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"Tomas is on suspension right now." Larry told Elias. "The hearing for his visit to us will be on Tuesday. I really wish we had her story on tape. I could put that fucker in jail for sure, and have him off the force so fast it would spin him hard."


"Not hard enough," Elias growled softly.


"What do we do now?" John asked Doc.


"We wait. She'll either come out of it, or she won't. If she doesn't, I'll need to admit her. I better call the hospital and make sure they have a room for her in the morning." Then she took out her phone and walked back into the kitchen as she made arrangements.


"I want this fucker, John," Elias growled.


"Easy," John told him. "We'll get him, but there are things to arrange, and things to consider. This isn't just about her. You said that she was making deliveries for Tomas. I'm thinking drugs. What are you thinking?"


Elias took a pull from his bottle and then nodded. "I agree. He's narco, so I'm thinking that some of the busts he makes come in with missing kilos and such. Then he's selling those back out on the street."


"Seriously?" Larry asked.


"Can't see it any other way," Elias told him. "He used Chelsea as a mule, so that if something went down, she would take the hit and he would be clean. As tormented and broken as he made her, she would never tell anyone about him if she was busted. Hell, she would be happy to go to prison."


"Now though, she's a serious liability," John pointed out.


"Only if she can prove any of it," Larry said.


"That's not going to be Tomas' line of logic," John told him.


"You mean, he's not looking to get her back? He's looking to kill her?" Larry asked.


"That's where my money is," John nodded.


"One thing is for certain," Elias said. "He will be back. That restraining order means nothing to him, and the only thing the suspension is going to do is give him more freedom to operate while he figures out how to get at her," Elias reasoned. "I'm going to need some men. Fifteen of them. Three shifts of five, until I can think this through."


"You got them." John nodded. "I need to talk with Wild Bill and Steve-O. We need to pow wow on this, figure out just what we are getting into, and how far we are going to commit."


Elias looked at him.


"Don't give me that look. This is some serious shit, and it has to be handled right," John told him.


Elias nodded. "I know. But just so that you know, I'm in all the way. There's no way I'm leaving her now. She made a leap of faith in there, put her faith in
, and I'm not letting her down."


"I hear you brother, and I would never expect anything else from you. I've got to consider the club as a whole though. She told you he has friends, both on the force and off. This could put us in a crossfire with the Houston PD. That's not something to take lightly."


Elias clenched his fist but nodded. "I understand."


"No, I don't think you do, but I do, and I'll make sure that this is done right," John told him. "Whatever we decide, I assure you that we won't leave you with your ass hanging out on your own. That's not going to happen. But it needs to happen right."


Elias nodded again, this time a little more relaxed. "Thanks John."


"Good. Now I've got calls to make, and men to find. I'll have at least three of them over here tonight and then we'll put together a roster of babysitters and scouts."


Elias nodded again. "Good. I better get my guns cleaned up and make some coffee."


"You do that. Larry, I want you to find out everything you can about this Tomas guy. Everything. Pull in favors, private dicks, research, everything. You have a budget of five grand."


"Got it. I'll get to work on that right now," Larry agreed.


"You know, Elias. We were into this up to our eyeballs as soon as you faced him down last week. We just didn't know it. It's a good thing she came clean now, or we would be flapping in the wind of a shit storm without ever knowing why."


"Yeah, I know. I didn't feel I could press her though," Elias sighed.


"And you were right, you couldn't. She probably would have melted down even worse, or bolted. Just making sure we are on the same page," John agreed.


Then he got up and headed for the door, but paused and turned to look back at his Sergeant at Arms. "I love you man, and I like that little girl a lot. We'll get through this."


Elias nodded, and watched the mountain he called "president" leave the house. He clenched his fist again and then let out a long breath.


"I'm out of here, too. I've got chores. I'll give you a call in the morning," Larry told him.


"Thanks. Good hunting," Elias said.


Larry clapped him on the shoulder and then followed John out of the house.


Doc came back in from the kitchen. "I have a room reserved for her if we need it in the morning. It might be best to have her examined either way, just to make sure she really is physically alright."


"You're the doc, Doc. I'll back whatever you think needs to happen."


"You know, I was listening from the kitchen. You really don't need to worry about the club. They are going to back you. You know that, right?" Doc asked.


Elias nodded. "Yeah, I know that, but when the chips are down, there's always that demon of doubt on the table, ready to take a bite out of your confidence. After listening to Chelsea, my confidence in the human race as taken a nose dive."


"Wolves take care of their own Elias. Never doubt that."


Elias nodded again, and then walked back to check on Chelsea. While he was looking her over Doc came in beside him. "Elias?" she said softly.


"Yes," he asked.


"She's basically been the victim of multiple daily rapes and degradation for more than fourteen months. That's not something many people ever recover from," she told him gently.


"What are you trying to say, Doc? I'm not leaving her, and I'm not going to distance myself either," Elias replied.


Doc nodded, "Not saying anything, Elias, just making sure you understand the road you are riding. She's going to get worse before she gets better at this point. She will probably need medications to control her PTSD, and she may even wind up disabled from it."


"Whatever she needs, Doc. Whatever she needs."


"It's a good sign that she doesn't see sex with you as a threat. Can you tell me if she seems too loose with it? Is she overly sexual?"


Elias thought about that. "No. I don't think so, at least. It never crossed my mind that she was nympho or anything. Just, well… shit, Doc, she was so happy today.


"Why don't you come back out here in the living room and tell me how you met, and what she was like. The more I know, the more I can help," she suggested.


"Yeah, alright. It's a good story, actually," he said with a weak smile.












Chelsea woke to sunlight, and the feeling of Elias' body pressed against her, warm, smooth, and strong. Her thoughts were confusing, however, as to why she was in his bed. She told him what she was, what Tomas made her into. Why was she still here, and not in the guest room?


"Good morning, baby," Elias said.


"Good morning," she said weakly, feeling the heat of his breath on her neck with a longing ache. "I'm… I'm not sure… I don't know how I got here."


He pulled her closer and she whimpered slightly, wanting to turn around and embrace him, but controlled herself.


"What do you remember, Chelsea?" he asked.


"We went for a ride, and then we hot tubbed. Then I told you what I was, and then… I don't… it's not clear. I can't remember."






"That's not what you are, baby, it's what
to you. Do you understand that? Do you understand the difference?"


She wanted to say yes, she really did, but that wasn't the way of things. "I'm… I should probably get up and pack."


"No baby, that's not what you should do at all."


"It isn't?" she asked, trembling.


"No baby," he told her.


"What should I do?" she asked, tears coming to her eyes.


"You should stay with me. I care about you. You're my woman, my riding partner. I care about you."


She started crying then. "Why? How can you?"


"How could I
?" he asked.


She pondered on that for a moment and found nothing to say, so she asked, "What happened to me last night? Did something bad happen?"


"You had a problem, yes. But Doc is here, and she's going to make sure you are alright. We'll probably go down to the hospital with her, and have you checked out, but you are safe, and there's nothing to worry about. Just a checkup, alright."


"How bad of a problem? What problem? Please tell me Elias, I'm a little scared."


"You have what's called post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD. Do you know what that is?"


"Not really, no. Isn't that what soldiers get?"


"Yes, they get it, and people who have been through what you have been through get it, too. But we're going to take care of you.
going to take care of you. I don't want you to leave me, alright? Please? I really want you to stay with me."


"You really want me to stay?"


"Yes, lover, I really want you to stay. I care about you very much. I want to help you. So does Doc, and Larry, and John. We all want you to stay."


"Larry? John? They know too?" she asked, her trembling increasing.


"Yes, I told them some of it so they would understand what was going on with you."


"They know what I am?"


"They know what
to you, yes. They know you are a wonderful woman, and they care about you a great deal."


"I'm not a wonderful woman."


"You're my woman, and you are wonderful to me."


She fell silent, trying to make sense of what he was saying, but it didn't make any sense at all. She was nothing—a nonentity. How could he possibly care about her? How could he feel
about a woman like her in his bed? He was a good man, a real man. He should have a real woman.


"Do you trust me Chelsea?" Elias asked her.


"Yes, I trust you." She nodded, truthfully.


"Then don't worry about this for now. Let's just get up, have some coffee, and talk to Doc. Then we'll do what she thinks is best. Alright?"


"Alright. I'll do that," she agreed. "I'll make some coffee for us. Do you want breakfast?" Doing things for him seemed natural, felt natural. She was comfortable with the idea of servitude and service. These were things a woman like her was supposed to do, and for Elias, she wanted to do them.


"How about scrambled eggs and bacon?" he suggested.


"I can do that. I'll do that," she agreed, nodding, and slipped out of his arms and out of the bed. Elias followed her. She was hoping he would stay in bed, let her get some distance from him, but he seemed to want to stay close.


"I better put a shirt on if you want bacon," she said weakly. "You know, um, with the grease splatter and all."


"That's probably a good idea," he said with a smile.


"Yeah, I'll put on a shirt. Can I wear one of yours?" she asked.


"Yes, that's just fine."


"Alright." She nodded and went to the closet. She chose one of his long T-shirts and put it on while he slipped into his pants. The shirt came down to the top of her thighs, covering her ass. She liked that it smelled like him. She watched him dress, enjoyed the way he looked. She was happy that he wanted her to at least stay with him. She didn't want to leave. She liked it here.


After he had his pants on, he asked, "Can I have a kiss?"


"A kiss?" she asked, biting her lip.


"Is that alright?"


"Yes, please," she told him.


He took her in his arms, and held her close. She sighed, loving the feeling, and the sense of safety that suddenly washed over her. Then he kissed her, softly, and then deeply. She moaned, and tears came to her eyes.


"Why are you crying, baby?" he asked.


"I'm just so happy you still want to kiss me," she told him.


"I want you—all of you. Your kisses, your hugs. And I want you in this room, not the guest room. The guest room is for visitors, not for you. You belong with me, Chelsea."


She gazed up at him, and felt something very warm inside of her. Tearfully she nodded. "Alright. But you'll tell me to leave if I upset you, right?"


"Upset me?"


"I'm… broken Elias. I know I am. Don't tell me I'm not, because I know better. I don't want you to feel like you have to put up with me if you don't want to."


"No baby, that's not the way of it. That's not what partners do. Yes, you have some things… broken. But I still want you. I still need you."


"Need me?" she asked softly.


"Yes lover. I need you. Very much," he told her.


She thought that over. She needed him too. Was that alright?


"I should make breakfast now," she said, trying to escape her jumbled emotions. The feeling of his arms around her confused her. He shouldn't want to hold her but she loved the feeling,
the feeling, and the protection he offered. The love he offered.


"Alright, let's go make breakfast and talk to Doc."


"Did she spend the night?"


"Yes, she slept in the guest room."


"Because she's a guest," Chelsea said.


"That's right," Elias agreed.


"She'll want breakfast too. Do we have enough bacon?"


"I'm sure we do," he told her.


"Good. Because you eat a lot of bacon, Elias."


"Yep," he agreed with a smile.


Elias took her hand and walked with her out to the living room. Doc was there, and Chelsea could smell fresh coffee in the air. She left Elias' side so she could go get him a cup.


"Good morning, Chelsea," Doc said as she passed by.


"Thank you for making coffee, Doc," she said as she passed.


"You're welcome," Doc said, following her into the kitchen. "How are you feeling?"


"I have a headache, but it's not bad. How are you?"


"I'm good. Can I help you?"


"Alright. I'm just going to make breakfast. Bacon and eggs. Do you want some?" she asked. Doc wasn't as confusing to talk to as Elias was right now. She was a woman, and not her lover. She also didn't feel like a threat. She felt kind, and genuine. Almost safe. Not quite, but almost.


"That sounds very good," Doc told her.


"Elias said he talked to you about me last night," she ventured.


"Yes?" Doc said.


"He said he told you what I…" she was going to say
what I am,
but she didn't want to upset Elias, so instead she said, "What happened to me."


"He told me some of it, yes. Would you mind if I take a look at your eyes?"


"No, that would be alright, I guess."


"Do you remember what happened last night?" she asked as she shined a light into her eyes, and flicked it away.


"Some, but I don't think I remember everything. I don't remember going to bed with Elias," she admitted.


"Do you remember me coming over?" Doc asked. "Or John?"


"No, I don't remember that," she replied.


"That's fairly normal for what you went through. Don't worry about it."


"Did I… did I do anything wrong?" she asked.


"No, not at all," Doc told her.


"That's good. Can I make breakfast now? Elias is hungry."


"Sure, I'll help. I'll get the pan ready while you do the eggs."


"Ok," Chelsea agreed, and then she went to the fridge.


BOOK: Elias
2.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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