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Never before had he felt so complete. He was loved and cared for, and he had told his loves about Sam and his abilities and they still wanted him. The dreams never foretold this. He’d never allowed himself to hope that someday he would be accepted for his differences the way he had. It just made him even more determined to make sure the most recent dream never came true. He wasn’t going to lose Aiden and Jake. He’d fight to the death for them and take out anyone who threatened them in any way.

He’d sort of hoped that Aiden might have forgotten about him dreaming the night before, too distracted by the later confession and lovemaking to remember what had upset him and been the catalyst for the whole episode, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Cael was washing their breakfast bowls in the sink, Aiden leaning against the counter drinking coffee, when
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he asked. Aiden set down his coffee cup on the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. “You never told us what had you so upset last night, in the…you know,
.” The way Aiden enunciated dream made it clear it wasn’t the usual type of dream they would talk about.

It almost made Cael smile. Almost.

“I-I don’t really want to talk about it,” Cael confessed, even though he knew that would never fly. Aiden was like a bloodhound when he sensed an inner struggle.

He’d never let it go until he knew the problem and a solution had been reached. This time was no different.

“I think you should talk about it,” Aiden replied. “You were obviously upset, and I’m pretty sure it involved Jake and me, so out with it; time to share.”

Cael sighed and shut off the water, slowly turned around to look at Aiden. He stopped, studying his persistent lover.

Damn, he looked good today. Khaki pants with an olive green t-shirt, one that brought out his green eyes, looking slightly rumpled and totally delicious; the entire look was making Cael’s mouth water. Aiden’s pretty mouth grinned, and a brow quirked, and he shook his head in amusement.

“You have got to stop looking at me that way, honey,”

Aiden said with a chuckle, walking over to pull Cael into his arms. He nuzzled into Cael’s neck and nipped lightly. “If you don’t, I’m going to have no choice but to strip you down and bend you over the table.”

Cael shuddered softly in delight, rubbing against his
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bigger lover. “That could be fun,” he replied, but yelped when Aiden swatted him lightly on the butt.

“Nice try, love, but we’re still going to talk about your
,” Aiden said with a smirk as Cael rubbed a hand over his abused flesh.

“Fine,” he pouted in a huff, pulling out of his lover’s arms. “But you have to stop saying it like that. ‘

Its just dream. The only difference between them and a normal one is that they’re usually without color,” Cael explained, walking over to sit down at the table.

“Well, that and the part where they usually come true, but if it bugs you that much, I’ll try to stop. Just be aware that this is new to me, and I’m still getting used to all of this,” Aiden told him, sitting across from him at the table with a slightly hurt expression. Cael sighed. He hadn’t meant to hurt Aiden’s feeling, but he had anyway.

“I know, Aiden, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten grumpy with you. You’re trying and doing a lot better than I ever expected, so I should be grateful. I am; I just don’t want to talk about the dream. It scares me,” Cael said softly, studying the wood grain of the table instead of looking at Aiden.

Aiden sighed, then reached out to gently rub the top of Cael’s head. “I know, honey. I get it. But maybe if you share, we can figure out how to fix it so you’re not scared any more, okay? Can you trust me and try?”

Aiden cajoled.

Cael nodded and looked up. “I do trust you,” he
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whispered. Aiden gave him a gentle smile.

“Good. I trust you too, honey. Now, tell me about the dream.”

Thirty minutes later, Cael wrapped up his long explanation, watching as Aiden sat back in his chair, face drawn. Cael didn’t say anything, just waited for Aiden to speak first.

Something inside him still worried that Aiden wouldn’t believe him, even after all the other man had seen and been told. But as Aiden sighed and ran a strong hand through his tousled, brown hair, Cael felt himself relax.

“I wasn’t sure what had you so freaked out last night, but I do now,” Aiden said, standing up and starting to pace around the kitchen. “If I’d seen a vision of you and Jake like that, I would have wigged out even worse.”

Aiden paced again, brow furrowed, deep in thought.

Cael just watched him, not wanting to interrupt.

“These dreams,” Aiden started, turning to glance at Cael, “do they always come true? I mean, is there nothing we can do to stop…?” He trailed off, obviously not wanting to speak of his own death.

Cael tilted his head, frowning slightly. “I’m not really sure, honestly,” Cael finally replied, after a moment of thought. “I’ve never tried to change them. But I would think they could be changed. Everyone has free will, and certain choices lead to certain outcomes. Everything is subjective, and the future changes all the time. I’ve had dreams where something happens, then a few nights later, it’s the same situation but the ending scenario is
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completely different.” Cael shrugged helplessly, looking up at Aiden with sad eyes. “But even knowing that, how do we stop it? I don’t want to lose you both,” Cael confessed, feeling the burn of tears stinging his eyes. “I need you. No one has ever loved me like you do. I-I can’t go back to accepting the scraps thrown my way; I can’t survive like that again!”

He’d barely finished speaking when he found himself pulled up into a warm and comforting embrace. He buried his face in Aiden’s neck, inhaling the scent of Aiden’s citrus cologne, whispering a small prayer for his lover’s protection. He prayed he wouldn’t lose the only real home he’d ever had.

“Cael, love, Jake and I are going to do everything in our power to prevent that from happening,” Aiden softly explained, running his hand through Cael’s hair. “We’re stubborn sons-a-bitches, and we won't go down without a fight. Plus, I don’t really think your dream was foreshadowing our death; I think it was some sort of warning of what could happen.”

Cael looked up, eyes unsure. “You think so?”

Aiden smiled. “I think any time we get a heads up is a chance to change our future, don’t you? We’ll talk about it more when Jake gets home. We’ll make a plan, okay?” Cael thought for a moment and then nodded.

Aiden tilted his head down and gave Cael a long, sweet kiss. Pulling back, he studied Cael’s face for a moment, then nodded.

“Come here, honey. Let me show you something.”

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Cael followed his lover over to the refrigerator, watching in confusion as Aiden hopped up on the counter and reached into the cabinets above it for a small, black box. Hopping off the counter, Aiden motioned Cael closer. He could see the box had a lock on it, plus a keypad for a number code. He frowned.

What was inside that was so important?

“1-1-0-3” Aiden told him, punching in the code, and Cael heard the box’s inner locks release. “It’s the month and year Jake and I met,” he explained.

The lid opened and inside, nestled in a foam holder, was a black pistol. One that looked frightening familiar.

“Aiden?” If Aiden noticed the quiver in Cael’s voice, he didn’t mention it.

“This is Jake’s spare pistol,” Aiden said, lifting the intimidating weapon out of its box. “It’s a CZ 9mm.

Here.” He pulled Cael closer, ignoring the boy’s resistance. He placed the weapon in Cael’s right hand, and Cael was surprised at how heavy it really was. It really didn’t look like it should weigh that much. “It’s already loaded with a full clip. If for any reason something happens, or you feel threatened in any way, you flip this switch here,” Aiden gave an example, “then point and shoot. Aim for the chest and fire twice, never count on you first shot taking someone down. It’s a lot more complicated than that normally, but in an emergency, it’ll do.”

Cael’s eyes widened as he shook his head and tried to hand it back, but Aiden refused to take it. “Yes love, you need to know this. Jake and I will take you to the firing
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range for practice this weekend. You need to be able to protect yourself.”

Cael felt physically ill. “But Aiden, I don’t think I could ever shoot someone.” Again he shook his head and handed the gun back. This time, Aiden took it and placed it back in the box. “I don’t want to kill someone,”

Cael replied, trembling. Aiden closed the box and placed it back in its hiding place above the fridge, before turning and holding Cael close.

“I pray you never have to,” he replied, trailing soft kisses on the top of Cael’s head until the smaller man relaxed. “But we have to be ready for anything. This way, Jake and I will know you’ll be safe, even if we can’t be there with you. Okay?”

Cael sighed and nodded reluctantly. “I’ll try it. But I won't use it unless I absolutely have to,” he swore.

Aiden smiled and gave him a kiss. "I know, honey, I know.”

Dream a Little Dream - 147

Chapter Seventeen

Aiden was loading the washer with a load of towels when a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist.

He jumped, then relaxed when he smelled the woodsy smell of Jake’s cologne.

“Mmm, hey love,” he sighed, leaning back into the strong chest behind him. Jake kissed the side of his neck.

“You know, there’s something about a man who does the laundry…” Jake started seriously, and Aiden could feel his lover’s grin against his skin.

“Ass,” he chuckled, swatting the only thing he could reach, Jake’s hip. Jake growled lightly and nipped his sensitive neck, making Aiden shiver. “By the way, we need to take Cael for target practice this weekend. We need to make sure he can take care of himself if necessary.”

Jake mumbled a response, which could have been anything from “okay” to “start the washer.” When he started grinding his hardened shaft into Aiden’s ass, Aiden couldn’t stop himself from chuckling again.

“Did you come home horny, or am I just a lucky boy?”

Aiden asked, pulling away to quickly add soap and fabric softener to the washer before shutting the lid and turning the knob to let it start. Jake grunted and pulled Aiden back into his arms. Aiden gave him a simple kiss, then raised a brow when Jake tried to take it deeper.


Dream a Little Dream - 148

Jake gave him a pout. “After I saw the painting Cael is working on, I wanted to find you and fuck you as hard as I possibly could. Is that so bad?” He gave a sly grin, swooping in for another kiss.

Aiden ducked back and stopped him with a hand over his mouth. “What painting? Cael’s working on a painting of me?”

Jake’s eyes were grinning over Aiden’s hand as he nodded. Aiden narrowed his eyes. “Is this a naughty painting?” he asked his teasing lover. If it was possible, Jake’s eyes got brighter, and he nodded again. “Damn!

Now I’ve got to see…” He went to pull away, but Jake stopped him.

“Can’t, baby. Cael doesn’t like anyone to see his paintings until it’s done… believe me. I thought he was going to hit me with his paintbrush when I tried to sneak a peek.” Jake shuddered theatrically. “Believe me, red paint does not come off of my uniform really well.

Remember that incident with those protesters… gah!”

Aiden laughed, remembering the incident well. “Yeah, we had to call my mom to see how to get that shit out.”

He sank back into Jake’s strong chest with a sigh. “So, what shall we do while our sweet boy is working so hard on his naughty masterpiece, hmm?”

Jake gave him a leering grin. Next thing Aiden knew, he was being tugged out of the laundry room, past a focused Cael sitting before the now infamous easel in the kitchen, and up the stairs toward the bedroom. Aiden laughed.

Dream a Little Dream - 149

“And here I thought we were going to debate politics while we waited,” he teased. Jake looked back at him like he was crazy and nearly ran into the doorjamb. Now facing a glare, Aiden held up his free hand in surrender.

“Kidding, this is much better.”

Jake grunted. “Damn straight! Just for that, you have to be on the bottom,” he informed as he pushed Aiden down on the bed and began pulling off his clothes.

Aiden couldn’t stop laughing. “Whatever. You just like my ass.”

Jake grinned as he quickly unbuttoned his uniform shirt.

“Although it is a very pretty ass, who said you were going to get fucked. I just said you were going to be on the bottom.”

Aiden gasped at the hungry look in his lover’s eyes, and his cock jerked. It wasn’t often that Jake wanted to bottom, usually Aiden had to ask; but when he did, Jake seemed to love it as much as any healthy gay man, and he liked it rough and hard.

Aiden quickly pulled off his pants and motioned to the proud standing erection. “Have at it, love,” he replied, grinning as Jake crawled over him to settle on his hips.

He gasped again when Jake ground down on his

straining cock. “Do you think Cael will mind if we do this without him?” he asked. He didn’t really want to stop, but things were so new between the three of them, he didn’t want to mess anything up by being


Jake grinned and shook his head. “Who do you think
Dream a Little Dream - 150

told me you were in the laundry room? Cael said you’d keep me busy and he’d join us later.”

Aiden laughed. “He did, did he? Well, I suppose I could be obliged.” He smacked Jake’s ass, groaning when his lover moaned. “Come on love, don’t leave me waiting. I need!”

Jake nodded. “Yeah.” Jumping off the bed, he pulled the lube out of the nightstand and quickly slicked Aiden up.

He repositioned himself over Aiden’s cock and smiled at Aiden’s questioning look. “I want to burn,” he whispered, and sank down on the slicked pole.

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