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Authors: Patti Berg

Haunting Ellie (45 page)

He thinks she's quirky; she thinks he's sexy but cantankerous. She's hiding something; he wants to push everyone away--until the chaos of Juliet's life catches up with her in Plentiful, Wyoming. Once more she's ready to run…and then Cole kisses her!

That's when the trouble really begins!



I’m No Angel

Top 7 Reasons Why She's No Angel

7. Easily Palm Beach's sexiest private investigator, Angel Devlin always gets her man--and bad boy millionaire Tom Donovan is at the top of her Most Wanted list.

6. Instinct tells her that drop-dead-gorgeous Tom has something wicked up his sleeve, and she's going to get up close and personal to find out just what.

5. Her list of nocturnal activities includes lifting a wallet while seductively skimming her hands over her victim's rock-solid chest and performing a bewitching lap dance at a seedy underground club.

4. There's nothing sweet or innocent about Angel--she's as sharp as the steel stiletto she wears strapped to her shapely thigh.

3. Her motor is "dress to thrill." A tight skirt, a hint of cleavage, and a pair of kick-ass Jimmy Choos will make a man open up and divulge all sorts of little secrets.

2. Angel is devilish, devious, and sexy as sin.

1. She's the first to admit she's no angel, but it doesn't stop Tom from falling head over heels in love with the mischievous blonde.


Sinfully Scottish
(My Scottish Summer Anthology)

When cook book author Emily Sinclair travels to Scotland looking for scandalous places to photograph her "sinfully delicious" desserts, she stumbles across Dunbar Castle, an ancient gothic stronghold rich with infamous legends and hidden secrets.

She also stumbles across the castle's laird, Colin Dunbar, a lusty and luscious Highlander who's not about to give Emily permission to photograph the interiors of his castle, unless she gives him something very special in return.

Oh what maddening fun Emily has as Colin gives her a taste of what life is like with a man who's Sinfully Scottish!


About the Author


USA Today
bestselling author Patti Berg began penning stories while in elementary school, when she wrote the script for a puppet show that she and her friends put on in the children's ward at a local hospital. Thirty years later, one of her dreams came true when the first of her many warm and lighthearted novels appeared in bookstores.

Scared of dogs until the age of fifty, Patti now goes out of her way to pet every dog she gets close to and would happily bring home all the puppies in the pound if her less impulsive husband would only let her. He’s had less success keeping her from saying yes when family, friends and others ask her to volunteer. Give her a cause, and she’s there to help.

Patti lives in southwestern Idaho with her husband of thirty-six years and a huggable Bernese mountain dog named Barkley. To learn more about Patti or to contact her, visit her website at


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