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Enslaved by an Officer
His life would never be the same…

Honor Vengeance took on the task of hunting down the illegally enslaved Earthlings because of his firm conviction he would never fall victim to their unique charms. But his mission brings him into repeated contact with humans, and his resistance quickly fades. Worse, there’s one in particular he hungers for.

Carver Tam is on the verge of playing pro football when he’s abducted and sold. Furious that he’s lost everything he’s worked so hard for, he’s not about to surrender to his new master. When he ends up on a world where slaves are worked to death, he has no choice but to lead a rebellion. The last thing he was ever expecting was to be forcibly rescued by an eight-foot-tall, marooncolored alien officer named Honor Vengeance.

Their attraction is instant and irresistible, but causes devastating consequences. Will their relationship be the last straw that forces the Krase government to cease their mission to rescue the illegally enslaved Earthlings?

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary, Science Fiction
37,198 words
Sold! 8
Anitra Lynn McLeod


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For fans of the series who desperately wanted to know what happened to Honor Vengeance. This one’s for you!
Sold! 8
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Chapter 1

Honor Vengeance never should have licked a human. He’d tried everything to get the taste out of his mouth but simply couldn’t. Hunger gnawed at him. Lust filled his head and made his cock and
strain to full hardness. He wasn’t certain if he wanted to eat a human or fuck one. Possibly both. What irritated him to no end was that he had taken on the arduous task of hunting down the illegally stolen Earthlings because he didn’t trust his officers not to become ensnared in the web of desire the humans seemed to cast over Krase warriors.

And here he was, living proof that his kind had no defense against their kind.
“Madness. All of this is sheer insanity. And now I am talking to myself.” Honor moved quickly down the hall to his private rooms on the massive battleship. His devotee trailed behind him, but when they drew close to his room, Honor pointed. Devotee nodded and entered his own room. Alone, Honor continued to the next door, entered, waited for the door to close, then practically ran to the bar. He poured himself a large, strong drink, gulped the liquid as quickly as he could, and then downed two more before he felt able to relax. Sadly, he didn’t think there was enough liquor on the ship or in the entire Krase empire to make him forget the needs in his mind or body.
As part of his mission, Honor had gone to one of his own, Refann, who was a Krase warrior but not a fully named one such as himself. Refann had a name and a numeric rank since he’d never conquered a single world while he was active in the military. Now that he was retired, he took his stipend and apparently bid on exotic slaves. Refann had bid on one of the humans and won. But he never got his prize.
“Dartalli stole him!” Refann raged. His
was wiggling in an agitated fashion in his trousers. “He wanted the Earthling, and bid highly, but I outbid him. I know it was he who took my slave!”
Honor suspected Refann was more irritated that Dartalli had gotten something he wanted rather than the fact he’d lost something he’d paid a fortune for. Refann may not have a full and powerful name, but what he had was plenty of funds and nothing to do with himself other than to buy exotic slaves and fuck them. Given the relative size of the slave he was bidding on—a tiny, platinum-blond human—Refann would have killed him with one thrust of his cock.
When Honor caught up with Dartalli, he reluctantly confessed that he
stolen the human, but swore he’d only done so to repay Refann for stealing one of his slaves. Clearly, there was some kind of ongoing and endless squabble between the two retired warriors.
“Where is the Earthling?” Honor had quickly lost patience with both of them. They didn’t seem to understand that the humans were living, breathing, feeling creatures. All they cared about was getting one to fuck. He’d been angered by their lust because he saw it in himself. Ultimately, Dartalli admitted that the slave in question had been stolen from him by an Eloredan.
“An Eloredan bested you?” Honor couldn’t stop himself from rubbing that in Dartalli’s face since Eloredans were much smaller than Krase warriors. They were stout bipeds with thick legs and spindly arms. They were green so that they could blend into the forest where they lived. Honor wondered what an Eloredan would want a human for, but the question was purely academic. He had to find that tiny human before he could return to Earth.
“That green beast took him before I could even do much more than remove his collar,” Dartalli reluctantly confessed.
That had slumped Honor’s shoulders. No collar meant there was no way to electronically track that particular slave. The auction house was now tagging their slaves internally, something they should have been doing all along, but that new directive wasn’t going to help Honor in his mission.
Determined to finish his task of hunting down all the illegally enslaved humans, Honor set off for Eloredan but found out the creature in question, Wetoo, was dead. But that was the quick version. Honor had spent the Earth equivalent of two months tracking down a human only to ultimately walk away empty-handed. Intellectually, he knew that it was a statistical improbability that he would find all of the Earthlings, but he had a difficult time coping with failure.
Honor Vengeance was a fully named Krase warrior with a mark of superiority on his right cheek. It was a curved crescent with four dots below, indicating he had conquered four planets. Success was something he was not only used to but expected. What infuriated him was the amount of time he’d wasted chasing down one human when there were still so many of them out in the universe. Each day they got further away from being tracked. If one of them returned to Earth, the consequences could be devastating.
In his desire to retrieve all of the humans more expeditiously, Honor had appointed some of his fellow Krase warriors to join in the hunt. That turned out to be an awful idea because one of them was so determined to cover himself in glory he’d shot and almost killed the Girakor the human, Jodi Weiss, had been with. To make matters worse, the warrior then ended up assaulting Jodi when he attacked him for killing his mate. Honor had failed to stress how important the finer points of their mission were. The Earthlings were not to be hurt under any circumstances. But what was unforgivable was he hadn’t impressed on his underlings the strong possibility that the humans they hunted might have fallen for their captors. Taking a human from one he loved was dangerous, but harming their loved one could be deadly. The overzealous Krase warrior was lucky that Jodi hadn’t killed him in a blind rage.
So far, it seemed almost all of the humans had found love in the arms of their alien masters. Worse, any Krase warrior who spent any length of time around a human invariably ended up falling in love with him. Had Jodi Weiss not already been in love with the Girakor, he no doubt would have fallen for the Krase warrior who abducted him.
Before he’d ever met a human, Honor had been shocked by the very idea that his kind would have any affinity for Earthlings. Their two species couldn’t be more different. Krase warriors were massive, emotionless soldiers driven to protect their home planet and expand their empire while humans were tiny, highly emotional beings who were driven by the most complex set of inner and outer compulsions in the entire universe.
Humans were baffling, infuriating, and Honor wanted one with a desperation that was almost painful. What he had barely been able to admit to himself was that his disappointment in finding the last human was because he thought he could finally have one for his own. He’d failed, and then Jodi was already in love with another, so Honor couldn’t have him. That was something he hadn’t quite understood until he’d seen the strength of their love up close and personal. When a human loved, they were the most driven and fierce beings in all of the empire. The fact that Jodi, who was less than half the size of the Krase warrior who abducted him, didn’t let that stop him when he wanted revenge was indicative of their foolish bravery.
“But it is a beautiful kind of craziness.” Honor poured himself another drink then settled at his communication unit. He found their willingness to die for those they loved insane, but powerful. He’d found himself fantasizing what it would be like to have someone love him with that kind of passion. As a fully named Krase officer, Honor could have his pick of any of the warriors who served with him. At first, when he was trying to deny what he truly wanted, he’d indulged himself in a seemingly endless series of brutal fucks that released the fluid in his
, pleased his partner in the same way, but did nothing for the building tension in his head.
What had made the situation intolerable was when he’d demanded Noah Cameron leave Thand, and his lover, to come on board the battleship. Honor’s goal was to give the human his freedom and make him sign a waiver stating he would never return to Earth, but what Honor had really wanted was the chance to see if maybe the human might be attracted to him. But he was too late. Noah was in love with Mingor, the alien who had gained possession of Noah from another alien. Worse, by Honor’s interference, he’d almost cost Mingor his life. All were restored to their proper place and the lovers were even more firmly attached to one another, but that he’d almost ruined two lives because of his uncontrollable obsession bothered him far more than it should.
Honor knew he should be indifferent to everything but his mission goal. But he wasn’t. Somewhere, somehow, he’d lost his perspective. Honor walked away with his hands as empty as his heart.
“Damn that they have even gotten me to believe that feelings reside in the organ that pumps blood and not my brain!”
While he was determined to get something out of Noah that he had no hope of getting, he’d pushed Noah against a wall and told him he didn’t understand why the Krase were attracted to humans. He told Noah he would take much pleasure in killing him and absolutely none in fucking him. But that was a lie. The reverse was far closer to the truth. Honor would take great pleasure in fucking him and none in killing him.
And then, for reasons he still did not understand, he’d licked Noah. He’d pinned him to the wall and licked the side of his face. He told himself he was desperate to intimidate him, but Noah had seemed more perplexed than terrified. But again, Honor was too late. The human was already in love. Once a human loved, they did so with a fierceness unmatched by any other being Honor had ever encountered.
“And that’s what I want to experience.”
He thought he had good odds of finding love with a human because he had the examples of Blessed Despair and Noble Chaos. Both were powerful Krase officers who had managed to not only gain a human’s love, but find the capacity to love within themselves.
“The difference is, they found their humans shortly after they’d arrived.” Honor felt time was a factor. The longer the humans spent out in the galaxy, the more likely they were to find love with another being. But time wasn’t the only factor. It couldn’t be. If he believed that, he’d completely give up hope. That he couldn’t do. Without some hope he would certainly go mad.
Turning to his communication unit, which usually his devotee operated for him, he pressed his hands into the soft, touch-activated gel. The electronics came to life, offering him up all the information he’d amassed in his daunting task of hunting humans across the galaxy. By Krase law, the slaves were required to be registered since they had been sold on planet Krase. This was done so that if there was an outbreak of disease or some other issue, like the illegality of the Earthlings, they could be recalled.
Unfortunately, most of the creatures who had bought the human slaves hadn’t bothered to register them or were told that they were registered when they weren’t. The auction house was suffering sanctions for sloppy record keeping among other, some far direr, allegations. As furious as he was at the owner of the auction house for his scams, the one that Honor really wanted was the original slave trader who had stolen the Earthlings.
By plucking the humans out of the time space of Earth right before their deaths, he’d deftly circumvented the rule of a slave falling to their fate by conquest or tribute. Earth had no idea her people had been pilfered. The creatures who’d bought them hadn’t known. But eventually, the truth was discovered and the fallout was all the Earthlings were being granted Krase citizenship and forbidden to return to Earth. Since they’d been pulled out of their natural timeline, no one knew what would happen if they were returned to Earth.
All that tumbled through Honor’s mind as he mulled over the data on the screen. He had leads on several humans but found himself drawn to one in particular. Sadly, due to the unscrupulous slave trader, Honor didn’t know the man’s name, only that he was the biggest human of all the stolen Earthlings. By their system of measurement, he was over seven feet tall, at least three hundred fifty pounds, most of it muscle, had gleaming blond hair, deep green eyes, and a smile that was simply devastating. Although, to be fair, he hadn’t seen the man’s smile so much as he had seen his teeth when he’d winced at the stage lights glaring into his eyes. But if Honor looked at that stilled image, he could imagine it was a smile. One flashed at him.
Deliberately, he shook his head to force that preposterous notion away. The man wasn’t smiling at Honor or anyone else. Honor told himself that he was interested in retrieving this man because finding and freeing him was simply a part of his mission. The part he refused to acknowledge was that he hadn’t been able to stop watching the display the slave put on during his time on the auction block.
All the Earthlings were bare but for their collars. Each was taken to center stage and displayed. To prove they were fully functioning males, a probe was inserted rectally, stimulating them to orgasm. This man, the one Honor was now driven to track down, had struggled against the probe. He’d snarled and fought even though he was being given pleasure. It was clear he didn’t care why anything was happening to him. Resistance was etched into everything he did. After what seemed forever, he’d finally climaxed, and shot his release more than his own height away from his body.
Almost against his will, Honor watched his release again in slow motion. The man gritted his teeth as the probe rubbed faster and harder against his prostate. His fists tightened, displaying the beautiful symmetry of his body, and the powerful perfection of his form. After the longest time any creature in the history of slave trading resisted, he’d finally succumbed. When his orgasm came, he bared his teeth and roared as he shot his essence—white and thick, so similar yet oddly different from Honor’s own—across the stage.
Setting the visual on a loop, Honor unfastened his trousers. His
, a flexible sheath of muscle to brace his cock during penetration, wrapped around his prick. By rhythmically clenching, the appendage hardened him and then the tip of the
cupped the head of his cock, sucking gently at the slit. While he watched the visual of the massive human slave again and again, Honor felt a curious shame that prevented him from reaching orgasm.
That man had struggled to resist what most would eagerly submit to. Technically, he wasn’t being tortured. He was forcibly being given pleasure, but still, if the act were unwelcome, and clearly it was, how could Honor take any enjoyment in watching? That was what irritated him. The first time he’d seen the video he’d become so aroused he’d had to halt the playback so he could relieve himself with a fellow officer. Only after a rough fuck was he able to watch the rest of the slave auction. He’d enjoyed himself each time until he’d gotten to know several humans. Now he understood the subtlety of their expressions.
But there was another reason why he simply couldn’t relieve himself.
Krase warriors did not masturbate. He hadn’t even known there was such a thing until he’d met humans. When he was in need, he found another warrior and they fucked. There was no flirting, coyness, courting, or any of the other bizarre mating rituals that humans engaged in. They simply approached, agreed, and addressed their mutual needs. Afterward, they went back to work. But now, Honor was wishing he could masturbate because his encounters with other Krase were less and less satisfying. He wanted to fill a human with his release. He wanted to spurt his blue fluid across his pale skin and mark him. If he didn’t find one soon or figure out how to actually masturbate, he might go into battle rage. A Krase with a full

BOOK: -Enslaved-by-an-Officer[ Sold 8]
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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