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Authors: Angel Wild

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Doctor's Orders - Medical Erotic Story (2 page)

BOOK: Doctor's Orders - Medical Erotic Story
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Let’s see how true that
promise actually is, shall we?” he said, rising from his seat and
making his way over to the door. As he passed by Amber, the back of
his hand purposely grazed over the side of her leg, sending a brief
chill through her spine. She had thought about such a scenario for
so long that she trembled anxiously at the notion that it might
become a reality. As he opened the door, she could feel her panties
becoming wetter and her clitoris firming up.

Follow me!” he commanded,
and she obediently trailed behind him as he led her down the
corridor towards the nearest examination room. They walked inside
and he closed the door swiftly behind her. It was a standard exam
room, of which the clinic contained four. There was an exam
table/bed in the corner, fitted with a thin paper cover, a
gynecological exam chair replete with heightened leg stirrups, and
a series of cabinets and drawers containing the essential equipment
and supplies necessary to carry out the job. Amber had been in that
room countless times before, observing Dr Evans treating his
patients and more recently taking on cases of her own.

You want this
recommendation? I mean really want it?” he asked, ensuring that she
truly meant what she had promised back in the interview.

Definitely!” she replied,
licking her lips at both the idea of advancing her career as well
as having a quick frolic with her boss. She was teetering on the
edge of kneeling in front of him right there and then, and probably
would have if he hadn’t spoken again.

Good, then you will do
everything I ask.” he said, “And I mean everything!”

She was blinded by her
horniness, and his commanding tone simply turned her on even more.
Her clit was pounding inside her panties and her nipples were
poking through the soft fabric of both her bra cups and her blouse.
She nodded and remained still with her arms neatly folded behind
her back, pushing out her breasts suggestively in front of her. He
walked over and stood at her side, taking a long, slow breath
through his nose as he smelled the warmth emanating from the top of
her head. Then, she felt his wandering fingers touching below her
stomach and enclosing around her body as he started to fondle her,
rising up to her breasts. He had left the door unlocked, even
though it could have been secured easily with the latch. She caught
the scent of his after shave, or his deodorant, she couldn’t tell
which. All she knew was that he smelled fantastic, and as his broad
shoulders towered over her and he whispered dirty thoughts into her
ears she felt her clitoris tingling with anticipation. Anyone could
have walked in at any moment, and yet he continued unabashed. He
moved around behind her and pressed his enormous bulge up against
her ass cheeks, with both of his hands circling around her perky
tits as he groped them. Her breath began to waver as the situation
suddenly sank in, and she let out a long sigh as his hand slipped
down between her thighs. He gripped her crotch with his finger and
fondled them around her pussy, pressing her clitoris through the
material of her trousers while his other hand worked away at
unzipping them.

Within seconds he had
opened the front of her trousers and was pulling them down her
legs, allowing them to drop to her ankles as they reached her
knees. He stood up straight again and steadied her shaking legs for
a moment before pressing his fingers once again up to her pussy. He
felt the lacy material of her black French panties and peeled them
away from her skin to make room for his fingers. She felt them
creeping down the front of her crotch and suddenly the soft, gentle
skin of his fingertips began to circle around her throbbing
clitoris, moving even further south as he coated his fingers in the
juices from her slippery vulva before returning up to massage her
clit. It was the most sensual experience of her life, and she
moaned with satisfaction as he did as he pleased with her

She wanted him to have his
way with her, but she had no idea this was just the tip of the
iceberg. He picked her up by the hips and carried her over to the
exam bed, pressing his hand against her back to bend her over the
top of it. She reached out, placing her arms flat against the firm
cushioned surface, and waited for him to play with her some more.
He crouched down behind her and caressed her ass cheeks for a
little while, pronging her panties and gently smacking her ass to
savor the moment. Then, with one sharp movement he pulled her
panties down to expose her bare ass and the glistening pussy lips
and tight, clean asshole nestled between them.

He extended his tongue and
leaned in, parting her ass cheeks firmly open with his thumbs as he
licked over her ass hole. She shivered as she felt his slithering
tongue running around her anus, poking and prodding the soft
wrinkles of her rim. It tickled, eliciting a few giggles from her
lips as he snacked on her ass, feeling her cheek pressing against
the sides of his face as he buried his mouth as deep as possible in
her crack. He moved down and began to lick her pussy, lapping up
her juices as his tongue slid around her vulva, transforming her
chuckling to a parade of filthy moaning. She felt his fingers
moving around in front of her thighs as he gripped hold of her legs
and pulled her back slightly on to his pressing mouth.

Then, as she squirmed atop
the exam bed in a state of bliss, he raised his right hand up above
her ass and slammed it down over her cheeks. A deafening crack
echoed out across the room, bouncing off the walls as she leapt up
and stood straight next to the bed. She tried to turn around but
the doctor pressed her down against the bed.

Whatever I want...” he
reminded her, and she relented, relaxing once more as her breasts
pressed against the cushion, crinkling the thin sheet of disposable
paper that lay atop the bed. He raised his other hand and cracked
it down across her left ass cheek, leaving a second dark red
handprint plastered over her skin. She cringed as the burning pain
shot through her body, clenching her jaws to stop herself from
screaming out in pain. As the discomfort died away, though, the
soft tingling left in its wake was enough to set her pussy on fire
once again. She had never been spanked before, let alone so
harshly, and yet despite the searing agony that she felt upon the
first strike, she found herself enjoying it far more than she would
have anticipated. He spanked her again and again, layering her ass
cheeks with a series of sore hand marks and covering every inch of
bare flesh around her ass and upper thighs.

With each slap she let out
a whimper and strained herself so as not to cry out. He stood up
and scooped her legs sideways to hoist her up onto the bed, laying
her on her side and facing the wall with her raw ass tilting off
the edge. He stroked his hand over the skin again and landed one
final, extra hard lash of his entire palm across her ass before
strolling over to the door. She assumed he was about to finally
lock the latch in place, affording them a little more privacy.
However, as he reached the door he opened it and peered outside,
dragging a passing nurse into the exam room and closing the door
behind her.

The young nurse took one
look at Amber and smiled, listening intently to the doctor’s orders
as he leaned in and whispered in to her ear. Amber buried her face
in her chest, mortified that she had been exposed in such a way.
She knew the nurse quite well, having spoken to and worked with her
on a daily basis, and had she not been paralyzed with fear and
embarrassment she would have marched straight out of the

Her face started to burn up
and turned a shade of red almost as deep as her ass cheeks. She
heard the smack of latex gloves being applied, but she daren’t look
back over at the nurse – there was still the faintest possibility
that she had not seen Amber’s face. At least, that was the strand
of hope that Amber was clinging to. In reality, the nurse knew
precisely who was lying on that bed and as she approached the
stinging set of ass cheeks dangling off the side, she couldn’t help
but chuckle to herself. This wasn’t the first time the doctor had
had his way with an intern. The doctor picked up a chart and
started to write some fake notes as he enjoyed the sordid scenario
he had created for himself, watching as the nurse observed Amber’s
clearly engorged, dripping wet labia, not to mention her smoldering
ass cheeks.

"That's very good, Ms.
Reynolds.” he said, removing any doubt that it was Amber lying on
the bed, “Nurse, please take the patient's temperature."

Amber simply lay there,
horrified and frozen with shame as a slick, gloved finger smeared
Vaseline over her exposed and tightly puckered asshole. A moment
later, a cold, hard object pressed in, breaching the ring of muscle
and sliding deep inside her body. The hand holding the thermometer
did not stay still, but instead circled the chilly, unforgiving
length inside her, stretching the opening even as her body
fluttered involuntarily against it. She had no conception of time
in her tense, humiliated state, but it seemed to take quite a while
before the thermometer slid out.

"Her temperature is normal,
Doctor," said the nurse.

Excellent!” he proclaimed,
“Ms. Reynolds, would you like to step over to the examination

She remained on the bed,
distraught that she had been exposed as just another slut willing
to do anything to get ahead. There was no point continuing the lie,
and as she slipped off the side of the bed and shuffled over to the
chair she refused to make eye contact with the nurse. The air felt
like it had turned to soup it was so thick, and she was dizzy with
the indignity of it all.

Still, despite the intense
humiliation, she couldn’t help but notice that he pussy was
throbbing even more prominently than before. She ached for
satisfaction, and as she mounted the chair and raised her legs into
the stirrups, a moment of clarity washed over her mind. Sure, she
had suffered a brief incident of embarrassment, but once she had
her recommendation she would be free to leave and become a full
time OBGYN, never having to face the gossip mongering nurses in the
clinic ever again. So, she decided that whatever the doctor threw
at her, she was going to take it and please his every desire, no
matter how obscene it might be. She strengthened her resolve and as
the blood slowly faded from her cheeks, she finally looked at the
nurse and smiled defiantly.

You can leave us now...”
he said to the nurse, waving her towards the door as he fastened
the restraining straps around her ankles. His smile was even more
sadistic than ever before, and with each tug on the straps he gazed
into her eyes, as if transmitting his squalid thoughts directly in
to her mind.

She sat obediently in the
seat, awaiting his next will with her thighs parted wide and her
pussy lips spread open. He crouched down between her legs and
circled his thumb around her clitoris, watching as her juices
seeped out over her vulva while he stroked his thick shaft through
his trousers. He licked his lips, as if anticipating a great meal
he was about to devour, and then leaned in to eat her out. She
sighed loudly as she felt his intrusive tongue sliding around her
clitoris, massaging the firm little bean and flicking it left and

His thumb worked away
diligently at her vulva, pressing her vaginal opening apart as he
worked his middle finger inside and began to rub the delicate,
spongy tissue of her g-spot. Even though her legs were parted wide
open, his cheeks were nestled in between her thighs as he snacked
on her pussy, his head bobbing up and down as he lapped away at her
throbbing clit. She placed her hand on his head and ran her fingers
through his silver speckled hair, feeling the silky strands gliding
over her flesh as another dirty chill raced down her spine. He was
in control, though, and she needed to know who was boss. He grabbed
her wrists and held them together for a moment, clamping his left
arm easily around both of them while he unfastened his belt and
pulled it out from the waist loops of his trousers.

Then, he yanked her arms
back and folded them behind the exam chair holding them securely in
place while he wrapped the thick leather belt around them. With her
arms bound, he was free to do as he pleased with her body, and she
was powerless to resist his will.

She watched with a potent
mixture of fear and exhilaration as he returned to stand in front
of her. The bulge in his trousers was enormous, and her pussy was
on fire as she awaited the feel of his thick cock. His intentions
were somewhat darker than that, though. He slowly started to remove
his clothing, unbuttoning his shirt and stripping it away, along
with his trouser and boxer shorts.

His massive cock pronged
out in front of him and he began to jerk off as he gazed at her
tied up, submissive body. She lightly bit her bottom lip
suggestively, urging him to approach, but he simply teased her and
continued to stroke his cock, rolling his foreskin back and forth,
smothering the head with his sticky, clear pre-cum. Her ass was
still red raw, but as the stinging sensation died down she found
herself craving more of the rough treatment he had shown

He stepped forward and ran
his hands over her delicious smooth thighs, slowly moving down
towards her quivering pussy. She thrust her hips forward slightly,
encouraging him to do something to her, but he continued to tease
her, refusing to give her any of the satisfaction that she craved.
He gripped his cock and slapped it over her labia, causing tiny
splashes of her juices to scatter over her upper thighs and the
leathery seat below. He reached over to the small table at the side
and grabbed a small container of clear lubricant jelly.

BOOK: Doctor's Orders - Medical Erotic Story
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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