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“Get on the edge, I don’t want to swallow water.”

“Yeah, you want something tastier,” Josh quipped and Tawny blushed. Josh settled on top and Tawny hoped that he didn’t fall over.

Instead of going straight for the tip like she was sure he thought she would, she leaned underneath him and lightly ran her tongue over his balls, Josh groaned loudly. She gently peppered them with kisses until Josh’s moans ran over each other. Tawny lightly scraped her fingernails over them before slowly sucking them into her mouth, Josh made a hissing sound and Tawny was afraid that his knees were going to buckle, fortunately they didn’t. Tawny knew that passersby could see them, but she didn’t care. The thought of people seeing her in action turned her on.

She carefully sucked his warm globes while running her tongue over them. Josh let out a strangled cry. “Shit, Tawny.”

She could tell by his moaning that he was ready to be sucked and she was ready to do it. She wanted to feel his big cock in her mouth. Tawny firmly grasped his dick before lowering her head to his tip. She eased him into her mouth, he whimpered softly as he slid over her soft lips and into her hot mouth.

Tawny took in the whole thing; she took a moment to savor him. He pulsed in her mouth, making her pussy throb. She skillfully sucked his knob alternating strokes and pressure until he was calling her name. Tawny caressed his globes while she ran her tongue up and down his shaft.

“I’m coming,” Josh muttered. And before she could bring the tip back to her mouth he exploded then sank into the Jacuzzi. Tawny sat next to him.

“Wow! That was amazing, I wanted you to come inside my mouth.”
“Me too,” Josh admitted sheepishly. “But you were too good…next time. Come on, let’s go inside. I need to lie down.”
An hour later, Tawny nudged Josh. “I’m not in the mood for any of the parties tonight, you go on,” Tawny said.

“Nu uh, I’m not in the mood either,” Josh answered and Tawny hid her smile, she liked the fact that he wanted to spend more time with her.

Tawny reached for the room service menu. “Cool. I’ll order us something to eat. What do you want?”
“Whatever. I’m not picky, just order whatever you think I deserve,” Josh joked.
“Well that would be lobster, some caviar, filet mignon—”
“A hot dog and fries, is fine,” Josh said with a laugh.

“I don’t think so. You need more than that to keep your energy up.” After perusing the menu, she picked up the phone and placed their order for two steaks, lobsters and a bottle of their most expensive champagne.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Josh protested. “That’s too expensive.”

“Don’t worry about it. Gordon reimbursed me more than he needed to, I guess it was guilt money. So really, he’s paying for all this.”

“Hell, you should order a second bottle of champagne.”

Tawny giggled. “We still have time for that.” They stretched then resumed their positions on the bed. Josh turned on the TV and clicked it to the porn channel.

A few minutes later, Tawny heard a knock on her door. “That can’t be room service. If it is, they’re going to get a forty percent tip, because that would be phenomenal service.”

Tawny opened the door and found Anise on the other side, beaming at her. “Hey, what’s up? I was stopping by to see if you wanted to go to the party tonight.”

Tawny opened the door wider, inviting her friend in. “Naw girl, we’re just chilling.” Tawny closed the door after Anise.

Anise spied Josh reclining on the bed, wearing nothing but a lopsided smile, he didn’t attempt to cover himself and Anise got a good look. “I see.”

“Wanna hang out with us?”


Tawny joined Josh on the bed, she snuggled against him with her bottom pressed against his crotch. Anise awkwardly stood in the middle of the floor. Tawny patted the spot in front of her. “Come on, here’s a spot for you.”

“Cool.” Anise hopped on the king size bed and stretched out in front of Tawny. She was so close to Tawny that her breasts pressed into Anise’s back. The trio was quiet while they watched the TV. After a few minutes two women came on and began pleasuring each other.

Tawny felt Josh hardening, his cock poking against her butt. She wasn’t sure if it was the image of the two women kissing, Josh’s eager dick or the fact that she was in between two gorgeous people, but she was horny. Tawny slung her leg over Anise’s and rotated her hips. Her pussy slid against Anise’s taunt cheeks.

“Get a condom,” she whispered, her voice urgent.

“Way ahead of you,” Josh answered and Tawny heard the sound of foil ripping. She didn’t know how he managed to get his hands on one without her knowing, but she really didn’t care, she wanted him inside her.

Tawny pressed her bottom against Anise just as Josh slid inside her heat, Tawny moaned. She glanced up at the mirror on the ceiling, her chocolate hued skin stood out against her lighter colored partners. Their reflection turned her on. Josh leisurely moved in and out of her while she slowly ground Anise’s ass and Anise kneaded her breasts. I’m in a fucking sex sandwich, Tawny absently thought and then it flew out of her head just as quickly as it came.

She leaned forward and gently bit Anise’s shoulder. Anise gasped with surprise then moaned when Tawny repeated it. Tawny bit Anise’s neck and shoulders, not because she wanted to leave her mark, but because she didn’t know what to do with her mouth.

Tawny opened her legs wider, she grabbed Anise’s waist and pressed her clit to her ass. She shuddered with desire at the sensation of Josh’s dick inside her and her clit rubbing against Anise’s ass. Tawny increased her speed as she humped Anise’s ass, she moaned as she moved against Anise’s soft globes. Tawny’s juices began flowing and her clit tingling. Her pussy slid over Anise’s ass as she felt the beginning of her orgasm. She let out a strangled cry as she climaxed.

Her clit was still reverberating when a few minutes later, Josh plunged into her then stilled against her, his breath raspy in her ear. Satiated, Tawny leaned against him while hugging Anise to her.

Tawny was the first to break the silence. “That was unexpected.”

“Yeah,” Josh chimed in.

Before Anise could respond there was a knock on the door. “Now that has to be room service,” Tawny replied and started to get up.

Josh gently nudged her down. “Stay here. I’ll get it.” Tawny and Anise grinned at each other while Josh took care of the food. Tawny was pretty sure that Josh would somehow have the food billed to his room. After spending a couple of days with him, she learned that he was generous like that.

Tawny and Anise watched as Josh set the table and placed the food out. “I’m not hungry,” Anise called out.
“Come on, you got to have something you just can’t watch us eat,” Tawny protested.
“Okay maybe a little bit of lobster,” Anise relented.

Tawny and Anise sat at the table while Josh settled on the bed. No one talked about what happened until after they had eaten and was sipping champagne.

“That was hot!” Tawny said. “Maybe we should invite another lady to join us,” she announced. Josh and Anise shot surprised glances at each other then at Tawny. “I think a foursome would be
hot.” She nodded to Anise. “Set it up.”




“Ready?” Tawny asked Josh. They were sitting on her terrace people watching.
“I am, what about you? Are you sure you want to do this?” Josh asked.
“I do. I think it’ll be fun.”
“You don’t have to you know, we can spend your last night here alone.”

“What’s wrong with you? You should be begging me not to change my mind. This is a man’s fantasy you won’t have access to one woman but three.”

Josh kissed her tenderly on the shoulder. “But even though I’ll be fucking the other two, I’ll be thinking about you.”

“That’s sweet Josh.” She liked Josh, when they weren’t sexing, they talked about their lives back home in their respective cities. They had developed a strong bond in a short period of time. She knew that if they had met under different circumstances, something would have developed. “Just have fun.” This was her last night at Hedonism and she wanted to leave with a bang. “They should be here soon.” Everyone had decided on Tawny’s room as the meeting place, for no reason other than she was the one who suggested the foursome.

Josh wrapped his arms around her. “Let me hold you until they come.” Tawny rested against Josh’s muscular body and stared up at the sky, she sighed happily.

“This is perfect.”
Josh kissed the top of her head. “We can stay like this the whole night, then watch the sun rise.”
Before she could answer, there was a knock on her door. “Ready?” Tawny whispered.


Anise and Lori strolled into the room. They both wore sheer cover-ups which they immediately shrugged off before making themselves comfortable on the sofa.

Lori eyed Josh. “I heard about you, you
hot.” She jumped up then grabbed his hand. “I wanna do you first.”

“Wow, she doesn’t beat around the bush, no pun intended,” Tawny said and Anise laughed.

Lori knelt in front of Josh. “I’ll get you ready,” she said to his limp dick. Lori brought him into her mouth and began sucking him. Josh shot Tawny an apologetic look when his cock began growing.

“It’s okay,” Tawny mouthed to him. He winked then began moving his hips, his cock slid in and out of Lori’s mouth. She turned to Anise. “So…?”

“Yeah, you want to finish what we started?”

“Sure,” she replied calmly but her heart was pounding against her chest. She was about to do something that people only dream about.

Anise leaned in to kiss her, but Tawny turned her head and Anise ended up kissing her cheek. Tawny ignored Anise’s puzzled glance as she led her to the bed. Tawny silently cursed herself, but the thought of kissing another woman terrified her. She had fantasized about this moment last night; she and Anise had shared a passionate kiss.

“Let’s do something basic, like sixty-nine,” Anise snapped.

Tawny cupped her face. “Hey, I’m sorry, I was nervous,” she said softly then brushed her lips across Anise’s. Mollified, Anise smiled at her.

“You’re forgiven. Come on let me taste you.”

While she was getting into position, Tawny glanced over at Josh and Lori. She couldn’t resist, they were making more noise than two teens on X. He had her bent over a chair and was fucking her from behind. Anise carefully crawled on top of her, bracketing Tawny’s body with her legs, blocking her view.

Tawny looked up at Anise’s pussy hovering above her mouth, she liked that she didn’t have a Brazilian. It’s uncharted territory, all ready for me to explore, Tawny thought.
It’s now or never.
She tentatively stuck out her tongue then cautiously ran her tongue through Anise’s moist folds. Anise let out a muffled moan. Tawny realized that Anise was mirroring her movements, but with more expertise. Tawny groaned as Anise’s tongue explored her wet pussy.

Tawny grew more confident each time Anise groaned, she excitedly lapped at Anise’s pussy but she had to make herself slow down, she didn’t like it at all when a man went too fast or too hard, she loved different pressures and different strokes. She figured that Anise liked it too. Tawny took her time to explore every crevice of Anise’s mound. She licked it until Anise’s juices covered her face. She knew she was on the right track when Anise began whimpering.

“Can we join you?” Lori asked interrupting Tawny and Anise. Anise tried to roll off but Tawny grabbed her bottom and held on tight.

“No,” Tawny said, her response was muffled but everybody heard it. She let out a frustrated groan and turned away from Anise’s pussy. “I thought you and Josh were having fun.”

“Oh we were, but I’m pacing myself.”
“Josh! Come get her,” Tawny said while stroking Anise’s ass. “I don’t want to stop.”
“Come on Lori.”
“No, I thought we were going to have a foursome,” she said with a pout.

Anise finally chimed in. “Let’s do the foursome, she’s not going to shut up until we do it.” She rolled off Tawny and this time she didn’t stop her.

“Fuck!” Tawny snapped and Josh leaned down and kissed her softly.
“Oh, I will,” he whispered. His blue eyes sparkled at her and Tawny’s frustration was immediately replaced with passion.
“Let’s do it then.”
“You can keep eating her,” Lori said to Anise. “I just want to lick her tits.”
Tawny cried out when she felt Anise’s mouth return to her mound and Lori’s lips on her tits.

“Turn on your side,” Josh ordered and everybody shifted. A minute later Tawny felt him behind her then his dick poking at her, and she opened her legs to allow him easier access. She bit her lip to keep from exploding when he slid inside her.

Josh gripped her waist as he slowly moved in and out of her. Tawny whimpered, she felt like she was on fire and was about to explode. Anise eagerly licked at her pussy, nipping at her clit and swiping her tongue through her grooves.

She glanced down at Lori, her blonde hair fanned out over her chocolate colored skin, forming a curtain around her face. She couldn’t see what she was doing, but she could feel it, she sucked, then kneaded her breasts, eagerly moving from one to the other as though she couldn’t get enough.

“Aw wow!” As if Josh and Anise were in cahoots, they both hit her sweet spot at the same time, and she felt like she had been electrocuted. Tawny arched her back then began screaming at the top of her lungs as her orgasm assaulted her body. So overwhelmed with it all, she began sobbing. Josh held her trembling body while Lori turned to Anise and began kissing her.

BOOK: Hello Hedonism
3.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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