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Aiden ducked down, settling his body completely on Cael, rubbing his straining shaft on the softness of Cael’s belly. Cael gasped, arching up into the contact, his cock starting to harden again.

“You want him, Cael?” Jake asked, watching them both with dark, hungry eyes. “You want Aiden’s cock inside your sweet ass?”

Cael nodded helplessly, whimpering as Aiden pushed against him even harder. Jake reached over and brushed a hank of sweat-darkened hair from that flushed face.

“Then show him. Turn over, babe.”

Cael slithered like an eel, getting out from under Aiden and turning over with his knees tucked under him, little rosette pucker on full display.

“Please,” he whispered, looking over his shoulder at Aiden, big violet eyes full of want. Damn, Aiden was probably going to hell for corrupting this beauty. Oh well, he thought.

He sat back, palming each pale cheek, strumming his thumbs lightly over Cael’s hole. Cael whimpered, and Aiden smiled wickedly.

“Look Jake, how yummy,” he said softly, leaning down to lick. Cael gasped, bucking up, and Aiden sat back with a smile.

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“Mmmhmm,” Jake sighed, crawling over to take a taste of his own.

They alternated between them, licking and stabbing at the loosening muscle with their tongues, while Cael keened softly between them, rising up to receive more.

Finally, when the hole was loose and completely soaked in their joined saliva, Aiden slowly introduced a finger, going slow enough not to hurt, but hard enough for Cael to feel it.

Cael whimpered, lowering his chest to the bed, raising his little butt high. “Please,” he begged softly, “more.

Give me more…” He gasped when Aiden added another finger, then moaned in pleasure. “Yes, yes, yes,” he chanted softly, rocking back on the invading digits.

Jake handed Aiden a bottle of lube. Pouring some on his fingers, Aiden then put three inside his straining lover, and Cael cried out. Stopping to let the kid adjust, Aiden waited until Cael loosened before starting a gentle rhythm in and out.

He kissed Jake again and then turned to pat Cael lightly on the hip. “Turn over sweet,” he murmured. Cael did, looking confused.

“Don’t stop,” Cael begged. Aiden shook his head.

“Not going to,” Aiden assured, leaning down to kiss the frown off Cael’s forehead. “Want you this way, okay?”

“Oh,” Cael looked surprised, a blush staining his cheeks.

“Cael?” Jake asked. “You okay? If you don’t like it this
Dream a Little Dream - 102

way we can do the other; Aiden just wanted to see your face.”

“No, it okay, really,” Cael said quickly, looking up at the two of them. “I--It’s just I, well, I’ve never done it this way.”

Now it was Aiden and Jake’s turn to be surprised.

“Oh, really?” Jake asked. Cael’s blush deepened, but he nodded.

Aiden and Jake shared a look, then Aiden turned to the kid with a gentle smile. “It’s good this way, Cael; I think you’ll like it. If not, tell me, and I’ll stop and we can do something else, ’kay?”

In response, Cael nodded, then pulled his legs up until his knees were at his chest.

“Damn,” Jake whispered, and Cael giggled as Aiden wiped a bit of drool off the side of his mouth.

“Come here, sweet, let me…” Aiden murmured,

grasping his erection and edging closer. He’d forgone the condom, since he knew that both he and Jake were clean. He also knew that Cael had been tested while still in the hospital and had come out negative, so they were all in agreement.

Moving until he was cradled between Cael’s spread thighs, Aiden kissed him softly before lining up and slowly pushing his cock in. The head popped in, and Cael gasped, so Aiden stopped to let him adjust. Cael pushed up , signaling he was ready for more, so Aiden
Dream a Little Dream - 103

pushed until his hips were flush with Cael’s sweet little butt.

Damn, he was tight and hot, nearly burning, and it was all Aiden could do to not start thrusting like an animal.

He pulled out slowly, watching Cael’s face for any sign of discomfort, but there was none, just a sweet flush and glazed pleasure in those gorgeous eyes.

Starting with a gentle rhythm, he slowly worked his way up until he was thrusting hard. Cael was crying out, begging and jabbering for more. He felt a dip on the bed, and then Jake was kneeling up by Cael’s head, stroking his cock and pinching his own nipples. Aiden moaned when Cael leaned up and began to suck that purple tinted cock. Jake moaned, thrusting into Cael’s soft, hungry mouth in time with Aiden’s thrusts into Cael’s hungry hole.

Reaching over, Jake hooked a hand behind Aiden’s head to pull him into an all devouring kiss. It was the thing that tipped him over, and Aiden pulled away to cry out as he spilled his seed. Cael followed closely behind, whimper muted as he continued to suck on Jake’s cock.

Jake thrust two more times before finally crying out hoarsely as he came.

Together they flopped down into a pile on the bed, everyone gasping for breath, Cael cuddled between the two bigger men.

It took a while for Aiden to get his breathing under control, and then even longer to convince his body to get up and head to the bathroom. He got a washcloth, wetting it with warm water before going into the
Dream a Little Dream - 104

bedroom to carefully clean off his lovers.

After throwing the cloth back into the bathroom, he gently maneuvered a sleeping Jake under the covers, but when he turned to Cael, he found that side of the bed empty. Turning around, Aiden saw Cael walking softly to the door, picking up his clothes that were strewn about the room.

Aiden caught up to him just as Cael was opening the door. Aiden stopped him by wrapping his arms around Cael’s waist, and pulling the boy’s back to his chest.

“Where you going, honey?” he asked in a whisper. Cael tensed for a moment, then relaxed into Aiden with a sigh.

“Bed,” he whispered back. Aiden nodded, even though Cael couldn’t see it.

“Why?” Aiden inquired. Cael turned in his arms, frowning in confusion.

“What do you mean? I was going to my bed so you all could sleep.”

“And you can’t sleep here?” Aiden asked, placing a soft kiss on Cael’s upturned nose.

Cael opened his mouth to reply, then stopped, looking at Aiden in surprise. “I-I don’t know,” he finally replied, gazing up at Cael with those soulful eyes. “Can I?”

Aiden smiled, pulling Cael closer and kissing him with the heat Aiden could muster still felt for this sweet boy.

Dream a Little Dream - 105

When he pulled back, Cael swayed toward him, melting into his chest, eyes glazed over in pleasure and need.

“Yeah, honey, you can stay here with us,” Aiden whispered, running a soothing hand up and down Cael’s back.

“’Kay,” Cael replied in a sleepy voice, cuddling into Aiden’s arms.

Aiden smiled. “Come on,” he said, leading Cael back over to the bed where Jake woke up enough to lift up the blankets to allow them both to get in.

Cael relaxed completely, falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit Jake’s shoulder. Aiden spooned up behind him, throwing an arm over Cael’s waist to rest on Jake’s stomach. As he closed his eyes and listened to the soft breathing of both his lovers, he smiled as he drifted off to sleep, feeling like their relationship was complete.

Nothing could change that feeling.

Dream a Little Dream - 106

Chapter Twelve

Jake cuddled closer to the warm body next to him, trying to fight the wakefulness that was creeping in. He didn’t want to wake up yet. It was his day off and he just wanted to sleep with Aiden in his arms for a few more hours.

Something tickled at his consciousness, a feeling of difference in the man in his arms, and Jake could have sworn he heard the shower going in their bathroom. But if that was true, then who…?

Peeking one eye open, he saw a flash of light blonde hair on his shoulder. Oh, that’s right. Jake couldn’t fight the smile that stretched his face. Now he remembered what had happened last night. He, Aiden, and Cael had finally given into their growing attraction to one another.

Jake’s smile turned into a very satisfied grin. Cael really did like him after all, enough to paint him as the Indian warrior of the kid’s dreams. Sweet!

The shower turned off in the bathroom, but Jake wasn’t quite ready to let go of his little sleeping companion, so he was still wrapped up in the blankets and Cael when Aiden came out of the bathroom, looking sinfully delicious in only boxer briefs and wet hair.

“He still asleep?” Aiden asked with a smile. Jake nodded. “Good. I’m gonna go start breakfast, so why don’t you wake him up and take a shower, then head on down.” He turned to walk away, and Jake couldn’t help himself from staring and growing hard at that heavenly butt encased in blue cotton.

Dream a Little Dream - 107

“Baby?” he called, just before Aiden reached the door.

Aiden turned with a smile.

“Yes, Jake, you can wake him up
way, just be gentle. And don’t take forever…” With that, Aiden blew him a kiss and left the room.

Jake grinned. Damn he loved that man. Speaking of loving men…

Jake lowered his head, placing small, gentle kisses all over his sweet boy’s face. Cael sighed happily, cuddling closer, still asleep.

“Hmm…Sam…” Cael sighed in his sleep, and Jake

jerked back.

Sam? Who the hell was Sam? Someone from Cael’s past? A current lover, perhaps? Jake shook his head, quickly dispelling the thought. Cael didn’t have any current lovers except him and Aiden, of that he was damn sure. But that still didn’t answer who Sam was.

But that was a conversation for later, he decided as he watched Cael’s eyelashes flutter open, revealing sleepy, violet eyes. Instant awareness then sudden shyness filled those liquid depths, and Jake couldn’t help but grin at the blush staining Cael’s pale cheeks. His sweet boy was so cute when Cael was being shy.

“Hi,” Cael whispered, a happy smile curving those pretty lips. Jake couldn’t help himself and leaned down for a taste. Cael gasped lightly and seemed to melt into him. “Oh,” was all he managed as Jake pulled back.

Dream a Little Dream - 108

“Hey sweetheart,” Jake said, nuzzling noses with his little lover, making Cael giggle. Jake thought he could come to love that sound. “Sleep well?”

Cael nodded, blushing again. He looked over his shoulder at the empty bed, then back at Jake with a small frown. “Where’s Aiden?” he asked.

Jake shrugged. “Making breakfast. He told me to wake you up then have us head downstairs.”

“Oh, okay,” Cael said, looking a little disappointed.

“Did you want to shower first? I can wait.” Jake shook his head. “Okay then, I can go first,” he said, starting to climb out of the bed.

“Nope,” Jake replied, grabbing the smaller man and pulling him back down. At Cael’s confused look, Jake smiled. “I say we do our part in saving the planet by conserving water…we should shower together.” He gave a decisive nod.

Cael’s expression went from puzzled to amused before he burst out laughing. “Does that excuse ever actually work?” he asked, when he’d finally stopped giggling long enough to catch his breath.

Jake just grinned cheekily and shrugged. “Don’t know, never tried it before. Aiden never needs an excuse to join me.”

Cael sobered quickly. “He’s not going to be mad if we do, right?”

Jake shook his head and leaned down to kiss his sweet
Dream a Little Dream - 109

boy soundly. “No, sweetheart, he won’t be mad. Just like I won’t be if you two are together when I’m at work. Just like I hope you won't be if Aiden and I are together if you’re not here. We’ve never done this before, but I think between the three of us, we can figure it out. We’ll take it day by day, and any problems that arise, we’ll deal with together, all of us. Okay?”

Cael nodded. “Okay. Can we go shower now? I’ve never done that with someone else before!” Cael was nearly vibrating with excitement, and Jake could feel the evidence of it pressing into his stomach.

“Oh, sweetheart, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Come on!” Jake laughed as Cael practically leapt off the bad and ran toward the bathroom, following along at a more sedate pace.

By the time he got in there, Cael already had the water going and was standing in front of the shower, waiting anxiously. Jake stopped and stared, his mouth watering at that sweet little body completely on display for him; so different from Aiden’s yet totally appealing at the same time.

It was a moment before he noticed Cael’s blush and slightly uncertain look. He could feel his protective side surge.

“Come here, sweetheart,” he said, stepping into the hot shower and beckoning Cael to do the same. The moment he was close enough, Jake wrapped Cael into his warm, wet embrace.

Cael sighed, leaning in close. “I like when you call me
Dream a Little Dream - 110

that,” he mumbled.

Jake quirked a brow. “What, sweetheart?” he asked.

Cael blushed and nodded. Jake smiled gently and laid a soft kiss of those pretty, moist lips. “Good, 'cause I like calling you that. It fits you.”

“It does?” Cael asked, and Jake nodded. “But you call Aiden ‘baby’, and he’s definitely not, so how does that fit him?” Cael asked in confusion.

Jake sighed. That one wasn’t so easy to explain. He picked up the shampoo bottle and began massaging some into Cael’s hair while he thought. “I call Aiden

‘baby’ because for me, that’s what he is. He’s mine to love and protect for the rest of our lives. Growing up, my parents didn’t have the best relationship. Times are hard on the rez, and they fought more often than they loved. But when they did, my dad always called my mom ‘baby’. It was his way of showing her affection and love. When he said that, I always knew things were going to be okay between them. They kicked me out when I came out to them, so I guess when I met Aiden it just came naturally.” He shrugged, feeling his face heat.

Hopefully Cael just thought it was from the heat of the shower.

“Oh,” Cael said softly, ducking his head under the shower spray to rinse out his hair. Jake sighed. He could practically read the thought going through Cael’s mind, about Aiden meaning more because his nickname meant more to Jake than his did. It couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.

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