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Marked in a Vision

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Marked in a Vision
Mary Goldberger
M.A.Goldberger (2012)

Emily and Sasha are sisters in every sense of the way except for in blood. Emily was adopted by their parents when she was only a baby, but the amazing thing is that Emily is human and they are werewolves. What happens when Sasha is considered as a possible mate to a soon-to-be Alpha? What about Emily who goes along to support Sasha? Then there is the fact that Emily is not just an ordinary human...

Chapter 1


stretched her neck as the car slowed down to take the turn that would bring
to the house. 

“Is that it, Dad?” Emily asked as she tapped her sister, Sasha, on the shoulder.  Sasha was listening to her MP3 player when she
apped on her
shoulder, and Emily pointed to the house they could see in the distant.  Sasha and her parents could see the house better than she could for they were all werewolves whereas Emily was human. The
had adopted Emily when she was only three months
, and Emily always wondered why they would adopt a human child although she was
ordinary human, which they later found out.

“Yes,” their Dad said as he continued driving up the dirt road.

The road
was not that long, but once they pulled up to the house even Sasha looked a little intimidated.

“Wow,” she muttered.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” Emily muttered back as they got out of the car.

Sasha looked over at her sister, and smiled.  Emily was pretty in an old-fashion kind of way; she was comfortable in jeans and sneakers, with her brown hair pulled up into a ponytail
brown eyes with amber highlights
showed wariness
.  Sasha was the opposite in every way; she was slim with a curvy
that most girls envied; she had startling baby blue eyes with curly red hair that she inherited from her mom.  Sasha and Emily were as close as
sisters were
even thoug
h they were not biological sisters, and Sasha needed Emily for support, as
the reason
they had arrived at this house
Sasha was one of four young
considered suitable to be the next Alpha female.  Although Sasha felt at home among other werewolves, she did not want her mate chosen in this fashion.  They followed their parents up the stairs leading into the house, and Sasha immediately grabbed Emil
y’s hand.  Emily just held on
, and said, “I am right here.  Do not worry.”

Sasha nodded her head knowing that Emily was probably more scared then she was because to Emily, t
his was walking into a fire
  It had shocked both of them when their fa
ther had informed them they were
to the Moon Star Pack by the Alph
a who was a friend of their Dad
from when he was younger. 

“It’s going to be okay,” their mother said as their father gave them smiles before opening the door.

Sasha and Emily both took deep breaths before they followed them inside. 


“Honey,” Cass said looking at her husband who was holding in his temper, and glaring at their oldest son, Jay.  Jay gla
red back at his dad as his
brother, Mark, said, “This is not getting us anywhere.  Besides, Jay, it is too late now.  All of the girls are here now so we might as well go through with
, and if your mate is not here then Dad will have to accept it.”

Jay growled but had to agree that what Mark said made sense. 

“Fine,” their Dad growled back turning to walk back to the fireplace as the other families came into the living room.  Cass looked over at the families, and she admitted that there were some pretty
young women
here.  Each one had there eyes on Jay for he was the next-in-line Alpha although Cass knew that he really wanted to relinquish it to Mark, and just accept the second-in-command position.  Her husband would not go for that although she believed that it was actually the better solution for Mark was a born leader even thou
gh Jay would make a fine leader,
he preferred to be in the background helping instead in the foreground, but their father never understood that
, or so they thought

“All right,” her husband said turning around to smile at the others in the room, then frowned.  “It seems we are missing a family.”  Before he could utter another word, the door opened again.  A little girl came running in chasing the kit
ten that she got
for her birthday, and Jay and Mark both smiled when they saw her.

Because all eyes were on the child, nobody paid any attention to the last family who walked in.  Sasha and Emily both smiled when they saw the child, and Sasha tugging on Emily’s arm nodded her head to the side.  Emily nodded an
d they silently stepped forward
one going one way, the other going the other way.

“Stop,” the little girl cried as the kitten darted away from her again, “Uncle Jay, Uncle Mark.”  She stomped her foot, and almost screeched when Sasha said, “The kitten just wants to play.  They think i
ts fun for us to run around as if we are
trying to catch
tails.  Remember, Emily?”

“Do not remind me,” Emily said silently moving around the loveseat, “I ended up locked in the cellar for whole day because I decided to give chase.  It was cold down in that cellar.”  Sasha laughed as Emily rolled her eyes, then they made eye contact.  Emily nodded her head slowly, and Sasha waited as Emily
her hand counting down before she launched herself at the kitten.  The kitten did exactly what they
thought, and took off right in
’s direction
.  Sasha reached down, and snatched the kitten up into her arms.

Score One for the
sisters,” Sasha said petting the kitten.

“Score zilch for
kitten…this round,” Emily said pushing herself from the floor.  She stood up and dusted off her hands.

“How’s…?” Emily began then looked towards the girl with a quizzically look.

“Angel,” the girl replied a little in awe.

Emily held back her laughter although humor danced in her eyes as she looked toward Sasha, “…Angel doing?”

Sasha held back her own laughter for the kitten was inappropriately named, but she was not their kitten.

“I think you scared her,” she responded.

Emily put on a shocked expression, and placed a hand on her chest, “I?” before she started laughing.

Sasha just wagged her finger at her, and said, “Yes, you” before she started laughing herself.

“Girls,” their father said sternly that both Emily and Sasha stopped laughing.

“Yes sir,” they chorused as Sasha handed the kitten to the little girl.

The little girl took the kitten then said hesitantly, “My name is Michaela.”

Sasha smiled and held out her hand, “I am Sasha, and she is Emily.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Michaela, and little Angel too,”
said coming up and shaking her hand before petting the kitten.

“Michaela,” the man by the fireplace said softly but sternly.

She nodded her head, and
to leave the room then she stopped turning back to Sasha and Emily.  “Can you play with me later?”  Sasha looked a little unsure whereas Emily said simply, “I would love, too, but can it just be me for now?  Sasha has some things she is here to do first then she can play with you.”

Michaela nodded her head but then looked at Emily in confusion, “You are not here t
o compete for

Everyone in the room drew in a deep breath, and Sasha paled.

Emily looked at the little girl and said softly, “Out of the mouths of babes” then she walked ove
r to Michaela before she knelt
down in front of her.  Catching Michaela’s gaze, she held it for a minute before she asked quietly, “What do you see, Michaela?”

Michaela looked at her intently then her eyes widened as she looked quickly at Sasha then back at Emily.

“You are not like us,” she said.

Emily smiled softly, and said, “That is right so I would think that I would
be one less worry for him
, don’t you think?”  Michaela giggled, but looked at Emily intently.  Emily did not blink as Michaela stared deep into her eyes, although the little girl had some major power running through her.  Unfortunately, Michaela picked the run person to go up against because although Emily was not a werewolf, she was powerful in another area.  Michaela blinked first then stumbled back a little.  Emily reached out and grabbed her arm to steady her, and Michaela nodded then ran out of the room.

Emily watched her leave the room, and then she turned around until her
eyes landed on Cass.
  Emily stared
in to eyes so green that they
of a forest, but Emily was looking for something else, and s
eeing what she was looking for, Emily smiled gently and nodded her head.  She went to go
stand then froze.

“Emily,” Sasha whispered, but Emily did not hear her.

Mark frowned and stepped for
to help her when Sasha snapped, “Do not touch her!” that he froze at her tone,
and then
turned his
to meet her eyes.  They both froze as their eyes met the
Sasha tore her eyes away to look back at her sister.

“Emily,” her mother said kneeling down, “what are

Emily’s eyes were blank as she responded, “It looks like a forest but it so dark.  Where am I?  Why am I here?
” then her
eyes widened.
there?”  She turned around fast
, and
because she was still on her
she fell on her butt.  Her eyes were round in her face then she screamed.

“Emily!” Sasha and her parents cried as Emily screamed and scooted back.
  Emily stopped screaming but she crawled into a ball, and started rocking back and forward.  She hid her face into the crook of her knees as she tried to get herself under control. 

“Emily,” her mother said coming over to her and Emily flinched for a moment before she lifted her head.  Her mother paled as she saw the terror in her eyes, and then she pulled her into her arms, “Oh, baby.”  She hu
gged her close as Emily sat cur
on the floor.

“What is going on?” the Alpha growled.

Their father walked forward and said, “I am sorry, Alpha, our daughter has…” and he was interrupted as Emily got to her feet.

“I am sorry, sir,” she said strongly although she felt like she was going to collapse, “I did not mean to cause a scene.  It has been a long day
, and I did not get enough sleep last night.
”  She looked over at Sasha, and asked,

Sasha, will you be okay?”

Sasha looked at her, and she knew that Emily needed to get out of there.  “I will be fine, Emi
ly.  Go and get some rest, sis
, and we will see you tomorrow.”  Emily nodded her head, and she turned around to go out the door when she bumped into a hard body.

Emily muttered “Sorry” stepping around the person heading for the door.  She was s
till in shock from the vision or
she would have noticed the way Jay’s eyes narrowed after she bumped into him.
  Emily did not think about anything but the visi
on she had as she was led to the
room she would be sharing with Sasha. She closed the door behind her, and sat down on t
he bed.  Out of all the visions
she ha
s had
was the weirdest, but it was the only one to give her the deepest feeling of unease and fear
.  She lay down on the bed and relaxing, she fell asleep a few minutes later.


Downstairs in the living room, the Alpha had taken over after Emily left the room.

“Jacob, I gave you permission to bring Emily with you, but I did not expect her to cause a scene like that.  Make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Jacob nodded his head although his mind was on his daughter upstairs

“Okay,” the Alpha said.  “Let me explain why we are here.  My son, Jay, is next in line for Alpha but he is having a little trouble finding his mate.  The reason we invited you here is that I know each of you
parents and I am hoping that one of you is his mate, or my other son Mark, mate.  I am not going to force anything on any of you and you are welcomed to stay in our home as our sons and daughters get to know each other.” He laughed as he looked around the room, “I know it is unorthodox, but I figure we could at least try it and see what happens.”  The other parents laughed at his attempt of humor, but Cass could see them wondering if their daughter was the one.  She sighed for she knew that Mark and Jay would be able to tell who there mates where immediately like all werewolves, but if they wanted to be stubborn about it then nobody would know until they told them.  She watched the other young
women; the black-haired, Sissy; the blond hair, Krystal, and the brown-haired woman, Susan
, but she already knew whom she was pulling for and she turned back to her mate as he smiled over at her.

BOOK: Marked in a Vision
10.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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