs with my panties round my knees doing it
while I watched my Mom blow this dude…”

“And you wanted
him to see you, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah. I so
did. There was this big hairy guy with a huge naked cock standing
getting blown not three yards away and I was there all the time
with my pussy all exposed and I pretended that he was looking right
at me.”

“Did you see
him cum or did she swallow it?”

“No, she felt
him starting to spurt and pulled him out to give herself a facial.
I saw every last drop, it just came shooting out all over her,
thick and white, running down her cheeks and stringing from her
lips. I came right there and then but they were making too much
noise and never heard me.”

“I think I’ve
got a story that you’ll like,” Penny said quietly, her fingers busy
on her slippery pussy and clit, “but will you spread for me? I want
to watch your cunt while I tell you.”

“OK, but don’t
cum yet,” Cherry replied, opening her legs, “we’re only getting
started here.”

She settled
herself in her new position and smiled shyly up at Penny, her
pretty cunt now open and exposed and no longer looking girlish.
Despite her youthful build she had a big grown-woman’s mound, and
her orangey-red muff was like a beacon flame burning above her deep
furrowed slit, the full lips all puffy and excited, her big clit
visible to the naked eye.

“Well,” Penny
began, “my parents split up when I was fifteen and I lived at home
with my Mom during the week and stayed with my Dad in his new
apartment at weekends. It was kinda small and there was only one
bedroom, so I used to sleep on the put-you-up in the living room
when I stayed. I can’t believe that I’m about to tell you

“Fuck, don’t
stop now,” Cherry cried, working frantically on her clit, “I need
to hear this!”

“OK, well, this
went on for about eleven months and then one night I got up to pee
and I was just going back to bed when I heard a sound from his
room. I honestly wasn’t peeping, I though here was something wrong,
and I looked gingerly around his door. He was on the bed in just
his vest, that was all. His PJ bottoms were on the floor and he’d
pushed the bedclothes off him, and there was a little lamp on
beside the bed so I could see him but he couldn’t see me, and I
just stood and watched.”

“You saw the
whole thing?”

“Yes. It was so
beautiful. I’d never seen a real guy, you know, in the flesh, but
I’d started masturbating that summer and I’d found some DVDs at the
bottom of my Mom’s lingerie drawer, so I knew what was about to
happen. But Dad was so much better looking than the dudes in the
movies. He used to be a runner when he was in college and he’s
still really muscular, long sinewy legs, six pack, hairy

“What about
down there, was he good and hairy there?”

“Oh yes. So
dark and hairy, it was thick and black around his balls and all the
way up his tummy. And his cock, fuck, that was a cock to be my
first. It was blue-white in the light, as if it had been carved out
of granite, sticking up like a monolith, his balls long and heavy,
straining every time he thrust it upwards, and the head like a big
purple stone from a river, all wet and glistening.”

“Was he

“No, he took
ages. I could have cum two or three times in the time it took him
to finally shoot. He just did it real slow. Pulling the foreskin
right down as if it hurt him, then keeping it there until he
couldn’t bear it any longer and then dragging it back up again, his
little hole weeping moisture all the time. Finally, it was as if he
couldn’t bear the loneliness inside him any longer and he started
to thrust up and down, his cum shooting out of him in big hot
splashes as he shot it out, over and over again. And then he cried.
Not sobs but just big tears, streaming out of him, and I wanted to
go in and hug him and, really, straddle him and put his big cock
inside me, let him be my first to make up for my Mom betraying him
and leaving him alone like this.”

“And did you?”
Cherry asked, her finger circling round and round her erect clit
with ever-growing momentum.

“No, but I did
do something the next night,” Penny whispered very softly, her face
on fire. “I took a shower before bed and then towel-dried myself,
so that my hair was still wet. I had long hair then, and a fringe,
like yours. I put my robe on carelessly and went through to his
room and sat on his bed, trapping him under the covers.

I started to
talk about growing up, combing my wet hair all the time, and
although he was embarrassed I could see that he was watching me
very closely.

When I was sure
that I had his attention I stretched my arms behind me in a pretend
yawn and let my wrap fall open. I didn’t have much tit, of course,
but I already had pretty grown-up nipples, and I knew that he could
see them. He’d got very flushed, but he wasn’t telling me to stop,
so I went on, letting the belt go and the whole thing fall

“And he could
see your pussy?”

“Not yet, but
he knew that I was naked and all he had to do was get me to slip
the robe off, but he sat tight. Suddenly I said, ‘I’ve started
masturbating, Dad, how old were you when you started?’

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