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Dominate Me

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Dominate Me


©Copyright Jambrea Jo Jones 2011

Cover Art by April Martinez ©Copyright June 2011

Edited by Claire Siemaszkiewicz

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.


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Published in 2011 by Total-E-Bound Publishing, Think Tank,

, Lincoln,
, United Kingdom



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Dark Encounters





Jambrea Jo Jones








To stepping out of your comfort zone and liking it.

As always to Joy.



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Chapter One




I shouldn’t be here
. I looked around the room and my stomach fluttered with nervousness. I bit my lip and turned to walk out. No matter what my body thought it wanted, my head was pushing me to leave the club. I almost made it to the door when my phone rang.


“Elli, don’t you dare leave.”

“Monty? Are you here?” I couldn’t see her, but the club was crowded. How did she know I was going to leave?

“No. But I’m well versed in the ways of Elli. Give it a chance. You’ll never learn if you want this if you don’t try.”

“I should’ve never told you about my fantasy.”

“Yes, you should have. That’s what friends are for. Now go find a table and sit down. Tell me all about it tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I resigned myself to sitting in a corner for a few hours and going home. I hated social situations and the only reason I was here was because of some stupid flyer and talking to Monty about what I’d thought I wanted.

I hung up the phone and waded through to a dark corner.

The ad said Dark Encounters was
place to be if you were into BDSM. Tonight was some kind of mixer to attract new members. Once I’d seen the flyer my body had gone on alert. Then I had to go and tell Monty how the idea had intrigued me. She’d talked me into this hair-brained scheme, and she hadn’t even had the decency to come with me. No, she’d made up some lame excuse about her boyfriend needing her for something.

I was lost in thought when
showed up. He wasn’t the most attractive man I’d ever seen, but he exuded power and strength with his every movement, he owned the room. His hair was short and black with a little silver weaved through it. He must have been close to forty. That wasn’t too bad against my thirty-five. I couldn’t really tell what colour his eyes were. They were hidden in the shadow. The man was tall and stocky with a square jaw and high cheekbones, rugged in appearance as if he’d forgotten to shave. The shadow of a beard fit his over all look.

“Is this seat taken?”

I had no words. His voice was smooth with just a hint of rough. Like he smoked. Kind of raspy. I shook my head and he took the seat next to me.

“I’m Renaldo Higgins. You can call me
. And you are?”

God, he wanted me to talk. I wasn’t ready for this. Now I was being silly. He just wanted my name, not to fuck me over the table.

“Elizabeth Conner.” I spoke so softly he had to lean closer. God, he smelt brilliant. A musky spice that had to be some sort of cologne. It fit his look—masculine and raw.

“What brings you to Encounters, Elizabeth?”

“Elli. You can call me Elli.” I hesitated. “I—I don’t know.” I wanted to be honest and this man made me a little nervous.

“Elli. That suits you. You’re very beautiful, Elli. And uneasy.”
moved closer to me.

I fidgeted in my chair and put my hands on the table. I undoubtedly should have ordered a drink. Anything to keep my hands busy. I picked up a coaster and played with it until
put his hands over mine to settle them. This really wasn’t a good idea. There had to be an exit around here somewhere.

“I should go,” I whispered.

“No. I don’t think you should.”

Who did he think he was? I didn’t know him from Adam. Sure, this may have been a BDSM club, but did people really just fall in line? What if I wanted to be the one in charge? Hell, who was I kidding? Not myself and obviously not
. I wondered if I had a sign on my forehead that said, ‘Please tie me up and have your way with me’. That thought did little to comfort me.

“Calm down, little one. I can see your feathers ruffling. I just think you need to give yourself more time. Check the place out before you leave. See what you might be missing. Let me be your guide.”

“I’m not going to sleep with you,” I blurted out.

threw back his head and laughed. It was deep and rich, like a good brandy.

“I said I would show you around, not throw you down and fuck you,” he replied when his laughter stopped. “Unless you ask.” He winked.

The heat moved up my face. I hated how easily I blushed. It gave too much away. And the image of him fucking me was playing in my head. I squirmed in my seat. I was becoming very aroused despite my discomfort with the situation.

“I’ve never—” I cleared my throat. “I don’t know—” Goodness, I needed to just spit it out. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t even know if I want to. I saw a flyer and my friend talked me into it.” There, my cards were on the table, so to speak.

“Then let me show you a little of my world. See if there’s anything you might like.”
stood and held out his hand.

It was now or never. When would I ever get an opportunity like this again? I knew myself. If I left I would never step outside my box again. This was the chance to see if I wanted more. More of what, I wasn’t too certain, but I was going to try.

I left my chair and placed my hand in his, then swallowed and took a deep breath. This would be all right.
interlaced our fingers and gave me a quick squeeze of encouragement. He smiled down at me and I saw dimples appear. Oh, holy hell. That lit up his whole face and I had to smile back.

led me out of the front lounge to a door I hadn’t seen before. A man sat to the side of it and nodded at us before he buzzed us in. What could possibly be back there that they would need that kind of security and did I really want to know? Fuck yeah, I did.

We paused in the doorway.

“There are some rules.”
pointed towards the first door, closest to us. “When the door is closed that means the couple wants privacy.”
tugged my hand to pull me farther into the hallway. “An open door means the couple doesn’t mind watchers, and this rope—” He picked up a thick cord with a clip on the end. “If this is up that means they want you to watch but not touch or be interactive. An open door is an open invitation.”

We stopped in front of an empty room. I was a little disappointed, but that didn’t last. As we walked deeper into the hall low moans filled the space. There were other noises, but I couldn’t pinpoint the sounds.

The next room caused all the air to rush out of my body. I stood there awestruck.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

had moved behind me and whispered in my ear. I shivered at the air brushing my face and leant back on him. The woman was gorgeous, stretched out on the bed. Her arms and legs were bound with a heavy rope. It looked loose enough that she had some wiggle room, but not much. There was a peaceful look on her face. Her breasts were round and shapely with pretty pink nipples begging to be tasted. She was plump in other places and curved in all the right ones. Her pubic hair was trimmed and bright red against pale skin. I’d never been sexually attracted to another woman before but something about her drew me in.

I didn’t know if it was the ropes or the passionate look on her face. Hell, it could have even been
presence behind me that was making me hot and bothered.

“She—” I had to clear my throat. “Yes, she is.”

While I was speaking, a man walked into the scene. He was dressed in tight leather pants and nothing else. Not even shoes or socks.

“The rope is down. Would you like to go in?”

I shook my head. I wasn’t ready for that. Not yet. I was happy with the heat of
behind me.

didn’t push me, but he did run his hands down my arms. I had just met him, but he made me feel safe, like I could trust him. He’d proven it by letting me stay in my comfort zone by the door and not forcing the issue.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the action in the room. The man had something in his hands. It took me a minute to figure out it was some kind of whip. He was tracing the woman’s body with it, but she didn’t move. He murmured words of what I assumed were encouragements, but my brain was too fogged to process the words. When he started hitting her with the whip she clenched her hands around the rope as if trying to stop herself from moving. My panties were damp. I imagined myself in her spot, wondering how it would feel to be bound, unable to move. The woman on the bed lost control when the man put more power behind the hit. She strained against the ropes, her body bucking to meet the whip. He paused with the tool at rest until she calmed down and stopped writhing on the mattress. The tines of the whip slid against the woman’s skin with little more than a twitch from her master and it seemed to settle her down. The man leaned in close enough to her ear and whispered something and she nodded. The interaction was primal in a way I’d never seen before, as if the woman begged to be hurt.

tugged me away, but I wasn’t ready to go. I wanted to see how much that woman could take. And I wasn’t fooling myself—I wanted more time to imagine myself on that bed. My breathing was erratic. I couldn’t catch my breath.
pulled me against him and whispered in my ear while calming me by lightly caressing my arms with his hands. I closed my eyes and matched the movement of his chest with my own.

“Are you thinking of yourself strapped to a bed? Can you see me over you with a whip letting you feel the lashes until you come? How about those ropes—can you feel them?”
licked my ear and nuzzled into my neck.

My God, I could see all of that and I wanted it. I was so turned on I probably could’ve come without a touch. I didn’t have to worry about not having his hands on me—
touched me everywhere.

He walked me to another room. This one had the rope up and two naked men inside. One man sat on a chair with the other lying across his lap. The crack of a hand on flesh made me jump. The smacks alternated between each cheek on the man’s ass. His ass started to turn red. The spanking didn’t last long.

moved his hand to my skirt. He inched it up as I watched one man slide from the other’s lap. The smaller man knelt there until the man sitting in the chair fed him his cock. I never thought I would be turned on watching two men with each other, but it was so hot and more erotic than I’d could ever imagine.
had my skirt up around my hips and he cupped my sex through my panties. I moaned. So much stimuli. I rocked into his palm wanting a firm touch, but he stopped me.

“Hands behind your back, interlace your fingers and don’t move.”

I didn’t think—I just reacted. My body knew what it wanted.

“That’s right, little one. Watch them and just feel. Take what I’m going to give you, but don’t come until I say that you can. Nod if you’re okay with this.”

I bit my lip, but complied with his demands. I wanted this so much. Fuck wanted, I

“If I take this to a place you are uncomfortable with say ‘sugar’ and I’ll stop. No questions asked. Then I’ll take you back up front. Do you understand?”


I couldn’t say anything else.

“What is the word you need to say if and when you want this to stop?”


I was down to one-word answers. I craved what this strong man was going to give me.

“The next time I hear that, we’re finished.”

I nodded my understanding. No way was that word passing my lips. Not yet. I continued to watch the men in the room. The one in the chair held the kneeling man’s head still. He clutched the smaller man’s hair, forcing him to take the cock deep in his throat. It had to hurt, but the expression on the other man’s face was of pure joy. How could he breathe? I held my breath until the man on the chair slid out. God, his cock was huge. I licked my lips.

slipped a finger inside me—slid right in. I was so wet and turned on. The dominant man dragged the submissive man on to the bed and roughly shoved him down on his hands and knees. Oh god, were they going to fuck?
added a finger and I moved my hips in rhythm, but he stopped me again.

Right, I was supposed to take it. I stilled my movement. The men in the room echoed our movement outside. Wet fingers slowly inched into the upraised ass. The guy on the bed moaned but didn’t move. Oh god. It was good. I wanted to move, to race to my orgasm. My womb clenched with need, but
wouldn’t let me. His pace was slow. In and out with a flick to my clit. Right there. In the open. Anyone could see what we were doing.

I wanted him to touch my breasts. They ached to be cupped in his hands. I wanted him to pinch my nipples and suck them. But I couldn’t ask. I was enthralled with the scene before me. The dominant man mounted the sub. It was slow going until he was buried to the hilt.
added another finger. I was so full, but I still wanted more. I forced myself to continue watching the erotic movie-like action happening in the little box room.

It was almost unreal, like I was outside of myself watching everything happen, but
steady movement brought me back. What would his lips taste like? Would he kiss me?

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