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He suckled her through the shirt, until she grew desperate, and Jax fumbled for the condom on the bedside table. Blake relieved her of the packet, sheathing himself in latex.

And then he folded his arms behind his head. “This is my first time with a first-timer.”

His self-satisfied, almost primal look—combined with the teasing eyes and the disappointing lack of his mouth on her breast—snapped the last of her doubts. She gripped his wrists, pinning them above his head, and the aroused look he shot her made her feel powerful.

“Stop talking.” She lowered herself down his hard shaft, and his lids flared with satisfaction even as her body softened, welcoming his return. She shifted her hips, her body readjusting to his, tentatively taking more, and the groan from Blake sent sparks shooting up her spine. Spurring her on. So she rose and lowered herself again, angling her body to take him deeper.

“Jax,” he said hoarsely, and she covered his mouth with hers.

Enjoying the rough return of his kiss, the taste of his tongue and his hard shaft inside her, she pressed his hands more firmly to the bed as she began to ride him. The pleasurable pressure drove her insane, and Jax began to roll her hips with determination, relishing the needy, delicious ache between her legs that had been so long in coming.

And so worth the wait.

“Jax,” he groaned. “Let go of my hands.”

Instead, in answer to his call, she increased the speed of her movements. “Not yet,” she whispered, gently nipping his lip.

He hissed and his hips strained beneath hers, the fiery look in his eyes communicating that Blake Bennington was struggling. Fighting hard to keep his reactions in check. She loved that she brought him so close to the edge. She loved that he seemed determined to allow her free rein, encouraging her to take as much as she wanted without the worry of discomfort.

And take she did. Hungry for more, she drew her knees higher, capturing more of his hard shaft, longing to satisfy the terrible ache. Face flushed with heat, her neck damp, she grew desperate, her movements now jerky, almost awkward.

“Jax,” he murmured harshly, his eyes intense as he looked up at her. “Let go of my hands.”

Too far gone for teasing, she obeyed. Instantly, Blake splayed one hand low on her back, taking over, aiding her movements to receive his hard thrusts. Other hand on her hip, his thumb began to stroke her clitoris.

Pleasure clamped tight around her every nerve ending, holding her hostage and shoving her closer to complete oblivion. She bucked. She writhed. She might have even begged. Until, with one hard stroke of Blake's thumb, it was a done deal. Eyes wide, she dug her nails into his shoulders as the waves of her orgasm swallowed her whole, consumed her, and she collapsed against his chest.

Blake wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face at her neck, pumping his hips hard, his voice rough as he called out her name and came.


Heart thumping hard, body slick with sweat, Blake held Jax close, his heaving breaths moving against the delicious curves of the pajama-top-covered breasts flattened against his chest. He closed his eyes, slowly coming down from the incredibly intense high, his body relaxing one muscle at a time.

Jax mumbled against his shoulder, “How was your first time with a first-timer?”

A grin captured the corner of his mouth. “Nothing like I expected.”

No surprise there. Jax was one of a kind. Unique. A sexy, smart-mouthed woman who was an incomparable mix of sassy confidence, street smarts and beguiling innocence.

Hands on his shoulders, she didn't move anything except her head, lifting her gaze to meet his. “Is that a good thing?” she asked, her eyes narrowing a bit. “Or bad?”

His heart twisted at the vulnerable look, and he tucked a wild strand of tawny hair behind her ear. “You were amazing,” he said, his voice low as he ignored the rumbling vibration of need tightening in his groin. He shoved aside the sudden and surprising feeling of possessiveness.

“But I have one question,” he said.

“What's that?”

He lifted her arm and kissed the tattoo on her skin. “What are you going to do with this now? Change the notes to another song?”

Her hazel eyes crinkled in amusement. “Probably tattoo a circle with a line through it over the whole thing.”

He chuckled, delighted by the no-holds-barred woman who plunged heart-first into everything she did, and to hell with the consequences.

The thought brought a line of concern in his brow. “Don't forget we have your first court appearance tomorrow.”

“I remember,” she said with a reluctant groan. “But you promised me a one-night stand, Suit.” She slipped her arms around his neck, a heated look returning. “And that means you're mine until the sun comes up.”

Desire surged again, and he rolled, sweeping her beneath him as he positioned himself on top.

Her breath hitched softly, and the heat in her voice increased as she shifted her hips beneath him, adjusting to his now fully reformed erection. “No more concessions for the innocent among us?”

“If those were your innocent ways—” he buried his head in her neck, inhaling the scent of strawberry shampoo before shifting until his mouth hovered over hers expectantly “—God help me if you grow bolder.”

And the sex that followed only confirmed that Blake was indeed in serious trouble.

* * *

The next day Jax leaned back and shifted uncomfortably against the wooden bench in the courthouse hallway. This morning she'd opened her eyes to a rising sun, alone in bed with nothing but her pajama top on, a sheet covering her bare bottom and a note from Blake reminding her of her court appearance.

She puffed out a breath, running a hand down her new black-and-white cotton dress with a gathered tube top, dread tightening in her belly, cutting off any hope of a casual demeanor. A woman's first morning-after should not take place on the day she's scheduled to go before a judge, but Jax had decided that anything worth experiencing was worth experiencing in style.

So far, the decision wasn't making her feel better.

As people streamed by, Jax tried hard not to constantly search for Blake. If he didn't show, she was screwed. If he
show, she was screwed. She needed his reassuring presence while standing before a judge. Yet she dreaded having an audience while navigating the awkwardness of their new relationship, courtesy of one incredibly delicious night.

But was the one night all she was going to get?

When Blake turned into the hallway, her body did a double take, his obligatory suit clinging to a hard body that she now knew more intimately than she knew her own. And it was unnerving to realize her lips, teeth and tongue had blazed trails across the tanned skin stretched against hard muscle and sinew. There wasn't a spot she hadn't adored, and there were probably several where she'd left marks. The memory burned, heating her face. And when Blake's gaze finally caught hers, his steps slowing, Jax's heart did a wobbly somersault.

As he came closer, his brow crumpled in surprise. “You're wearing a dress.”

And those were
the first words she'd expected from of his mouth.

Summoning her patience, she stood and folded her arms across her chest, the feminine black blazer adding a touch of class over her casual dress, the black leggings and funky high heels appealing to her sense of fun. The fact her black-and-white leather platform shoes flirted with a 1930s mobster attitude seemed to fit the occasion.

She hiked a single brow. “After bolting from my bed this morning, is that all you have to say?”

For a brief moment, his mouth grew tight, but before the tension had time to settle, he let out a sigh of resignation. But his low voice didn't detract from the firm tone. “This is neither the time nor the place for this discussion.”

“Discussing it over breakfast would have been nice.”

He lifted a brow drily. “I had to be at a meeting at seven.”

Jax winced. “Okay, so maybe six a.m. was a little early for a discussion.” She tipped her head. “But you could have at least woken me up to say goodbye.”

His eyebrow hiked a fraction. “I tried,” he said, obviously amused. “But you were out cold.”

Probably because she'd gone and died from pleasure.

“My exhausted state was as much your fault as mine,” she said.

Blake's eyes flashed with an intriguing combination of heat and caution, leaving Jax both aroused and frustrated. Because it was clear from his behavior that he hadn't become her lover; he was simply a man who had spent hours teaching her how much more pleasurable an orgasm was when it involved two people instead of one. To be fair, he had laid out his conditions from the start. And as they studied each other, his expression didn't budge, and she let go of her last bit of hope for more.

“I really am only getting one night, aren't I?” she said.

He shifted on his feet, having the decency to at least look as if he regretted his upcoming words. “Not only do I have your legal battle to contend with, but I'm also in the midst of the biggest case of my career,” he said. “So I need to...” He paused, as if determined to get this right. “I need to focus.”

She stared at his face, lingering briefly on the lips that not only
sensual, but were also exceptionally skilled at making her cry out, amazed by the variety of embarrassing sounds that could come from her mouth.

“Blake,” a male voice said from down the hallway.

Pushing the stimulating thoughts aside, Jax watched the gray-headed man approach. Another Suit with a lawyerly air.

The older man stopped and clapped Blake on the back. “Good to see you, son.”

Blake made a quick introduction, and then the two chatted briefly about a case.

And before the man moved on, he leaned in close, as if sharing exciting news. “By all reports the Menendez case is a slam dunk,” the man said. “Word has it your name tops the list for promotion to chief of your division. Sounds like a move up the career ladder is in your near future.” Jax tried not to let her surprise show as the gentleman went on, his face softening with affection. “Your father would have been proud.”

An emotion flickered across Blake's face, too quick for Jax to recognize.

Pride? Determination?

Or was it something else?

“Thank you,” Blake said, returning the man's handshake before the gentleman headed off.

Jax turned to Blake, her curiosity now bursting at the seams. “What did your father do?”

He took her elbow and led her down the hallway, and her rebellious heart rejoiced at the return of his touch, even if only for a moment. “He was the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida, nominated by the president.”

Jax gave a low whistle. “That's an awfully big suit to fill.” She frowned slightly. “Are you sure it fits?”

That sensual mouth twitched into an almost smile, but his tone was carefully even. “It fits,” he said, obviously sticking with the literal interpretation. He ushered her toward the courtroom door. “I've asked around, and Judge Conner is known for being tough, but fair,” he went on, apparently not interested in discussing his father any further.

The familiar smell of his cologne teased her nose, and she was bombarded with images of his naked body, making it difficult to focus.

“This is only an appearance to officially hear the charges and enter your plea of not guilty,” he said. “I'll take care of everything, but if he asks you a direct question, answer it honestly. Otherwise...” He halted just outside the courtroom door, as if rethinking his advice. “Just let me do all the talking.” He looked at her with a guarded expression. “Do you think you can handle that?”

She stepped closer, thrilled with the flash of heat in his gaze, and she sent him an overly sweet smile. “Of course I can.”

If he thought he could ignore their sizzling chemistry, it was time for
to teach him a thing or two. Because she had the advantage of living in his home. And if she spent enough time in her bathing suit by the pool, sooner or later, the man was sure to cave.

At least, that was her plan....

* * *

An hour later Blake escorted Jax back out through the lobby of the courthouse, his hand enjoying the feel of her back and the seductive swing of her unruly, tawny hair against his skin. Her hips swayed in that lissome, loose-limbed way of hers, and his fingers ached to dip lower as he worked diligently to ignore the memories of their night together.

He'd renounced his one-night-stand days long ago, and making Jax an exception to that rule had seemed a reasonable decision. But clearly that had been his libido calling the shots, manipulating his good sense. Given their interactions to date, if he'd been thinking logically he would have realized that
he'd slept with her. Being the first to fully taste Jax had certainly never entered his mind as a possibility.

And her unvirgin-like behavior had continued, demanding that he not hold back on any fronts. As if suddenly in a hurry to make up for lost time. And what she'd lacked in experience, she'd more than made up for in enthusiasm, setting his body on fire with her insatiable curiosity.

As the sun had taken its first glimpse over the Atlantic this morning, he'd reluctantly left her bed, spent. Yet invigorated. Still reeling from the night of discovery. Now, six hours later, he still had no idea how to wrap his head around the blistering turn of events.

And his concentration was shot to holy hell.

His gut churned at the disturbing emotions, because he wanted her again, but he willed himself to think logically. To remain rational. Because, despite their night together, he still had a job to do and Jax's legal problem to address. It hadn't been his choice to be in charge of her case, but he'd made a promise and he intended to see it through. Which meant he needed to clarify a few things with the woman. Most notably, that her devil-may-care attitude and smart mouth might prove her undoing.

Because, if ever there was proof that Jacqueline Lee lived by her own rules, today had to be it.

“Just for the record,” Blake said with a droll tone, “since it was the judge that brought up the picture of the Ramones on your dress...” He opened the glass door of the lobby and ushered her into the warm sunshine. How could he have missed the full, standing image of the punk-rock band beneath the blazer? “It was perfectly acceptable to acknowledge your agreement with his comment about their impact on rock and roll.” The door closed behind them, and he shot Jax a meaningful look. “But engaging in a debate about which band had the most impact on punk rock was not the wisest course of action.”

Jax gazed up at him as if she had no idea why the disagreement was a problem. “Judge Conner asked for my opinion and I gave it to him.”

He fought the urge to let out an impatient sigh, clearing his throat instead, and shot her the most level look he could manage. “I believe his comment was meant to be a rhetorical question.”

Jax simply shrugged. “Well, if he didn't want to hear my views, then he shouldn't have formed it in the phrase of a question at all.”

As they descended the courthouse steps, Blake took a moment to regain his composure before addressing her again.

Narrowing his eyes in mock confusion, he said, “Do you get up every morning looking for ways to make life harder on yourself? Or does that just come naturally?”

Her lips quirked as she slipped off her blazer, draping it over her arm and baring the most beautiful expanse of shoulders Blake had ever had the pleasure of viewing. Desire fisted in his gut, but he ignored the feeling.

“Is this another one of those rhetorical questions that I'm not supposed to answer?” she said lightly.

“Yes,” he said, his tone firm. “Absolutely.”

She shot him a look from the corner of her eye, tossing back the wild hair that the breeze had plastered to her cheek. Her sweetly innocent smiles, like the one she was sending him now, were not to be trusted.

“You told me to be honest,” she said.

Blake bit back a smile at the courtroom memory, refusing to let her see his amusement. “Well, Judge Conner appeared to be enjoying the sixty seconds that it took for you to lay out your arguments in favor of the Ramones, even though he ultimately disagreed with your assessment.”

She came to a halt, grinning up at him and sending a disturbing thrill of pleasure along his veins. And the need to keep her out of further trouble made his expression turn serious again.

“You asked me to represent you in court,” he said. “In future, I need you to think about your actions and their consequences.” He focused on
looking down at her sun-kissed skin above the Ramones sundress.

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