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Dirty Games: A BWWM Romance

BOOK: Dirty Games: A BWWM Romance
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A BWWM Erotic Romance

Book 2


By Sasha


Foolish Games
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Zenobia and Wes are so in love, they can’t resist playing matchmaker…


Life for broke bartender Rose Kelly is boring as hell. At the most glamorous club in Magic City, she expected more fun and excitement in her late nights. Instead, she watches Casa Blanca’s rich and fabulous have their fun all around her without the chance—or money—to enjoy a part of that life.

When her boss, Wes, finds out that Rose is still a virgin, he and Zenobia set her up on a blind date with Brent Long, Casa Blanca’s MVP—most valuable patron. Brent wants nothing more than to introduce Rose to the thrills of sex and bondage, and after an exhilarating first date, Rose realizes she can’t get enough of the sexy bad boy. But more than that, she’s going to do her best to break Brent of his “no strings attached” rule and win the playboy’s heart—one hot night at a time.


Chapter 1



“Hey, gorgeous, what’re you doing out here?”

A silly grin spread across Zenobia’s lips and she turned on the spot, wrapping her arms around Wes’s neck. Wes smiled at her, his fingers rubbing gently at the small of Zenobia’s back.

“Just checking out the line.”

“It’s not going anywhere,” Wes chuckled, kissing the tip of Zenobia’s nose. “Come on in, Kevin’s got it covered.”

The bouncer nodded and flexed his biceps at them in demonstration. Zenobia followed Wes inside.

A table covered with a black velvet drape stood at the side immediately past the entrance. A stack of cards and keys were artfully placed in two different baskets lined with lace, as the costumers walked by they picked up a card, stood to the side to fill them in, and grabbed a key in a constant, almost musical rhythm.

Blind Date Night had been Zenobia’s idea, and it was a huge success right off the bat. Clients had to sign a waiting list ahead of time now because they just didn’t have enough room to satisfy everyone.

“Are you considering signing up?” Wes whispered in Zenobia’s ear. He took her hand and dragged her past the crowded hall where patrons were filling in forms with their name, preferences, and gender, while praying that the lottery draw for a key—and a partner—would work in their favor.

“I don’t know,” Zenobia said playfully, as Wes slapped her ass.

Zenobia turned in his arms and kissed his neck.

“Maybe it’s time to spice it up a little?”

“What, getting bored already?” Wes pouted, mock-serious. “Well, we can’t have that—”


Wes turned around; smiling once he saw that it was Rose, one of the club’s best employees.


“There are people demanding a Wednesday special, despite my trying to explain I can’t get them a Speed Dating card tonight. I don’t really know what to do anymore.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Wes said with a smile. “Where are they?”

“Booth seven,” Rose said, gesturing toward the back of the club.

Wes gave a cheeky wink to Zenobia and pressed a soft, wet kiss on her lips. “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Wes breezed toward the back booths, and Zenobia turned to Rose.

“Night’s going smooth so far?” Zenobia asked, walking back to the bar with her.

“Despite people not knowing the calendar, yeah, it’s going fine,” Rose answered with a smile as they both slid behind the bar.

Zenobia liked Rose. She knew Wes couldn’t understand the girl’s shyness, especially because Rose was an incredibly beautiful young woman. Rose had that smooth, almost perfect complexion, were it not for the freckles dusting her nose and cheeks. Her bright red hair fell to the middle of her back, and her green eyes and full lips were the envy of both patrons and coworkers. She was also perfectly proportioned; not too curvy and not too muscular, and showed just enough cleavage to earn her hundreds in tips every night. Yet despite all that, and working in one of the classiest clubs in all of Miami, where the most beautiful singles came to mingle and pair up, Rose always stayed in the background, shaking cocktails, mixing drinks and generally being polite and professional to everyone, but still only in the background.

Zenobia knew it drove Wes crazy. He just couldn’t comprehend how someone could not want to enjoy themselves and how they could lack the confidence that he oozed from his every pore. If Wes had a fault, it was his inability to put himself in someone else’s shoes. Zenobia understood Rose’s plight, probably better than anyone else who worked at Casa Blanca’s. She, herself, had spent most of her life feeling awkward, out of place and uncomfortable in her skin while everything around her changed. Tasha always made fun of her for it, in that exasperated, patronizing but loving older sister way, but Zenobia just couldn’t get past her own issues.

Rose, in many ways, was very similar to Zenobia, even if the reasons behind her attitude were different. And Zenobia didn’t know exactly which reasons she had, but she still felt for her. Rose wasn’t all that comfortable around her yet, even though she’d warmed up considerably since the very first weeks. She just wished she could sit her down and really talk to her, though she had no idea what she would say. For Rose, it may have been a combination of her upbringing and experiences.

“When is your night off?” Zenobia asked as she started mixing herself a Screaming Orgasm.

The bar was mostly quiet, thankfully, the perfect moment to try and start a conversation.

“Ah, it was gonna be tomorrow, but I told Wes I could work anyway since Theo is sick.”

Zenobia gave her a curious glance. “You’ve been here every single night this week. Don’t you just want to chill out tomorrow?”

“I don’t really have anything to do,” Rose said with a small shrug, turning to give Zenobia a smile as she slid a glass her way so she could pour her cocktail into it.

“Hey gorgeous, can I buy you one?”

Both of them turned to see tall man with sparkling blue eyes leaning across the bar and sliding a bill over to Rose. She blinked, as though she either didn’t understand his request or was simply afraid of him. She glanced back at Zenobia, then gave him a smile and passed him a shot of tequila.

“No, but this one is on the house.”

Zenobia barely restrained from rolling her eyes a little, and kept her smile to herself. The man gulped down the shot, holding Rose’s gaze seductively before sliding off his stool and pushing himself closer to her.

“What time do you get off?”

“Way late,” Rose said, her tone apologetic. She glanced back to Zenobia, the look in her eyes sort of desperate. 

“Rose, can you come here a moment?”

The man slouched away, giving the two of them a dirty look, and Rose took a sigh of relief as she downed what was supposed to be Zenobia’s drink.

“What was that about? He was a knockout.”

Rose blushed slightly, but avoided Zenobia’s eyes as she finished the cocktail, mumbling something under her breath that could’ve been anything. Zenobia frowned, perplexed, but before she could get in a word, Wes was back, his hand sliding.

“Hey there,” Wes whispered, kissing the side of Zenobia’s neck.

“Hey. All sorted?”

“Yeah, I had Kevin kick them out,” Wes said indifferently, his grin glowing brighter as Zenobia rolled her eyes at him. “Come on.”


“Meaning business.”

Zenobia snorted. It was one of Wes’s codes. Sometimes her boyfriend was a few cards short of a full deck.

Boyfriend... gosh, did that make her giggle like a schoolgirl.

Wes was crazy about noir movies and gangster flicks, and he found it immensely amusing that every time there was a night club scene, after you’d seen all the crowd and the dancing people and scantily-clad waitresses, there were always the back rooms where the people in black were “meaning business.”

Wes had a lot of these impromptu crazy eureka moments, and Zenobia had learned to give in to whatever he came up with. They were what made Zenobia fall in love with him in the first place.

“Right,” she said, grinning at Wes and clasping their fingers together. “Rose, you okay?”

“I’ll take care of the bar,” Rose finished easily, smiling at them.

“You’re awesome,” Wes beamed.

He tugged on Zenobia’s hand, and before Zenobia could actually inquire if Rose was doing okay, she was dragged away by Wes toward one of the back rooms.


Chapter 2



“You’re rather crazy, you know?” Zenobia whispered as Wes kicked open a door and pulled her in, backing her up against the wall as he kissed hungrily at her mouth.

Wes grinned, his bright turquoise eyes sparkling in mischief. “All your fault.”

“Did you actually kick out clients so you could have one of the rooms?” Zenobia inquired, her hands skating down Wes’s chest, finding the buttons of his shirt already.

Wes grinned, blinking innocently at her as he sought Zenobia’s mouth again, his teeth nibbling in the lower curve of her lip.

“You’re…awful,” Zenobia groaned, her voice breathless, a hint of laughter peeking through.

“Want you,” Wes groaned, biting into the line of her jaw, then down on her neck. “Been too long.”

“Six hours,” Zenobia grinned back, her fingers seeking skin, equally eager despite her amused tone.

“Too long,” Wes repeated.

He smiled and pressed his lips to Zenobia’s brow, kissing down the bridge of her nose, thumbs stroking her cheekbones.

“We should sneak away more often.” Wes grinned, lips meeting lips as his fingers started to pull at the hem of Zenobia’s dress, bunching it in his hands as he tried to tug it over her head.

Zenobia smiled, raising her arms and breaking the kiss long enough to have him take it off. Wes’s hands immediately skimmed over Zenobia’s torso, brushing past her nipples and around her hips, fingers framing her waist and teasing the curve of her tailbone.

“You’re so beautiful,” Wes whispered, nimble hands sliding over heated skin, their breath mingling.

He hovered in front of Zenobia’s mouth, locking eyes with her. Zenobia parted her mouth slowly; the tip of Wes’s tongue slipping past willing lips, bodies pressed so closely together that Zenobia knew Wes could feel her heart thumping right out of her chest.

Zenobia’s knees sagged as Wes carefully mapped out every inch of her mouth, fingers fluttering against his cheek as if he were as delicate as a butterfly. She moaned into the kiss, her own arms winding around Wes’s neck without any conscious thought as she shook under the onslaught.

Wes’s hands wrapped around Zenobia’s hips, and with a fluid motion, she was being hoisted off the ground and up into the secure circle of Wes’s arms. Zenobia’s legs curled around slim hips, ankles crossing behind Wes’s back.

“So perfect,” Wes whispered again. “My perfect, beautiful Zenobia.”

This time Zenobia wasted no time allowing Wes’s tongue past her lips, her head tilting backwards to allow a deeper kiss.

BOOK: Dirty Games: A BWWM Romance
3.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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