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Five years? Five fucking years? Wasn’t this shit supposed to be routine by now?


After ten minutes, her eyes were rolling like an animal in terror, as her orgasm rolled across her, the agony rising, but not peaking.


“Fuck,” she gasped though her pants, “God, Oh fuck. Please. I can’t. Please. Oh, fucking, god, please,” she begged as his rhythm maintained her sweet agony for longer than she thought she could endure.


Then Elias took a handful of her hair, and yanked her back hard, arching her back, lifting her breasts, and it was just the right thing to send her orgasm into full climax. She screamed with its curling crash, struggling wildly in his grasp.


“Not bad for an old man, huh?” his deep voice groaned into ear.”


“Fuck Elias! Ah fucking sweetness! Give it to me! I need it! Please!”


His climax lifted her off her toes, hammering her up the wall. Her hands wildly sought for balance and control as he his thrusts pounded into her again and again, and then were joined his growling cry of release.


He swooped her up into a cradle and sat down on the edge of their bed with her. She purred and kissed his neck and cheek and then his lips. “You are so good to me.”


After returning her kiss he said, “I hope you still feel that way after.”


She shot her head back to look him in the eye, “After what?” she asked, not understanding.


“You’re the one who made the deal,” he said and his large hand ran down her sides, and began to close on her tickle zone.


She yiped, and sprang as fast as she could, trying to get away, while he pulled, and hauled her squirming body back toward the bed, “No, no!” she laughed with panic, “You can’t have been serious!”




Hey everyone! 


I am an avid reader and writer of contemporary romance, and I love writing fantastic stories for you guys every single day! I am a stay at home mother of 3, and not a day goes by that I don't write something steamy just for you, though finding the time can often be tough. 


Thanks for all the support, and if you enjoyed my work please sign up to my mailing list to stay in touch. I will even send you a free sexy short that I wrote just for my supporters!


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And here is a summary of the short:


A Harley can make heartbreak a little easier...


Norma Bennett's ex was a scumbag. Trashy. Loud. Overbearing. And it had taken her too long to see it. Now, angry and wronged, she's tossing back shots at the local pub looking like a wild child that no man wanted to handle.


Except one.


She's not drunk, but when Joey Emerson steps up to the bar, his towering height and cool gaze leave her positively intoxicated. But with the way he's looking at her, Norma isn't sure if he wants to tear her clothes off or tuck her in - either way, something in her stormy heart cracks, and she thinks she may have found what she's been looking for...

BOOK: Elias
9.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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