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"Please, Papa, Randy. I would like that very much," Leland said.

Daimon smirked at Leland who had an arm around the waist of each powerful alpha. He felt sure the petit blond was already the one in charge. Leland grinned over at Daimon who winked back.

Daimon snaked his arms around Gene's waist. There was no threat to Leland, and he remained achingly aroused from the sight and scent of the mating Lycans. He also needed to speak to Gene.

"You know where my home is, Leland. Bring everyone tomorrow… at a decent hour?" Daimon spoke as he dematerialised, Leland's delighted laughter fading away as he took a speechless Gene with him.




When Daimon rematerialised, he knew Gene would be a little disorientated and held tight to the sliver-haired Lycan.

"I'm sorry I deceived you over what I was in the gazebo," he said. "But I didn't fake any of our lovemaking. That was real. I… I felt something from the moment we met. Can we start over?"

"I felt it too," Gene replied. "But my concern was Leland. The drug was to ensure he didn't hurt himself trying to escape. It tormented me that I'd done it, but it would have torn a hole in my soul if he'd been lost like his mother. I'd like to start over too."

"Good," Daimon growled.

Daimon eased Gene from his arms and attacked the Lycan's shirt, yanking it apart, buttons flying as Daimon flung it aside, baring the torso that haunted his dreams. He used mouth and nails to tease Gene's nipples as he manoeuvred him towards the bed. He laughed at the Lycan's gasp as Daimon lifted him easily to lay him in the centre and straddled his body.

"I'm a lot stronger than I appear, my love," he whispered, his voice husky from arousal.

He heard the guttural growl as he began to tease Gene's groin with the tip of his tail.

"All mine," Daimon whispered. He ran his hands over the muscular, furred torso. "Whatever
want this time."

"Whatever you wish of me," Gene conceded.

Seconds later, Daimon had fully stripped his lover and gazed down at him as if he were a feast. Daimon's tongue licked over his lips and Gene groaned, hips rising, his erection already hard and dripping. Daimon knew exactly where his lover would want his tongue.

"I think I need to take the edge off first," Daimon said, grinning lasciviously.

The demon shifted his weight, freeing one hand to reach between them, long fingers catching both their shafts in his grasp. Gene panted as Daimon stroked them both, the demon's hand a perfect torment on his own flesh as much as that of his lover's as it slid from root to tip, pressing their swollen flesh together.

Daimon took Gene repeatedly to the edge and back, groaning and thrashing beneath him. He then stopped, and waited for Gene's eyes to open and stare at him as his lover came back from incipient release and then resumed stroking, very lightly, maintaining their arousal, stretching it out. He slid his tail under Gene and pulled their lower bodies together, making Gene writhe.

It aroused Daimon even more to see the Lycan throw his head back, throat working, growls and whines his only sounds. He heard Gene make a noise of primitive approval as Daimon ground himself shamelessly into his lover.

"You feel so good," Daimon said, his voice a sensual rasp of sound.


"Yes," Daimon whispered as Gene came hard, convulsing under Daimon and clearly almost lost in his ecstasy. Gene's eyes opened and Daimon was pleased Gene watched him come, his face reflecting his own pleasure as his seed pulsed, further slicking their shafts. Gene's hips jerked uncontrollably as Daimon worked them both perfectly through their mutual climax.

As Gene sagged, evidently replete, his chest heaving, Daimon heard a low, rumbling purr as he licked down his lover's body, cleaning him of their joint release with slow, sensuous motions of his long tongue. His gaze locked with Gene's and Daimon let the Lycan see something deeper than just surface gratification in his eyes.

He smiled as Gene reached his hands down to caress Daimon's head, and then Gene urged Daimon up and claimed his lips in a deep, searing kiss that left them both panting heavily.

Smiling sultrily, Daimon rolled a quiescent Gene onto his stomach, taking a moment to look at and admire the powerful, furred, muscular form. Daimon lifted the hair off Gene's nape to nip at bared skin, and he enjoyed the way Gene's warm, hirsute back felt on his smooth chest. He urged the Lycan to his knees, and Gene pushed his firm cheeks back against Daimon's already fully resurgent cock, sending a flame of urgency to consume them both.

Daimon's fingertips caressed the length of Gene's half-hard shaft, making him gasp and moan. Daimon kept stroking him slowly… so slowly, until Gene shook, his body damp with sweat that Daimon kept licking off his back with low purrs of approval. Daimon curved his tail around a thigh to nudge against Gene's sac. He probed at and rubbed over his lover's entrance with it, making Gene buck.

Lost in his pleasure, all Daimon heard Gene murmur was a continual babble, a mindless, breathless, confused litany of Daimon's name and "yes" and "please." His lover moaned and writhed as Daimon kept circling his opening with his tail, teasing mercilessly, never going where the Lycan so desperately wanted.

"Mine," Daimon declared with an air of finality. Among his kind, Gene might be alpha, but at that moment Daimon knew he held dominance.

The sounds Gene made and the salt-sweet taste of him had taken root in Daimon's mind and whetted his salacious appetite. Gene pushed against his tail and into his hands like it was everything he wanted. He also knew Gene
his, just as Daimon belonged to Gene, with Gene. Gene's body silently screamed for Daimon's possession as the Lycan shook under Daimon's hands, responding to
. Daimon sensed that Gene had always been the top. This vulnerability was new to the Lycan and still he responded.

Kneeling behind his lover, Daimon palmed the furry ass cheeks, spreading them open, drowning in the scent and taste of Gene's essence. Ignoring the Lycan's loud howl, Daimon licked repeatedly across Gene's entrance, fascinated by the alternate tightening and loosening under his insistent tongue. The purely carnal act inflamed both males. Daimon felt Gene's resurgent sex hanging heavily against Daimon's tormenting fingers, and his lover's furry balls were drawn up high and hard.

"Daimon, please, yes, yes," Gene begged and Daimon obeyed.

The demon's entire body thrummed at the way Gene fell apart at his touches. Daimon slicked his tail with the lube he kept under his pillows and slid it into Gene's heated depths. Working the agile appendage past the guardian muscle, he groaned at Gene's inner heat, so much hotter than he expected.

"I've never bottomed for another," Gene confessed as Daimon worked his mate's body. "I'm an alpha, and never found my mate, but I want this. I want you."

"I have had many in my bed," Daimon whispered. "But none held my heart as you do. Trust me. I'll take care of you. Now and always."

Daimon relished every whimper and shudder as he worked more of his tail inside his lover, his tail thickening, opening Gene farther. All the time his tail penetrated his lover, Daimon roamed his hands over Gene's body; fondling his cock and balls, pinching and tugging at his nipples, every touch evidently inflaming Gene even more.

Daimon echoed Gene's howl as his tail brushed over his lover's prostate. The tight sheath contracted around him, and the pleasure shot hot sparks behind Daimon's eyes. Dimly he heard Gene's voice, a raw, desperate tone.

"Now, Daimon, now! Want you in me. Need you in me!"

"Yes, yes, yes, my love." Daimon's voice became lust incarnate as he spoke words.

Daimon nipped sharply on the firm curve of Gene's lightly-furred right cheek. The sharp pain hit something deep and primal inside Gene. His lover, close to coming, tumbled into the abyss, whining and shaking, but Daimon didn't release him. Instead, as Gene sagged from his second climax, Daimon flipped him effortlessly onto his back, and hooked his lover's legs over his elbows, spreading him wide as Daimon readied himself to enter his mate.

Daimon knew that for an alpha, the vulnerable position should have Gene resisting, trying to reassert his natural dominance. However, Daimon's possessive bite had both seared him with pleasure and commanded a submission his lover had told him he'd never wanted to give before. Gasping, Gene stilled, letting Daimon position himself at his mate's entrance.

"It's never been like this," Gene whispered. "I gave pleasure, and I took it. But now, I feel treasured, wanted, and owned in a mix I just can't describe. I love you and I'm yours."

"Mine, as I am yours. I love you," Daimon whispered. Gene clung to Daimon's shoulders as he entered his mate. His cockhead pressed inexorably against his loosened lover, and Gene opened to let his lover inside. He heard the soft groan and knew, for a few moments, there would be an unfamiliar mix of pleasure and pain for the Lycan.

Gene lifted his head, and Daimon's mouth found his. As their tongues danced and Daimon's hips began to undulate, his tail securely gripped his lover's cock, Daimon slowly became aware that he felt complete, and looking into Gene's eyes, he saw the same recognition of unity by the Lycan.

Daimon groaned and shoved the last few inches of his shaft inside Gene's molten depths a little faster than he intended. His demonic instincts knew just how much Gene could safely take and how fast—a knowledge his body automatically accounted for with any lover, human or otherwise. He pressed down against Gene, urging the Lycan's legs around his waist so their bodies could touch and they could kiss comfortably. He relished the feel of Gene's furred chest against his own smooth skin and inexplicably felt filled with Gene as he finally became, fully encased in his mate's hot, grasping sheath.

He positioned his hands on either side of Gene's head. He spiralled his tail around the Lycan's dripping member, setting up a rhythm of pulling, rippling, and contracting. He heard Gene panting and whining and inhaled the pungent scent of musk, come, and sweat. His eyes devoured the sight of his lover lost in sexual ecstasy. The taste of Gene's heated skin and the feel of the tight inferno that held his flesh had Daimon enveloped in his own euphoric, sexual maelstrom. This experience soared above any of his previous and prolific beddings, and Daimon surrendered himself to Gene as equally as his Lycan lover had yielded to him.

Daimon moaned and panted as their bodies strove for release. He could feel his lover's impending climax, and it set his own cells and synapses ablaze. Throwing back his head as he drove as deep as he could, Daimon let a primeval scream rent the air. Even as his seed poured into Gene's body, he heard the Lycan's answering howl of completion. Wet heat covered his tail as he filled his lover's contracting channel with his living essence.

Daimon kept thrusting, even after his arms gave out and the Lycan lay dazed and spent beneath him. He wanted to ensure every last drop of his crème made its home in his lover's body. He slowly regained higher reasoning and realised Gene was all but unconscious. He rolled so that the Lycan lay on top of him and wrapped his tail possessively around Gene's thighs, holding the man as close to him as possible.

Daimon reacted with a mix of shock and delight as Gene roused himself enough to bite hard at his shoulder. He recognised the mark, and he nipped the Lycan in return.

"Yes," he whispered and grinned as Gene relaxed.

Only then did Daimon allow himself to give in to post-orgasmic languor, his eyes closing. He kissed his mate and smiled at the languid but definite response against his throat.

"Sleep, my love," he murmured and felt Gene go fully lax.

Daimon knew he still smiled as sleep claimed him.




At lunchtime Leland brought his husband and father to Daimon's home. They each carried a basket packed with a variety of food and drink. Leland felt it the least they could do, bringing lunch they could all share.

He greeted Daimon with a kiss to each cheek and introduced him formally to Randy and Jerard. Both Lycans voiced their gratitude, and Leland watched delightedly as Daimon preened in their praise.

They went to his dining room to set out the food and drink, and Leland grinned at his friend as the demon's eyes lit up at the array before him and giggled at the distinct rumble of his friend's stomach.

The selection included a generous stack of lightly grilled steaks, a dish of garlic-scented sausages in red wine and onions, a dish of buttered pasta, and a large bowl of ratatouille. Bread and butter sat next to a large bottle of Pol Roger and a couple of bottles of good Burgundy.

"Before you leave you must take all the clothing still upstairs, Leland," Daimon said.

"Thank you," he replied, setting out plates and cutlery. He sat as Daimon instructed, ready to begin eating.

The three Lycans went silent before Leland's musical laughter broke the stillness. Gene appeared, dressed in nothing but a sheet wrapped around his waist. Understanding and appreciating Leland's mirth, Daimon laughed alongside the blond.

"He doesn't wear clothes, Gene," Leland finally managed to say as he brought his laughter under control.

"So I found," the older man replied with a wry smile.

Leland grinned happily as Gene approached the chair beside Daimon, and sat next to his lover. Gene quickly lost his self-consciousness as he attacked the food with gusto.


The food vanished, and the men all sat back replete.

Daimon raised an eyebrow as Jerard looked over at Gene. "I am travelling to France with Leland and Randal. I want that side of the family to meet my son's mate. It's been too long since I last went for a visit. I had thought to leave the pack in your hands."

"I had thought to stay here for…" Gene hesitated, looking at Daimon.

In bed that morning, they had briefly discussed him staying, but despite the previous night, Daimon realised he had made no real commitment. Gene knew he was lascivious by nature, and Daimon became instantly aware that Gene suddenly felt bereft.

BOOK: Daimon
2.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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