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The boy snorted softly. “Oh, I’ll be honest,” he said flatly. “This gonna hurt.”


Veronica lowered her head.


“But not that bad,” he quickly added, watching her face fall. “I’m gonna make you come.”


He focused his efforts on her clit. With the warm oil and his fingers sliding over her pussy, Veronica rocked her hips and softly moaned.


“That’s right,” the boy whispered. “You gonna come for me, too.”


Veronica swallowed hard. Goose flesh puckered the skin on her forearms, and she struggled to breath. She licked her lips. Tried to catch her breath.


“When it hurts,” the boy said, “you should yell. Make a noise.”


Veronica looked at him skeptically.


“Feels better if you yell,” the boy said.


He rubbed his thumb over her asshole and Veronica tensed up. She dug her fingers into the mattress. Gripping both her ass cheeks, the boy used his thumbs to massage her asshole, slowly working to open her sphincter.


Joe heard the sound of a key sliding into the front door lock. With a loud clack a deadbolt rotated into the jamb, and then another deadbolt. The front door swung open and Gloria Dean entered the house, followed close behind by Miss Rose, a heavy set black woman.


“Put the keys on that table,” Miss Rose said. She nodded to a small table by the front door. Her arms were filled with grocery bags and she made her way into the kitchen.


Gloria placed Miss Rose’s keys into a little porcelain dish.


Veronica flushed. It was one thing to act like a whore in a room filled with men, quite another to act that way with other women present. Veronica turned her head away and gripped the mattress more tightly. Her hair hung down, a silky curtain to hide behind. At that very moment, the boy’s thumb must have made its way past her sphincter, because Veronica groaned loudly. Her mouth dropped open and she gasped in rapid staccato breaths as the invader at her back door inched forward. Lowering one shoulder to the mattress, she bore down with the muscles in her bottom.


The boy chuckled. “Easy does it,” he said. “Feels worse if you fight.”


Gloria swept her eyes across the rooms, assessing the situation.


Hearing the moan, Miss Rose doubled back from the kitchen and stood by the dining room table peering into the other room. “What you got going on in there,” Miss Rose said to Donnell.


Veronica groaned lustily again.


Donnell looked exhausted, but grinned. “We almost done,” he said. “Business.”


Gloria approached Donnell tentatively. She toyed with a small bit of jewelry in her navel. Joe tried to remember if she’d had that piercing last summer.


“Is that the Smith girl?” Miss Rose asked, lowering her voice to a whisper. Peering to get a better look, she shook her head. Chuckled. “Wasn’t she this year’s homecoming queen?”


Miss Rose grinned at Joe. Greeting him warmly, she asked after Molly, the kids. Joe responded politely, the way small town folks do.


Veronica moaned, a low trilling sound, followed by a series of gasps.


Miss Rose stood on her toes and peered into the adjoining room. The boy slipped his baggy pants down past his waist and stroked his erection. Taking Veronica’s hips in his hands, he mounted her. Biting her lip, Veronica looked relieved. Loud sloppy noises came from between her legs as he pumped his hips. The boy reached around to rub her clitoris. Veronica contorted her face with lust, lowering her cheek to the mattress.


Cutter finished packing away the small glassine bags he had spent most of the night filling. He took the empty plastic bin into the kitchen to rinse it.


“Whose is this?” Miss Rose said, indicating the small pile of drugs Veronica had left on the table.


Donnell nodded to the other room. “Hers.”


“Is she working for you tonight?” Gloria asked, her voice even. Tucking a strand of her long chestnut hair behind her ear, she raised one of her thick chocolate eyebrows. Her full lips and thick brows gave her an innocent look that made it easy to underestimate her, but she was clearly no fool. She wanted to know if Donnell was planning to fuck Veronica.


Donnell smiled, his soulful eyes giving nothing away.


Miss Rose helped herself to some of Veronica’s drugs. “She won’t miss this,” Miss Rose said.


Gloria snorted. “Miss Rose!” she said.


“She using my mattress,” Miss Rose said, rubbing her nose.


Veronica mewled, which turned into a high pitched squeal, and then wavered off.


Miss Rose shook her head, laughed to herself, and then went into the kitchen.


Gloria sidled against Donnell, pressing her small body into his, her jeans slung low on her slim boyish hips. Joe decided that the ring in her bellybutton was new, and enjoyed the way it glittered in her tummy, and the way her pants exposed most of her bony pelvis. Whispering something too low for Joe to make out, Gloria ran her arms around Donnell’s waist, letting one hand drop to the front of his pants.


“We still working,” Donnell said, arching his neck away from her.


Gloria stepped back, her fingers lingering on Donnell’s belt.


“Go help Miss Rose,” Donnell said. “We’ll be done soon.”


Gloria dropped her hands. She forced a grin, making it seem as if she had suddenly decided to help Miss Rose herself.


Looking at Joe as if she just noticed him, Gloria hugged her arms around her small frame. “Hey, Mr. Murphy,” she said, her voice cheerful, if a little obligatory. “Haven’t seen you at Saint Barnaby’s much.”


“Working too much,” Joe said. He tugged the strap of his shoulder bag halfheartedly and smiled.


“If you and Molly ever need a sitter,” Gloria said, cutting her eyes briefly toward Donnell, “I may have some availability this summer.”


Gloria grinned. Bit her lip.


Joe nodded, enjoying Gloria’s smile. An image of her flashed through his mind: her in the front seat of his Volvo, head averted, eyes out the window. The way she gently rocked her hips to show her pleasure. How she eventually raised her bottom from the seat, arched her back. Squeezed her thighs together. Moaned.


“I’ll keep that in mind,” Joe said.


Donnell kept his face unreadable.


Making her way to the kitchen, Gloria said over her shoulder: “I can always use the extra money.”


Joe turned his head, grinning. Looking into the other room, Joe saw the boy standing now, kicking off his pants. He still wore his baggy T-shirt, his stupid hat. He looked ridiculous, dick bobbing in front of him.


“You should go,” Cutter said to Joe.


Donnell handed Joe a fat envelope. Joe looked to Donnell, then back to Cutter, then back to Donnell. He slapped the envelope into the palm of his hand. Felt its heft. Smiled. Slipping back the top flap, he peeked inside. Thumbed the cash.


“I’m going to wait for the girl,” Joe said, his smile gone now.


There was a pause where no one spoke.


“Make sure she gets home safe,” Joe said.


Cutter reached for the backpack as Joe watched. He waited for it. He’d already made his choices tonight and there was nothing left to do but hold his ground. Not everyone was going to leave here happy. That much was clear.


Donnell gestured to Cutter with his hand. Shook his head. Holding Donnell’s gaze for a minute, Cutter withdrew his hand from the backpack.


“You like that girl?” Donnell asked.


Veronica moaned, a sob filled more with sting than pleasure this time. Joe didn’t have to turn to understand what was happening. The boy was pressing the head of his penis against her tight little asshole. He heard her speak through gritted her teeth. “Please,” she hissed. “
Please, please, please


“I like her dad,” Joe said. “I do business with him. He’s my partner.”


Donnell considered this for a beat.


“After he’s done,” Donnell said, indicating the boy fucking Veronica. “You can drive her home.” Donnell glanced into the kitchen, but didn’t say anything more. Joe nodded. He stuffed his envelope into his jacket and turned to wait.


Veronica sighed, then exhaled nosily. The boy knelt behind her, rocking his hips.


“Where’s my cock?” he hissed, his gold cap gleaming in his mouth.


“Where’s my cock?” he asked again, this time louder.


He ground his groin against her bottom.


She tried to catch her breath. Sucking air through pursed lips, blowing it back out. She was on her elbows, down low. Her stiff nipples just barely touching the sheets.


“Up,” she said weakly. “Up … up my ass.” She snorted.


He laughed and ground his dick into her. He looked into the other room to make sure the others were watching.


“Where?” the boy demanded.


“In my ass,” Veronica wailed. She snorted, then laughed in between breathy exhales. “Jesus,” she said. “It’s in my ass.”


Veronica seemed to pass some corner where the initial pain turned to pleasure. She looked into the other room with her mouth open, her breathing ragged. And then the boy moved his hips and everything changed again. She gasped. Her face contorted with the riot of new sensations. She blushed deeply, her face on fire. Letting her face take the weight of her body, she quickly reached behind herself with her hands, whether to fend off this foe who was already retreating, or to somehow ensure that nothing unwanted escaped her body, Joe couldn’t say for sure. It made little difference. Her hands danced around the boy’s hands, but he continued to hold her hips firmly. When he had reached the apex of his stroke, he reversed himself, working his cock forward again.


Again her face changed. This time she seemed to know what to expect and worked her arms back under her body, so that she could lift her head. Moan, breathe. Moan.


When he retreated this next time, she groaned, another low pitched throaty rumble. He applied a healthy refresh of the lubricant, so cold she involuntarily arched her back and cinched up her bottom, but no amount of contortion would stop the slide of a well-greased cock, so instead of a proper defense, her clinching only enabled the boy to enjoy her asshole as if he were slipping himself inside her for the very first time.


Veronica squealed this time as if it did, in fact, feel better to yell. To holler and squirm. And she made the most of it. She unburdened herself.


All of the men were watching Veronica. Miss Rose returned to the dining room and stood with her stout arms crossed.


“That girl gonna wake all the neighbors,” she said. Gloria stood behind her.


Veronica made two distinctly different sounds: a throaty moaning howl as the boy pulled out of her and then a deeper, rolling, moan as he stuffed himself back inside.


,” Miss Rose hissed.


Veronica looked up, dimly aware of her audience. She couldn’t have wanted to be so loud, but didn’t have much choice. The sounds just seemed to roll up out of her body. Sometimes the boy paused with his penis deep inside her, offering the room a silence punctuated only by her ragged breathing. And then he’d resume, and the moans would start back again, bubbling up out of her throat.


Gloria wandered toward the adjoining room, her eyes locked on Veronica. Resting her face against the thick molding on the arch between the rooms, Gloria watched Veronica lose herself.


The boy reached for Veronica’s clitoris. When he took his hand off her hip, Veronica fell forward, arched her back and wailed. The boy fell with her, grinding his hips into her bottom. Biting his lip, the boy kept his hand between Veronica’s legs, working her pussy.


“Come,” he hissed. “


And Veronica did come.


Her face twisted with pleasure, her orgasm beginning almost as soon as she laid her body flat on the mattress. The boy’s full body weight was on her, but that didn’t seem to matter. Her body unwound like an iron spring. She flexed her bottom and abdomen repeatedly, rocking her hips and groaning. Joe thought that the boy might have come, because he no longer had his penis inside her, and her twisting hips made it impossible for him to mount her again. He continued to grind himself against her bottom, whether he was trying to slip himself back inside her or enjoying the last bit of his climax, Joe couldn’t say for sure.

BOOK: Dirty Business
11.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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