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While Daimon knew Leland's instinct made him want to get outdoors, especially when still reaching out to Randy, he knew it was too soon. As a consequence of his short psychic link with the blond, Daimon could feel Randy at the edge of his consciousness. It meant the other Lycan wasn't far away and closing fast. Daimon estimated Randy's arrival coinciding with moonrise. However, Gene and the others still searched for his friend, and they were also close by.

By the time evening had come around, whines and growls peppered Leland's speech. Daimon recognised the behaviour as Leland reacting to the close proximity of his mate. The Lycan wanted to turn, then run and seek out Randy. The moon didn't trigger an irresistible urge to become a wolf. But, the young male had an almost overpowering sexual drive to mate.

As darkness claimed the sky and the moon rose in its cold, silvery glory, Daimon finally opened his door.

"Strip and complete your transformation here in safety," the demon instructed, barring Leland's exit. He smiled in approval as Leland began to pull roughly at the clothes that irritated his friend's already changing skin. "Now reach out to your mate and run to him as fast as you can. I will deal with anyone who tries to keep you apart."

Daimon nodded as Leland spared him a glance and gave a quick smile.

"Thank you, Daimon," he whispered.

The demon watched as a covering of golden down appeared on Leland's smooth skin, his ears elongated, and his teeth sharpened as he took on a wolfish appearance. Then he ran, a mournful howl echoing in his wake. Daimon dematerialised.

The demon easily took care of the humans. He caught them one by one, rendered them unconscious, and locked them in the room they had set up to imprison Leland.

Next his attention turned to locating and intercepting Gene. He could feel other Lycans as he waited for the silver werewolf and frowned. Three other Lycans. Leland he recognised instantly. The other two he recognised as powerful alphas. Yet with one, he could feel its fear, its deep anxiety; it was much farther away than the other.

He tracked Leland and Randal closing in on each other. From his vantage spot, he would intercept Gene as the lovers met. He looked at the perfect silver moon high in the sky, which lit the nearby the lake with its cold light.

Surging through the forest heading towards the lake, Leland appeared first, and then Daimon got his first sight of Randal. The other Lycan made his approach from the opposite direction.

Leland had not exaggerated. Daimon thought Randal indeed magnificent. Dark fur covered most of the bared torso. What remained of his T-shirt hung in shreds from a solid body. Daimon saw some trails of blood where the werewolf's claws had cut into his own torso as he clumsily attempted to rid himself of cumbersome clothing. His pants had gone, and Daimon stared at long, powerful, hirsute legs. Randal's white briefs, little more than tatters, tried unsuccessfully to restrain a rampant erection.

As Daimon completed his appraisal, Leland and Randal came together, and he watched the blond drop to his knees and offer his throat to his alpha mate. At the submissive gesture, Randal threw back his head and howled, sending a frisson of raw sexuality down Daimon's spine. His own flesh reacted, instantly becoming hard.

He heard Gene racing through the trees, clearly still hoping to stop the final mating of Leland with Randal. As he crashed towards the clearing, Daimon caught him effortlessly and held him.

He whispered in his ear, "Let them finish what they started, Gene. Look at them with open eyes. They were made for each other."

"Dai?" Gene asked, his voice a bare whisper of sound. He struggled uselessly, Daimon able to hold even a Lycan.

"Short for Daimon," Daimon whispered, letting his voice become a dark, vocal caress of Gene's ear. "Watch them, witness them become life-mates. I promise you I would let no harm befall Leland."

Daimon grinned as Gene sagged in his strong embrace.

"Are you sure?" Gene asked.

The question surprised Daimon. He had, in part, expected anger from the silver-haired male. He let Gene squirm enough to be able to gaze into the familiar emerald eyes now filled with anxiety.

"If I had any doubts I would not have permitted the mating. Leland is young, but this is his mate. Can't you feel it? Put aside your fear for him and of his father's reaction. Let yourself feel what they feel, how right they are."

The look in Gene's eyes changed, and Daimon smiled at him, receiving an answering smile in return before Gene turned to witness the imminent mating. Daimon could feel the change in the Lycan, but continued to keep his tight hold.




Looking up at his alpha, his beloved mate-to-be, Leland responded eagerly as Randy reached out to him and pulled him to his feet. Both Lycans whimpered and growled as Randy scented him, checking for injuries. Clearly satisfied that nothing prevented their coupling, Randy manoeuvred Leland to lie on the soft, mossy earth, and his tongue danced over the smaller male's lightly-furred, golden torso before he dropped his head between his lover's out-flung thighs.

Leland writhed eagerly as Randy licked his erection from root to tip, sucking at the swollen head before turning his attention lower. Leland retained enough awareness to know all Randy's instincts screamed to mount and claim his mate, especially because of their enforced separation. However, to his relief, Randy realised he needed preparation. His tongue slid over Leland's opening. His tightly furled flesh quivered under his lover's increasingly insistent licks.

Randy penetrated Leland with his supple organ, and Leland gave a joyous howl as he came. He panted heavily as Randy temporarily abandoned Leland's opening to taste his crème. Randy growled his appreciation of Leland's release before resuming his amorous assault at Leland's entrance with unbridled passion. He thrust his tongue again and again, and Leland felt his defences cede to the alpha male as Randy worked diligently to loosen and slick his virginal passage.

Sitting back, Leland watched Randy stroke his thick, engorged flesh, using copious pre-ejaculate to help lubricate his length. He let Randy guide his legs around his lover's waist and then the bigger male eased forward, pressing the head of his throbbing shaft to Leland's prepared portal. Leland nodded frantically as his lover stopped, clearly seeking the final assurance. At the confirmation Randy used his powerful haunches to push forward. As the head of his lover's cock penetrated him slowly, Leland couldn't prevent soft whimpers from spilling from his lips as he struggled to accept his mate's tumescent organ. He panted shallowly as Randy pressed deeper inside, moving slowly. He nuzzled at Leland's throat, licking and nipping as Leland tossed his head restlessly from side to side.

Randy didn't just shove forward. Leland smiled at him as his beloved mate eased in slowly, letting Leland adjust to the length and girth of the flesh that united them. He stroked at Leland's flanks and chest, bending down to nibble at Leland's nipples while he squirmed to accommodate his lover's solid rod. Leland's body slowly relaxed, and Randy pumped at Leland's deflated shaft, encouraging it to regain hardness.

Leland took a couple of moments for the uncomfortable sensation of fullness to give way to pleasure, and he saw in Randy's eyes his lover had recognised it too. Leland whined his need for more, and Randy responded, his hips moving in a steady, deep tempo. Another howl of joy rose into the air as Randy began to thrust against Leland's prostate. Randy reached for Leland's shaft again, and he heard Randy's growl of approval. Leland was fully hard and desperate to come again.

Leaning forward, Randy's mouth sealed over his. He heard Randy's soft whine of bliss as Leland raked his hands over his mate's back and gripped hard at his buttocks. Their tongues moved with the same deliberate rhythm that echoed their lovemaking. Leland moved his slim hips in counterpoint to Randy's thrusts, and he became lost in their shared joy.

Leland could no longer determine where he ended and Randy began. They were no longer two separate, individual entities. They moved as one, incrementally rising towards their shared climax.

Leland felt his release begin at cell level. Heat permeated his body; breathing almost forgotten as he arched his back, mouth open in a silent scream. His lover began to piston his hips with a primal ferocity as Randy sought to come inside his mate. Randy's seed jettisoned deep into Leland in powerful bursts. His howl of completion, a primitive sound of passion and possession, rent the air. Leland echoed it scant seconds later, and his own semen decorated their heated bodies.

As the last of his seed pulsed into Leland, Randy bit hard at Leland's shoulder, an outward mark to show that Leland was taken. Leland gave a soft moan of approval even as his claws scratched at Randy's shoulder. Leland's mark for Randy to wear with pride, a sign that he, too, was mated.

The two Lycans slowed their movements, gentleness replacing the earlier frenetic movements. They kissed and stroked, nipped and nuzzled, joy evident on both faces. Randy grinned down at Leland as he looked up at his mate with elation.

"I love you, Leland. You're mine now, just as I'm yours," Randy said, pride and satisfaction evident in his tone.

"Love you too, Randy," Leland confessed. "I was so afraid you wouldn't come for me."

"I would have searched the world to find you," Randy replied, dropping kisses to the upturned face. "You're my mate. No one and nothing would have stopped me finding and claiming you."


"Did you feel it, Gene?" Daimon whispered as he watched the lovers kiss. His solid arousal rubbed insistently at the buttocks of the Lycan he held.

"Unity," Gene whispered back. "Two as one."

Daimon suddenly vanished, leaving Gene to stagger and cough from the close proximity of Daimon's sulphur.

Daimon watched Gene look around with a mix of hurt and confusion in his eyes until the Lycan saw where he was.

Daimon stood a few feet away from the mated Lycans, another werewolf struggling furiously in his grasp. Daimon saw the recognition in Gene's eyes.

"Jerard!" Gene shouted.

Daimon watched from behind the angry Lycan as Randy surged to his feet to stand protectively over his new mate, snarling savagely. Aware of Gene rushing over, he hoped that between them they could ensure Leland's father accepted the new life-pairing.

"They are mated, Jerard," Gene said. "Didn't you feel how right it was? They are made for each other, my friend."

Daimon saw the alpha male look over at Leland, shock in his eyes, as the blond rose to his feet.

"When did your boy become such a beautiful young man?" Daimon whispered in Jerard's ear. "How many years has it been since you really took note of what was happening in Leland's life? What he wants? How he feels?"

For a few seconds Jerard seemed to not let the words sink in. Then Daimon felt the alpha male sag, and he carefully unwrapped his arms from the powerful form. He remained alert, however.

"It was for your own good," Jerard said, his voice a deep, ominous growl. "I wanted to protect you. I know nothing of this… this other. I wanted you to make a suitable match. One befitting your status as my son."

Ready to act if needed, Daimon watched Leland peer from behind the safety of his mate's powerful body.

"I remember Mama saying that you were told a human wasn't suitable as a mate," Leland said. "She was always so proud that your love for her won and that you disregarded what others saw as a more suitable match."

"It's not the same," Jerard started dismissively, but Daimon grinned with pride as Leland stood his ground.

"It is the same, Papa.
don't know Randy, but
do. I know him here," Leland said, striking over his heart. "I knew it from the day we met. He is my life-mate, and we are bonded. If that makes you unhappy, you have to deal with it."

"He's right, Jerard," Gene said. "I saw them. They're bonded. Unity. If you can't accept that bonding, then I can't remain in your pack."

The silver-haired Lycan had moved to stand by Daimon and the demon let his tail snake around Gene's waist, letting his lover feel his support… his love.

"I don't know what to say, Leland." Jerard's words were choked with emotion.

Daimon saw that Leland had heard the raw sound of grief and seen the infinite sadness in his father's eyes, and felt himself swell with pride as the young Lycan acted. Daimon grinned as Leland took hold of Randy's hand firmly and led his still growling mate to his father.

"Papa, meet Randal, my life-mate. Randy, this is Jerard, my papa. I love you both. Please find a way to get on together."

Daimon nodded his approval as Leland stood still while Jerard reached hesitantly for him. Jerard enfolded Leland in a tight hug, and Daimon realised the father was scenting his son. He knew that bonded Lycans' scents subtly altered, reflecting their status as newly mated. Jerard released Leland as he extended his hand to the brunet who stood observing like a silent sentinel.

"I was wrong to do as I did," Jerard said. "I forced a good man to behave out of character. I made my own child a prisoner. I was so busy with my pack, I failed to see my child become a man, and I acted without thinking. I am so very sorry. I am pleased and proud to welcome you into my pack."

To Daimon's delight, Randal slowly accepted the hand and gave a curt nod.

"If you had checked a little further into my family, you would have found that my youngest aunt is married to Cameron Elders. I am second in charge of his pack."

"It should not have mattered what your pack was," Jerard said and shook his head. "I should have left mine in Gene's hands to come to France when I was told you and Leland had met and there was likely to be a permanent relationship. I don't know when my baby became a man. I feel I have missed so much."

"Then perhaps the three of you should spend the rest of the night together to get to know the man your son has become and the mate he has taken," Daimon suggested. "I'm sure Leland would welcome the opportunity."

BOOK: Daimon
9.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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