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His hands were trembling as he waited for Jake’s response, so he put them behind his back in the hopes that Jake hadn’t noticed.

“It’s me…” Jake whispered, reaching out one hand
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toward the paining, stopping a hair's breath away before touching the still wet paint. He took a deep breath, and when he turned to Cael, his dark eyes seemed to burn even darker with a smoldering fire.

“Is this how you see me?” he asked, his voice going rough and deep. Cael couldn’t help the shiver that raced through him at the seductive rasp and nodded his head slowly.

Jake came out from around the easel, moving like a large jungle cat, almost prowling as he closed in on Cael. Cael couldn’t stop watching the seductive roll of his hips, the way his pelvis swayed, and was that…? It was. A rather impressive bulge was starting to grow in the front of Jake’s jeans.

Cael audibly gulped and looked up into Jake’s stunning face, trying in vain to control his racing heart.

“You made me a warrior,” Jake murmured when he got close, reaching out with one hand to trace down Cael’s cheek. A gasp escaped Cael’s lips at the warm touch before he could stop it. It was so good.

“Yes,” he whispered, unable to stop himself from leaning into the gentle touch. He jolted upright when he realized what he had done, knowing he was blushing as he cleared his throat.

“That’s what you are. I read a book once, on Native American cultures, and the warriors were the protectors and defenders of the tribe. You helped me, were so kind and nice. You’re so strong, you could be mean but you aren’t.” Cael knew he was rambling, but couldn’t seem
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to make himself stop. “You touch so nice, and I had to paint you like I saw you. It’s okay if you don’t like it. I can hide it…I know how to hide them, so others don’t see. I can’t destroy it, but I…”

That was as far as he got before a pair of warm hands cupped his face and scorching lips descended onto his own.

He mewled, arching into the sudden kiss with a gasp, his flailing hands clutching Jake’s broad shoulders, tangling into that oh so soft, raven hair.

It was warm, oh so very warm. He’d never felt so warm.

Like fire racing through his body, coming from where his lips were attached to Jake’s. Good, it felt so good; like nothing else ever had.

Don’t let it stop, please, don’t stop.

Cael moved closer, rubbing against Jake’s bulk like a cat in heat. One of Jake’s hands left his face to wrap around his back, pulling Cael closer and letting him cuddle right in. Jake lapped at the seam of his lips, begging entrance.

Cael gave it willingly, sighing in pleasure as Jake’s tongue invaded his mouth. He sucked on it hungrily until Jake moaned, gripping his hair in a tight fist, and turned the tables, seemingly trying to devour Cael whole.

Cael whimpered, then mewled again when Jake’s hand moved from his waist to his butt, gripping one cheek.

Gasping, Cael pushed back, wallowing in the delicious feel of his butt being cupped in a strong hand. He lost himself in the pleasure of being with Jake.

Dream a Little Dream - 92

He’d never felt anything that felt as good as being with Jake.

“Holy hell!”

The stunned voice broke into the lust induced fog that hovered around both men, and Cael jerked himself away from Jake, panting. A feeling of dread settled in the pit of his stomach as he turned toward the doorway.

Aiden stood there, eyes wide, mouth gaping open as he looked back and forth between the other two men. He didn’t look happy. Cael could feel his face burning and felt physically ill. His gut clenched, and he started to shake. Wrapping his arms around himself, he tried to make himself seem smaller; if someone was going to hit him, there wouldn’t be a large target.

God, it was too soon! Cael knew it was too soon. They didn’t want him yet. Now they were going to make him leave, and it was his fault. He was bad, a bad boy. Sorry, he was so sorry, just don’t make him leave. He’d do anything as long as he didn’t have to leave.

Cael didn’t even realize he was muttering and crying to himself as he stood there shaking with tears streaming down his face until he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around him.

“Shh, Cael. It’s okay. Aiden isn’t mad, and you’re not a bad boy. No one is leaving. Calm down, honey. Shh, it’s okay, shh.”

Cael tried to listen to the low voice, but the sob welling
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in his throat couldn’t be stopped. He just stood there, crying, and kept berating himself. It wasn’t until a second pair of arms wrapped around him that he started to gain some control. Warmth surrounded him on all sides, feeling so good. Even though he was a bad boy who didn’t deserve it, it still made him feel good. Ever so slowly, the tears slowed enough that he was finally able to see again and looked up hesitantly.

Two worried faces stared down at him, green and brown eyes filled with concern and not even a hint of anger.

“I’m sorry,” Cael whispered, hanging his head. He didn’t fight the hold they had on him, even though he probably should have been up in his room packing, that way when they threw him out, Cael would have his stuff.

“Cael, sweetheart, look at me, please?” Aiden begged, and Cael felt a hand rubbing soothingly up and down his back; he wasn’t sure whose it was.

Slowly, Cael looked up again, steeling himself for Aiden’s rejection. What he got was completely


Aiden pulled him close and started laying gentle kisses all over his tear stained cheeks. They traveled across the bridge of his nose, over his eyes, across his brow and down the line of his jaw. Cael was stunned, waiting in breathless anticipation for what was coming next; the ball of fear inside him slowly unwound with each small caress.

Finally, Aiden kissed his lips, a small taste, then
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another, and another, before it finally began to deepen.

Aiden’s warm tongue lapped at the interior of his mouth, tasting his teeth and twining with his own. Where Jake’s kiss had been like a flash fire, Aiden’s was a slow burn, consuming him until all he could do was writhe mindlessly between the two strong bodies.

Two pairs of hands roamed all over his body, one cupping his hip, another running through his hair, one up under his t-shirt to tease a nipple, while yet another teased the top button of his jeans.

Oh God, he was drowning, and it was good, so very good. He never wanted it to end.

Aiden pulled back, and Cael couldn’t stop the small whine from escaping. He didn’t want the kisses to stop.

They were good, so very good. He wanted more, please.

“Please,” he whispered, looking up into Aiden’s green eyes and begging softly. Jake pressed in closer to his back, and he could feel the hard evidence of Jake’s desire rubbing against his butt.

“Shh, honey, there will be more; don’t worry. But first we got to talk,” Jake’s velvet voice soothed, one of his hands rubbing lightly over Cael’s belly.

“Talk?” Cael murmured, still too focused of Aiden’s lips to make much sense of anything the other men were saying.

Aiden smiled, his hand cupping Cael’s cheek and his thumb brushing over Cael’s swollen lips. “Yes, talk.”

He seemed unable to stop himself from placing a small
Dream a Little Dream - 95

kiss on Cael’s upturned nose.

“I need you to know I wasn’t mad when I came in.”

Aiden explained. “I was shocked that I came home and you two were kissing, but not angry at all. Well…” he grinned sheepishly, looking over Cael’s shoulder to Jake, “maybe a little mad. Mostly cause Jake got you first and I wasn’t there to share. But watching you two together was hot as hell.”

Cael’s eyes widened. “Really?” he asked.

Aiden nodded enthusiastically. “Very.”

“Oh,” was all he managed to say, looking up between his possible new lovers.

“We want you Cael, but we don’t want you to feel pressured into anything you don’t want,” Jake said, placing a soft kiss on his temple. Cael closed his eyes in pleasure at the gentle touch.

“This isn’t a one time thing for us either, Cael. We want you now and for always, not just as an extra. We’ve both grown feelings for you and want to see where things progress between the three of us,” Aiden said.

Cael’s breath caught, and a glimmer of hope entered his soul. “Y-you want me, for always?” he asked. Then he frowned. “But I’m just some kid you both took in. What can I give you that you both don’t already have? I mean, I barely graduated high school. I don’t even have a job.

What can I give you?”

Jake hugged him closer, then turned Cael around to face
Dream a Little Dream - 96

him. Aiden scooted up behind him to cradle his backside.

“Cael, we just want you, as is. You’re young. You don’t need to have a plan for the future right now. Plus, you’re an artist; focus on your art. We just want you to care for us like we’ve come to care for you. Possibly love us one day. Why should we deny ourselves that? Or why should you deny yourself that? We just want you; the three of us together. We’ll figure everything else out one day at a time,” Jake said.

Cael wanted to believe them so badly. He really did. But how was he supposed to mean more to them then just someone to play around with? He’d always dreamt about just focusing on his art, painting and drawing to his heart’s content, maybe selling them someday. Both Jake and Aiden had already given him some of the tools and confidence he would need for that. But it seemed too good to be true.

Cael didn’t want to think that they would toss him aside when it was all said and done, but everyone else he’d ever wanted had. They used him and then got rid of him.

Especially when they found out about the dreams. He wanted to take the olive branch they held out to him and never let go, but he just couldn’t bring himself to become that vulnerable; not again. Not after last time with Sam.

“Just think about it,” Jake said kindly, probably able to see the inner battle Cael was waging with himself.

Cael sighed, then nodded. Yes, he would think about it.

Maybe he could ask the dreams, see what might happen.

Dream a Little Dream - 97

But for now, he wanted something else. The fire burned in his belly, and Cael wanted something to feed the hunger he felt in his cock.

“I will,” he promised. Then he leaned up, kissing Jake’s mouth while grinding back into Aiden’s groin. “But now, I want you both so badly I can barely stand it. I may be young, but I know what I want and it’s you!” He looked over his shoulder at Aiden, knowing his hunger shone in his eyes. “Take me, please?”

Aiden swooped down, devouring his mouth and turning Cael so he could pull the smaller man into his arms.

Cael sighed happily, wrapping his legs around Aiden’s hips when he was lifted, giving back as good as he got.

“Bedroom,” Jake grunted, leaving the kitchen and heading up the stairs, while Aiden followed along at a slower pace, placing soft sucking kisses down Cael’s neck as he walked up the stairs with Cael still in his arms.

Cael turned his head to give Aiden more room, feeling a lightness fill him from the inside out.

He thought that maybe now he knew what heaven felt like.

Dream a Little Dream - 98

Chapter Eleven

Aiden could only stare in amazement at the naked, debauched angel lying on his blue bedspread, gazing back at him with a look so full of hunger he thought he was going to spill any moment.

Jake brushed up against his side, running a warm hand down his bare back. “So beautiful,” he whispered.

Aiden nodded. “Yes, he is.”

Placing one knee on the bed, he slowly crawled up Cael’s flushed body, stopping to pay homage to every bit of skin within reach of his tongue as Cael sighed with pleasure.

Aiden felt the bed dip as Jake settled next to him, lying beside them so his naked skin teased Cael.

“How does he taste?” Jake asked.

Slowly tonguing Cael’s small, outie belly button, Aiden hummed softly in appreciation. “Delicious,” he replied, grinning at Cael’s gasp. “Like honeydew… sweet as can be.”

“Really? Let me taste,” Jake whispered, and Aiden glanced up just in time to hear Cael groan as Jake licked one of his hard little nipples. Jake rose up to smile devilishly at Aiden. “Mmm, good.”

Aiden shivered at the hot look his lover sent him, running his hands softly over Cael’s trembling thighs.

“Maybe I should taste more,” he replied, his voice a
Dream a Little Dream - 99

husky rasp, lightly grasping Cael’s straining, red-tipped erection. Jake nodded as Cael cried out.

Slipping the leaking head into his mouth, Aiden couldn’t stop himself from moaning at the salty, slightly sweet flavor of his young lover. Delicious, just like he said.

Cael was moaning continuously, becoming muffled as Jake was probably kissing him, but Aiden’s focus was on the hot cock in his mouth. He sucked lightly, teasing at first, then slowly descended farther on the shaft as Cael’s cries got louder. Damn, the kid was so worked up he wasn’t going to last for very long. Oh well, he was young -- no doubt Cael would recover quickly. Aiden just wanted to make sure this was good, giving Cael as much pleasure as he could handle, letting their new lover know that he was wanted.

The shaft in his mouth throbbed, the flavor getting stronger. Aiden quickly applied his tongue, lashing the cock with the wet muscle, and was rewarded with a flood of come in his mouth.

He sat up, pulling Jake away from devouring Cael’s mouth and into a bruising kiss, sharing the flavor of their lover. Jake moaned, hot tongue invading Aiden’s mouth to lap at any remaining cream, and Cael moaned, arching up between them, his small hands slowly moving over the muscles of each man’s chest and belly.

“So pretty,” Cael sighed.

Aiden pulled back, looking down at him with a smile.

“You think we’re pretty?” he asked. Cael blushed, but nodded.

Dream a Little Dream - 100

Aiden and Jake shared a grin. “Thanks babe, we think you’re pretty too.”

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