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Written By Molly Bryant
Copyright © 2012 by Molly Bryant

Any resemblance in persons, living or dead, places, events, or locales is
coincidental. All characters in this works are fiction and are produced from
the author’s imagination.

Chapter One: Glow

Glamor, glitz, beauty, pizzazz, sexy, and alluring all have something in
common-fashion. From Milan to Paris, New York to is my job to
know the hottest-trendiest attire known to man. I, Vanessa Montello, am
senior editor of only the most elite magazine sold around this materialistic
world; Glow.

I grace the streets of Manhattan in my Gucci 'Sofia Etoile' heels, I find myself
happy. I love my life, my job, and well... my job. I don't have time for much
of anything else in my life as I travel, work long hours, eat, and sleep.

“Tall, non-fat latte, please,” I said, letting my french manicured fingers swipe
my credit card through the machine.

“Nice to see you, Miss Montello,” the plain, frazzled, brown haired young
lady said from behind the counter. I looked at her and wondered what a little
Mac and Paul Mitchell could do for her. I smiled.

“Can we hurry, please? I have a meeting at nine,” I said impatiently as I
glanced at my phone. It was only eight-thirty in the morning but I didn't want
to make small talk.

She rushed away to make my Latte and completely annoyed, I watched her
retreating slim figure in her old five-seasons-ago jeans, and washed out 'Bean
Today, Gone Tomorrow' T-shirt.

Nervously, she handed me my coffee. “Have a good day,”


“Thanks,” I said as my fragile fingers grabbed my hot coffee from her hands,
then clicked my way out the door.

Most would say that I am snobby, rude, conceited, and well... just
flat out cruel sometimes. As for my close friends and family; I am fun, kind,
generous, and loving. I look at it this way, you will not go far in life as a
complete push over. When it comes to work, I will do and say anything need
be to get that one sentence of praise from the CEO of Glow magazine- Ellen
McGurthy. She is one that hates excuses, and would rather hear it like it is. I
learned the hard way when I first started as a writer for Glow. In my first
article on 'Do's and Don'ts of Haircare' I had missed a comma in one of the
last sentences then, sat in her office for thirty minutes being lectured on
perfection. I left her office in tears as she told me what a waste of human
being I was and full of excuses. I can laugh about it now only because I am in
the top lead for Editor-in-chief. She adores me.

“Good morning, Miss. Montello,” Sasha greeted me from the main lobby
desk; her blonde hair was long and sleek, her thin pink-stained lips smiled.


“Morning, Sasha,” I greeted. My heels clicking echoed along the marbled
tiles of the lobby towards the elevators.


I pushed the up arrow of the elevator and took a step back waiting for one set
of doors to open. I looked between both elevators.


A man cleared his throat from behind me. “You must be Vanessa Montello,”

I furrowed my brows and turned towards an extremely attractive tan skinned,
blue eyed, blonde young man in a gray...
Oh, what's he wearing?
I looked
him up and down. Some kind of gray suit...
Nope, no thank you.
knock-off. He has to be around my age... maybe twenty-nine or thirty? He
also looks a little familiar, but can't quite put my finger on it.

“Yes, and what is it of you're concern?” I asked, then looked back towards
the elevator as it dinged.

“I can guess by looking at your cheap suit and stature that you're looking at
an internship.” I said snidely as I smiled. “Might I suggest the New York Post
as applications were chosen at the beginning of summer, we're full,” sighing,
I stepped into the elevator. I confidently brushed my blonde hair over my
right shoulder then pressed the fourth floor button and he followed.
He laughed aloud which made me jump startled. “What is so funny?” I asked
as I stared at him with wide eyes.

“So nice of you to think that my suit,which I might add, was a gift from my
aunt,” he smiled. “she had it personally made for me as Marc Jacobs is a dear
friend of hers,” he held a hand out to shake mine. “I'm Ben, Ellen McGurthy's

“Oh-uh, nice to meet you, Ben,” I shook his hand.

How could I have been so stupid to snap at the CEO's nephew. Jeez,
Vanessa! How could I have not known that was a Marc Jacob's? He is

I had felt myself start to blush slightly. “Look, I'm sorry if I snapped at-”

“Hey, no apologies,” he smiled again. “My aunt said you can be a bit of a spit
fire, so I sort of expected it. I was fully prepared.” he winked. His arms
crossed over his chest.

I then relaxed a little bit. The two seconds left in the elevator were quiet.


The doors dinged open to my floor. “Ladies first,” Ben gestured a hand
towards the open doors.

I nodded. “Thank you, Ben,” I smiled confidently as though I didn't care
about my previous ignorance. I quickly walked down towards the reception
desk. I saw my assistant, Maria, and I couldn't help the freaked out look on
my face as I rushed toward her.

Her big brown eyes were wide matching mine. “What's wrong, Vanessa?”
she asked quietly.


“Is he still behind me?” I whispered as I reached her.

“No, who?” She asked quietly, looking around me.
“Ben, the guy that was in the elevator with me...” I quickly glanced over my
shoulder for any signs of him. “it was Ellen's nephew!” I say louder.

“Oh,” she didn't look too worried about it. “Who cares?”


“I made a fool of myself, Maria,” I whined.


The intercom, “Maria?”


Maria frantically pushed the blinking red button. “Yes, Mrs. McGurthy?” she


“Is Miss Montello there with you? I can't reach her in her office. She is late
for our meeting,” Ellen had said annoyed.


I freaked, then shook my head no. “I'm on my way,” I mouthed to Maria as I
handed her my now cold latte'.


“She just walked away and is on her way, Mrs. McGurthy,”


I stood up straight, then lightly ran my fingers through my medium-length
dark blonde hair, and straightened my bangs.


“How do I look?” I asked, skimming my hands down the side of my black
blazer and slacks.


“Stunning as always,” she smiled, nudging my side with her elbow. “Go!”

I nodded before spinning around and running down the left hallway from the
elevators that I assumed Ben had went down toward his aunts office.
CEO's office. I groaned as I opened the door.

“So nice of you to join us, Miss. Montello,” Ellen said with a disapproving
look upon her face at my untimeliness. Her glasses perched upon the tip of
her nose, long black hair in a tight bun, and hands atop a stack of papers. Oh,
God, her fingers intertwined. She is annoyed, just fabulous.

“I assume you have met my nephew,” she nodded toward Ben.

He waved like a child. “No, we haven't met... I'm Ben McGurthy.” he stood
then held his hand out for me to shake it again. He didn't say a word, not one
about our run-in ten minutes ago.
Good boy...

I smiled politely. “Nice to meet you, Ben,” I shook his hand firmly letting
him know that I am in complete control over this situation before I took a
seat in the opposite chair.

“I suppose you would like to know why I called this emergency meeting for
this morning?” Ellen looked between the both of us. I had glanced over at
Ben who had a complete smile of utter satisfaction upon his gorgeous face.
Did I mention that Ben McGurthy is extremely sexy?

“Yes, Ellen,” I nodded then continued to fidget with my sweaty hands as they
laid in my lap.


“Well, we have been receiving a lot of mail from our readers about men-”


“Players,” Ben quickly added with a goofy grin. I huffed then rolled my eyes.

I looked at Ellen to see her eyes go wide and then her knuckles turn white as
she clenched her hands together tightly. She could not stand to be interrupted.
I have always given her at
thirty seconds after her last sentence before I
open my mouth to speak.

“Do not interrupt me, Benjamin.” she stared at him for a moment then back at


“As you were, Aunt Ellen,” Ben said.

“Vanessa,” she sighed. “We have had an abundance of letters concerning
men using woman,” Ellen stood up in her black-Gucci skirt and blazer. She
paced back and forth in front of the big window panes of her office over
looking Manhattan.

“Yes, Mrs. McGurthy, we've written articles trying to explain why men do
what they do to woman. With that we've had outstanding ratings in the
February issue-”

“No, Vanessa,” she stopped to stare out the window then proceeded to chew
on her bottom lip. “We need to do something different, we need to get into
these guys heads somehow,”

“We interviewed over one-hundred men, and I assure you-”


Ellen then spun around quickly, giving me a devious smile. My mouth
quickly snapping shut.


“Yes, Mrs. McGurthy?” I asked nervously. When she gets that smile it
usually means she has some sort of an elaborate plan that includes myself.

“We need to figure out what exactly these men get from this kind of behavior
towards woman. Why they act like tyrants and how they get these woman to
fall for their pathetic, disgusting, and childish schemes...” she paced some
more then stood behind Ben placing her hand lightly on his shoulder. “That is
why I called Ben in for your assistance,” she smirked.

“My assistance, Mrs. McGurthy?” I was literally shaking in my heels. I knew
it, I knew the look she had on her face.
I groaned internally.
Why me?

“You, Miss. Montello, will become a 'player',” Ellen sits back down at her
desk, her hands intertwined once again atop a heap of papers. “You will see
to it that we get every answer. You will eat, sleep, and breathe player.”

“How am I supposed to do this? I haven't even been on a date in over a year,”
I pleaded.


“Impressive,” Ben quietly stated. I shot him a glare. If looks could kill,
McGurthy... if only looks could kill. I smiled.

“Vanessa, that is why I called my nephew.” Ellen smiled towards him. “Ben
will guide you, and teach you everything he knows about woman and how to
play this... this, game,” she rants.

“You're going to teach me how to be a player?” I snorted, crossing my arms.
I stared at his defined jaw, and morning stubble. He smiled baring dimples
and a perfect row of glistening white teeth.

“Miss. Montello, you'd be surprised,” Ellen added. “I am confident. Although
as his aunt, I am not proud by any means of his current lifestyle.” She
rummaged through the pile of papers on her desk. “Now, if you both will
excuse me, I have proofs to approve.” she smiled at Ben and I, then
proceeded to go through her papers.

I stood up. “Mrs. McGurthy,” I say goodbye as I walked toward the door.




I paused, then turned toward Ellen.
What now?

“I would like an update as of Friday, that is one week from today. Your
lessons start as of right now. I suggest you use the best of your ability that we
both know you are capable of,” she adjusted her glasses then continued
reading her papers.

“Of course, Mrs. McGurthy. Thank you,” I said as I grabbed the door knob
and let myself out.


With Ben in tow, I ignored him. “Hey, wait...” he hollered after me. Well, I

“You seriously haven't been on a date for over a year?” right on my heels, he
I kept my pace as I walked down past the elevators and towards my office.
“Why is that so shocking to you, Mr. McGurthy?”

“The name is Ben, and it's surprising giving your sassy attitude and rockin'
body. It's kind of a turn on,”

I turned around quickly. His sparkling blue eyes were wide as though he
expected me to slap him, I should have. “That is highly inappropriate,” I was

I reached Maria's desk to find her standing, waiting for my return with a hand
full of messages. I held my hand out. “Maria,” I smiled. She stared at Ben
with the most disgusting set of googly eyes I have ever seen.

“Uh, here are you're messages, Vanessa,” she smiled at him. “Your mother
called four times to remind you of her dinner tomorrow night,” she cleared
her throat.

“Hey there...” Maria purred to Ben, then tossed her long, dark brown curls
behind her back.


“Hey,” he smiled.

I rolled my eyes. “That will be all. Ben, I am extremely busy,” I said as I
quickly opened my office door, then closing it quickly behind me in hopes of
ridding my morning of Ben McGurthy. I sat down into my chair behind my
desk, then rummaged through the papers scattered across my desktop.

The door opened. “You aren't getting rid of me that easily, Princess. You
heard what my aunt said, training starts now,” he waggled his brows,
grinning widely as he shut the door behind him. He plopped into the chair
opposite of me.

BOOK: Glow
11.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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