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Once breakfast was made and served, Chelsea was feeling better about the morning's events. So far no one seemed upset with her, and no one wanted her to leave. These were good things, and she was feeling more secure as she ate and listened to Doc and Elias talk about the road trip yesterday. She smiled as she remembered Sam's forest, and riding through it with Elias. The wind, the trees, and the rivers they crossed over were all so wonderful. The feeling of being free and gliding across the world on a wave of rolling thunder was so good.


She began to wonder though if Elias would want sex with her still. After what she told him, she doubted he would. She didn't want to offer, but she wanted to feel him close again. He said that she was still his woman, his partner, so maybe he would. If he didn't, though, she would understand.


Maybe Doc would have sex with him, and she could just be his woman. She didn't really like the idea of Doc having sex with Elias, though. She was too old for Elias. He needed someone young. Someone who could give him the pleasure that she could, before he found out she was broken.


After breakfast, Chelsea took the dishes away and began washing up. She heard Doc tell Elias that she didn't think they needed to go to the hospital, but that if there were any more problems to call her right away. Elias said he would, and thanked her for coming over.


"It was my pleasure. I like her a lot, and she's good for you," Doc told him.


Chelsea thought about that, and decided that she would make that come true. She would be good for Elias. When Elias agreed with Doc, she wondered if
really felt that way. She decided that her first thought made that unimportant. Even if he didn't, he would soon. She could make him happy. She was sure of that. Then she saw a man outside in the backyard and she screamed.


Elias rushed to her. "What's wrong?"


"Someone is outside! In the back! I saw him!" she shouted, pointing at the man beside the pool.


"It's alright. That's Gary. He's one of my men. He's here to make sure you are safe."


"Safe?" she asked. "From what?"


He took her into his arms again and held her. "After what you told me last night, I decided that you were right. Tomas is a greater threat than I believed, and so I asked a few of the guys to help watch over you."


"You mean, like, guards?" she asked, peering past Elias and looking back out at Gary.


"Exactly like that. That's exactly what they are. They are your guards," he agreed.


"He's not going to watch us in the bedroom, right?" she asked.


Elias laughed. "No, he's not going to watch us in there."


She smiled weakly at his laugh. "That's good. Um, do you think he wants some breakfast? Or coffee?"


"I suppose you could ask him if you want," Elias suggested.


"Alright, I'll go ask him. Does he have a gun?"


"Yes, he does."


"That's good. Tomas has one, you know."


"Yes, I know."


Chelsea discovered there were three men, one in the back, and two out in the front. She brought coffee to all three of them, and gave them smiles. They seemed like nice men, even though they all had hard eyes. Their eyes reminded her of Elias' eyes the day that he put Tomas down on the ground and had the police take him away, only their eyes were like that all the time.


Elias didn't have hard eyes. His eyes were kind and warm when they looked at her. She loved Elias' eyes, and she loved the way he looked at her. She wondered if he would still look at her today like he did yesterday—when he was standing in the bathroom doorway, leaning against the jamb, watching her get dressed.


When she came back inside, Doc gave her a kiss on each cheek and then handed her a business card with her number. "I want to see you on Wednesday at my office."


"Alright," Chelsea agreed. "Am I really okay?"


"You're better than I thought you would be. You're a very strong woman."


"I don't feel strong."


"Well, you are. Believe that, Chelsea. You're stronger than just about anyone I know."


"Not stronger than Elias."


"Not weaker either," Doc told her. "I'll see you Wednesday. Take care of Elias for us, okay?"


"I will. Thank you for coming."


After she was gone, Chelsea came back over to Elias and looked up at him. "Elias?"


"Yes, lover?"


She paused, forgetting what she was about to ask. Having him call her lover made her heart quake. "Am I still your lover?"


"Definitely," he nodded.


"Then, can we go back in the bedroom and kiss some more?" she asked shyly, feeling greedy and needful.


He bent and swooped her up into his arms, and a giggle burst from her before she realized it was there. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed his ear, and then his cheek.


"I'm very happy you still want me," she told him.


"Do you still want me?" he asked.


"Very much," she told him.


"Then I'm happy as well."


"Make me your woman again Elias, please? Because I need you, too."






Elias carried her into the bedroom, and laid her down on the bed. She stripped off the T-shirt she was wearing, and laid down on the mattress. Elias looked down at her, and she watched as his eyes wandered over her body. She stretched, and basked in the desire she could see in his eyes. It was just like he looked at her yesterday, and that flushed her with pleasure.


"I think that we are going to be okay, Elias," she said, and as she said it, she felt in her heart that it was true.


"I'm going to make sure we are, lover," he told her.


"Take your clothes off. I want you," Chelsea suggested with nervous bravery.


"I want you too," he replied, and stripped off his shirt. Then he undid his pants and stripped those off as well.


She motioned with her finger. "Come on down here and I'll take care of that want you have."


"Only you can do that for me," he said, and then came into the bed with her.


"That's a very good thing. I was wondering who I was going to get to take care of you if you didn't want sex with me anymore," she told him. "But I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to be loving you."


"You are the only one I want loving me Chelsea," he told her, gathering her up and suckling her breast.


She ran her hands through his thick dark hair and rubbed her thighs together to ease the ache that was building up in her vagina.


"I still don't understand why you want me, but it doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, if you want me and I want you, isn't that all that really matters?"


"Yes baby, that's the only important part," he agreed.


"Then I'll think about the rest later on," she told him. "I want to do whatever you want me to do, Elias, because I know you don't want to hurt me."


"You're right baby, I don't. I just want you to feel like I do when I'm with you. And you make me feel very good."


"Is there anything special I could do for you?"


"Everything you do for me is special, Chelsea. Everything."


She gazed into his eyes, and came to a decision. "I feel very confused, Elias. This was all so simple yesterday, now everything is mixed up inside of me. I'm just going to believe you. Honestly, I can't do anything else. It's all twisted up, and awkward inside. So, I'm just going to believe you."


"Are you confused about having sex?"


"No, it's not that at all. I want to be your lover, and I… I need you, Elias. I feel like you shouldn't want me, but you say you do, and I feel like I don't deserve you, but I still need you. So, I'm just going to believe you really do want me, and just enjoy you. Is that alright?"


"That is very much alright, lover. Because it is true; I do want you. Will you stay with me? Will you keep your things in our room?"


"Our room?" she asked.


room. It's not just mine anymore. You trusted me enough last night to risk telling me some very painful things because you knew I needed to know. I'm very grateful you did. You were right, I did need to know. You hurt yourself doing it though. You hurt yourself taking care of me. Now it’s my turn to take care of you. So yes, baby, just trust me, and we'll get through this together. I'll take care of you until you are able to deal with the confusion. I promise."


He sounded sincere, and he didn't sound like he wanted to hurt her, and so far he hadn't hurt her at all, so she said, "Yes."


And when he leaned down to kiss her, she didn't quiver with shame or recoil from him. She offered herself to his lips and embraced him.


He was gentle with her at first. Taking his time with her. She wondered if he was being so gentle because he knew she was broken. She was going to tell him that Doc told her she was strong, so he didn't need to coddle her like a child, but then his passion began to take over, and his hands became strong again.


Chelsea purred under his rising strength. She felt stronger, as if she was gathering strength through him. The more he poured into her, the stronger she felt.
Give it to me Elias, I can take it,
she sighed to herself, and as though he could hear her thoughts, he did give it to her. His hands kneaded her ass and thighs, and cupped her breasts, and pulled at her nipples. She moaned with pleasure and joy, feeling that they really were going to be okay now.


When he entered her, she pushed back with her own hips and squeezed his cock with the walls of her pussy, then moved with his rhythm, groaning with delight and fire.


"Yes Elias, yes. Make me yours. I want to be all yours."


Her words seemed to ignite something inside of him, because she could feel his cock harden even more and grow hotter.


"Harder, lover," she told him. "I want it, Elias, I want you."


His thrusts began to ripple up through his body. She put her hands on his ass and squeezed him, pulling him into her, "Oh god Elias, yes. Give it to me. Take me. Oh god!"


Her moans of pleasure became deeper, and she could feel her climax rising. "Oh yes, yes. I'm yours, lover. God Elias!"


His ass was clenching now into rock hard knots with each thrust, and he felt so good, so strong. Her doubts and worries fled in the face of his strength like light chases away shadows. Then she was climaxing, and begging him never to stop. To take her as hard as he wanted to.


"Yes Elias, fuck me! I'm yours, I've always been yours!" she screamed in the throes of her passion. The waves of her orgasm tossed her and twisted her in bliss and agony. She clawed at his back, and wrapped him up in her long legs, pulling him deeper with each thrust. All of her pain washed away, and her confusion disintegrated inside the storm of love she felt from him.


"Oh god Elias, give it to me! I want you! Please, lover! I want you so much!" she cried out, and then she felt him shudder and she knew he was going to come. She squeezed him and milked his cock with everything ounce of strength she had. "Yes! Yes! Please!"


Then he climaxed, and his thrusts pounded into her. Wave after wave of pleasure charged through him into her, and then he collapsed onto her, sweat pouring from his skin and his breath hot against her neck.


She lied under his spent body, looking at the ceiling, "I can see again," she said into the air above.


BOOK: Elias
6.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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