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* * * *

Akaisha recalled all Elizabeth informed her; she should make an effort to obey Daegan, for her own sake.

“Well wench, I’m waiting,” Daegan snorted, as his eyes started to glow. From what she had been told she knew Daegan was not known for patience, with anyone, vampire and human alike.

“Yes Daegan, I understand. I promise to do all that you ask,” Akaisha replied, guarding her mind against his, knowing Daegan would seize any opportunity to read her mind.

Chapter 4

Akaisha stood slowly to her feet as Daegan sat comfortably on a chest at the foot of his bed. His eyes completely locked with hers, and she felt a hand caress her breasts and rear end, causing her to shiver with delight.

“Please don’t control me, Daegan. I do not wish to be forced into something I do not want to happen.”

“Ah, wench, you seek to control your situation, do you?” Daegan asked. “Tell the truth, are you easily aroused by me, sweet one?”

“Well, I, please Daegan, don’t force yourself upon me. I… I have never been with anyone before.” Akaisha, stared shyly at the floor as her heart started beating at a rapid pace.

“You failed to answer my question, my sweetest Akaisha. I knew you were a virgin when I first discovered your location. Trust me luv, I know exactly what I’m getting,” Daegan purred in a husky voice. “Do I spark the fire between your thighs? Undress for me, wench. It would please me for you to do so. I’m a witness to the exploration of your own body. I know what fuels the fire within you. I know
what pushes you to the brink,” Daegan continued, his eyes glowing a soft red. She gulped, as though something lodged in her throat, Akaisha undressed before Daegan. Strangely, this behavior aroused her. Feeling her nipples stiffen, and the familiar pool of moisture developing between her thighs, Akaisha’s breathing heightened, and she became flushed. She was excited at the fact he had witnessed her pleasuring herself in Egypt, on many an occasion.

Akaisha let the nightgown fall to the floor around her feet, taking a deep sigh, and watching Daegan’s expression at her body. No man had ever seen her naked, lest the Pharaoh would put them to death. Akaisha was the last daughter to marry, and Nanastantuthamen was overly possessive of his youngest offspring, just as he had been with her eldest siblings.

Daegan wanted nothing more than to pounce upon Akaisha the moment he laid eyes upon her.

He beckoned her to come closer to him, so close that he could smell her feminine scent. Closing the gap between them, Akaisha was unaware of how much she actually affected Daegan. Her scent mingled within his senses, making his cock stand at attention for her. Moving to the edge of the chest, Daegan placed his cold hands on Akaisha’s thighs. She was the perfect build, curvy, voluptuous. His mouth watered as he stared at her triangle, nice and trim, with dark curls. He could just make out the moisture, clinging to her soft down.

Daegan placed his hands on her outer thighs, and leaned forward to taste the sweet cream that glistened upon her inner thigh. One of his hands slid over to her inner thigh, slowly snaking its way to her pussy. Akaisha trembled with anticipation, as his hand stopped, not too far from the opening of her pussy. Holding her head back, she closed her eyes and bit her lip, completely unaware of Daegan’s eyes fixated on her neck. Her body trembled with anticipation, and her nipples swelled with excruciating excitement. They yearned for Daegan to suckle and bite them.

Daegan’s hand moved to her ass cheek, pulling her closer to his face. A low growl escaped his lips, as he slowly buried his tongue in her soft down, tasting Akaisha’s sweet juices once more.

Akaisha allowed a moan to pass her lips as she thrust her hips forward, the pleasure building within her core. Her knees buckling, she awaited anxiously for what was to come.

Gently nipping at her thigh, Daegan opened her juicy lips to examine the fleshy bud beneath them. She was more than ready. Groaning his approval, Daegan massaged her clitoris with his finger until she moaned louder, her legs quivering for her release as her incisors lengthened.

Stopping abruptly, Daegan rose and circled her like a shark circling its prey. Running his fingers through her thick black hair, he stopped behind her, closing the gap between them so Akaisha could feel his hard cock pressing against her body.

Daegan reached around cupping Akaisha’s breasts, kneading, and squeezing the sensitive peaks, causing her to moan and pant as she leaned her body weight against him. He pulled the hair away from her neck, gently kissing the area, until Akaisha began to squirm. She could not take this sweet torture any longer. Squeezing her breasts firmly, but gently, Daegan ordered her to be still as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and middle finger.

Frozen, and soaked between her thighs, Akaisha obeyed Daegan’s command. Fully aroused, she contemplated what he would do to her for the rest of the night. Full-blooded vampires possessed an overwhelming desire for sex, almost as much as their thirst for blood. Akaisha feared she would never make it through the night. Images of Daegan ravishing her body unfolded within her mind.

Akaisha did not care as to why or how she suddenly became sexually attracted to this cruel man, she only knew at this particular moment she wanted him to devour her; mind, body, and soul.

Daegan strolled over to a large chest beside the bed, pulling out several black silken ties, and a flog crafted from black leather. Akaisha sucked in her breath sharply as he turned, grinning devilishly at the beautiful daywalker.

Daegan ordered Akaisha to lie down on the bed, and spread her legs for him. Something in his eyes shifted as he moved closer to her, his eyes devouring her curves.

“Daegan, please don’t…

“I told you once Akaisha, don’t vex me! You’re in no position to give orders. I will do as I please, understand, for the last bloody time, you insolent wench?” Daegan spoke firmly, his temper surfacing quickly.

“Yes Daegan, I completely understand you.” Akaisha spoke in a disappointed tone, shaking as she lowered her upper body onto the bedcovers. Daegan blindfolded the nervous beauty, gently planting a kiss atop her head while he stroked her long, dark tresses.

Daegan tied her arms with the silken ties, slowly taking the time to tie them to each bedpost, so that Akaisha’s arms were above her head, leaving her vulnerable to him. He tied her legs in the same manner, providing himself with an excellent view of Akaisha’s pussy. Her clit, fully engorged caught his attention. His desire to lap at it with his tongue, and gently nibble it, was overwhelming.

With a smile, he produced a large black feather and laid it on the bed, beside Akaisha. Daegan, still smiling, gently stroked her nipples, making her suck in her breath, as she clenched her fists.

He also stroked her sensitive bud with the feather, causing her to moan loudly.

Closing her eyes, she turned her head away, hating her body for its betrayal. She should be stronger than this, but a large part of her wanted this.

“Do you like this, sweet Akaisha?” Daegan asked.

Akaisha, thoroughly enjoying this pleasure, did not want to admit to her captor the pleasure he was giving her. There were no need for words. Her moist pussy soaked her pubic hair, carrying her scent to Daegan’s nostrils. Leaning down, Daegan sucked on Akaisha’s nipples, continuing his assault on her sensitive bud with the feather.

“Speak to me, lusty wench,” Daegan ordered. “How many times must I tell you this, I tire of repeating myself. You are apparently a hard learner.”

“Daegan, yes I enjoy what you are doing to me, thoroughly!” Akaisha murmured. Unfortunately, she responded too late.

Daegan, on the verge of losing his temper, threw the feather on the floor in disgust, and opened the cupboard again, this time retrieving a pair of black leather gloves. He slid the gloves on, and sat down on the bed.

Akaisha, wondering what Daegan was going to do, started speaking until Daegan shook his head in disappointment, applying his index finger to his lips. He reached out and manipulated Akaisha’s left breast, gently squeezing her nipple. A moan escaping her lips, Akaisha became increasingly wetter. A strange tension hung heavily in the air. Daegan’s eyes were full of lust, laced with some tenderness, but not much. Akaisha became lost in the blackened depths, locating a faint glow of passionate red.

Feeling her quiver beneath his touch caused Daegan to close his eyes, while his incisors lengthened. Ultimately, she would submit unto him, in the sweetest way possible. Gently, Daegan fingered Akaisha, causing her to squirm beneath the restraints. Lying down beside her, while continuing to pleasure her swollen flesh, Daegan slipped his tongue between Akaisha’s lips. Relinquishing her will, she greedily sucked on Daegan’s tongue, inhaling the scent of him in deeply.

Akaisha squeezed her fists, and pulled against the silken ties that bound her helplessly to the bed.

Feeling no apparent danger, she only felt the raw, dark, carnal passion that sought to control her.

“Please untie me, Daegan,” she exhaled breathlessly. Panting as though she had ran up a flight of stairs, she gyrated her voluptuous hips, requiring more than his fingers to satisfy her yearnings.

A growl of pleasure escaped Daegan’s lips. The couple’s incisors lengthened and were fully ready for the vampire sex. Although a virgin, Akaisha would adapt, following Daegan’s lead, allowing him to take her as his mate. “Who am I to deny you pleasure?” Daegan chuckled, untying the black silken ties that bound Akaisha’s wrists. Akaisha, flung her hands around Daegan’s neck, holding onto him for dear life, eventually fumbling for the ties that bound his precious bulge. Tongues entwined, their bodies shuddered in anticipation at the approaching passion that would soon quench their thirst for one another. As soon as Daegan’s cock sprung free, there was a persistent knock at his door. Valaris and another guard, Komin, were yelling, desperate for Daegan’s attention.

Daegan growled in pain as he suddenly realized there would be no sating his lustful yearnings with the daywalker now. A long drop of precum dangled from the head of his cock as Daegan cursed under his breath, his eyes narrowing, taking in the view of Akaisha’s naked body.

Chapter 5

The interruption caused Daegan to lose any tenderness he acquired while pleasuring Akaisha.

His presence was required at the council; there would be no escaping this. He knew he would put his position at risk if he denied the request.

“Get dressed and leave, now!” Daegan groaned, his balls aching with the need to release. It was all he could do to keep from pouncing on the delectable treat in his bed. Without haste, Daegan untied Akaisha’s restraints, reminding her they would be alone again in the future.

Akaisha began to protest, but Daegan quickly held up his hand to silence her as he closed the opening to his trousers. His face was flushed with heated excitement from their brief encounter.

“Don’t.” Daegan exhaled sharply. “I must leave, and you…you must return to Elizabeth, now,”

He insisted in a forceful voice. The look of disappointment nearly crushed what was left of his heart. Turning away from her gaze, Daegan gathered his sword, ushering Akaisha out of the bedchamber.

“Lord Daegan, what is happening?” Akaisha asked, sliding thin garments over her curvaceous body.

Grinning, Daegan turned to her. “Lord Daegan, wench? It would appear you have learned your place, eh?”

The overly confident look etched on his dark features warranted a slap on the face that would knock the taste buds right out of his mouth. Forgetting to whom she was with, she approached, only for Daegan to grab her wrist, in mid air.

“Don’t do something we’ll both regret wench!” The cold black eyes returned, she could have sworn a small flicker of light sparked within him earlier; however, she could have been mistaken. “Now, leave me. I’ve matters to attend.”

* * * *

Akaisha scurried out of the chamber with Daegan following close behind. She quickened her pace, seeking out Elizabeth. Akaisha did not have to search far. Elizabeth was patiently awaiting her return while serving drinks in a small sitting room, with two female vampires; Rhiannon and Kailin.

“Ah, this is the one who has stirred up so much fuss within the walls of Castle Daegan. Tis a pleasure to meet you,” Rhiannon purred. “She is such a beautiful daywalker. Look Kailin, look at her beautiful brown skin.” Rhiannon licked her lips, her eyes scanning Akaisha’s physical attributes.

Kailin rose from her chair, circling Akaisha, running her fingers over Akaisha’s beautiful, thick tresses. These female elders were known for luring human victims to their death with just a seductive gaze. Most often they would keep the males as servants for their insatiable sexual appetites. For Kailin and Rhiannon, besides sating their bloodlust, there was nothing more pleasurable than draining the semen from a man’s balls. Now, they held Akaisha in their sites.

Akaisha was thoroughly ready to defend herself against the attempts the mad women made in efforts to bed her down. “I implore you, back down and leave me be,” Akaisha warned, eyes glowing, as her incisors lengthened.

“How dare you command me? Do you know I could have you dismembered with a flick of my wrist, daywalker?” Rhiannon snorted, nostrils flaring, her eyes glowing an eerie yellow. “You don’t possess the strength to deny me,” the elder snorted.

“Do you know I can kill you in the light of day while you sleep, unguarded within in your putrid coffin, wretched one?” Akaisha charged, with equal abandon.

In an effort to temporarily disfigure her, Rhiannon raised a clawed hand towards Akaisha’s face.

Ducking, Akaisha charged Rhiannon, damn near knocking the wind out of her. Fangs bared, the two rolled along the floor, Akaisha gaining the upper hand as she clawed relentlessly at Rhiannon’s face. Growling, Kailin rushed to Rhiannon’s aid, until Elizabeth threw herself between Kailin and Akaisha.

“Akaisha, stop it this instant!” Elizabeth bellowed, halting Kailin’s attempt to defend Rhiannon.

Elizabeth grabbed Akaisha with such force, throwing her to the castle floor.

“You will pay for this, daywalker!” Rhiannon spat, her hideous face twisting with fury.

“Rhiannon, I beseech thee, Lord Daegon will be none too happy with you if a hair upon Akaisha’s head were misplaced. You approached her first, remember?”

Knowing Elizabeth’s worlds to be true, hissing, Rhiannon turned and stormed out of the room, Kailin following closely behind.

“This is far from over!” Rhiannon spat. Confirming her words, Kailin growled as the two retreated from the room.

“Calm down, child. Female members of other covens will continue to charge you, especially since Daegan has yet to leave his mark upon you. They know this, and seek ways to have you cast out of Daegan Castle, while entertaining themselves with you.”

“I would die before I allowed those putrid, black-hearted vampires to lay a claw on me. How did you know Daegan hasn’t bedded me?” The Daywalker’s irises had obtained a golden red, a sign that her fury had reached new heights.

“Calm down, Akaisha. It is known to all, vampires sense it. Had Daegan marked you, they would have respected you more. It is within his power to have them destroyed. They are aristocrats, and used to getting their way.”

“What is truly going on here Elizabeth?” Akaisha demanded. “There is something you aren’t telling me. I feel it strongly for the first time!”

“Child, whatever do you speak of?” Elizabeth asked, shocked at Akaisha’s sudden change.

“Stay away from me, Elizabeth!” Akaisha fled the room, to the confines of her bedchambers.

* * * *

Akaisha became used to her surroundings a few days later. The burning desire she felt for Daegan had grown immensely, and she soon came to the realization that she needed to take her mind off him. She actually became a social butterfly with those she felt comfortable with. She made friends with the cooks of the kitchen, Adelaide, Winifred, and Marguerite. The ladies insisted upon fattening her up, said she was too frail and needed some meet on those bones of hers.

The women brought laughter to Akaisha and others. Upon many occasion, Akaisha would linger within the kitchen learning recipes, and sampling the women’s’ delicious cooking. In the evenings, Lord Daegan and Valaris made their presence known, and the atmosphere within the kitchen shifted, silencing the cooks. Akaisha, on the other hand had to push the issue, speaking while the men were in the large kitchen.

Daegan walked over to the wooden table where Akaisha sat, sitting down directly across from her, staring at her with lust-filled eyes. He sat before her, smug, staring into the depths of her soul.

“Accompany me to my bedchambers, my sweet daywalker,” Daegan growled in a low, seductive voice. His eyes held her gaze, and she felt those invisible hands caressing her helpless body once more. Daegan was toying with her, the bastard! Shallow breaths escaped her lips as her eyes glazed over with heated passion, her liquid fire trickling along her inner thighs, causing her to clamp her legs together in an effort to obtain her release. Smiling, Daegan released his control over her, leaving her with feelings of embarrassment, and sexually frustrated.

“Come with me now!” Daegan insisted in a low voice as he slowly rose, walking towards the exit of the kitchen. Her body aching with want, she willingly followed Daegan to his bedchambers. Stopping, he insisted she walk ahead of him. Akaisha could not help but notice his nostrils flaring, and the heated lust that permeated from his entire being.

“You move too slowly, Akaisha,” Daegan hissed, as he leaned forward, throwing her over his shoulders. His cock, swollen and hard, ached with intense need to burrow deep within her flesh.

They were rudely interrupted a few nights before, however, this evening would be different. He would claim her tonight, bending her to his every whim.

“Put me down, you brute!” Akaisha screamed, pummeling his back with her tiny fists.

“I promise to show you just how much of a brute I can be, my sweet Akaisha,” Daegan breathed fiercely, his thoughts laced with the desire to possess her body. She continued squirming against him, forcing him to deliver one hard smack upon her voluptuous ass.

His smack seared her insides, bringing to the surface her desire to succumb to him in so many ways. The burning sensation within her loins traveled to her clit, forcing a tortured moan from her lips.

BOOK: Daywalker
11.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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