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Copyright © March 2010, Charisma Knight

Cover art designed by Anastasia Rabiyah © March 2010

ISBN 978-1-936110-58-2

This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form.

Sugar and Spice Press

North Carolina, USA

Chapter 1

Egypt 1323 B.C.

Pharaoh Nanatuthamen’s virginal daughter, Akaisha, paced the floor of her bedchamber. Sensing something was not right, she grabbed an exquisite silken robe to cover her toned, naked body.

Someone was seeking her, calling out to her from an unknown place. The dreams started haunting her four months ago. Now they were increasingly strong, to the point where she thought she could actually feel a presence, a familiar presence.

The overwhelming fear caused her heart to beat with increasing anxiety. There was something hard in those black eyes of his, eventually giving way to a softer, gentler nature. Yet, she had to admit, he was undoubtedly a handsome man. His long black hair ended at his waist, and he possessed strong chiseled features and a slender, yet muscular physique. The small patch of facial hair in the cleft of his chin caused her to ache with need as she imagined it slightly brushing against the tender folds of her pussy. She was deeply attracted to the man; however, this vampire was dominating, cunning, and hunted mercilessly.

A vampire possessing the ability to walk during daylight hours, Akaisha also held the ability to see into the future, a trait inherited from her human mother, Queen Isirica. Pharaoh Nanatuthamen, born a vampire, ruled over all of Egypt, in fairness towards vampires and humans alike. She cringed for the unfortunates the man killed night after night, fear carved upon their faces like expressions on marble statues. Sometimes she saw the man’s face, other times she would see only his eyes, which were as black as the Nile. Every dream left Akaisha emotionally and physically drained, and drenched in a cold sweat.

Every night, she endured this dream, chased by the man with the evil eyes. Severely injured and nowhere left to run, Akaisha felt the man’s hands around her neck. His grip tightening until she thought her eyeballs would pop out of their sockets. Just before hearing her cervical vertebrae crack, cruel heartless black eyes turned yellow, and a ripping, searing pain ignited throughout her body.

Akaisha, a beautiful young maiden of nineteen, had the most mesmerizing brown eyes in all of Egypt. Her creamy mocha skin brought men to their knees. Most of Egypt’s wealthiest suitors brought her extravagant gifts in the hope they would take Akaisha’s hand in marriage. Warmth, creativity, and her bright aura attracted many to her. It was in her nature to help everyone who crossed her path.

The torches fairly lit Akaisha’s bedchamber. Looking over the balcony into the black of the Nile River, she inhaled deeply. Not understanding the dreams, she could only make out that someone meant to do her harm. Puzzled as to why anyone would want to harm her, Akaisha decided she would try to salvage what was left of her sleeping hours.

There was much to do in the morning, her eldest sister would be getting married, and it was her place to prepare for the ceremony. Finally happier thoughts returning, Akaisha returned to bed, as Isis, her cat sauntered behind her.

Sleep would have claimed Akaisha if it were not for a flash of glowing blue light appearing across the chamber, causing her to sit straight up in bed. Not prepared for the sight she saw, Akaisha gasped at the large, circular, electric blue hole, hovering inches above the floor in the middle of her bedchamber. The man who haunted her in her dreams stepped out of this door, or whatever it was, approaching Akaisha.

Akaisha opened her mouth in an effort to scream, but to her horror nothing came out. To make matters worse, she could not move. Her entire body felt dull and heavy, and a searing pain flashed in her head as the man lifted her out of bed, carrying her towards the blinding blue light, eventually giving way to darkness.

Chapter 2

Castle Daegan, Ireland 1689

Akaisha awoke in a cool, dimly lit room, wearing no more than the silken robe she put on earlier.

Panic struck her as she realized she was no longer in her bedchamber. The effort of sitting up forced her to lie back down on the hardened bed she had been placed upon, pain gripping her entire body.

The door to the chamber opened, and a plain looking woman ambled in.

“Ah child, I see you are awake,” the woman spoke in a rough voice.

“Lord Daegan will arrive soon, to—“

“Where am I, and who are you?” Akaisha cut the woman off furiously, eyes burning with rage.

“You would do well to mind that tongue of yours. All will be explained soon,” the woman snapped. “My name is Elizabeth. I have served Lord Daegan for most of my life.

“Who is Lord Daegan?” Akaisha asked.

“He is a man whom you should respect well, if you value your life. You are at Castle Daegan, in Ireland,” the woman explained.

“Eirreeland? She asked.

“Ireland, with an “I” child, Ireland,” Elizabeth clucked.

“What is…where is Ireland, I belong in Egypt. I have never heard of Eirreeland.”

“Ireland!” Elizabeth snapped.

“Is this Ireland far away from Egypt?” Akaisha asked in a shaky voice.

“Further than you think child,” Elizabeth chuckled in an uncaring voice as she unfolded the black, silken gown and long black cape, laying them upon the bed next to Akaisha.

“It is Lord Daegan’s request for you to wear these at dinner this evening. I will show you around the castle, so that you shall become familiar with your surroundings, as you will be here for the rest of your existence.”

“What do you mean, for the rest of my existence?” Akaisha demanded.

“You will learn more at a later time. Now put these on and do not make such a fuss. It will be night soon, and time for Lord Daegan to awaken. He will be most irritable until he feeds.

“Is…is this Lord Daegan a vampire?” Akaisha asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, he was born in twelve eighty. Oh, tis another thing my sweet, you will do well to control your outbursts. Lord Daegan is not a tolerant man, and he will not hesitate to punish you.”

Akaisha’s eyes grew wide with fear, as she felt a chill circulate in the air. A man with a shaven head walked through the door of the bedchamber. Eyeing Akaisha, he folded his arms.

“I’m Valaris, Lord Daegan’s brother and first in command. He requires your presence in the dining room of the east wing. Elizabeth, you are behind schedule!” Valaris hissed. “Daegan will have your hide. Now hurry up woman!”

Elizabeth, fearfully peering into Akaisha’s eyes, shoved the garments into her hands.

“I advise you to put this on and hurry,” she warned.

Unfolding his arms, Valaris turned on his heel and exited the bedchamber.

“You will have both of us killed!” Elizabeth growled in a low voice. “Lord Daegan is awake!”

Sensing the older woman’s fear, Akaisha clumsily dressed in the required garments.

“I’m so sorry, Elizabeth. I’m just scared. Where is my family? Why have I been brought here?”

“You will know everything soon enough, child. I urge you to be on your best behavior.”

Akaisha nodded as Elizabeth brushed her shoulder length hair, admiring the texture of her tresses. Akaisha knew the woman was simply a captive who had grown accustomed to Lord Daegan and his castle. The woman appeared to be well into her forties. Egyptians usually did not live past their forties. She knew many whom had journeyed to the after life at the age of twenty-nine. She thought it fortunate her mother lived as long as they did.
Her parents!
Fear stabbed in Akaisha’s heart as she suddenly realized she would never see them again in life.

Once Elizabeth prepared Akaisha for dinner, the women hurried through the castle to reach their destination. The daywalker had never seen anything of the like in her entire existence. The corridors were large, and torches hung everywhere. If one wanted to reach the ceiling, they would have had to possess a pair of wings.

Swords, exquisite tapestries, and family crests adorned one of the rooms that seemed to have taken an eternity for them to pass through. From time to time, the women passed full-blooded vampires, stopping their activities to glare at them. The men shot appreciative glances, the females hissed venomously amongst themselves when witnessing their male counterparts’ lack of loyalty.

Finally, Elizabeth and Akaisha reached the dining area. Standing in front of a hearth were vampires, Lord Daegan’s guards. Their eyes were quite intense, reflecting the candlelight, piercing her soul in such a manner she felt a shiver run down her spine. An unfriendly aura hung heavy in the air.

Valaris pulled out a heavy, red velvet chair and motioned for Akaisha to sit. Obeying, Akaisha looked the man in the eyes, shuddering with fear. He was not a kind soul at all. His aura, she observed, was as black as the Nile. Elizabeth remained standing behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder in reassurance.

An eerie chill coursed through Akaisha’s body, as the guards and Elizabeth bowed. The man appeared to glide through the doors of the dining hall, which was quiet, with the exception of Akaisha’s heartbeat. His eyes were intense black pools, his face, handsome and stern, as if carved from marble. His black hair, pulled back into a ponytail hung well past his shoulders.

Dressed in a white silk shirt, with billowing, ruffled sleeves, and black pants and boots, Lord Daegan approached the head of the table and sat.

The air, filling with hostility, caused even Valaris to shift uncomfortably. Daegan glared at Akaisha, as Elizabeth rushed over to fill the empty glass with his favorite wine.

“How do you like your new home, Akaisha?” he growled venomously.

At a loss for words at the negativity that permeated her senses, Akaisha glanced over at Elizabeth, standing behind Daegan, slightly to the left, urging her to speak.

“Woman, I’m talking to you! Answer me!” Daegan bellowed impatiently, his anger rising as he pounded on the table.

“I, well…” was all Akaisha could muster.

“To her defense Lord Daegan, Akaisha misses Egypt dearly. The poor thing is in total shock, and it would app—“

“Silence, Elizabeth!” Daegan bellowed. “I speak to the wench!”

Squirming in her chair, Akaisha forced an answer to the cruel man.

“My home is in Egypt,” she replied, eyes staring down at her plate.

Daegan raised a dark eyebrow, his obsidian eyes appearing to glow as he sipped his wine.

“Look at me when you speak, wench.”

With every fiber of her being, she forced herself to look into the Daegan’s eyes. No longer black, Daegan’s eyes were a deep red. Akaisha, mortified, swore she saw a flame flickering within their depths.

“Castle Daegan is your home now. Egypt is all but lost to you. Have you any idea what year this is?” Daegan mused. “Have you observed your surroundings lately, my sweet?

Akaisha gasped as all eyes in the room focused upon her, evidently waiting for the answer owed to Lord Daegan.

“If Elizabeth had not fallen behind schedule, she would have taken you on a tour of the castle grounds. You would have known you were no longer in your precious Egypt.” Daegan grinned.

“Elizabeth tells me I’m in Ireland.” Akaisha spoke, feeling stronger, eager to learn more information.

“Aye, but do you know what time you are in?” he smirked.

“It is the 103rd year in the reign of Nanatuthamen, my father, the Pharaoh,” Akaisha proudly stated, glancing at Elizabeth. The older woman simply focused her gaze in another direction, leaving her with the feeling of being completely on her own.

“Daegan howled with laughter, sending a chill across Akaisha’s entire being. “My sweet, it is sixteen eighty-nine!” You are in the future; the time period you once knew no longer exists.”

A sharp pain stabbed at her heart, tears stinging her eyes.

“You lie,” she shouted.

“Watch your voice!” Daegan shouted, pounding the table with his fist.

“All that you know, all whom you once were, is forever lost in the sands of Egypt. You exist here, in my domain, understand?” Daegan spat cruelly.

“How is this so?” she asked, tears streaming down her face.

“Magic, my beautiful Akaisha, the darkest known only to my magus,” Daegan growled. “Have you not noticed how we are able to understand one another? Surely you did not think we spoke ancient Egyptian.” Daegan chuckled as he folded his arms.

“You mean, I will
see my family again, ever?” Akaisha breathed, not caring how the language barrier was broken.

“You need to realize, there is no way back to the time you once knew.”

Through tears, Akaisha could see Elizabeth staring at Valaris, his face appearing expressionless.

They appeared to be communicating, somehow. A smile formed upon the evil man’s face.

Magic existed in Egypt, good magic, as well as dark, perhaps the same that hurtled her years into the future. Her mind, aching, fought hard to understand the madness she was experiencing.

“Why did you journey to my time, Lord Daegan? What is it that you wish to gain from all of this?” Akaisha murmured.

“I sensed your presence, and your brilliant aura. Seeking you out, I later learned you existed nowhere in Ireland, or
period, only in another dimension. Do you know how long it took or us to pinpoint your exact location?” Daegan laughed, swirling the wine playfully in his glass.

Drying her eyes with a blood red, cloth napkin, Akaisha demanded to know more.

“Daywalker, I will have you dismembered, the next time you speak to me in such a manner. The way I see it, you are in no position to demand anything!”

“How did you know I’m a daywalker?” Akaisha asked.

“I know you are half human, the very gift allowing you to withstand the sunlight. I’m aware of the fact that you are a Pharaoh’s daughter. Your mother was human, the Pharaoh born a vampire, like myself. I know everything about you, Akaisha. I watched and waited, and when the time was right, I brought you here, to my castle,” Daegan admitted soullessly. “I need a woman to warm my bed, and to watch over my castle during daylight hours.”

“You wish me to be your mate?” Akaisha hissed. “After abducting me from my home, and all that I know?”

In a flash, Daegan was at Akaisha’s side, fingers locked tightly in her black tresses, pulling her head back.

“I warned you of your tongue, wench. Later on, I promise to find more appropriate uses for it,”

Daegan growled slowly.

Struggling to free herself, Akaisha hit at Daegan’s hand, but he held her fast, only jerking her head further back. Unfortunately, due to her human side, Akaisha lacked the power of a full-blooded vampire. Daegan knew this, and he reveled in her helplessness.

“You will submit to me, Akaisha. You are mine now, understand? I don’t care how long it takes, you will submit to me,” Daegan spoke calmly.

“Lord Daegan, please let me go. You’re hurting me!” Akaisha said, fighting to regain her dignity, as she was not used to such harsh treatment.

“As you wish,” muttered Daegan, as he braced the table with both hands, catching Akaisha in the middle.

“Just so you know,” Daegan bent down, brushing his lips against her neck.

“There is no escaping me. I know your thoughts, Akaisha. You would be killed before you left the grounds. Even if you were successful, where would you roam? You’re an outsider from another land and time. You would never make it far. Remember that, wench!”

Daegan sat back down in his seat, eyes now a hint of glittering gold, satisfied in knowing she understood him completely.

“Please eat,” Daegan gestured at the array of pheasant, cranberries, vegetables, and other delicious foods spread about the table. Although she was able to ingest blood, he knew her human half required solid food.

Akaisha looked at Elizabeth, who gestured to her to eat, as not to further vex Daegan. The woman held much sorrow in her eyes for the young woman.

Gulping as though there were a heavy knot in her throat, Akaisha placed a slice of meat and cranberries on her plate. Her heart heavy, she forced herself to eat, looking over at Daegan glaring at her in satisfaction.

“Good girl!” Daegan smiled slyly. I knew you would see things my way.”

In an effort to block his mind from hers, Akaisha ceased her thoughts, a desperate attempt to somehow gain her freedom. She was clairvoyant, and the daughter of a powerful Pharaoh. She must be strong if she were ever to regain her freedom.

“Elizabeth, prepare Akaisha after her meal and bring her to my bedchamber.” Daegan playfully stroked at the patch of hair on his chin, glaring at her with lust-filled eyes.

“Leave us!” Daegan commanded to all who graced the room with their presence. Guards, servants, and other vampire members of the Daegan castle disappeared in fear of their lives.

“Alone at last, my Egyptian Jewel.” Daegan grinned.

Something inside of Akaisha shifted. As she looked into his eyes, moisture developed between her legs. She knew his intentions, but did not have the power to stop what he was doing to her body at this particular moment in time.

Invisible hands caressed her breasts, lightly tugging at her nipples. Daegan sat, watching her like a hawk, a slight smile developing at the edge of his lips. A heavy weight was upon Akaisha once more, a soft moan escaping her lips. Daegan’s hypnotic stare guided her hands to her thighs, slowly pulling up the black silk garment.

Her clammy hands burned her flesh, as they glided towards her pussy. Akaisha’s lips parted in ecstasy as she arched her back. Her fingers lightly stroked her sensitive bud, causing her to gyrate helplessly. Waves of pleasure washed over her body, as she watched Daegan through blurred eyes. Her mind and body were not her own. Her desire for him overwhelmed her, and she fought hard to remember him for the cruel man that he was.

Akaisha slid a finger, then another into her wet pussy. Her moans echoed throughout the dining hall, growing louder as Daegan commanded her to reach the spot that would make her quiver with excitement. Daegan’s incisors lengthened as Akaisha screamed in ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure rocking her body, leaving her a helpless pile of quivering jelly, unable to move.

BOOK: Daywalker
6.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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