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Forbidden Love









Forbidden Love


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This is dedicated to the future of seductive Science Fiction, infused with love, romance and sexy alien encounters.








This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 


Forbidden Love by Kaye Manro



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Forbidden Love


Kaye Manro











“Not ready for contact with other intelligent life forms

T’Kon of Asconage concluded his study as his small spacecraft hovered in an undetected orbit above the alien world. By listening to the communication frequencies from the planet Terrain, he discovered all he needed to make his findings known to the Council.

He gazed at the sapphire globe and its unique topographical beauty. Unlike his binary home world with its harsh heat and orange hues, Terrain, third planet revolving around a single star, swirled with azure seas, lush jade continents and atmospheric chilling winds. The deserts small, the waters huge, it was the very opposite of Asconage. He ran a sheathed claw over the view screen and switched off the image.

While on another mission, he had found the obscure little planet on long-range scanners near the edge of the Orion cluster. It paralleled Pegasus, his own Galaxy. His initial scan showed promise, the occupants stood on the cusp of advanced space travel. He convinced the Council to consider Terrain worthy of closer observation, even possible mentoring.

Now T’Kon knew different.

His surveillance revealed the inhabitants fought appalling wars amongst themselves, unwilling to exist in nonviolent cohabitation. He shook his head, wishing it were not so. He enjoyed his work as a First Contact Diplomat, but this species was not prepared for an authentic alien encounter.

His conclusion: acceptance into the Realm of Tranquil Planets was no doubt light years away for the beings of Terrain.

In truth, he was glad to end this mission. He missed the dark coppery sunsets and blazing red sands on Asconage, even the continuing debate with his father G’Nore. He smiled as he recalled standing with his father on Promenade Mountain high above the russet desert as he prepared for his latest excursion.

“The future ruler of Asconage should not put himself in jeopardy flying at FTL around the galaxies as you do,” his father bellowed.

T’Kon countered, “What better place for a leader than discovering other cultures?” G’Nore shook his head in resignation as T’Kon boarded his spacecraft.

It was past time to plot a course back home. He set the controls for FTL, a light speed jump through the Event Horizon leading back to Pegasus. When he pushed the throttle up to exit orbit, something went wrong. A sudden jolt caused his craft to lurch, knocking him against the console. He slammed his webbed hands onto the Nav panel, pushing the thruster slides upward in an effort to right the ship.

Nothing happened.

Plummeting out of control, his spacecraft scraped against Terrain’s exosphere. The stabilizers failed and he descended rapidly. He did not have much time. Calculating his trajectory, he plotted a dive for the nearest arid basin region. The sands should assist in diminishing the impact of his landing. He shut down the spatial propulsion system, relying on the drag of gravity and friction in the atmosphere to carry him. Leaning back in his seat, he touched a pad to activate the pilot restraint. A cocoon closed, encasing him in a protective shell.

He was still coming in too fast; he sensed it. T’Kon knew the cloak would render his craft invisible and hold through entry. Yet his chances of surviving the impact could be bleak.

Either way, his discovery loomed.









Chapter One

Desert Basin:
Endangered Wildlife Project

Maya Belle smiled as she held the small creature in her palm, stroking her fingers over its spiny scales and glossy, brown skin. She rested her hand on the desert floor and watched the lizard scamper away, tunneling under the sand.

She pushed short-cropped curls from her face and took a swig of water from a canteen. Sand grains clung to her scalp, which was damp from the Saturday morning sun. She enjoyed the weekends when the other researchers went home and she could be alone for a few days in the desert with the little creatures she loved. As a natural scientist, she’d spent many months discovering and cataloging information about various desert reptilian groups. Inhaling parched air, Maya stood up from her research to stretch.

Suddenly, an explosive, ear-shattering noise cracked across the clear, cerulean sky. Churning sand grew into a gale force as winds drove hard against her body and surrounded her. She rolled to the ground, knees to chest, just as the spinning desert kicked up into a wild fury. It came from all directions at once. The ground shook as if being ripped apart at its seams. Cocooned in a sandy burrow, Maya swore. She’d be lucky to survive this bizarre tempest of a sandstorm.

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