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Authors: Marteeka Karland,Shara Azod

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Force Me - Death By Sex

BOOK: Force Me - Death By Sex
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Force Me:


Death By Sex




Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod




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© 2011 Marteeka Karlad & Shara Azod

Editor: Stephanie Parent

Cover Art: Marteeka Karland






Death by Sex


"You're about to die," the deep, gravelly voice rumbled next to her ear. "But don't worry. You'll be fine."


Mia didn't have time to protest before there was a sharp, ripping pain at the junction of her neck and shoulder as the cyborg pierced her neck with his teeth. She'd been hunting the one called Draven, but, apparently, he had proven himself to be a better hunter than she. Mia struggled wildly—or tried to. Draven held her fast in his unbreakable grip. The corridor spun as she fought for consciousness, but to no avail. Just before she passed out, she was aware of Draven ripping her armor from her body to leave her naked and quite vulnerable. One of his big, gloved hands closed over one breast, and she was fairly certain she heard him groan...


The lights slowly faded, leaving only the sound of his voice echoing in her mind.




Mia awoke to a screaming orgasm. She was naked, tied spread-eagle to the softest bed imaginable with a man's head buried between her legs, feasting. She knew it was a man by the deep sound of his growls and grunts of appreciation. Besides, no woman's mouth could possibly feel that good, that strong, that demanding. She'd had sex with women before, enjoyed it even, but there was just something about a man that set him apart during oral sex. Just now, though, she didn't much care what the difference was, only that he didn't stop.


Her screams continued long after she normally would have been able to sustain an orgasm. She couldn't seem to stop! Her body seemed to be in one continuous eruption of pleasure. But there was something missing. She needed...more.


"Oh, gods! What's happening to me?"


"Mmm." His voice rumbled through her cunt, settling on her clit, which caused more pleasure to course through her body. Mia arched off the bed as much as she could, crying out at the top of her lungs. "I'm waking you. Readying you for my body."


Draven. Gods above, Draven had her! And, gods, he'd
her. That meant that billions of nanomytes were in her bloodstream, making her his bloodthrall.


"NO!" She tried to close her legs, but his body was too damned big, and he was too damned strong. Besides, she was held fast by the restrictor cuffs at her wrists and ankles. She couldn't move.


"It's a little late for that, my lovely," he chuckled. "The nanomytes are already working on your system. You've probably already completed the conversion. You need me as much as I need you.”


Panic ate a gaping hole in Mia's gut. She was a cyborg hunter. Her job was to track down the rogues and bring them back for reprogramming. She absolutely could
be one's bloodthrall!


Before she could protest, however, he gave her clit a long, slow lick with the flat of his tongue, never breaking eye contact with her. Oh, man, she was
gone! Sex had always been a pleasurable pastime, but this... This was more than mere sex. This was a soul-shattering experience that would brand her for the rest of her life. It was as if her whole body cried out for him, and no one or nothing else would do.


Her body shuddering in mind-numbing pleasure, Mia screamed over and over. Somewhere deep inside, she looked at herself with shock, even horror. She was not only a willing participant, she
him. By not fighting him, she was giving herself over to him. Once he took her body, she'd be forever in thrall to him and his needs. It would be impossible for her to leave him, impossible to resist him.


Over and over, Dravin stabbed his tongue into her opening, laving her insides as much as he could reach, tickling her clit with the stubble on his upper lip as well as his tongue. Mia knew she welcomed him with her intimate moisture, but there was absolutely no way she could stop it. No one had ever given her this much pleasure. And he'd only touched her with his tongue.


"That's it, my little hunter. Let yourself go." His voice was warm and gruff. Just the sound of him sent heat curling through her entire body, making her cream even more and her nipples pucker to impossibly tight peaks. She needed him to give her release. Not just an orgasm, but an honest to gods
. Only he could sate her now. Only he could release her pleasure and give her the ultimate bliss.


Draven kissed his way up her body, leaving a wet trail in his wake. Whether it was from his saliva as he licked her or from her moisture on his chin, she didn't know. Honestly didn't care. He latched onto her aching nipple, and
was what mattered. Mia swore there was some kind of invisible chain connecting her clit, nipples, and the butterflies fluttering so fervently inside her stomach. With every pull and tug on her breast, a dart of fire seemed to zing through her straight to her womb.


The man was insanely big, all muscle and brawn. Battle scars crisscrossed over his chest and arms, a testament to the life he'd led. Draven was a warrior. Honed in the fires of hell. Having such a man in complete control over her was heady to say the least.


Giving the same attention to the other breast as he had the first, Draven seemed to delight in torturing her. He took his time. With her laid out before him like a feast, Draven was able to explore every inch of her, and Mia felt it all as he touched her body. He built an aching need inside her, one she very much doubted she'd ever quench. If the rumors were to be believed, cyborgs loved to keep their thralls in an impossible state of arousal. It heightened the endorphins in their blood as well as kept them ready for their masters on a whim. She knew she could never live like that, but here she was. Needing the touch of a man who had kidnapped her.


"Oh, no, my beauty," he crooned next to her ear. "I can see in your eyes you believe the stories." He licked the seam of her lips before continuing. "Before the night is out, you'll know the truth." He gave her a wolfish grin. "It's not really worth wasting my breath on. Besides, we like the rumors. It keeps people away." Then he took her mouth with his.


Mia had been kissed before. Or she thought she had. Obviously, she'd been doing something wrong. When Draven's tongue darted into her mouth to coax hers to tango, Mia forgot about every single sexual adventure she'd ever had. The only thing that mattered was the man currently kissing her like she was the best tasting thing he'd ever put in his mouth.


Had she not been lashed down, Mia might have wrapped her arms around him and forced him to get on with it. As it was, she was totally at his mercy. Funny thing was, she wasn't certain she wanted it any other way. There was something erotic about being so open and vulnerable to him.


Mia was so caught up in his kiss and the feel of his body against hers, rubbing her sensitive nipples with his hair-roughened chest, she didn't realize he'd shifted positions. With a thrust quick and sure, Draven entered her. His cock stretched her deliciously, wringing another squeal from her. She tried her best to meet his thrust with her hips, but her movement was so restricted it was difficult. Had she thought being tied up was sexy? It was torture!


"When I get out of this," she panted, "I'll kill you."


He chuckled as he nibbled her neck and ear. "You're welcome to try."


"Just consider yourself warned." How could she survive this? Her body was on fire!


Her pussy burned erotically where his cock stretched and invaded her. She couldn't really complain, though. This was more pleasure than any woman had a right to. Funny how she couldn't seem to make up her mind if she liked or loathed what he did to her.


Draven moved inside her, rubbing her clit just so, maximizing her pleasure. Mia had no doubt he did it on purpose and, gods, but she was grateful. She pulled against the cuffs restraining her legs, needing desperately to wrap them around his waist. No sooner had the thought popped into her head than her legs were free. She did, indeed, wrap them around his waist and pulled herself up to meet his thrusts. His grunt of approval rumbled through her to settle in the place where their bodies joined.


Her clit throbbed like mad, needing the friction. Draven provided it, seeming to know exactly what she needed and, surprisingly, providing it.


Mia reveled in her newfound pleasure. This man was effortlessly making her body sing in ways she’d never thought possible. She felt...
! It was as if she'd found a missing piece of her soul, and Draven was welding it back into place with the heat of his body.


"If I release your arms, will you scratch my eyes out, little hunter?" Mia wasn't exactly sure she liked the amused note in his voice, but she wasn't about to defy him now. Not when he seemed so attentive to her needs.


"No," she managed to gasp.


Immediately, her hands were free and she went straight for his hair. All those silky dark locks were truly as soft as they looked. She tangled her fingers in his hair, holding him to her as he nuzzled her neck before claiming her mouth again. His hands molded her body, grazing her breasts and gripping her hips to move her how he wanted her.


Without warning, Draven flipped them, leaving Mia to sprawl on top of him. His cock never left her needy channel. "Ride me, woman." His gruff growl was a command even though she was in the position of power—sort of. Yes, she was on top of him, impaled on his magnificent cock, yet she was very aware she was not in any way in charge here.


“Do it—” A sharp slap to the cheek of her ass followed the order, setting her hips in motion. “Take it all.”


How could she not? In this position she could feel him even more, filling her, stretching her. The slow glide against her inner walls allowed her to feel every pulsing vein on his dick. The sensation set off every nerve in her cunt, sending bolts of electricity throughout her body. She swiveled, arched, rocked her hips in a slow sway, her pussy greedily sucking every inch he had to give. And she wanted more still.  The burn felt so fucking good; Mia increased her speed despite wanting to savor every possible second.

BOOK: Force Me - Death By Sex
10.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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